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Whispering Pines is a component of Jumeirah Golf Estates (JGE), which serves as the Master Developer. Situated along Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (E311), JGE stands out as an exclusive residential golf haven, recognized for its opulent villas, townhouses, and apartments alongside its renowned Fire and Earth golf courses. These extraordinary fairways are widely acknowledged as Dubai's premier golfing facilities.

Whispering Pines is one of the various sub-communities within Jumeirah Golf Estates, featuring exquisite Tuscan-style villas with 3 to 4 bedrooms. The neighborhood also offers charming streets adorned with neatly lined trees and stone pavements. It serves as an idyllic sanctuary for both avid golfers and families seeking a tranquil environment.




Catering to both experienced and beginner golfers, Whispering Pines is predominantly a residential community focused on villas.

The vicinity of the villas showcases nature-inspired landscaping and water elements that embellish the streets, providing a delightful sanctuary for families in search of a serene abode to reside in.


garages. The Whispering Pines community offers a variety of villas available for both rental and purchase. Each villa has been meticulously designed to prioritize the comfort and convenience of its residents. Alongside state-of-the-art amenities, these villas feature stone-tiled flooring, European-made kitchens with customized cabinets, luxurious standalone shower units, and stylish bath facilities created by renowned designers. To enhance sustainability and efficiency, the villas are equipped with solar water heating systems and smart home technologies. Adding to their charm are wooden doors and terracotta pavers that evoke an Italian ambiance. With an average plot size of around 4,200 sq.ft., the villas also provide two-car garages for added convenience.

Villas within the gated neighborhood are equipped with solar-powered heating systems, glazed windows, and insulated block work to ensure pleasant temperatures in the scorching summer season.

Rental Trends in Whispering Pines

Whispering Pines offers a range of villas for rent in varying sizes and with diverse amenities. The yearly rental cost for a 4-bedroom villa in this residential area ranges from AED 420k to AED 450k.

To expand the possibilities, individuals can also explore rental villas in Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai.

Sales Trends in Whispering Pines

In Whispering Pines, individuals have the option to purchase villas as well. The price of these properties relies on the variety of amenities available and their size. Here's a summary:

The starting price for a 4-bedroom villa in Whispering Pines is AED 5.8M, with the highest price being AED 8.5M. The size of these villas varies from 3,831 sq. ft. to 4,805 sq. ft., depending on the presence or absence of additional amenities such as swimming pools, etc.

Whispering Pines floor plans

Individuals in search of floor plans for Whispering Pines can explore the assortment of 2D and 3D layouts offered on Bayut. Additionally, those interested have the opportunity to virtually tour the property using Bayut’s immersive 3D live floor plans.


Whispering Pines does not suffer from a lack of parking options. Every villa in the area provides residents with a two-car garage. Additionally, Jumeirah Golf Estates offers a communal parking area just a short six-minute drive away.

Public Transportation Near Whispering Pines

Regarding transportation in Whispering Pines, both residents and visitors can conveniently utilize the accessible public transport options found just a short car ride away. The nearest one is the Qasr Sabah bus station, situated approximately 7 minutes away. Additionally, there are nearby metro stations available, with Jumeirah Golf Estates Metro Station 2 being the closest option reachable within a 12-minute drive.



Located within the parent community are exceptional supermarkets in Dubai. The closest supermarket to Whispering Pines, namely Choithrams, can conveniently be found at The Fairway Marketplace, a mere 6-minute drive away. Operating every day of the week from 7 AM until 10:30 PM, it ensures accessible shopping hours for residents. Another option is Spinneys, situated at the northeastern corner of the community and requiring only a quick 3-minute drive to reach.

Adjacent to Whispering Pines lie alternative supermarkets that reside beyond Jumeirah Golf Estates. The distances required to reach these nearby establishments vary, lasting either 9 or 18 minutes by car contingent on the whereabouts of the residences. Notably, these encompass but are not restricted to Starmart, Al Maya Supermarket, West Zone Fresh Supermarket, W Mart Supermarket, Carrefour City and another West Zone Fresh Supermarket.

