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Uptown Mirdif, located in the meticulously-planned area of Mirdif in Dubai, is a residential sub-community that combines both commercial and residential properties. The family-friendly gated community was developed by Union Properties and offers upscale amenities expected from such a development. Along with its diverse range of apartments, Uptown Mirdif also features family homes and independent villas.

For the past few years, this group of residences in Mirdif has been consistently ranked as a top favorite. Uptown Mirdif is actually one of the best areas to rent villas or apartments within the Mirdif area. Its family-oriented lifestyle is well-known and offers a peaceful setting, far removed from the hustle and bustle of central Dubai. The community provides various amenities such as schools, parks, restaurants and shopping malls.

The region of Uptown Mirdif is particularly popular with families as it is conveniently located near schools, parks, malls and leisure facilities. The tranquil ambiance of the area makes it a widely preferred choice among residents and expats alike. Additionally, Emicool provides district cooling in this part of Dubai, which further contributes to its attractiveness. As a result, apartments and villas situated within Uptown Mirdif are highly sought-after.




Well-liked attractions comprise of:

The local area offers both essential and leisure facilities. Concerned parents need not fret about the safety of their little ones while they play in the designated kids’ zone. The community features Uptown Mirdif Park, a family-oriented recreation space that bolsters Mirdif's status as one of Dubai's leafiest neighborhoods. Residents may also enjoy outdoor walks or a refreshing swim in the communal pools.

Uptown Mirdif offers a range of contemporary properties that cater to different preferences. These include luxurious villas and modern apartments, with the latter offering studio flats as well as one to three-bedroom options. Studios boast a comfortable 500 to 600 square feet of built-up space while one-bedroom flats offer around 1,300 sq. ft. Two-bedrooms are even more spacious at up to 1,550 sq.ft., while three-bedroom apartments can reach up to an impressive 2,067 sq.ft. All these units come complete with a dining area for added convenience.


Equipped with contemporary kitchens, balconies, and wardrobes integrated into the structure.

Uptown Mirdif offers a variety of beautifully designed villas with varying layouts. The range includes villas that have 1,650 sq.ft to 5,000 sq.ft of built-up area and feature between three to five bedrooms. In addition, some residences come with private gardens and dedicated rooms for house help.

Uptown Mirdif offers a variety of rental properties, ranging from studio apartments and 1-bed to 2-bed flats. These options have square footage that ranges from 500 sq. ft. to 1,600 sq. ft. If you're looking for something bigger, there are also villas with up to five bedrooms and square footage that spans from 2,000 sq. ft. to 6,000 sq.ft.. Keep in mind that rent prices may differ due to different factors such as the type of property or configuration, location and covered area size .

Rental Trends in Uptown Mirdif

Uptown Mirdif offers rental apartments ranging from AED 30k to AED 85k per annum, with an average studio rent of AED 34k. If seeking a larger space within a reasonable budget, consider opting for a one or two-bedroom flat.

In accordance with the terms of your lease agreement, you may be presented with a flexible option to settle your yearly rental fees through the submission of post-dated cheques spread out over a twelve-month period. It is advisable to have a conversation about this specific arrangement with your dealer prior to proceeding.

Uptown Mirdiff offers villas for rent that come with an array of amenities at a reasonably affordable price. The comfortable living experience is further enhanced by top-quality fixtures and spacious rooms. The rental rates vary between AED 52k to AED 110k yearly, with the average cost of a standard 2-bedroom villa being around AED 65k.

To lease a larger 5-bedroom villa in Uptown Mirdif, be ready to spend an annual amount ranging from AED 95k to AED 110k.

The Uptown Mirdif community offers attractive opportunities for those looking to purchase apartments. The area has proven to produce profitable returns on both villas and various-sized apartment units. Prospective buyers interested in 1 or 2-bedroom apartments have several options available to them, with pricing dependent upon the size of the unit. One-bedroom flats are sold at around AED 705k while two-bedroom flats range from AED 880k up to AED 1.2M in price within this popular neighbourhood.

