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Z19, also known as Zone 19, is a diverse sub-community in Mohammed Bin Zayed City (MBZ City) that offers a mix of residential towers and villas. It's situated adjacent to the Musaffah neighborhood, specifically next to Al Rawdah Road (E30). One of the community's standout features is its accessibility to prominent UAE highways such as Al Ain Road (E22) and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan International Road (E11), making it an ideal place to reside.




The area is predominantly residential and free from urban disturbances, making it a perfect location for both families and single working individuals.

Zone 19 boasts several well-known attractions that draw a lot of attention.

Zone 19 is situated in close proximity to Kidoos Entertainment, a place that's packed with various forms of entertainment for children.


Zone 19 residential housing offers luxurious living with its villas that boast a separate entrance, spacious halls, up to three extra bathrooms, an area for household staff, storage space, a master bedroom complete with walk-in closets and an en-suite bathroom, as well as a fully furnished kitchen.

Rental Trends In Zone 19

At present, the availability of sale options in Zone 19 is limited. However, this may see a shift in the coming days. To explore further prospects, those interested can refer to the rental trends prevailing in Zone 19. The community has put up villas with one to four bedrooms for rent at flexible rates.

In Zone 19, there are not only residential buildings but also a range of apartments. Presently, the town has Studio and 1-3 bedroom apartments that are easily accessible for lease.


Zone 19 inhabitants need not fret over parking spots as the sub-community's residences feature a connected garage. Additionally, numerous mid-rise commercial edifices have internal parking bays available.

Inhabitants have several options for traveling to the main city of Abu Dhabi by car. These routes comprise Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Road, which joins the western and eastern perimeters of MBZ City, as well as Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road (E11), which connects to the southern boundary.

Public Transportation Near Zone 19

Zone 19 is delineated by four streets, namely Al Anwar St., Naseem Al Barr St., Al Rayat St. and Al Qa-id St. Several bus stops are located on these thoroughfares, all of which can be reached on foot within a few minutes.



Within Zone 19's vicinity, there are several supermarkets to choose from. One option is Al Ghabat City Supermarket, which can be reached in just four minutes by car. This community store offers essential items for daily needs. Another choice is New Metro Supermarket, another small grocery store that takes only five minutes to arrive at. For a wider selection of food and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), LuLu Express inside Mazyad Mall is reachable within 11-minutes drive time.


In Zone 19, there are two impressive mosques: Mubarak Bin Sumaida Mosque and Shaikha Obaid Rashed Al Shamsi Mosque. Both can be easily reached on foot and provide ample seating for worshippers; the former accommodating around 80 to 100 individuals. Additionally, there are several other nearby mosques including Open Mosque (Amina Saeed Al Kalbani Masjid), Mosque Mohamed bin Nasser Al Kalbani, and Masjid Of Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak - all within a short 10-minute drive from Zone 19.


In Zone 19, there are several churches in close proximity. The sub-community is only a 4-minute walk from GiantSlayers4Christ. Additionally, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be reached in 11 minutes and The Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi is just a 10-minute walk away.

In close proximity to Zone 19, are several temples including the BAPS Hindu Mandir which can be reached within a half-hour drive. For Sikh residents of the area, Gurdwara Mata Sahib Kaur Ji-Abu Dhabi is conveniently located only 13 minutes away from the community.


There are several nurseries located in the vicinity of Zone 19.

Riverwood Nursery, located only a short 6-minute distance away, adheres to the British Curriculum (specifically Early Years Foundation Stage – EYFS). It is dedicated to offering a secure and safe space for children to advance both physically and mentally.

Educational institutions in proximity to Zone 19 comprise:

Zone 19's nearest educational institution is the Creative British School, a mere five-minute journey away. Here, pupils aged between four and eighteen follow the English National Curriculum alongside IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) standards. The Emirates Future International Academy and Ajyal International School both hold similarly high reputations and can be found within nine or six minutes' reach respectively.

In Zone 19, there are a couple of universities in close proximity. One such institution is Al Ain University of Science and Technology which can be accessed within six minutes. This university offers courses in diverse fields including business, engineering, communications and pharmacy. Another option for higher education is the Zabeel Institute which takes only four minutes to reach from Zone 19. At this institute, residents have the opportunity to pursue certificate courses in different subject areas.


In the vicinity of Zone 19, there are various medical establishments available.

In the vicinity of Zone 19, there are multiple medical facilities available. The closest one is New Al Mazroui Polyclinic, which can be reached in just 6 minutes. This clinic provides a range of specialized treatments along with cosmetic surgery. Additionally, there's Al Dhabi Dental Clinic that offers outpatient consultancy services for dental problems.

In the vicinity of Zone 19, there are several hospitals. A couple of these establishments can be accessed within a short span of under 10 minutes. One hospital that is located just six minutes away from the zone is Mediclinic Al Mussafah Speciality Hospital, while another hospital that lies seven minutes away is Al Bustan Specialty Hospital. Both medical facilities have round-the-clock emergency trauma centers.


To the north lie Khalifa City and Al Maqtaa, with Khalifa City being one of the prime options for family living in Abu Dhabi. It provides a superior quality of life at affordable rental prices.