The West Zone Fresh Supermarket, only a 6-minute drive away, provides a wide range of fresh organic produce along with various grocery and retail items. Operating from 7 am to 2 am, it guarantees convenient shopping hours. Similarly close by, the W Mart Supermarket offers a comprehensive grocery shopping experience, operating from 7 am to 12 am.


The closest mosque to Whispering Pines is called Yusuf Mohammed Hadi Mosque and it can be reached within a 2-minute drive from JGE. Another mosque in proximity is the Jumaa Mosque, which can be accessed within an 8-minute drive via Al Fay Road. Additionally, there is the Sports City mosque, which is a 10-minute car ride away, along with various others situated in nearby areas.


The Evangelical Christian Church of Dubai, which is only a 16-minute drive from Whispering Pines and has ample parking spaces, can be found in Jebel Ali Village. To reach this church quickly, take Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (E311). Additionally, Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church is conveniently located near Whispering Pines.

Located in Jebel Ali, the Hindu Temple stands as a nearby option for Hindus seeking to fulfill their religious obligations. Additionally, just a 16-minute drive away lies the Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara, which is highly favored by both worshippers and tourists alike.


Whispering Pines is conveniently located near top educational institutions in the city. Nearby nursery schools around Whispering Pines are:

There are several primary schools in the vicinity.

KIDS Kingdom Nursery School IMPZ is a nearby educational facility situated just a 7-minute drive from Whispering Pines. This institute adheres to the British curriculum, focusing on early childhood education.

The sub-community is conveniently located near several primary schools. The closest one, Victory Heights Primary School, can be reached within an 11-minute drive in neighbouring Dubai Sports City. Another option is the Ranches Primary School in Arabian Ranches 2, which is approximately a 16-minute drive away.

The Nibras International School and Nord Anglia International School, located a 12-minute car ride away, are esteemed educational institutions. The former implements an American curriculum alongside advanced placement courses catered to high school students.

Whispering Pines residents have several nearby university options. The University of Balamand, just a 14-minute drive from the community, follows an American education system. Another choice is Synergy University, located near Jumeirah Islands and only 17 minutes away by car. This institute provides various courses such as business administration, IT, and hotel management.


Whispering Pines residents also enjoy convenient proximity to primary healthcare facilities.

Whispering Pines is in close proximity to two clinics. Mediclinic Me'aisem can be reached within 8 minutes by car, while Apex Medical and Dental Clinic is approximately an 11-minute drive away. Alongside dental care, the latter clinic provides a variety of services including general checkups, pediatric care, and neonatal treatments.

Situated close to Whispering Pines, there is Al Zahra Hospital. Operating around the clock, this medical facility can be reached within a 14-minute drive from the villa community. It prides itself on its skilled personnel and comprehensive amenities.


Whispering Heights forms part of Jumeirah Golf Estates, which is predominantly a golf community. Alongside Whispering Pines, this residential area provides a range of housing options such as townhouses and apartments in various unique neighborhoods.

Within the vicinity of Whispering Pines, just a short 2-minute drive away, lies Sanctuary Falls. This exquisite housing community boasts an array of luxurious villas that offer breathtaking views of the magnificent Earth course. On the other side of JGE and approximately a 9-minute drive from Whispering Pines, you will find Flame Tree Ridge - yet another delightful residential area showcasing charming Tuscan-style villas.




Whispering Pines is surrounded by various shopping centers in close proximity.

City Centre Meisam is a vibrant hub that embraces community living, offering a variety of experiences such as leisure, shopping, and entertainment. Situated just seven minutes away by car, it provides convenient access to all these amenities. The Pavilion, on the other hand, is a smaller mall situated in Jebel Ali Village. While it may not be as extensive as City Centre Meisam, it does cater to essential needs like dining options within a 17-minute drive.

The Meadows Souk shopping mall, situated approximately 14 minutes away via Al Asayel Street (D72), offers workout amenities and a variety of renowned food establishments.

My City Centre Al Barsha is a charming shopping center situated just a 12-minute drive from Whispering Pines in Al Barsha South. This delightful mall showcases the renowned makeup brand Inglot and also houses a Carrefour supermarket.


There are several eating establishments in the vicinity of Whispering Pines.

In Jumeirah Golf Estates, there are several cozy cafes that cater to simple dining needs. Within a short 9-minute drive from Whispering Pines, residents can conveniently access The Bussola and Kasturi Roof Top Bar and Restaurant located in JGE.