Sale Trends in Uptown Mirdif

Prospective buyers of villas in the region have the option to select from a range of 3, 4, and 5-bedroom properties. The mean cost of a 3-bed villa is AED 2M, whereas a deluxe unit with four or five bedrooms could set one back up to AED 6M and AED 19M correspondingly.

According to Bayut's data, 1-bedroom apartments have the potential for a ROI of 7.7%, while 2-bedroom flats may yield a high return on investment of 7%.

ROI in Uptown Mirdif

Opting for the 3-bedroom villa style has potential for profitability, with a projected rental yield of 3.4%. These types of villas can be purchased starting at AED 2M and have a minimum rental rate of approximately AED 70k.

Bayut's data, collected from user-generated views on their website, reveals that Courtyard Apartments in Uptown Mirdif is a favored option for both buying and renting. This popular project offers a variety of 1 and 2-bedroom apartments starting at AED 38k annually for renters or around AED 650k for buyers. Additionally, Garden Apartments is another noteworthy project with rental prices beginning at AED 80k and sales averaging around AED 1M.

Where to rent or buy properties in Uptown Mirdif?

Explore the floor plans for Uptown Mirdif that are accessible for various communities.

Uptown Mirdif Floor Plans

Every unit in Uptown Mirdif provides residents with exclusive parking. Villas offer a minimum of one private parking spot, while some provide an extra space. Additionally, apartments are assigned one designated parking area. As for guests, they may find street parking nearby.


In the vicinity of Uptown Mirdif, there are a range of transportation options available. In just an 8-minute car journey, individuals can access either Rashidiya or Etisalat Metro Stations to catch the metro. Additionally, two bus stations are situated in close proximity to the community for easy accessibility by residents.

Public Transportation in Uptown Mirdif

Inside the gated community, it could be challenging to locate conventional taxi services. However, digital applications like the RTA app, Uber and Careem offer alternative means of ordering transportation services.

The sole supermarket in Uptown Mirdif is Spinneys, which provides an extensive selection of products. In the adjacent vicinity, Carrefour at Mirdif City Center is located approximately 10 minutes away by car. Additional supermarkets close to Uptown Mirdif are:



The Aswaaq Supermarket and two of the New West Zone Supermarkets (which are also referred to as West Zone Supermarkets) are situated nearby. They can be accessed by walking for 15 minutes or driving for only 5 minutes.

The Mirdif Grand Mosque can be found next to Uptown Mirdif Park and boasts ample space for worshippers. However, if driving, it is advised to arrive ahead of time in order to secure a spot in the designated parking lot. Otherwise, street parking may be necessary.


There are additional mosques located in the vicinity of Uptown Mirdif, such as:

Additionally, Uptown Mirdif residents can conveniently reach Imam Abu Hanifa Masjid and Al Shaheed Salim Ali Eid Almerri Masjed without difficulty. These mosques are also accessible from the residential community.

In the Uptown Mirdif area, there are plenty of churches to choose from. The St. Mary’s Catholic Church is the nearest one and can be reached by car within 18 minutes. Additionally, several other churches in Oud Mehta neighborhood are available for residents to attend as well.


Additionally, Bur Dubai houses Shiva and Krishna temples which are accessible to Hindu residents within a 25-minute drive. Automech Gurudwara and Gurudwara Al Aweer are also available for Sikh residents within approximately 15 minutes away. The Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple is the sole Buddhist temple that can be reached from Uptown Mirdiff in roughly 25 minutes.

Nearby, there are several pre-schools and nurseries available, including:


Regarding the other schools in Uptown Mirdif, one of them is the Ontario International Canadian School located on-site. Additionally, community members have convenient access to various notable schools situated in Mirdif.

The KHDA has recognized GEMS Royal Dubai School as an exceptional institution, making it among the top schools in Dubai. The school follows the National Curriculum of England from Foundation Stage to Year 6 and offers a comprehensive range of amenities such as libraries, laboratories, swimming pools, creative learning zones and multi-purpose halls.

Moreover, situated a mere 10-minute drive away lies Uptown School - a distinguished institution renowned for its superior education standards. Having received an outstanding KHDA rating for several consecutive years, the school delivers the highly-regarded International Baccalaureate (IB) syllabus alongside an extensive array of extracurricular activities to foster students' holistic development. Furthermore, Dar Al Marefa Private School also offers the IB programme as a viable educational path while Star International School is recognized for delivering top-notch British curriculum teachings.

