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Warsan 3 is a subdivision located within the Al Warsan district, situated in Dubai's southern suburbs. Nakheel Properties spearheaded the development of this entire district, which aims to provide residents with a comfortable and family-oriented living space. This suburban area boasts numerous luxurious amenities alongside easily accessible essential facilities.

The entire community is enclosed, providing an atmosphere of exclusivity and safety. Located to the north of Warsan 3, International City is a popular neighborhood that offers affordable housing options for middle-income expatriates. The properties within this project were initially sold to investors in 2013, attracting both first-time investors and individuals planning to reside here.


  • Warsan Souk houses supermarkets, restaurants and cafes


  • Dragon Mart sells goods from China and is near the community 


  • The parent neighbourhood will extend to 11 million sq. ft. once it is fully established


  • Currently being linked to Dubai Metro for effortless public transportation access




Despite being in the midst of development, numerous residential structures have already been finished within this district. Notable attractions include:

The area is close to Dubai Safari Park, which houses more than 2,500 animal species.


Properties in Warsan 3 feature 1-bedroom apartments spanning an average floor area of 950 sq. ft., while their 2-bedroom counterparts offer a typical floor space of 1,340 sq. ft. The subsequent rental patterns are applicable to these residential units.

Prospective buyers interested in acquiring apartments in Warsan 3 can anticipate the subsequent pricing patterns.

The apartment buildings are equipped with a dedicated maintenance team. Additionally, there are amenities like ATM services, Intercom system, and a business center available for meetings.


Each villa in Warsan 3 will be provided with a minimum of two parking spaces, ensuring ample parking availability. Visitors need not be concerned about locating parking spots as they have the alternative to park on adjacent side streets.

The region is conveniently connected to main streets and highways. On the eastern edge lies Ras Al Khor Road (E44), while the southern boundary of this area intersects with Emirates Road (E611).

In Warsan 3, accessing public transportation is easy with multiple RTA bus stops conveniently located nearby. The closest one, Al Warsan 3 - RTA Staff Accommodation 1 bus stop, is just a short 6-minute walk away. Similarly, the Al Warsan 3 Civil Defence Training Centre bus stop is also accessible within a 6-minute walk.

At present, there is no Dubai Metro station in close proximity; however, this will soon be rectified as the Dubai Metro is being connected to Al Warsan suburb.



New Pasons Hypermarket, a medium-sized standalone multi-storey supermarket offering all essential items, is conveniently located just an 11-minute walk away from Warsan 3. Similarly, within a 10-minute walking distance, there is Madeena Supermarket, a small and convenient quick-mart that caters to busy individuals.


The vicinity of Warsan 3 is home to several mosques. Within a walking distance of 8 minutes lies Warsan Mosque. However, other nearby mosques cannot be reached on foot and necessitate a brief car journey. Among these is Amna Bint Wahab Mosque, a medium-sized place of worship capable of hosting hundreds of worshippers, which can conveniently be reached within a mere 3-minute drive.


In order to access churches in the vicinity of Warsan 3, it typically requires at least a 20-minute drive. The majority of these places of worship are found within Deira district. Among them is Dubai City Church, which is conveniently located just 21 minutes away and serves as a pentecostal church. Another option close by is Dubai Central Seventh-day Adventist Church. Additionally, there are also Catholic, Baptist, and Orthodox Christian churches situated in this same area.

Near Warsan 3, you'll find Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara. It takes about 35 minutes to reach this place of worship for the Sikh community. As for Hindus, their temples dedicated to different gods in Hinduism are mainly found in Al Fahidi community, which is approximately 31 minutes away.


Close by choices for childcare consist of:

Neighboring primary and secondary schools in the vicinity consist of:

Schools in close proximity to Warsan 3 encompass Al Khaleej National School Al Warqa and GEMS Our Own English High School, both just an 11-minute commute away. Another neighboring educational institution at the same distance is Ignite School, which adopts an American curriculum and accepts students from both Emirati and expatriate backgrounds.

In the vicinity of Warsan 3, you can find Manipal University, which is just an 8-minute commute. Additionally, there's Amity University located at a distance of only 10 minutes away. A bit further but still within reach is Heriot-Watt University, approximately 11 minutes away. It's worth noting that Manipal and Amity are both Indian educational institutions while Heriot-Watt represents the United Kingdom.


Close by, there are medical establishments accessible within the vicinity.

The clinics located near Warsan 3 are just an 11-minute drive away. These include Access Clinic International City Morocco Cluster and Right Health Ruby Clinic LLC. Both facilities provide specialized outpatient services that encompass a wide range of medical areas.

The hospitals in close proximity to Warsan 3 are Nadd Al Hamar Health Center and Medcare Speciality Centre - Mirdif Uptown. These healthcare facilities can be reached within 12 and 18 minutes, respectively. Nadd Al Hamar Health Center, a government hospital, offers healthcare services at discounted rates.


There are residential areas in close proximity.

Travelling in a northern direction, International City can be found showcasing themed clusters inspired by diverse architectural concepts. In the eastern region lies Wadi Al Amardi, designated for livestock farming activities. Heading westward leads to Academic City, housing renowned universities in Dubai. Venturing south unveils a mostly desolate area with no signs of any advancements.