As for Al Maqtaa, it's a peaceful residential area providing tranquil living far from the busy city centre of Abu Dhabi. Towards the west lies Al Mussafah, known chiefly as an industrial zone with various business centres. Whereas to the east is Al Mafraq community, also offering calm surroundings for residents.




There are a variety of shopping centers in the vicinity, such as:

In Zone 19, there are three major malls in close proximity. The Capital Mall is the nearest option, just a ten-minute drive away and regarded as an all-encompassing destination for dining, shopping and entertainment. Two other malls, namely Dalma Mall and Mecca Mall are also nearby at distances of 11 and 17 minutes respectively.

Well-liked shops located within the premises of Capital Mall:

Centro features a distinct range of European-inspired culinary items, complemented by their contemporary and exceptional kitchen cabinets. Elvyana Boutique specializes in chic contemporary fashion, regularly updated with the latest styles. Al Manara Pharmacy is additionally housed within Capital Mall for convenience.


There are dining options close to Zone 19, such as:

In Zone 19, there are more than 20 restaurants, both casual and upscale. The Seashell Restaurant is the top pick among diners due to its menu of club sandwiches, burgers, fries and shakes. Karavali Restaurant is just a six-minute walk away and has become a favorite among Indian ex-pats. For lovers of Arabic food, Layali Al Sham Restaurant serves up grilled kebabs, salads, hummus, shawarmas and other traditional dishes.

There are a couple of licensed establishments located nearby that one can visit. Barfly By Buddha Bar is situated within Westin Abu Dhabi, a 17-minute commute away. Another option available is Murphy's Sports Bar which can be accessed in 20 minutes.

Capital Mall is home to a variety of favored dining establishments and coffee shops.

The UAE is home to several renowned cafe and restaurant chains. One of these is Second Cup, which offers a distinct selection of coffee blends that have won over many coffee enthusiasts. Papa Murphy's Pizza, on the other hand, ranks as the fifth largest pizza chain in the country and offers authentic Italian-style pizzas. For those who enjoy Cajun fried chicken, Popeyes Fried Chicken is an American chain that specializes in Louisiana-style dishes. Finally, IL FORNO has been operating in UAE for two decades and serves a variety of Tuscan-inspired dishes such as pasta and pizza.


It will take approximately 20 minutes to reach the beaches near Zone 19, as this area is situated on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. The closest public beach, Al Bateen Beach, can be accessed within a 24-minute drive. This particular location offers various activities such as swimming, fishing, kayaking and jet ski rentals for residents who are interested.

Yas Beach, located 30 minutes away from Abu Dhabi, is widely regarded as one of the top beaches in the area. This high-end resort boasts an array of pools and water sports activities, making it a destination not to be missed for those seeking more than just a casual dip.


Noteworthy landmarks in the vicinity of Zone 19 comprise:

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which ranks as the third largest mosque worldwide, grants access to non-Muslims for visiting. It takes merely 17 minutes to arrive at this beautiful site. If you are seeking entertainment and adventure, visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – an amusement park that features multiple thrilling roller coasters ideal for kids and adults alike. The journey from your starting point will take approximately half an hour. Not far from Ferrari World is Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi; a waterpark that boasts several exhilarating rides designed to cater to both children and adults who wish to have fun in the sun.

Inhabitants have the option to maintain their physical well-being at:


Near Zone 19, there are various parks to explore. Only a minute away is Children's Park, equipped with swings, slides and monkey bars for children to enjoy. Just three minutes away is Mohammed Bin Zayed City Public Park which features outdoor seating and dining areas. Visitors can relax in one of the many gazebos provided if they want to escape from the sun's rays. A ten-minute drive will take you to Al Jazeera Park - a large park boasting a shaded play area for kids, colourful water fountains, a basketball court and running tracks for joggers or walkers alike.

In Zone 19, there are several gyms to choose from. Eagle Gym at Mussafah is just a short 6-minute drive away. Other options include Power World Gym and Body Factory Gym & EMS Studio, both of which take about 12 minutes to reach. These three establishments offer comparable size, capacity and equipment for a well-rounded fitness experience.

Within Zone 19, there are various salons and spas that can be found.

Ruby Salon and Salama Style Ladies Salon can be reached within 2-3 minutes, respectively. These establishments provide a range of services including hair care, facials, nails and more. New Selfie Gents Salon is situated 6 minutes away and offers grooming services such as haircuts, facials and beard trimming.

Although there are no designated community events planned for Zone 19, locals can participate in activities held throughout the wider MBZ City area. One of these options is to check out the Mazyad Mall located in this greater community. This mall often hosts events during celebrations such as Eid, National Day, Diwali and Ramadan on a regular basis.


To become part of the parent community on Facebook, MBZ City is the search term for residents. At present, there are two social groups available: Mohammed bin Zayed City Community and Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi.


Zone 19 offers great convenience for its residents, making it a prime choice for families. With various parks, supermarkets and malls located nearby, everything you need is just within reach. However, the limited public transportation options available in the community may pose difficulties for those who frequently travel to Abu Dhabi City.


Living in Zone 19 is full of convenience. It is an ideal location for families with several Parks, Supermarkets and Malls just a short distance away. However, the lack of variety in public transportation within the community could be problematic for those who have to regularly commute to the main Abu Dhabi City.

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