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Zone 2 is among the multiple residential areas within Mohammed Bin Zayed City (MBZ). Also known as Zayed City, MBZ City is positioned at the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. Benefiting from its strategic mainland location, MBZ offers convenient connectivity to central Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. This tranquil and secure region serves as a perfect sanctuary for families seeking a peaceful abode away from the city's commotion and activity.

Zone 2 in MBZ City, one of the various zones within the area, primarily comprises villas. While some properties are still being built, others are available for residents to occupy. This sub-community is conveniently located near Abu Dhabi International Airport and popular destinations such as Yas Island and Downtown Abu Dhabi. Zone 2 is surrounded by four two-way streets: Al Basi Street, Al Shadini Street, Al Fan Street, and Al Shaghameem Street. The residential zone possesses a well-connected street network both within and around the community. Moreover, local schools can be found nearby as well.

Grocery stores and medical establishments.




There are several popular attractions in this area.


The community is primarily characterized by villas and villa compounds, but it also offers vertical stay options within its premises. There are a few commercial properties available to cater to the residents' needs. Those interested in renting can explore studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments. If linear accommodations are preferred, there are standalone villas with 4 or 5 bedrooms in MBZ City, complete with private parking spaces and occasionally a separate barbeque area.

Rental Trends in Zone 2

Several properties in this area feature exclusive outdoor spaces and convenient facilities like fitted closets, separate storage areas, centralized air conditioning systems, and balconies. The rental cost varies based on the number of bedrooms and any supplementary amenities provided.

The rental villas available in Zone 2 consist of spacious 4 to 5-bedroom options, with an annual rent varying from AED 110k to AED 160k. These villas range in size from a minimum of 3,272 sq. ft. and go up to a maximum of 5,200 sq. ft.


In Zone 2, residents will have ample parking options available. The majority of properties in this area provide covered spaces for vehicles.

Public Transportation in Zone 2

Al Shadini Street, situated along the southern perimeter of the community, serves as a main dual carriageway. It is adorned with several conveniently located bus stops for residents to utilize.

In the event that inhabitants lack personal vehicles, they can always resort to employing local taxis or ride-hailing services as a means of transportation within the city.



Although Zone 2 does not have any supermarkets, there are multiple ones located in the other parts of Zayed City.

Abu Dhabi COOP, established in 1981, is a well-liked mart chain situated in the capital of UAE. The closest COOP supermarket can be found in Zone 7 of MBZ City, offering not only food and groceries but also an extensive selection of household items.

Additional supermarkets in close proximity to the sub-community are Lemar Supermarket located in Zone 14 and Fresco Supermarket situated in Mussafah.


In the heart of this town lies Ber Alwaleydein Mosque, the sole place of worship for Muslims in the area.

Within a 5-minute radius of Zone 2, you can find several mosques including Masjid Sa’d ibn Ubadah in Zone 1, Masjid Muhammed Bin Harib in Zone 6, and Masjid Al-Abrar in Zone 8.


The closest place of worship, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, can be found in Mussafah and is just a 10-minute drive away. Other nearby churches include the Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi, All Saints Anglican Church, and St. Elias Cathedral. Among the notable churches in Abu Dhabi is the Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi.

Gurdwara Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, a Sikh place of worship close to Zone 2, can be found in Mussafah Industrial and is just a 14-minute drive away. For Hindu residents, the BAPS Hindu Temple in Al Sharia is conveniently located approximately half an hour's drive from here.


Residents in this sub-community have the advantage of living near both local and international academic institutions, ranging from early learning schools to institutes of higher education.

Zone 2 has several nearby nursery schools available.

Close proximity to the area are primary schools.

Situated in Zone 17, a mere 6-minute drive away, the Abu Dhabi International Private School MBZ is an exclusive K-12 institution authorized by the UAE Ministry of Education. Aside from offering an American curriculum, this school affords students the chance to pursue both British qualifications (IGCE and A levels) and an International Baccalaureate Program (IBDP).

The Cambridge High School is one of the nearby high schools in MBZ, offering a British curriculum for students aged 4 to 18. Another institution situated just 6 minutes away is The Model School, which provides classes from pre-primary level up to higher secondary education.

Only 8 minutes away, Abu Dhabi University serves as the closest educational institution. This establishment provides a wide range of programs including MBA options and beyond.


In Zone 2, there are several clinics and hospitals available for medical care. The closest healthcare establishments in the vicinity include:

Just a short 4-minute drive in Zone 1, you can find Archer Medical Centre where they provide cosmetic and dermatological treatments along with various other services. If you travel approximately 14 minutes away, you will reach Mediclinic Al Mussafah which offers an extensive range of primary health services for families. From ENT to radiology, paediatrics, family medicine, general surgery and beyond, they have got it all covered.

To access a wider range of services, take a 9-minute drive north to NMC Royal Family Medical Centre. This renowned hospital provides an impressive array of treatments, spanning from Embryology and Genetics to psychology and speech therapy. Bareen International Hospital is also among the leading healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi.


