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The UAE's International City is known for its cultural diversity, with themed residential clusters for various countries around the world including China, Russia, Italy and France. Warsan Village is located within the French cluster and adjacent to Souk Warsan.

One of the newer communities on the outskirts of International City is Warsan Village. It provides a serene environment with luxurious townhouses that have three bedrooms. Moreover, residents can conveniently access various local amenities and are also in proximity to attractions like the International City Pavilion, Warsan Souk, and Warsan Clubhouse.





An enclosed community with over 930 contemporary villas, each equipped with three bedrooms and various local facilities available.

The Warsan Village neighbourhood is ideal for families seeking a comfortable way of life. It's a family-friendly community that's encompassed by beautifully landscaped, verdant spaces with an abundance of trees.

The vicinity of Warsan Village has a diverse range of conveniences that its inhabitants can conveniently utilize. This includes a shopping plaza located close by, retail outlets, eateries and cafes, places of worship and a community center that features an exercise space for indoor and outdoor sports as well as a pool.


The Warsan Village sub-community showcases townhouses with three bedrooms that are readily accessible for purchase or lease. These properties have unique qualities in terms of their architecture and design, which contributes to the price variation among them. Differences can be observed in the spacing of rooms and bathrooms, as well as the inclusion of larger living spaces or corner locations. This means that residents can anticipate different prices based on their preferences.

These luxurious townhouses are fully furnished with ample rooms and double-glazed windows, along with added features such as centralized air-conditioning and heating. In addition to that, there is a separate room for either studying or for the maid's quarters if needed, plus an area for storage purposes. The parking facility is private with enough space to accommodate two vehicles.

Rental Trends in Warsan Village

The rental townhouses in Warsan village present an array of impressive features, available at a notably reasonable price point.

To lease a 3-bedroom townhome in Warsan Village for a year, the minimum amount required is AED 79.9k. The rent may increase based on location and living area. Presently, the maximum yearly rent for a 3-bed property in Warsan Village stands at AED 100k.

Sales Trends in Warsan Village

The community's properties that are available for purchase are ideal for retailers of varying sizes. Those who purchase townhouses in Warsan Village should anticipate a living space ranging from 1,698 sq. ft. to 2,300 sq. ft., featuring four bathrooms and a dedicated maid's quarters.

The cost range for a townhome in Warsan Village with three bedrooms begins at AED 1.39M and extends to AED 2M.

warsan village floor plans

Individuals seeking floor plans for Warsan Village may peruse Bayut's selection of 2D and 3D blueprints. In addition, they have the option to explore the property through Bayut's innovative 3D live floor plans.


The parking arrangement in Warsan Village entails indoor vehicle storage within the villas for two cars per resident. Furthermore, there is a sufficient amount of street parking available.

Public transportation near warsan village

For residents relying on public transportation in Warsan Village, the nearest option is the International City Greece 1 bus stop situated in Greece Cluster. It takes approximately a 15-minute walk to reach it. Another feasible option is the International City Civil Defence 1 bus station located within walking distance of about 16 minutes in the France Cluster.

The closest subway station is Centerpoint Rashidiya, which can be reached in 14 minutes by taking Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) from Airport Road (D89).



The inhabitants of Warsan Village need not be concerned about purchasing groceries in the vicinity as several supermarkets are situated conveniently nearby. For immediate grocery shopping, the central market and closest to Warsan Village at a walking distance is LuLu Express hypermarket. Carrefour City is another alternative for buying fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat which can be reached within 7 minutes. Other renowned supermarkets near Warsan Village include Friendly Supermarket.

There are two nearby stores, an Indian grocery store and a Middle Eastern supermarket, both within a four-minute drive.


There are numerous mosques located throughout various clusters of International City. Within a distance of 10 minutes from Warsan Village, you can find several including Amna bint Mohammed Bilkharam Alqamzi Masjid, Abdul-Razaq Abdul-Aziz Al-Mutauwa Mosque, Masjid Affan Bin Usman Ajman, Mariyam bint Alhindi Mosque and Saif Khadim Al Rumaithi Masjid.


