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Situated on Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim 2 is a sub-district of Dubai's Umm Suqeim area. It consists mainly of luxurious villas and townhouses near Jumeirah. The locality borders Al Manara, Umm Suqeim 1 and 3, while its northwestern side provides a scenic view of the ocean.




Umm Suqeim 2 is situated in a desirable area of Dubai, presenting inhabitants with an upscale and private way of living. Notable aspects of this neighborhood include the opportunity to utilize:

One great aspect of the locality is that both necessary conveniences and numerous recreational spots are situated in close proximity.


The properties available for residential purposes in Umm Suqeim 2 primarily consist of villas and townhouses, though some apartment buildings have also been constructed recently. Therefore, there is a diverse selection of living options to choose from.

Investment opportunities are restricted to villas and a select number of apartment units, whereas individuals seeking to lease properties in Umm Suqeim 2 have the option of selecting from all three.

It should be noted that exclusively UAE and GCC nationals are eligible for freehold ownership. The only option for expatriates is to rent properties in the sub-community.

Rental Trends in Umm Suqeim 2

that the cost of renting a studio apartment can begin at AED 32k per year. These apartments have an area of approximately 442 sq. ft. and come equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, hall, and assigned parking space in the complex. In addition to this option, there are also one-bedroom units ranging from 552 sq. ft. to 900 sq. ft., priced from AED 40k annually; as well as two-bedroom flats located in Umm Suqeim 2 that cost between AED 85k and AED90k per annum for spaces spanning from1,200 sq.ft.to1,450 sq.ft.. One potential accommodation worth considering is Blue Reef Building.Ultimately,the options available vary significantly based on preference and budget constraints for potential tenants seeking rental properties in Dubai's real estate market.

Umm Suqeim 2 has 3-bedroom apartments available for rent at AED 120k, with sizes ranging from 1,600 sq. ft. to 2,200 sq. ft.

For those seeking a greater degree of privacy, villas are a viable option. Generally, 2-bedroom villas in the sub-community consist of three bathrooms, a closed kitchen and ample living and dining space. These properties also include a private garden, maid's quarters, and an automatic garage that can accommodate two vehicles.

Additionally, there are 3-bedroom villas with duplex layout. The upper floor comprises of three bedrooms each having an attached bathroom along with a study room that has access to a balcony. On the lower level, you will find a majlis area for lounging, a dining room, fully equipped kitchen along with laundry facilities and an attached bathroom maid's quarters. Outside is a lush garden which can be utilized as an outdoor barbecue space.

Furthermore, individuals seeking larger living accommodations have the option to lease a 5-bedroom villa within the sub-community at an annual cost of up to AED 500k. Additionally, renting a 6-bedroom villa can range from AED 450k to AED 600k per year. Umm Suqeim 2 also offers townhouses with either three or four bedrooms spanning between approximately 2,000 sq. ft. and 6,000 sq. ft. for rent.

Sale Trends in Umm Suqeim 2

If you're searching for affordable properties in Umm Suqeim 2 to invest in, there are a few options worth considering. Apartment units and projects that are still in the planning stages can be good choices.

Villas with 4 bedrooms typically include multiple bathrooms, in addition to a guest and family room. They are frequently located within villa compounds that offer amenities such as a swimming pool, garden area, and gymnasium. Additionally, the sub-community features 5 and 6-bedroom villas that provide even more space and additional facilities.

Compound Living in Umm Suqeim 2

Umm Suqeim 2 has a variety of housing options including independent villas and villa compounds. The latter provides residents with the advantage of utilizing shared amenities, proximity to various facilities as well as public transportation.

The villa compounds in Umm Suqeim 2 are Sidra Village and Al Manara Village. In Sidra Village, you will find various 3, 4 and 5-bed villas (88 units). The compound provides access to a swimming pool, tennis/squash courts, football pitch, gym as well as children’s playground. Meanwhile, Al Manara Village offers capacious semi-independent villas that measure up to 5,500 sq. ft with five bedrooms each. These villas come equipped with separate living/dining areas, fitted kitchens along with maid's rooms and laundry rooms plus private gardens for your enjoyment.


In terms of parking options in Umm Suqeim 2, each residence comes equipped with a garage while visitors can take advantage of plenty of on-street parking opportunities.

Public Transportation near Umm Suqeim 2

Getting around Umm Suqeim 2 is effortless with plenty of transportation options available. The nearest metro stations, Noor Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank metro stations, are both less than 10 minutes away by car. Additionally, there are numerous bus stops situated throughout the community, connecting residents to different parts of the city via various routes. Moreover, finding a taxi in this bustling neighbourhood is also hassle-free.



Within this sub-community, a few supermarkets located in close proximity to Umm Suqeim 2 cater to the daily shopping requirements of its inhabitants. You can find several grocery stores nearby.

The Al Wasl Road has a Choithrams supermarket located after Al Qubba Street (27 C Street). In addition, nearby supermarkets in the sub-community include Spinney's, Union Coop, and Waitrose.


Umm Suqeim 2 has multiple mosques located on various streets such as 7B, 9B, 11A, 16C, 21, 22 and 30A. These include the Jaafar Bin Abi Taleb Mosque and the Maitha Matar At Tayer Mosque.


In the community, there are multiple Christian worship groups available for residents to attend. The Debi Hammerle and Josefina y Marcelo's "friends churches" gatherings are popular options. Alternatively, those seeking a more formal setting or specific denominational preferences can travel to nearby churches in Umm Suqeim 2.

All of these places are within a 20-minute distance. The Umm Suqeim 2 area also has nearby places of worship such as the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple and Shri Krishna Haveli, which can be found on 51 St.


