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About Umm Suqeim

Umm Suqeim, an up-and-coming neighborhood in the city, stretches out on both sides of the renowned Jumeirah Beach Road. It is bordered by Jumeirah on its northern side and Al Sufouh to the south, with Umm Al Sheif, Al Manara and Al Safa to its west. The area features a mix of charming cafes, shops as well as flats, villas and townhouses that accommodate both long-term expats and locals alike.

As per the Dubai Annual Rental Report for 2020 by Bayut & Dubizzle, Umm Suqeim is ranked fourth among the preferred localities in Dubai for renting upscale villas.

This guide delves into the prosperous neighborhoods and their residents' experiences with local landmarks.



Being an older locality of the city, most of the region comprises properties that are not freehold. Yet, it continues to allure a varied set of lessees, predominantly families from different corners of the globe who coexist with the indigenous Emirati inhabitants.

In Dubai's Umm Suqeim, there are five sub-communities: Umm Suqeim 1, Umm Suqeim 2, Umm Suqeim 3, Umm Suqeim Road and Madinat Jumeirah Living.

The district of Jumeirah houses the residential community of Umm Suqeim 1, which is situated between Jumeirah 3 and Umm Suqeim 2. While some properties in this area offer private gardens and swimming pools, certain villa compounds have shared amenities available for residents to enjoy. Additionally, government offices like Dubai Customs and the General Consulate of Rwanda are conveniently located nearby.

Umm Suqeim 2, situated on Jumeirah Road, offers upscale properties and is conveniently close to the beach, fishing harbor, and public parks. Nestled in a more private area is Umm Suqeim 3 – a sub-community renowned for its luxurious villas located near the ocean and several residential buildings. Along with these high-end features come numerous amenities like Wild Wadi Water Park, The Mall, and Jumeirah Beach.

Umm Suqeim Road passes through well-known areas like Al Quoz, Al Sufouh, and Al Barsha in Dubai. This road provides great connectivity to other parts of the city. The real estate options available on Umm Suqeim Road consist of villas and townhouses that are conveniently located near various amenities.

Madinat Jumeirah Living is a prestigious property development situated on Jumeirah Street. It offers an exclusive collection of luxurious homes located between Umm Suqeim and Jumeirah, with convenient access to major roads such as Sheikh Zayed Road, Umm Suqeim Road, and Al Wasl Road. The development consists of two distinct communities, Lamtara and Rahaal, each containing more than 60 stunning freehold residential buildings. Designed with eco-friendliness in mind, the community provides a safe and welcoming environment for pedestrians and residents alike.


Umm Suqeim is renowned for its diverse collection of villas, spanning from 3 to 8 bedrooms. These properties exemplify Dubai's dynamic architecture and vary in style, including everything from colonial and traditional to grand and contemporary designs. In addition to private backyards, some villas also boast servant quarters while others share borders with neighboring buildings. Certain properties even feature exceptional amenities such as underground parking spaces and swimming pools.

When leasing villas in Umm Suqeim, it's important to note that certain structures are older and therefore may require differing levels of care. To get an accurate gauge of the cost of residing in the area, it's recommended that you view multiple properties. Additionally, when budgeting for water usage fees, take into account the type of garden your property has as well as the size and windows of your home if assessing air conditioning expenses.

In the area of Umm Suqeim, there is a limited selection of apartments that are up for rental or purchase. These units can be found in buildings with only a few levels, and their rental rates are comparable to those in other parts of Dubai. Prospective residents have the option to choose from one-bedroom all the way up to four-bedroom apartments.

Compound Living in Umm Suqeim

Compound living in Umm Suqeim offers a tightly-knit community lifestyle and access to shared amenities, similar to other areas in Dubai. There are several villa compounds available within Umm Suqeim 1, including the Abdul Jalil Grove One Villas, Abdul Jalil Grove Two Villas, Al Salemiya Villas, and Roda Boutique Villas. While the Abdul Jalil Grove compounds are smaller with only a few villas each, Al Salemiya Villas primarily features 3-bedroom villas that have a built-up area of 2,460 sq ft.

The villas at Roda Boutique Villas are made up of separate 3-bedroom homes, each featuring a personal garden and a room for the housekeeper. Additionally, there is access to laundry facilities and a private patio.

Umm Suqeium 2 boasts two primary villa compounds: Al Manara Village and Sidra Village. Al Manara Village comprises 5-bed semi-independent villas with a total area of approximately 5,500 sq. ft. Meanwhile, the units in Sidra Village include 3, 4 and 5-bedroom villas totaling to around 88 properties. Both communities offer shared facilities like a gym, swimming pool, tennis court, squash court, football pitch and kids playground for residents to enjoy.