Mirdif is home to numerous reputable healthcare amenities, such as hospitals, pharmacies and clinics that offer dependable medical services for locals. A few of these conveniently located facilities are:


Mediclinic Mirdif, located in Uptown Mirdif Mall, is a dependable clinic staffed with skilled doctors, nurses and support personnel. Their range of medical services includes dermatology, family medicine, orthopaedics and obstetrics and gynaecology.

The Medcare Medical Centre situated on the ground floor of City Centre Mirdif, is a multi-speciality clinic that can be conveniently reached within 6 minutes by car. In addition to routine check-ups, it also provides access to laboratory and radiology services. The clinic employs specialists in dermatology, ENT, gynaecology and paediatrics.

Zulekha Hospital Dubai is one of the hospitals near Uptown Mirdif, situated on Al Doha Street. It can be reached within 17 minutes by car or at a distance of 16 km. If you drive for another minute, you can also reach Mediclinic City Hospital which is only 18 minutes away.

Situated at the heart of Mirdif, Uptown Mirdif is a luxurious establishment in proximity to various renowned communities such as:


Dubai Festival City, situated just a 13-minute drive from the Dubai Creek, is abundant with shopping centers and leisure destinations. A mere 8-minute car ride away lies Al Rashidiya - a family-oriented community located to the west of Uptown Mirdif. This area boasts lush green parks and schools for children, as well as easy access via the Rashidiya Metro Station.

Covering an area of 417,613 sq. ft., the Uptown Mirdif Mall boasts over 50 well-known brands and is characterized by its open-air layout. It contains more than 170 shops and dining options with outdoor seating, providing a unique shopping experience that includes pet stores, supermarkets, toy stores, pharmacies and bookshops.




In addition, Mirdif's other well-known shopping centers are conveniently accessible to locals.

Situated in Mirdif, City Centre Mirdif provides an exceptional blend of high-end stores, trendy fashion destinations, and various dining options. The shopping center is just a brief 6-minute drive from the area and is conveniently located near Mirdif Park. Another fantastic choice would be Park Centre Mirdif, which can also be found close by. Although it doesn't have as many retail outlets as its counterpart, this mall features several shops with local goods alongside optical stores and pharmacies.

Additional shopping centers located close to Uptown Mirdif are Arabian Centre, Dubai Festival City Mall and City Centre Deira.

Living in Uptown Mirdif presents the advantage of having a variety of well-known dining establishments conveniently located within reach. These restaurants can all be found situated in Uptown Mirdif Mall, including:


Wing Stop is famous for its American menu featuring buffalo wings. Churros offers a variety of drinks and the delicious churro dessert while Eva Kana specializes in Arabian cuisine. Tuk Tuk Thai serves authentic Thai food, and FiLLi is a cafe where you can enjoy tea, snacks, sandwiches and wraps. Fast-food giants like KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut are also present at Uptown Mirdif Mall. If you're looking for something unique, visit Kuttab Cafe - one of Dubai's few library cafes where you can relax with a book or magazine.

Find tranquility while indulging in your snacks by accompanying them with a good read.

In addition to the community's dine-in spots, there are plenty of other well-liked restaurants in Mirdif that residents can explore. These establishments include:

famous for its Italian cuisine with a Ligurian twist. The restaurant boasts excellent service and staff, ensuring prompt dining experience. Its menu features classic dishes like pizza, pasta, gnocchi, lasagne and tiramisu along with spaghetti bolognese and gluten-free alternatives - making it the ultimate destination for pasta aficionados in Dubai. On the other hand, Gazebo Restaurant is situated on the ground floor of City Centre Mirdif offering deliciously prepared biryani that will tantalize your taste buds. Circle Cafe is also conveniently located in Shurooq serving exquisite meals to its guests.

Falla is a well-liked eatery that blends American and Arabian fare. While it's famous for its indulgent cheesy pasta and burgers, the restaurant also offers healthy options.

