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Victory Heights is an expansive residential community that dominates more than half of the western district in Dubai Sports City. It boasts a vast collection of over 1000 luxurious villas, catering to the growing demand for golf-themed properties. The enchanting Fairways Els Club serves as the centerpiece of this villa-based society, further enhancing its charm and allure.

Residents in this gated community cherish meticulously designed outdoor areas that seamlessly blend style and practicality. The well-thought-out features include exclusive pathways for pedestrians, an engaging playground for children, and multiple lush green spaces. This harmonious combination of opulent living and verdant surroundings offers residents an ideal equilibrium. Moreover, the strategically positioned community is conveniently connected to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Al Faya Road for seamless transportation options.




Victory Heights offers a range of appealing factors for residents to enjoy.

This upscale residential area is located within the larger Sports City district and is comprised of various sub-clusters including Oliva, Calida, Estella, and Esmeralda.


Victory Heights offers a diverse range of property choices. These include freehold and rental options, as well as a wide selection of architectural designs and styling concepts for residents to choose from.

Housing options in Victory Heights offer a range of bedrooms, starting from four and going up to six. The four-bedroom villas provide five bathrooms and a floor space of at least 2,500 square feet. If you go for the five-bedroom villas, you will have around five baths and a living area exceeding 5,000 square feet. For those looking for even bigger accommodations, there are six-bedroom units available with approximately six bathrooms. These spacious units come with floor spaces that can vary between 6,000 and 12,000 square feet on average.

Rental Trends in Victory Heights

Victory Heights in Dubai Sports City is a well-liked choice for renting, offering a range of 4, 5, and 6-bedroom villas starting at AED 165k. The average yearly lease payment for a standard 4-bed rental villa is around AED 137k. On the other hand, the cost of renting a 5-bed villa in Victory Heights begins at AED 210k per year.

In terms of more affordable options, townhouses for rent in Victory Heights can be found starting from AED 140k. Those who are interested may consider Fortuna Village, Estella, Esmeralda, and Oliva cluster. Typically, a 4-bed townhouse in Victory Heights will cost around AED 150k. It is important to note that standard townhouses in Victory Heights only have 4 bedrooms. On average, these townhouses will include 4 bathrooms and have an average floor space of 2,000 sq. ft.

Sale Trends in Victory Heights

Victory Heights presents enticing prospects for potential investors seeking villas and townhouses, providing valuable opportunities within its sub-community. The available 4-bedroom villas for sale in Victory Heights commence at a price point of AED 2.5M.

If you're looking to buy a townhouse in Victory Heights with four bedrooms, the price range will be between AED 2M and AED 3M. The Marbella cluster is a great choice if you want a unit with ample floor space at an affordable cost.

ROI in Victory Heights

One of the sought-after locations for investment in Sports City is Victory Heights. The most profitable choice would be a 4-bedroom unit, yielding an impressive return on investment of 6.3%. Typically, the sales price for these houses falls within AED 2M to AED 3M, while rental rates range from AED 140k to AED 150k. Additionally, opting for a 5 or 6-bedroom house may result in a respectable ROI of around 5.1% and 4.2% respectively.


Locating parking spaces in Victory Heights will not pose any problem as a majority of the villas are equipped with a parking garage capable of accommodating at least one vehicle.

Public Transportation near Victory Heights

In Victory Heights, people who rely on public transportation have convenient access to various metro stations within a 14 to 18-minute car or bus ride. The nearest one is the Mall of Emirates Metro Station, situated north of Victory Heights and reachable in just 14 minutes by car.

Within a walking distance of 11 to 15 minutes, one can find numerous bus stops in Victory Heights. Nevertheless, the nearest bus station is located at a distance of 11 minutes, specifically the Sports City – Victory Heights East Gate 1 bus stop.



Two spacious supermarkets in close proximity to Victory Heights are conveniently available for residents seeking groceries and everyday essentials.

By foot, it takes only 11 minutes to arrive at Carrefour City and 12 minutes to reach Al Maya.


