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Vardon, situated in the highly anticipated off-plan project AKOYA Oxygen, is a well-designed set of residential units including villas, townhouses and plots. The AKOYA community offers a serene and eco-friendly environment away from urban chaos. Additionally, this project being developed by DAMAC Properties ensures top-notch amenities that promote sustainable living and luxurious lifestyle. Located near Jebel Ali Road, Vardon provides easy access to Dubai Heritage Vision as well as Tiger Woods Development. Furthermore, proximity to Trump International Golf Club adds another feather to its cap.

The Vardon Cluster, along with other sub-communities and villa enclaves, offers access to lakes and community gardens. The development comprises of lavish family homes nestled in lush green surroundings. Given its modern construction, one can anticipate sleek structures with superior finishes. Due to the rising demand for prime location and amenities provided by the developers, properties within this area will be an excellent find.

Vardon comprises a group of spacious family homes that are nestled within an expansive, picturesque landscape. Once construction is finished and the dwellings are prepared for occupancy, potential inhabitants will be granted entry to:


  • Picturesque location
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  • Master project by DAMAC Properties
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  • Villa cluster in AKOYA Oxygen
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  • Near Trump International Golf Club
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  • Lavish green open spaces
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  • A part of an innovative and sustainable development
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    Located away from the busy streets of Dubai, the neighborhood is essentially a small city that offers contemporary amenities. It also prioritizes eco-friendliness and an upscale way of living.

    Vardon boasts a diverse range of properties, consisting of both standalone and attached villas as well as townhouses. Additionally, owing to its ongoing expansion, there are also opportunities for residential land ownership. As per the project's blueprint, V-2 villa models - which come complete with their own private pools, gardens and terraces - can be found within this particular cluster and are renowned for their grandeur and opulence.


    At present, there are only villas and townhouses available for purchase. Rentals are not currently offered, but other comparable neighborhoods may have rental options for those seeking them.

    A typical Vardon Villa boasts a ground floor with both a garage and garden, and a first floor adorned with a balcony that faces the sun. Each unit includes additional spaces such as maid’s quarters, separate dining halls, and powder rooms - making them perfect for accommodating large families.

    Locating parking spots in Vardon is not problematic. The majority of homes possess a designated garage or parking zone, which is why personal transportation is favored in the region. While certain residences may even have space for guests, inhabitants can park up to two automobiles.


    Conversely, the public transportation system in the vicinity of Vardon Cluster is incomplete. Nonetheless, steps are being taken to improve it for the entire community. If you intend to relocate to Vardon villas, it is advisable to organize your own means of transportation.

    The community centre, supermarkets, and retail shops will be available to residents. Currently, there are some nearby supermarkets in Vardon Cluster which can be accessed by a quick drive. Popular options include Spinneys located in Mira Town Centre, Carrefour at Remraam Community Centre, and Choithrams at Layan Community in Remraam.



    Until community mosques are established, several accessible options exist near Vardon Cluster. One mosque is located within AKOYA and can be reached in 13 minutes, while additional options can be found in neighbouring communities like Remraam and Arabian Ranches.


    Regarding alternative religious sites, there are several churches located in close proximity to Vardon Villas. Nevertheless, choices for the Hindu population may be restricted. If you wish to visit a Hindu temple, the Shiva Temple situated on Al Fahidi Street can be reached by car in under an hour.


    The City Hill Global Church and Gatekeepers are among the churches in close proximity to Vardon.

    Until the community schools are available for all AKOYA residents, there are some existing schools located near Vardon Cluster that can be considered.


    There are numerous options available within a 30-minute drive. For those seeking nearby nurseries, the following can be found:

    Fairgreen International School located in The Sustainable City provides development programs that span from foundation stages through high school grades. The curriculum is centered on project-based learning and extensive research, while also being conveniently accessible within a 30-minute commute.

    AKOYA is working on enhancing its medical facilities. In the meantime, there are hospitals available for access in nearby areas. The Vardon locality has several clinics and hospitals in close proximity:


    There are other specialized clinics located in the area, such as Anaya Clinic, Aster Clinic and Apex Medical and Dental Clinic.