Bahwan Villas and 7 Villas by Bin Hamoodah Properties are both located in Umm Suqeim 3. The latter is a collection of four-bedroom villas, each with its own garden and pool. It is situated near the iconic Burj Al Arab.

Rental Trends in Umm Suqeim

37k and AED 120k, depending on the size and features of the unit. Umm Suqeim rent trends predominantly feature luxury villas with few apartment buildings available for rent. You can find studios to 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Umm Suqeim Dubai at varying prices, with a studio unit spanning 441 sq. ft. costing AED 37k per annum and a one-bedroom apartment renting for AED 60k yearly. Two-bedroom apartments range from AED 75k to AED 120k annually, while three-bedroom apartments have an annual rental price between AED 37k and AED 120k based on their size and amenities offered.

The rental rates for apartments in this area range from AED 120k to AED 150k. Additionally, there are a limited number of four-bedroom units available for rent at a rate of AED 145k per year.

Due to the neighborhood's location and popularity, a larger budget is necessary compared to other popular areas for renting villas in Dubai. Prospective residents seeking rental villas will discover spacious units with 3-8 bedrooms, a perfect fit for accommodating large families.

per annum and AED 800k per annum, with the price increasing depending on the size of the villa. The rental price for a 2-bedroom villa is AED 140k annually while that of a 3-bedroom villa ranges from AED 110k to AED 300k yearly. If you're searching for a four-bed villa in Umm Suqeim, be prepared to spend anywhere between AED125k and AED380K yearly. For five bedroom villas, expect to pay between AED130K and AED525K annually. Six-bed villas start at around AED400K per year while seven-bed options range from as low asAEd320K per annum up to an eye-poppingAEd800 Kp.a.,with larger homes costing more than smaller ones.

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Umm Suqeim offers rental options for villas with 3 to 5 bedrooms, ranging in price from AED 135k to AED 180k per year.

The cost of renting offices in Umm Suqeim ranges from AED 67k to AED 224k annually, while retail shop rental prices range from AED 31k to AED 399k per year. Additionally, few showrooms in Umm Suqeim are available for rent at a yearly rate of AED 650k.

In Umm Suqeim, there are a variety of commercial villas available for rent that can serve as ideal venues for businesses such as offices, beauty salons, clinics, restaurants, cafes, and even veterinary clinics. The yearly rental fees range from AED 280k to AED 2.6M.

Sales Trends in Umm Suqeim

The available apartment units for purchase in Umm Suqeim come in 1 to 4-bedroom configurations. The cost of a one-bedroom apartment ranges from AED 1.1M to AED 1.9M, while the price for a two-bedroom unit can vary between AED 1.74M and AED 3.5M.

If you're in search of more spacious residential units, consider purchasing a 3-bedroom apartment in Umm Suqeim for anywhere between AED 3.09M and AED 4.5M. Alternatively, opt for a larger 4-bedroom apartment with sale prices ranging from AED 4.25M to AED 6.07M.

In Umm Suqeim, there are villas for sale available in configurations ranging from 4 to 8 bedrooms. The price of a 4-bedroom villa ranges between AED 5.3M and AED 7.5M, while a 5-bedroom villa can cost anywhere between AED 6.0M and AED 30M. For those interested in larger properties, a six-bedroom villa costs around AED 9.5M whereas the seven-bedroom version goes for roughly AED 9.0M. Lastly, an eight-bedroom villa with a floor area of approximately15,000 sq.ft is priced at about AED11M

Villa compounds in Umm Suqeim can be purchased for AED 32M, providing a spacious 5-bedroom unit. In addition, those seeking to buy residential plots in the area may expect prices varying from AED 5.9M to AED 14.9M.

The price range for commercial villas available for purchase in Umm Suqeim falls between AED 12M and AED 27M.

ROI in Umm Suqeim

The most profitable return on investment in apartments can be found with 2-bedroom units, which have a 5.2% ROI. Following closely behind are the 1 and 3-bed unit options, each offering returns of 4.6% and 4.5%, respectively.

The best return on investment for villas and townhouses is achieved by 3-bed units, which generate a ROI of 5.5%. In second place are 8-bed units with a ROI of 4.2%, while closely following are the 4-bed units with a ROI of 4.1%. On the other hand, the ROI obtained from investing in 6-bed units is lower at only 3.3%. Meanwhile, the returns from investing in either a 7 or a 5-bedroom unit get even lower with ROIs of merely 2.8% and 2.4% respectively.