Located in the heart of Jumeirah Golf Estates, Tap & Grill provides a wide-ranging menu and is conveniently situated just six minutes away by car. This modern restaurant not only offers an extensive dinner selection but also boasts breathtaking views of the renowned Fire Course's 18th hole. Furthermore, The Big Wok, located in nearby Dubai Production City and only nine minutes away, presents delectable Chinese dishes alongside various other delightful Asian cuisines.


Whispering Pines residents will need to take a 20-minute drive or so to access nearby beaches such as JBR Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Public Beach, Marina Beach, Aquaventure Beach, Kite Beach, and Al Sufouh Beach.

JBR Beach provides a range of dining options, retail stores, and cafes. Situated just a 21-minute car ride away through Al Khalil Road (E44), it offers breathtaking vistas of the Burj Al Arab. Along with impressive views, visitors can enjoy amenities such as BBQ areas, a beach library, and a playground. To reach this vibrant urban beach from Whispering Pines, take the quickest route via El Khalil Road (E44) which takes approximately 24 minutes by car.

Kite beach serves as a perfect location for engaging in activities like swimming, paragliding, and kite surfing. Accessible through Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) with just a 24-minute drive, it offers convenience for visitors. Marina Beach is another sought-after destination where beach enthusiasts can enjoy stunning vistas of the neighboring Ferris Wheel and the Gulf. A mere 18 minutes away from Whispering Pines via Garn Al Sabhka Street (D59), it provides an effortless getaway option.


Whispering Pines is surrounded by a variety of landmarks and leisure attractions within its vicinity.

Phobia Dubai, situated just a 24-minute drive away, provides various interactive escape games and thrilling activities. Global Village, an iconic destination worth mentioning, can be reached within a 26-minute drive and is renowned for its exceptional entertainment options, dining experiences, and shopping opportunities. Additionally, The Dubai Autodrome in Motor City lies approximately 11 minutes away by car and presents an array of exciting activities such as the opportunity to drive your beloved sports cars among other enticing offerings.

Additional nearby entertainment options close to Whispering Pines are:

The Clubhouse at Jumeirah Golf Estates is conveniently located just a short 6-minute drive from Whispering Pines, providing residents with access to training for those who are new to the sport. In addition, there are other exciting attractions nearby such as the Wild Wadi Waterpark, situated next to the iconic Burj Al Arab, which can be reached within a 22-minute drive. For those seeking even more adventure, the IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park is easily accessible via Shiekh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (E311), only 29 minutes away.


Whispering Pines offers various outdoor recreational activities, such as a community country club equipped with a barbecue area and swimming pool. Additionally, there are several nearby parks in the vicinity of Whispering Pines.

Residing at Whispering Pines offers the convenience of a 12-minute drive to reach Khansoor Park district in Dubai. For gym services, one can easily access the FitRepublik Fitness Center, located just 11 minutes away in Dubai Sports City. Alongside the parks, residents also have the opportunity to utilize nearby gym facilities that cater to various fitness needs and preferences.

Whispering Pines is surrounded by a variety of spas and salons.

If you are in search of salon services, you will need to travel a distance of 8 minutes by car to reach Sera Beauty Room. However, for gentlemen seeking these services, there is the One Gents Salon available at an 11-minute drive away. As for spas, Essence Healing Spa is conveniently located just 5 minutes from Whispering Pines.


JGE hosts a variety of events and social gatherings throughout the year, with one standout being the DP World Tour Championship. This prestigious golf tournament is the pinnacle of the European Tour race held in Dubai, specifically on Jumeirah Golf Estates' Earth Course. In addition to this renowned competition, JGE also arranges numerous seasonal activities for families such as Christmas fairs, Halloween Nights, quizzes, and movie nights.


Residents at Whispering Pines do not have their own social media page, but they have the option to join a platform named Jumeirah Golf Estates – Golf Course and Country Club. This particular page enables residents to collaborate and exchange their delightful experiences within the community.


JGE, situated in New Dubai, offers Whispering Pines residents a serene escape from the bustling city life. Nevertheless, individuals may still find it necessary to venture beyond this area to avail themselves of amenities not available nearby.

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