    AKOYA Oxygen provides a serene atmosphere for residents to permanently enjoy their staycation, as it is specifically designed away from the mainland. Vardon, on the other hand, is located in proximity to important roads such as Umm Suqeim Road and Jebel Ali Lehbab Road (E 77), which ultimately lead to Al Ain Road.


    In addition to numerous clusters and sub-communities in the region, there are several residential communities located nearby Verdon.

    The commute to DIP is approximately 43 minutes, while the journey to Remraam and The Villa Community both take about 30 minutes. Arabian Ranches can also be reached in roughly 40 minutes.

    There are not many choices for shopping and casual gatherings, but there are a few malls in close proximity to Vardon Cluster that can be easily reached. These include:




    Located near Global Village, in the area of Wadi Al Safa 4, is Cityland Mall. Boasting over 350 retail stores as well as more than 75 dining establishments, this mall also features a central park and cinema.

  • Cityland Mall (32 minutes)
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  • The Ranches Souk (24 minutes)
  • -->
  • Ibn Battuta Mall (43 minutes)
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    In search of dining establishments in close proximity to Vardon Cluster? Look no further than Mudon or Arabian Ranches for top-notch choices. Notable options include:


    En: In these areas, you can also stumble upon some cafés like Circle Café and Café Vienna in Layan. Nonetheless, getting to any of these choices necessitates a slightly more extended drive.

  • Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine Restaurant
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  • Abatjour Bistro
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  • Paul Bakery and Restaurant
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    Although Vardon Villa Cluster doesn't have any nearby beaches, inhabitants can still enjoy peaceful bodies of water. As part of AKOYA Oxygen, Vardon is abundant in lakes, gardens and fountains. The overarching blueprint includes a fabricated rainforest, dynamic fountains and sprinklers to ensure tenants have a relaxing experience. For those seeking livelier beach festivities and aquatic adventures, Jumeirah Beach is only 46 minutes away.


    Located at a distance from the mainland, AKOYA is conveniently situated close to several leisure destinations that are worth visiting. Notable landmarks in proximity to Vardon include:


    Al Qudra Lake, also referred to as Love Lake, is roughly a 30-35 minute drive away. It boasts an array of over 170 animal and bird species. In addition to this, Flamingo Lake and Lake Salah al-Din are nearby options for those interested in observing birds. For enthusiasts of traditional art and culture, Al Marmoom Heritage Village museum makes for a prime destination.

  • Al Qudra Lake
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  • Al Marmoom Heritage Village
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  • The Sevens Stadium
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    Initially, individuals within the area will come across various spas and salons, including:


    In addition to the vast landscaped areas featuring walkways and fountains for evening strolls, there are also parks and playgrounds that will undoubtedly become a favorite destination among children once they're fully constructed. While waiting for the community clubhouse and health centers to be completed, locals can make use of nearby amenities such as Cardio Gym and UAE Sports Academy.

  • The Haven Spa
  • -->
  • NStyle Beauty Lounge
  • -->
  • The Loft Fifth Avenue
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    Ultimately, the focus of the community lies in its extensive golf amenities. In addition to numerous courts within AKOYA's grounds, avid golfers have access to the Trump World Golf Club. This exceptional club is well-worth a trip and boasts top-of-the-line dining options and facilities.

    AKOYA is currently being developed, which means that community events are not taking place in any sub-community at the moment. However, cultural festivals can still be enjoyed by those interested at Al Marmoom Heritage Village.


    The residential community of AKOYA Oxygen has a Facebook group dedicated to parents. This group serves as a platform for residents to keep themselves informed and connect with other members of the community.


    Being situated on AKOYA means that Verdon locals will be distanced from vital commercial and residential zones. Nevertheless, convenient access to significant thoroughfares such as Al Ain Road and Umm Suqeim Road is readily available.


    AKOYA is away from the mainland. Therefore, Verdon residents will be away from key commercial and residential areas. However, major road networks including Al Ain Road and Umm Suqeim Road are easily accessible.


  • Located near Al Ain Road and Umm Suqeim Road
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  • 12 minutes from Al Qudra Desert
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  • Al Maktoum International Airport is 50 minutes away
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  • Trump International Golf Course is 33 minutes away
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