Individuals of diverse faiths can conveniently visit their respective places of worship. The closest church to Warsan Village is the Redeemer Church of Dubai, accessible via Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Road (E311) within a mere 18-minute drive. Saint Mary's Catholic Church on Oud Metha Road is situated at a distance of 21 minutes by car.

The Sikh Gurudwara located in Al Aweer is a mere 12-minute drive away. On the other hand, it takes approximately 30 minutes to reach several Hindu temples situated in Bur Dubai such as the Shiva Temple, ShrinathJi Temple, and Shree Krishna Haveli.


Within proximity to Warsan Village, there are several educational establishments such as Jazz Rockers and Music Lover Training Center, which offer music classes. Additionally, there is a driving school accessible in the area. Furthermore, child-friendly institutions like early learning schools are also available for children's education.

Chubby Cheeks Nursery, located only 5 minutes away, provides a fun and joyful atmosphere for its students while prioritizing superior education and amusement. The school offers nursery facilities, play areas for children, as well as babysitting services to working parents with young children. Kids World International on Al Awir Road is a Montessori school situated just 9 minutes from the area which keeps its pupils involved in various activities including sports, music and dance lessons alongside cross-generational learning.

The educational institutions in the vicinity of Warsan Village are:

sports teams.

The area of Warsan Village is conveniently located within a short 12-minute drive from King's School Nad Al Sheba, which follows the British Curriculum and caters to students from Montessori to secondary school. Meanwhile, Sharjah American International School is situated just 17 minutes away in International City and promotes multiculturalism among its students. This well-equipped facility offers essential amenities like sports grounds, libraries, science labs, medical services, and transport services for its learners. Additionally, engaging extracurricular activities such as charity clubs and sports teams are also available for interested participants.

The Mathnasium International City, located in the Russia cluster, is a mere 7-minute drive from environmental clubs in the vicinity. It offers specialized education to students with an emphasis on improving their expertise in mathematical concepts.


The medical facilities in the vicinity of Warsan Village include clinics and hospitals.

Situated a short 19-minute drive away, Al Garhoud Private Hospital is a private medical facility that offers a range of health and medical services. In addition to this, the hospital extends health insurance coverage to its clientele and associates. For locals seeking an alternative in close proximity, Nadd Al Hamar Health Center is just 13 minutes away and provides comprehensive care across multiple specialties.


The Warsan Village is situated in close proximity to numerous diverse sub-communities like the France, Persian, Russia and China Clusters that form a part of International City. Together, these clusters provide an array of facilities that are accessible to every individual residing within any sub-community. Additionally, other neighboring regions near the Warsan Village include:

The adjacent communities of Ras Al Khor and Nad Al Sheba are situated close to each other, and they both share Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road (E311) with Warsan Village. While Ras Al Khor is an industrial hub, it offers several job opportunities and benefits for the residents of Warsan Village. Towards the south of Warsan Village, you can find Dubai Silicon Oasis, a commercial area.




International City is renowned for its selection of international goods and brands, with several well-known malls situated nearby Warsan Village.


Dragon Mart 1 and 2, situated close to Al Awir Road (E44) with an approximate driving time of 11 to 12 minutes, are shopping centers focused on Chinese culture that boast nearly 4,000 retail options. Their reputation precedes them as hubs for outstanding bargains on various Chinese products. Another nearby mall is the City Centre Midriff located at a distance that can be covered via Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road (E311) in around 14 minutes.

In addition to Union Coop and The Pavilion, which are situated within a 6-minute drive in International City, those residing in Warsan Village have nearby mall options available to them.


Warsan Village offers a diverse range of eateries and restaurants, making it a great location for food enthusiasts who enjoy sampling various cuisines and dining out. This is due to the multicultural makeup of the community.


The Warsan Souk is a contemporary rendition of a conventional marketplace that can be found in the vicinity, providing an exhilarating alternative for people residing in Warsan Village. It boasts of 1,170 shops and 30 cafes/restaurants with outdoor seating options, along with two departmental stores.