Some of the malls in the vicinity are:

  • Warqa Mall


  • City Centre Mirdif


  • Festival City Mall


Malls in close proximity to Warsan 3 comprise Warqa Mall, a recently constructed shopping center set to open shortly. This forthcoming mall is expected to encompass 35,000 sq. ft. of retail space distributed over two levels. Additionally, City Centre Mirdif and Festival City Mall are both nearby options situated only 19 minutes away.

Well-liked establishments in the heart of City Centre Mirdif:

  • Home Centre


  • Marks and Spencer


  • Virgin Mega Store


Home Centre is a dedicated store that offers a range of furniture, lamps, and various home decor items. It provides an excellent opportunity for those seeking to enhance their living space aesthetically. Marks and Spencer, a well-known British multinational retailer, specializes in fashionable clothing options for both men and women. Meanwhile, Virgin Mega Store has transitioned from its previous focus on selling records and CDs to now offering diverse electronic devices like music instruments, stereos, headphones, and related accessories.


Eateries within City Centre Mirdif:

  • Texas Roadhouse


  • Gazebo Restaurant


  • Ocean Basket


Texas Roadhouse is situated in Louisville, Kentucky, serving as the go-to destination for relishing steaks, burgers, and a variety of American delicacies. Gazebo Restaurant embodies an elegant atmosphere and offers authentic Indian cuisine. Ocean Basket shines through its expertise in seafood dishes like fried shrimps, fish and chips, grilled snapper, along with an extensive menu selection.

Near Warsan 3, there are several dining establishments available.

  • Swabi Darbar


  • Broccoli Pizza & Pasta 


  • B & B Restaurant


Swabi Darbar is an Indian Restaurant that offers authentic Indian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. It can be easily accessed by car within 5 minutes. Located just 3 minutes away, Broccoli Pizza & Pasta is an Italian restaurant where you can enjoy delicious pizzas and pastas in a cozy family-friendly setting. B&B Restaurant, situated at an 8-minute distance, also provides casual dining with cafeteria-style service and delights like shawarmas and grilled chicken.


The vicinity of Warsan 3 offers a range of beaches to explore. Open Beach, located just 29 minutes away, provides an inviting coastal experience. Meanwhile, Jumeirah Beach is situated at a distance of 27 minutes and draws crowds with its lifeguards ensuring safety, along with amenities like BBQ stations and children's play areas for families to enjoy. Another option is Kite Beach, which can be reached in approximately 29 minutes and is renowned for its water-sports activities such as jet skiing, wakeboarding, and parasailing.


Nearby points of interest encompass:

  • Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary


  • IMG World of Adventure


  • Dubai Miracle Garden


The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, located 21 minutes away, is a perfect spot for bird enthusiasts as it draws in numerous migratory birds like flamingos and herons. Just a 20-minute drive from there lies the IMG World of Adventure, an indoor amusement park that provides entertainment during sweltering summers. To explore Dubai Miracle Garden and its countless flower species while gaining knowledge about them, set aside 25 minutes for travel time.


Residents have the opportunity to maintain their physical fitness at:

  • Al Warqa'a Jogging and Cycling Track


  • Central Park


  • Nad Al Sheba Park


Located just a 12-minute journey from the residence lies the Al Warqa'a Jogging and Cycling Track, an excellent spot for individuals dedicated to enhancing their fitness levels through cycling or jogging. Furthermore, within a mere 15-minute drive, one will come across Central Park that offers various swings and slides catering to children's amusement. For those seeking a larger park experience, Nad Al Sheba Park awaits just 19 minutes away! This expansive park boasts numerous benches, vast stretches of lush grassy fields, and an outdoor play area designed specifically for children.

The gyms in the vicinity of Warsan 3 are mainly located in the nearby International City neighborhood. A short 13-minute drive away, you can find Fitness 360 and Nitrogen Gym. These two establishments offer a wide range of fitness equipment for cardio, CrossFit, and strength training purposes.

Some of the salons and spas in the vicinity are:

  • Al Mumtaz Gents Salon


  • Lemon Blossom Salon


  • Samana Spa


There is Al Mumtaz Gents Salon, located 11 minutes away, that provides haircare and skincare services for male clients. A 13-minute drive will take you to Lemon Blossom Salon where you can avail yourself of a range of services including haircare, makeup, skincare, and nail care. For those seeking relaxation and pampering, Samana Spa is just an 11-minute distance away. At this spa, visitors can indulge in different types of massages and therapeutic treatments.


As Warsan 3 and its neighboring community are currently in the development stage, there is a lack of regularly scheduled events within this area.


As this community continues to be developed, there is currently no online social community available. Nevertheless, once the area becomes more populated, this will undergo a transformation.


Warsan 3, situated in the southern part of Dubai, offers an appealing alternative for individuals seeking a suburban way of life. Particularly suitable for families longing to break free from urban settings, this area presents promising investment prospects due to its currently developing state and reasonable property rates. In time, Warsan 3 will evolve into a self-sufficient community where all essential amenities can be conveniently found within close proximity to residents' homes.


  • Downtown Dubai is 22-minutes northwest


  • Jebel Ali Freezone is 46-minutes northwest