Victory Heights is home to a pair of mosques.

The distance between Sports City Mosque and Victory Heights is only four minutes by car, whereas Al Adel Mosque can be reached in eight minutes of driving.


Dubai is a diverse city that embraces individuals from all over the world, irrespective of their cultural and religious affiliations. For instance, Victory Heights stands out as a favored community among Indian expatriates. Consequently, you will have convenient access to various facilities such as schools and places of worship.

Located near Victory Heights is the Guru Nanak Darbar, a Sikh Gurdwara. It takes around 16 minutes for residents to travel northwest from Victory Heights to reach this temple. Conversely, situated on the World Island, the Meenakshi Amman Temple serves as a Hindu place of worship. To reach this temple from the villa community, it takes approximately 33 minutes heading northeast.

In the vicinity of Victory Heights, there are multiple churches available. Nevertheless, the nearest one is Casa de Oración Torre Fuerte, situated east of Victory Heights and only an 11-minute journey. On the other hand, the remaining churches can be found approximately 15 to 20 minutes northeast of Victory Heights.


There are several nearby nurseries located in the vicinity.

Located in en, The Wonder Years Nursery is conveniently situated just a short 5-minute drive north of Victory Heights. Similarly, the Ideal ELC is also conveniently located only 5 minutes away from the community, albeit to the south.

There are additional educational institutions in close proximity to Victory Heights, such as:

Victory Heights Primary School

Victory Heights Primary School caters to students from the foundation stages through year 6. The institution has been deemed "acceptable" by the KHDA on multiple occasions, and has earned ratings of both "good" and "very good" from 2015 to 2019. Conveniently located, Sports City School and Junaibi School Dubai are just a short five-minute drive away from Victory Heights Central.

There are approximately three universities in close proximity to Victory Heights, reachable within a 20-minute commute. The closest establishment is Keystrokes University, conveniently located just 12 minutes northwest. Following that, we have Modul University and Synergy University, both situated northwards and accessible via E311 and D59 routes with a travel time of around 17 minutes.


The nearest medical centers are:

There exists a satisfactory array of medical clinics in close proximity to Victory Heights. In fact, the nearest clinic is a mere 3-minute car ride away—Your Health Clinic. Additionally, in the western direction, one can find Mediclinic Me’aisem just 8 minutes away from Victory Heights Central. Similarly, situated 9 minutes towards the east of Victory Heights lies Apex Medical & Dental Clinic.

Victory Heights benefits from a satisfactory range of excellent hospitals, conveniently situated nearby. The nearest one is the Medcare Medical Centre, just a 7-minute drive away. As for the remaining two healthcare facilities, the Mediclinic Meadows can be reached in 18 minutes, while the Mediclinic Parkview Hospital is only a short 12-minute commute by car.


Victory Heights boasts proximity to various residential and recreational centers within the city, including:

Dubai Production City lies on the western border of Victory Heights, while residents can discover Motor City, a district with a motorsports theme, on its eastern border. To the north is Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC).




These several community malls are located in the nearby and surrounding area:

Within close proximity to Victory Heights lie numerous shopping malls. One such example is City Centre Me’aisem, conveniently located just seven minutes away in the western direction. This bustling mall houses a wide range of popular stores and venues for visitors to explore and enjoy their shopping experience.

Located within the City Centre Me’aisem, you will discover Magic planet amusement park - a hotspot for children seeking video games and exciting ventures. Mothercare stands as a beloved store catering to the needs of expectant mothers, offering an array of essential items. Hi Phone Telecom, one of two establishments specializing in smartphones, presents cutting-edge devices at unbeatable prices. Moreover, Carrefour supermarket within the mall showcases an extensive selection of food products and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs).

In terms of neighboring shopping centers, My City Centre Al Barsha is located a bit farther away, approximately an 11-minute drive towards the northeast of Victory Heights. On the contrary, The Meadows Souk can be reached within a 14-minute drive towards the northwest of Victory Heights. Meanwhile, if you head north, it takes around 15 minutes to reach Spring Souk which is considered as the farthest option.