Most Popular Communities in Umm Suqeim

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6M, while villas for sale in this sub-community can range from AED 5.5M to AED 35M. Based on data, Umm Suqeim 2 is the most favored area when it comes to renting or owning properties due to its wide array of luxurious villas and apartments that are available. Rental prices for apartments in the district range between AED 37k and AED 150k annually, whereas rental rates for villas fall within the scope of AED110k to AED500k per year. If you're interested in purchasing an apartment here, you'll find prices ranging from AED1.3M up to AED6M; meanwhile, villa buyers might be looking at a cost of anywhere between AED5.5M andA ED35Mis this desirable neighborhood's price tags for different property types vary widely according to recent reports.

At a price of AED 5.3M, there are many opportunities to purchase villas in Umm Suqeim 2 that are affordable.

Ranked second on the list of popular areas is Umm Suqeim 1, which boasts ample living spaces ideal for larger families. It offers a blend of older homes and newly-built complexes. Renting a villa in this area ranges between AED 119k to AED 380k per year, while purchasing will set you back AED 16M.

On the popularity list, third, fourth and fifth places belong to Umm Suqeim 3, Madinat Jumeirah Living and Umm Suqeim Road respectively.

Umm Suqeim Floor Plans

Individuals searching for floor plans can peruse Umm Suqeim's selection of popular community/building floor plans.

Hotels in Umm Suqeim

Umm Suqeim offers a variety of high-end hotels to choose from, expanding the range of lodging options available. Among these options are some noteworthy choices.

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, located in Umm Suqeim 3, offers top-tier accommodations with a total of 598 rooms and suites. With an impressive array of dining options boasting 20 restaurants and bars, guests can enjoy various cuisines during their stay. Additionally, the hotel boasts 19 villas that offer breathtaking beachfront views. Guests are given unlimited access to the Wild Wadi Waterpark, which is conveniently located close by. This wave-shaped hotel sits in close proximity to the Burj Al Arab and can be reached within just a short seven-minute drive by car.

from Jumeirah Beach and offers a variety of room options for guests, all equipped with modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, work desks, safety boxes, tea/coffee makers, minibars and TVs. Choose from Classic Double rooms to Regis Family suites at Park Regis Boutique located in Umm Suqeim. Plus, the hotel is conveniently located just 8 minutes away from Jumeirah Beach by car.

Traveling by automobile.

Situated on Al Wasl Road, Lemon Tree Hotel is conveniently located near various tourist spots. The hotel boasts 114 rooms and provides an assortment of features such as the Lemon Tree Café, an open-air lounge, and a coffee shop that serves multiple cuisines. It can be reached by car in just nine minutes.

The Jumeirah area boasts several outstanding hotels such as the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Park Regis Boutique Hotel Dubai.


The inhabitants of this locality frequently enjoy the convenience of covered parking, though the dimensions of parking spots in each villa differ depending on the property selected. Finding street parking in the surrounding area should be no issue for guests.

Public Transportation in Umm Suqeim

Dubai's well-established neighbourhood presents a range of transportation options. Numerous public bus stops are scattered around the area, allowing access to all parts of Dubai. The Noor Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank metro stations also connect well with the bus routes. Additionally, finding taxis is easy due to several attractions within the neighbourhood.


Residents of Umm Suqeim enjoy convenient proximity to a variety of facilities such as Umm Suqeim Beach and Park.

Supermarkets in Umm Suqeim

Within the vicinity, one can locate multiple petite convenience stores and bakeries that offer an assortment of freshly baked bread. Additionally, there is also a store dedicated to organic produce. In Umm Suqeim, there are numerous well-known supermarkets such as Choithrams, Union Coop, Waitrose and Spinneys Umm Suqeim which are considered some of the finest in Dubai.


In Umm Suqeim, there are various mosques that resound the call to prayer in proximity. For those practicing other religions, St. Mary's Catholic Church is reachable within 22 minutes and the Hindu Temple requires a drive of 31 minutes.


Umm Suqeim residents stand to gain greatly from the abundance of reputable schools in close proximity. Emirates International School Jumeirah is situated on Al Thanya Street in the nearby residential area of Jumeirah and delivers both UK and IB curricula up until Year 13. The Umm Suqeim community can reach this esteemed school within a short drive.

Kings' School Dubai adheres to the UK curriculum for students up until Year 8 and has consistently received an exceptional ranking from KHDA for the past ten years. Additionally, there are several smaller nurseries available. It is worth mentioning that various schools offer transportation services, making it possible for your children to attend institutions in Al Barsha and Dubailand as well.