Enthusiasts of Asian cuisine can explore the China Cluster, which includes Mystic India Veg (offering Indian fare) just 9 minutes away, and Chowking Orient Restaurant (serving a variety of oriental dishes) located 12 minutes away.

To satisfy your desire for Middle Eastern cuisine, Mandi Time Restaurant is a quick 6-minute drive and Al Arrab Restaurant is only 9 minutes away. The Grub House Restaurant in the Persian Cluster is just a short 7-minute drive and serves an array of Indian, North Indian, Pakistani, and Chinese dishes with exceptional customer service.


For those in Warsan Village who enjoy sandy retreats, the beaches on Jumeirah Road are a convenient option just half an hour away by car. Among Dubai's top public beaches is Jumeirah beach, a bustling spot with amenities such as BBQ areas and a playground for children. It is the nearest public beach to Warsan Village, only taking 25 minutes to reach.


In the vicinity of Warsan Village, there are several enjoyable tourist spots and engaging pastimes to partake in. Some examples include:


The International City community offers residents the opportunity to partake in a variety of sports activities. Within close proximity, one can find Golf courses and clubs with immaculately maintained green areas that are inviting to patrons. In addition, Desert Palm Polo Club is just an 18-minute drive away and provides top-notch polo experiences as well as being the residence of Dubai Polo Team.

The Meydan Golf Track in Nad Al Sheba is just a 15-minute drive from here. If you're interested in discovering new sports and activities in International City, you should definitely check out the Desert Palm Polo Club and the Desert Equestrian Club, which are both fantastic places to visit.


There are several outdoor activities in close proximity to Warsan Village that residents can enjoy.


The Lake District, also referred to as Warsan lake, is merely a brief 6-minute car ride away from the locality. It's an expanse teeming with plants and foliage, and locals can drop in for tranquil strolls amidst natural surroundings. In close proximity are numerous fitness centers, open spaces like parks and playgrounds along with a basketball court- making it convenient for residents to maintain their health and wellbeing.

The Warsan Clubhouse, located just a short distance from Warsan Village, offers an array of amenities such as a swimming pool, outdoor sports facilities and a state-of-the-art gym complete with advanced machinery.

Fitness enthusiasts have several options for working out in the vicinity. Hardcore Gym boasts state-of-the-art equipment and is conveniently located just three minutes away. For those interested in martial arts or self-defense, Shorin Ryu Karate Centre is a four-minute drive away and offers classes for both adults and children. Residents can also visit Fitness Style Gym, which is situated in Persia's cluster and provides strength training, weight training, and cardio exercise opportunities within five minutes' reach.

For those in Warsan Village who enjoy taking care of their appearance, there are a variety of salons and spas worth trying out.


At Beauberry Ladies Saloon, customers can receive top-notch pampering with a range of services including waxing, massages, hairstyling and facials. Conveniently situated just 4 minutes away from the vicinity. Al Reyan Salon caters specifically to men's grooming needs and is situated in the France cluster, only a 5-minute drive from the area.


The International city offers a variety of activities for its residents. Over the years, there have been academic conferences, concerts and fun events for children. For instance, in 2017 Kung Fu Lessons were provided during a summer camp held in Dragon Mart 2 catering to kids during the first two weeks of August. Additionally, an international conference on psychiatry and psychology was organized for students and researchers alike. Furthermore, one well-known event included a live performance by famous Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama at Dragon Mart 2.


In order to interact and bond with fellow residents, individuals have the option of becoming a member of the Facebook group called Warsan Village Community. Established in 2017, this group boasts over 1,000 members who share their experiences. Additionally, there is a community solely for women known as Warsan Village Ladies. Here, female residents come together to plan family-friendly events for children and families alike.


Warsan Village, along with the wider community of International City, is conveniently located just 20 minutes away from the airport by car. Nevertheless, individuals without personal vehicles may want to contemplate utilizing nearby metro stations in International City since there aren't any situated closeby. Although residents can still utilize public buses departing from the nearest bus stations.