The City Centre Me'aisem offers a variety of dining options for residents to choose from.

Victory Heights boasts a range of dining options nearby, including various restaurants.

There are multiple dining establishments in the vicinity of Victory Heights. Nevertheless, the closest ones include Nathalie’s, Pulcinella Restaurant, The Kebab Shop, and Jack's Restaurant. While Nathalie's can be reached by car within five minutes, the other three options are only a maximum of three minutes away.

In order to enjoy alcoholic beverages at a licensed establishment, local inhabitants have several options available. One such option is Kickers Sports Bar, which can be reached within a six-minute drive southward. Additionally, there are two nearby restaurants that also hold licenses: Big Easy Bar & Grill is just four minutes away heading south, while 30 Novelia is located five minutes southwest of the area.


If you're seeking a sunny weekend getaway near Victory Heights, your first priority will likely be finding nearby beaches. The closest public beach option is The Beach at JBR, which lies 23 minutes northeast of Victory Heights. At this beach, residents can partake in a variety of watersports activities like jet skiing, wakeboarding, and boating. For those looking for a more relaxed experience, they could also enjoy a leisurely camel ride. Another well-liked beach in close proximity is Al Sufouh Beach, just 17 minutes away when heading north.


Prominent attractions for visitors:

Victory Heights boasts at least two remarkable landmarks, which are also popular among tourists. The Dubai Autodrome, for example, provides motorsports enthusiasts with thrilling experiences like driving high-performance vehicles and go-karting. On average, it takes around nine to eight minutes to reach the Dubai Autodrome. Alternatively, residents seeking a more tranquil leisurely pastime can visit the Dubai Miracle Garden, renowned as the largest flower garden in the world.


Victory Heights is surrounded by numerous family parks, such as:

Novelia Village Park is conveniently located near this community and falls within the boundaries of Dubai Sports City. It can be easily reached by car, taking only four minutes. In addition to Novelia Village Park, there are other nearby parks to explore. For instance, Olivia Playground provides a great outdoor space for children's activities and is just one minute west of Victory Heights. On the contrary, Gatton Park requires a slightly longer drive of ten minutes towards the east in order to reach it, as it is situated in the community of Dubai Motor City.

Given that Sports City is a themed residential and commercial area centered around fitness and sports, there are multiple fitness centers and gyms near Victory Heights. Within close proximity, there are at least four gyms available. For instance, Fitness First can be reached within one minute, while the Victory Heights community gym is just three minutes away. Additionally, Fitrepublik Fitness Centre and Sports City Football Academy can also be easily accessed within a five-minute timeframe.

Close by locations for exercise and self-care:

In Victory Heights, there are three spas located nearby. These include the Kapok Massage Spa Motor City, Dreamworks Spa, and The Professional Spa. All of these spas can be found in a single plaza just six minutes away from Victory Heights when driving towards the east.


Residents of Victory Heights who want to engage in community events should keep in mind that their community is an integral part of Dubai Sports City. Consequently, all the events organized for Dubai Sports City can be equally relished by residents of Victory Heights as well. Nevertheless, it should be noted that community events in Sports City primarily depend on sporting events that are often scheduled with short notice before they occur. These may include cricket matches like IPL or various other types of sports gatherings.


Victory Heights residents keen on joining social community groups can become members of the official Facebook group for Sports City. By typing "Sports city community (DSC) – Dubai" into the search bar, they can access all the latest updates and exciting happenings in Sports City.


If you appreciate being surrounded by lush greenery, Victory Heights is the perfect residential destination. While it offers a secluded atmosphere from the bustling Dubai City, there are numerous parks and sports clubs in close proximity. It's worth noting that apartments are not available within Victory Heights itself. However, one can explore other areas within Sports City for rental or purchase options if interested in living here. Are you currently seeking to invest in property or rent a place in Victory Heights?