Dubai's top-notch universities, like the American University of Dubai and Middlesex University, which offer exceptional professional education, are within a 15-minute reach.


Dubai offers a range of medical facilities, including numerous pharmacies and smaller clinics that cater to various specialties such as psychiatry and gastroenterology. In addition, there is the Medcare Hospital in Umm Suqeim which provides multidisciplinary care. Meanwhile, The Children's Medical Centre stands out as one of Dubai's top children's hospitals with a focus on pediatric treatments such as Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Hand Surgery and Paediatric Medicine. It is situated at Al Wasl Road in Umm Suqeim 2.

Nearby Areas

Located in the heart of Dubai, this area benefits from a unique blend of both traditional and modern influences. Its prime location provides easy access to the city's top attractions and entertainment options. The neighborhood is surrounded by Al Manara and Al Safa neighborhoods to the east, located on Sheikh Zayed Road opposite the vibrant cultural hub of Al Quoz. To the west lies the beautiful Arabian Gulf providing stunning views and endless opportunities for relaxation.

In addition to their proximity to Internet City and Dubai International Airport, residents can reach both the Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall within a 15 minute drive.



Situated in close vicinity to several social centers in Dubai, Umm Suqeim presents several benefits for its inhabitants. Let's further explore the perks of living in this area.

Malls in Umm Suqeim

In Umm Suqeim, there exist several shopping destinations that cater to the community's needs. J3 and The Mall are a couple of examples, alongside multiple boutiques and retail stores. Despite this, locals residing in Umm Suqeim have convenient access to both Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates, which lie only 10-15 minutes away from each other in opposing directions.

Resturants in Umm Suqeim

Umm Suqeim is home to a variety of charming cafes and restaurants. For those seeking a more luxurious dining experience, Madinat Jumeirah complex offers an exquisite selection. This includes the delightful Arabian-style Souk Madinat Jumeirah as well as Mina A'Salam, Al Qasr (known for its legendary Friday brunch), and Al Naseem hotels. Each hotel provides its own tempting range of bars and restaurants offering diverse cuisines.

Umm Suqeim is an ideal choice for socialites due to its close proximity to top-notch 5-star hotels like Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Burj Al Arab.

A selection of well-liked cafes in Umm Suqeim includes The Hamptons Cafe, Chateau Blanc, Leen's Casual To Gourmet, Arabian Tea House and Tania's Teahouse.

Beaches near Umm Suqeim

Living in Umm Suqeim provides easy access to various beaches. Kite Beach is a popular destination for thrill-seekers, offering an array of watersports and unique dining options. Jumeirah Beach is also nearby and preferred by many residents. Additionally, Umm Suqeim Beach offers opportunities for surfing, jogging on the track, swimming, and leisurely walks along the shore.


For leisure activities, there's nothing quite like public beaches. Nonetheless, expats throughout Dubai tend to favor the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club because of its strong sense of community and family-oriented atmosphere. Regarding noteworthy locations, many residents have easy access to the esteemed Burj Al Arab hotel, and Madinat Jumeirah stands out as one of the city's top lifestyle and entertainment destinations.


Umm Suqeim boasts some green spaces and public parks. The pedestrian-friendly neighborhood offers dedicated tracks by Kite Beach, where residents can often be spotted jogging or cycling, as well as a city outdoor gym. For those who prefer indoor workouts, Umm Suqeim has several gym options such as Fitness 360 and neighbouring Al Manara's Inspire or Fitness First in the Oasis Centre across Sheikh Zayed Road.


Depending on your location of choice, there is a high chance of experiencing a close-knit community vibe in the area. The locals often organize spontaneous events all year round. Kite Beach is one Dubai hot spot for various events like the Food Festival. Other festive occasions like New Year's Eve bring crowds to destinations such as Madinat Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab.


Umm Suqeim provides its inhabitants with a unique and privileged way of life. Due to its affluence and established nature, only a limited number of new properties are emerging in this neighborhood, which is reflected in the prices. It's worth noting that having a car would make living in Umm Suqeim more accessible if you're thinking about relocating here.

FAQs About Umm Suqeim

What does Umm Suqeim mean?

The name Suqeim comes from the Arabic word 'Saqm', which translates to illness. In the past, an outbreak of fever impacted those residing in Umm Suqeim. Consequently, it became known as Umm Suqeim or the 'region of disease'.

How do I get to Umm Suqeim Beach?

Umm Suqeim Beach can be conveniently reached by following the signs to Burj Al Arab and driving beyond Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The beach is situated adjacent to both these landmarks, as well as Wild Wadi Waterpark.