The majority of the beaches in the vicinity of Uptown Mirdif necessitate a 25-minute drive, but Al Mamzar Beach Park, being the closest one, is an exquisite beach with excellent amenities. Visitors may take pleasure in several enjoyable activities at this park, such as arranging a picnic or barbeque with family and friends, as well as engaging in various water sports. For those seeking to swim, there are showers and changing rooms available on-site. Also present are some cafes and jogging tracks for enjoyment.


Jumeirah Beach can be accessed in just 27 minutes by car. This stunning shoreline provides an array of amenities, such as waterfront dining options, running paths and workout facilities.

There are several prominent landmarks in close proximity to Uptown Mirdif that are worth noting.


natural forest, and having a picnic with family and friends.

Dubai Safari Park, situated in the eastern district of Al Warqaa, is an eco-friendly recreational theme park that offers visitors a great time. With its tranquil lakes and landscaped areas, the park features recreated jungles from Asia and Africa where exotic animals such as lions, tigers and cheetahs can be seen. Only 13 minutes away by car, it's an ideal spot for leisure activities.

Mirdif's Mushrif Park is another popular attraction that boasts a range of facilities for entertainment purposes. Visitors to the large park will enjoy bird watching, animal rides or exploring the natural forest before settling down to a relaxing picnic with loved ones.

Exploring the International Village while enjoying a leisurely walk is a delightful activity. For both children and adults, the ideal destination to visit would be Jumpbox - an exceptional trampoline park that operates seven days a week in Dubai.

Another option for entertainment in Dubai is the Festival City Mall. Here, there are many attractions to enjoy, including a cutting-edge spectacle of water, fire and lasers called IMAGINE. This amazing light show incorporates 30 fountains and immersive sound effects that will leave you mesmerized. For more thrills, visitors can take a luxurious boat ride with breathtaking views of the creek.

Uptown Mirdif, Dubai is enveloped in abundant foliage. Families residing here can enjoy their leisure time at the nearby Uptown Mirdif Park or venture out to Mushrif Park which is just a 15-minute drive away. This park offers a plethora of outdoor activities including cycling routes, jogging tracks, play areas and picnic spots.


There are several gyms available in Mirdif, apart from the ones found at Uptown Mirdif Mall, for those who want to maintain their fitness. At Shorooq Community Centre's level 1, you can find state-of-the-art equipment and expert trainers at Techno Fitness Gym located just 7 minutes away by car. If you're interested in burning calories through varied exercise routines during each session, consider Fitness Boot Camp Dubai (FBC DXB), which conducts sessions at Uptown Mirdif Park. Pulse is another gym situated near Uptown Mirdif that may also be worth exploring.

There are three fitness centers in the Mirdif area: Fitness, Fitness First located in Mirdif City Centre, and Body Time situated in Mirdif Hills.

In addition to the salons and spas found in Uptown Mirdif Mall, there are also some exceptional salon options within the Mirdif community.

There are several well-liked salons and spas in the vicinity of Uptown Mirdif.

Glamour Beauty & Nail Spa is situated just 4 minutes away from Mirdif Mall by car. If you continue driving for an additional 6 minutes, you can reach Nail Lounge Salon or The Loft Fifth Avenue in Shorooq.

Uptown Mirdif is a lively residential area where various events are organized throughout the year. These events cater to different occasions such as Ramadan, Eid, and National Day. In addition to these festive celebrations, there are also gatherings for school-related activities, sports festivals and other exciting happenings.


In Uptown Mirdif, the number of properties available for purchase is limited. Consequently, potential buyers will have a restricted selection of villas and apartments to choose from at present. However, individuals seeking to relocate here on a yearly rental basis can explore many alternatives.


In Uptown Mirdif, which is near Dubai International Airport, the sound of airplanes passing overhead can occasionally be heard by residents. Nevertheless, the majority of properties have been built with double glazed windows to block out any loud noises from outside.

Located close to Dubai International Airport, residents can sometimes hear the sounds of aeroplanes passing overhead. However, most of the property constructions in Uptown Mirdif feature double glazed windows that prevent such kind of loud noises from entering the home.