Zayed City is conveniently located near various residential communities and popular entertainment hubs within the city. Nearby, one can find a range of housing choices, including:

Situated to the east via Al Ain Road, Khalifa City is comprised of two parts, namely Khalifa City A and Khalifa City B. This area is highly sought after for its rental villas and apartments. Continuing further eastwards, we find Masdar City, an eco-friendly urban community that lies approximately 20 minutes away from Zone 2.




Although MBZ lacks a multitude of malls, those situated within the vicinity provide a diverse selection of brands that cater to the preferences of its residents. Noteworthy shopping destinations near Zone 2 encompass:

Dalma Mall, one of Abu Dhabi's biggest shopping centers, can be easily accessed within 13 minutes by driving along 28th Street. Besides housing a food court, it boasts an extensive range of popular brands including Carrefour, Debenhams, H&M, Samsonite, GAP, Mothercare, and Giordano among others.

Situated just a quick 8-minute drive from Al Athr Street, Mazyad Mall offers a diverse range of well-known fashion brands, a hypermarket, and convenient banking facilities. Notable establishments within the mall include Lulu Express, Giordano, Adidas, as well as Lulu International Exchange and many others.


At present, Zone 2 lacks restaurants, necessitating residents to venture into adjacent blocks for satiating their appetite. Some dining establishments situated in the vicinity of Mazyad Mall are among the options available.

Dalma Mall offers a variety of food choices as well.

Apart from the numerous well-liked food establishments found in nearby shopping centers, there are additional dining options available for residents. Among these is the renowned Golden Sheep Restaurant, conveniently located just a 5-minute walk away. This eatery is highly favored by many and boasts a diverse menu featuring delectable seafood, an array of appetizing snacks, and various other culinary delights.


MBZ is located about 25 minutes away from the coast of Abu Dhabi. Close by in Zone 2, there are two beaches worth mentioning. Al Qurm Beach, which is a short 24-minute drive away, provides a peaceful atmosphere with a quaint cafeteria and opportunities for relaxing strolls, barbecues, and enjoying the pleasant weather. Another option is Al Bateen Beach, just a minute longer drive at 26 minutes. It is more popular among beachgoers and offers various activities such as sunbathing, fishing, swimming, and kayaking. This beach also provides convenient facilities like restrooms and showers along with the option to rent Jet Skis for added excitement.


Recreational options in proximity to the housing development encompass:

If residents are interested in playing golf at the top courses in the city, they can visit Abu Dhabi Golf Club, which is just a 14-minute drive away. For those seeking more active pursuits, Al Forsan International Sports Resort is located to the north and can be reached via Al Ain Road in about 19 minutes. This resort provides golf lessons led by expert instructors for beginners. Alternatively, if residents prefer educational leisure activities, they have the option to explore Mangrove National Park, which is approximately 22 minutes away. This park boasts a diverse range of bird species and offers visitors kayaking opportunities as well as other water-based activities.


Residents who want to stay in shape can go to these locations.

In Zayed City, there is a sports club called MBZ Swimming Pool that boasts an Olympic-sized pool. Situated just 12 minutes to the south, this facility offers great convenience for residents seeking respite from the scorching summer heat.

In Zone 19, you can find a children's park just 11 minutes away that includes a basketball play area. Right next to it is Mohammed Bin Zayed City Public Park, a more extensive park offering jogging tracks as well as basketball and football courts.

Home Fitness for Ladies is a female-oriented fitness center situated in Zone 19, just a short 12-minute drive away. Considered one of Abu Dhabi's top-notch gyms, Gold’s Gym can be found merely 5 minutes from here at Mazyad Mall. This renowned facility offers an extensive range of scheduled group fitness classes tailored to diverse preferences. Furthermore, Body Care Gym and Fitness, located only 8 minutes away, provides not only essential gym necessities like shower facilities but also professional trainers to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

The spas and salons in close proximity to Zone 2 include:

212 Salon offers basic beauty services and is conveniently located in Musaffah, only a 9-minute drive away. For ladies looking for another option, Claire De Lune Spa and Salon can be found in Zone 1, just a quick 4-minute drive from the area with an opening time of 9:30 a.m. Alternatively, La Riche Spa Lounge is also nearby, being only a short 3-minute drive away.


There are no upcoming events in this specific neighborhood or Zayed City. Nevertheless, inhabitants have the opportunity to explore different locations within Abu Dhabi to engage in various activities. Additionally, they can pay a visit to the Emirates Palace, renowned for hosting numerous cultural festivals.


A dedicated Facebook page for Zone 2 is not available. However, residents can stay informed by joining community groups such as Mohammed B. in Zayed City Community and Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi on Facebook.


The absence of adequate local transportation options in the city forces residents to depend solely on private vehicles for mobility, as ride-hailing or taxi services are the only alternatives available.

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