The educational institutions in the vicinity of Umm Suqeim 2 are as follows:

The private Collegiate American School, formerly called Raffles International School, follows the US curriculum. On the other hand, Hind Bint Mohammed School is a public co-education school. Emirates International School is another outstanding option for both genders and it's just 6 minutes away from this sub-community. Additionally, there are several nurseries available near Umm Suqeim 2.

Additional nurseries in the vicinity of Umm Suqeim 2 are Willow Children's Nursery and Odyssey Nursery (previously known as Rising Stars Nursery). The Developing Child Centre (TDCC) on 26 Samari Street caters to parents with children who encounter early developmental challenges or have learning difficulties.

The neighbourhood offers the Al-Salam Islamic Centre for individuals seeking religious education. For those pursuing advanced studies, Knowledge Village houses various outstanding universities and is reachable within 17 minutes from Umm Suqeim 2.


Medical facilities in close proximity to Umm Suqeim 2 consist of hospitals and clinics.

The initial two healthcare facilities can be found on Jumeirah Beach Road, while King Jumeirah's Hospital is situated on 37B street. In addition, there is an Al Safa Veterinary Clinic nearby on Al Wasl Road before Choithrams for pet owners.

Close by drugstores comprise Supercare Pharmacy, BinSina Pharmacy, and Aster Al Musalla Pharmacy.


Adjacent regions consist of:

The sub-community is situated in close proximity to Al Manara Road, which connects Umm Suqeim 1 and 2 and grants entry onto Sheikh Zayed Road (E11). From there, inhabitants can easily travel to the Al Quoz region.




There is an abundance of shopping options in the Umm Suqeim 2 sub-community, with various community malls situated nearby.

Within a 5-minute drive, locals can reach these malls and explore an array of shopping options, dining experiences, and grocery stores. Additionally, Umm Suqeim 2 is only 10 minutes away from the highly-regarded Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

The Mall of the Emirates boasts an impressive collection of global retail and fashion brands alongside its renowned indoor ski resort. This leisure destination is particularly well-known for offering visitors the opportunity to partake in skiing and snowboarding activities.


A variety of intriguing cafes and restaurants along Jumeirah Beach Road near Umm Suqeim 2 are available for both locals and tourists to explore. Some options include:

It should be noted that the establishment called Cafe de la Danse situated on Al Wasl Road is not a coffee shop. Rather, as its name suggests, it is a dance studio.

For those who enjoy seafood, the Bu Qtair eatery is a great option. Although the seating may not be to everyone's liking (consisting mainly of plastic chairs on the beach), patrons can expect fresh fish and an overall satisfactory seafood dining experience.

In the vicinity of Umm Suqeim 2, there is a McDonald's drive-thru located on Jumeirah Road. Adjacent to this location lies the first Starbucks drive-thru in Dubai which offers ample seating space both indoors and outdoors.

Additional dining establishments within the vicinity consist of:

Umm Suqeim 2 houses both Mister Baker and Blends Juice Bar.


As previously stated, the sub-community situated near Umm Suqeim 2 is a residential area facing the ocean, that boasts numerous beaches including Jumeirah Beach, Public Beach and an additional beach with night swimming opportunities.

Umm Suqeim Beach and nearby smaller beaches provide a range of water-based activities within walking distance from the community. For those who prefer swimming, the Umm Suqeim 2 community pools are easily accessible.


Significant features of the locality encompass:

Dubai Fishing Harbour

Those who are passionate about fishing may venture to Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, also referred to as Dubai Fishing Harbour. It is conveniently located less than 15 minutes from Umm Suqeim 2 and offers a serene environment for visitors. Along with the opportunity to indulge in fishing activities, there is also a restaurant and fish market at this location.

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club

In Umm Suqeim 1's sub-community, residents have the option of visiting the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, which is only a 7-minute drive away. It is an ideal destination for individuals interested in sailing or seeking to improve their skills. Additionally, the club offers a diverse range of appetizing food and beverages.

Another recreational spot located close to Umm Suqeim 2 is the Madinat Jumeirah resort situated at 6 King Salma Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street. It's an opulent getaway that boasts an exclusive coastline.

Skating enthusiasts can visit the XDubai Skatepark in Umm Suqeim 1, which boasts a massive bowl spanning 3,100 sq. ft. with a significant drop of 3.2 meters. The Wire World Adventure Parks course is also situated in the same sub-community and offers an exhilarating experience for those interested in wire climbing through its zip line, bungee platform, and Tarzan swing.


Umm Suqeim 2 encourages a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle with outdoor activities. The area boasts several public parks and green spaces, as well as dedicated tracks for jogging and cycling.

There are various fitness centers in the vicinity, such as:

Additionally, there exist a few hairdresser establishments in the vicinity, for instance:

Additionally, there are a few spa facilities dispersed throughout the residential area.


In the Umm Suqeim 2 area, there are numerous spots where locals can participate in community activities all year round. Madinat Jumeirah is a common choice for holiday gatherings such as Christmas and New Year's celebrations.


The Facebook group 'Jumeirah, Al Wasl, Umm Suqeim residents Dubai' is available for residents to remain connected online. Additionally, there is a separate group specifically for women in the Umm Suqeim and Jumeirah areas.


Umm Suqeim 2 is an ideal location in Dubai for those with a generous budget, providing a lavish standard of living. The community boasts exceptional facilities suitable for families and young couples, including top-notch schools and hospitals. Additionally, the proximity to beaches makes it even more appealing. It's crucial to note that Umm Suqeim 2 is exclusive to locals; hence foreign investors and expats can't purchase property there.