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The Turf offers a variety of upscale villas located in the picturesque hills of DAMAC. Nestled among lush greenery, this setting is ideal for nature enthusiasts and outdoor appreciators. Ensuring exceptional living experiences, the community provides an array of amenities and extravagant luxuries for its residents.

Covering an expansive area of 400,000 square meters, The Turf offers its inhabitants respite from the frantic pace of city life. Positioned conveniently near Al Qudra Road (D63) and Emirates Road (E611), it grants effortless accessibility to various key spots and destinations in Dubai. Furthermore, a plethora of restaurants and coffee shops can be found close by.

In this well-balanced community, residents have access to essential amenities like educational institutions, medical facilities, places of worship, various retail stores and supermarkets. Furthermore, there are additional conveniences such as banking services, wellness centers, pharmacies and more.




With lush surroundings on either side, The Turf offers an incredible setting that ensures complete rejuvenation, a stunning vista, and a sense of undisturbed serenity. Additionally, this community also presents various amenities and facilities for residents to enjoy.

The abundant verdant scenery offers an ideal setting for sightseeing and a venue for family gatherings and relaxation. There are designated areas for picnics, as well as separate outdoor spaces specifically allocated for various leisure activities like barbecues, among others.


The villas and townhouses are constructed with luxury in mind, offering residents an opulent lifestyle while ensuring their safety. These properties feature spacious hallways, dining areas that connect to open kitchens, en-suite bathrooms, additional baths, private outdoor spaces, and swimming pools.

In The Turf development, you will find townhouses and villas ranging from 3 to 6 bedrooms. These properties are meticulously constructed with a focus on high-quality standards. Each house is spread over two floors and includes a maid's accommodation, a powder room, and a fully-equipped kitchen on the ground floor. Additionally, there is a comfortable living and dining area for your convenience. Moving upstairs, you will discover ensuite bedrooms with private balconies that offer captivating views of the golf course. Surrounding each villa and townhouse is a generous garden that complements the sizeable built-up area of the property, complete with an expansive deck. For those interested in larger layouts featuring 5 or 6 bedrooms, access to a private swimming pool adds an extra touch of luxury to enhance your lifestyle experience in this exclusive community at The Turf.

Sale Trends in The Turf

The Turf offers larger alternatives for potential buyers, with villa options ranging from 2,580 sq. ft. to 5,499 sq. ft., providing more spacious living spaces for sale.

In the community, townhouses are available for purchase with various designs that include additional bathrooms. The townhouses range in size from 2,800 sq. ft. to 3,367 sq. ft., providing ample built-up area options for potential buyers.


You can explore different types of floor plans for The Turf on Bayut, including 2D, 3D, and live representations.


There are parking spots within the premises of The Turf where residents can conveniently park up to two vehicles. Moreover, visitors and guests have the option to park their cars on the adjacent streets.

Public Transportation near The Turf

The closest public transportation option for those in The Turf who rely on it is the Golf Vista A bus stop in DAMAC Hills, which can be reached by a 4-minute drive or an 8-minute walk.

The metro stations, including Jumeirah Golf Estates Metro Station 1, are situated about a 20-minute car ride away on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). Additional alternatives for transportation include utilizing the Uber and Careem applications.



There are various grocery options available for residents in The Turf. The closest one is Geant Express Supermarket Mudon, which is an 11-minute drive away. Carrefour has two locations nearby, with one in DAMAC Hills and the other in Remraam, both within a 5 to 10-minute distance. In addition to these, there are other supermarkets such as Al Maya Supermarket (15 minutes away), Spinneys Motorcity and Choithrams Layan community (a 13-minute drive), ZOOM minimart in The Sustainable City (also 13 minutes away), and several others.


Muslims can reach several mosques near The Turf within a convenient 13-minute drive. These mosques include the Arabian Ranches 2 Mosque, Al Madinah Al Mustadama Masjid, Mudon Masjid, and Mosque Sustainable City.


The nearest churches to The Turf, located in Jebel Ali Village, are Christ Church Jebel Ali and Dubai Evangelical Church Centre. They are approximately 20 minutes away. Another option for residents is Emirates Baptist Church International (EBCI) in Al Barsha, which can be reached within 26 minutes. EBCI is highly regarded as one of the top churches in Dubai.

Hindus have the opportunity to explore the new Hindu Temple Dubai in Jebel Ali, while Guru Nanak Darbar, a Sikh Gurudwara, is just 20 minutes away. Additionally, within a 35-minute distance from this area, Buddhists can find solace at the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple.


The Turf is in close proximity to several primary schools.

Blossom Nursery, located a short 12-minute drive away, is dedicated to the all-round development of children up to the age of 8. At this establishment, youngsters can participate in various activities and events organized by their teachers. For those residing in Al Barsha, Small Steps Learning Difficulties Center is conveniently situated just a 20-minute drive away. Meanwhile, Step by Step Nursery in Layan community provides an enriching atmosphere for children where they are met with welcoming educators within approximately 15 minutes' drive.

There are various secondary education choices available in proximity to the community.

Jebel Ali School, situated close to Hessa Street, is a brief 10-minute ride away. This educational institution provides primary and secondary classes following the British curriculum. South View School, located in Remram, can be reached within approximately 12 minutes. Alongside the British Curriculum, this school also incorporates Arabic Language and Emirati Social Studies into its teachings. Leading the way is Fairgreen International School which lies just 13 minutes from here. At Fairgreen International School, students are offered an IB Curriculum along with a wide array of extracurricular activities that foster both academic and personal accomplishments.


Near The Turf, there are medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals in close proximity.

Emirates Hospital Day Surgery & Medical Center, conveniently situated in Uptown Motor City, is the nearest medical facility for residents. Within a mere 12-minute distance, this esteemed institution boasts renowned doctors who offer top-tier medical services to visitors. On Umm Suqeim Street, approximately an 18-minute drive away from the area, lies Mediclinic in Parkview. Similarly, Medcare Medical Centre in Motor City can be reached within just 12 minutes by car. At Medcare Gynecologists, ENT specialists, Neurologists, Pediatricians, Nutritionists and various other experts cater to the diverse needs of visitors seeking specialized healthcare assistance.


The Turf is advantageously situated at a strategic position near Al Qudra Road (D63) and Emirates Road (E611), ensuring convenient accessibility to neighboring communities. These established localities comprise:

Motor City is positioned in the southwestern part of the community, whereas Arabian Ranches can be found on its northeastern side. As for Remraam community, it encompasses the entire southern area of The Turf.




The Turf is in close proximity to well-liked shopping centers.

The Ranches Souk, situated at the entrance of Arabian Ranches 2 community, is a hub for various retail stores, convenience shops, and entertainment venues. It enjoys popularity not only among its own residents but also among neighboring communities. The souk boasts several well-known brands amongst its establishments.

The Village community mall, situated a mere 13-minute drive from The Ranches Souk, is a laid-back shopping destination boasting numerous fashionable boutiques. Additionally, visitors can delight in an array of dining choices and cozy cafés.

Situated just a short 12-minute distance from the community, Mudon Community Centre presents residents with a convenient alternative. Serving as a local shopping hub for Mudon and its surrounding areas, this mall offers ample amenities without the hassle of large crowds. Boasting features such as a grocery store, pharmacy, numerous retail outlets, and casual dining options, it is an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful shopping experience.


There are various choices for residents when it comes to dining, with a range of restaurants available in close proximity to The Turf.

Abatjour Bistro can be found in DAMAC Hills, a community that is conveniently located only 12 minutes away from The Turf. This charming eatery specializes in serving up delicious traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Palermo, nestled within the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, is situated just off Al Qudra Road (D63), approximately 10 minutes away from the vicinity. Although smaller in size compared to others, this unique spot offers visitors a delightful and out-of-the-ordinary dining experience.

Another option for visitors is to explore the Ranches Souk, conveniently located 12 minutes away by car and offering a variety of dining establishments. Among the numerous restaurants available are:

Carluccio's is the perfect place to appease your pizza cravings with their authentic Italian cuisine. For those who have a sweet tooth, Bateel offers an assortment of dates that will surely satisfy your love for sweets. If you're in the mood for Japanese dishes and also desire delivery services, look no further than Chez Suchi.


Within a 30-minute drive from The Turf, there are various public beaches including Marina Beach, Kite Beach, Sunset Beach, and the Jumeirah Beach hotel. Families can indulge in exhilarating activities like paddle boarding, scuba diving, slide drops, and more at this remarkable resort – considered the finest in UAE.


There are several prominent landmarks in the vicinity:

IMG Worlds of Adventure, the largest indoor theme park globally, is an amusement park offering a plethora of exhilarating experiences. Comprising five distinct zones, this enthralling destination lies just 26 minutes away from the Turf.

Located just a short 25-minute drive from here, the Club House at Jumeirah Golf Estates offers an exceptional golfing experience complemented by friendly and accommodating staff. With its stunning green course and clubhouse, this exquisite venue serves as an ideal destination for families seeking ultimate enjoyment.

Located in Arabian Ranches 2, Cheeky Monkeys is a popular amusement park that draws numerous tourists. It can be reached within a mere 12-minute drive. The park offers various thrilling activities like bowling, sky trail, and adventurous rides to ensure visitors have an exhilarating experience. Additionally, the community houses Trump International Golf Club which boasts a magnificent 10-course golf area. Along with delightful dining choices, the club also provides golf and polo lessons for those interested in improving their skills.


Those who live in the community have the opportunity to partake in various outdoor activities through visiting,

Fitness enthusiasts and those dedicated to maintaining good health have a selection of nearby gyms around The Turf. Options include Fitness First Mudon, which is an 11-minute drive away, Optimal Fitness & Therapy, just a 12-minute drive away, and Zahra Community Gym that can be reached by car in approximately 14 minutes.

There are several spas and salons situated in close proximity to The Turf.

The Sea Salt Spa, a renowned establishment in the field, can be found across from Al Madinah Al Mustadama Masjid and is only a short 13-minute drive from The Turf. Thai Professional Spa is situated just 12 minutes away, and The Loft Fifth Avenue is conveniently located in the Mudon community, an easy 11-minute drive from this vicinity.


Throughout the year, The Turf offers a wide array of events for its residents to enjoy. DAMAC Hills is known for organizing numerous social gatherings. Additionally, neighboring communities warmly receive visitors from across the city and organize various cultural and occasional events including food festivals, live concerts, Halloween parties, spring celebrations, and much more.


Damac Hills (Akoya) Dubai – Owners & Residents is a Facebook group created specifically for residents of The Turf to connect and socialize. Additionally, there is also an exclusive ladies group called DAMAC Hills Ladies, which provides a platform solely for females to share their stories and experiences.


Residents of The Turf enjoy a tranquil and serene lifestyle, benefiting from various facilities such as municipal services encompassing electricity, water, and gas. Nevertheless, any alterations or improvements to the property necessitate obtaining consent from the owner.

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