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The Dubai World Islands project, named the Heart of Europe, is a multi-billion dollar development designed to attract permanent tourist stays. The expansive resort covers 6 million square feet and boasts six distinct themed islands that will house over 16,000 guests once completed. The project is divided into three phases with one already finished and an anticipated completion date set for the end of 2023.

The highlight of this place are the islands designed around different European destinations, such as Main Europe, The Floating Venice, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and St. Petersburg. Each reef immerses visitors in the culture and atmosphere of its respective location. To enhance the experience even further, these sites only accept Euro currency at their resorts and stores. Additionally, some of these islands offer simulated weather conditions like artificial rain or outdoor snow to ensure a flawless vacation getaway.

Before 2008, Nakheel Properties had already sold sections of The World Islands to investors. Following this, Joseph Kleindienst embarked on the Heart of Europe project in Dubai, which became a collaborative effort between JK Properties and Chinese contracting companies. This led to the creation of several beach resorts situated on six islands that feature hotels, plazas, climate-controlled streets, and beachfront resorts ideal for families, newlyweds, events such as destination weddings and beach parties. Ultimately, the development aims to include approximately 14 hotel resorts with over 2,000 rooms.

The project of off-plan villas is already among the top ones in Dubai, according to the 2020 annual sale market report by Bayut and Dubizzle.


Located 4 kilometers away from the primary coastline of Dubai, The Heart of Europe forms a constituent part of Nakheel's comprehensive undertaking known as The World Islands. This archipelago consists of 300 distinct islets and is grouped into seven island sets to represent all continents across the globe including Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Oceania and Antarctica.




The Heart of Europe is not just a residential island in Dubai but also an extraordinary and lavish holiday destination consisting of hotel apartments, villas, and beach resorts. Visitors can immerse themselves in European heritage and hospitality while enjoying their stay with family or as couples. The location is secluded from the mainland, situated on the Arabian Gulf which creates peaceful surroundings for those seeking tranquility on an island by the beach - making it a perfect getaway spot.

Here are a few reasons for the increasing popularity of the community:

In addition to this, the well-regulated environment of the streets and plaza is a draw for visitors.


The extensive secured complex encompasses a land area of 6 million sq. ft., capturing the essence of opulence with its underwater homes and luxury resorts. The objective is to attract second-home buyers from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, especially UAE. To this end, Kleindienst intends to construct over 13 hotels and resorts as well as around 4,000 holiday homes. Prospective investors can currently purchase finished properties such as residential apartments, hotel apartments, and private beach view villas in Heart of Europe's impressive portfolio.

The initial stage comprises:

Although the majority of villas can be located in St. Petersburg, there are also a handful situated on the surrounding islands.


In EN, a possible paraphrase could be:
As the largest island of Europe, it draws inspiration from Rome, Vienna and Andalusia. The region offers various leisure options such as establishments like clubs, boutiques, cafés and hotels that blend elements from Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain and other parts of the continent. In terms of housing opportunities available in the area, apartments for sale are particularly prominent.

Ranging from 457 to 840 square feet, these properties cater perfectly to both individuals and couples. The starting price for studio flats is AED 990k, while the prices of 1 bedroom apartments vary from AED 1.75M to AED2.2M. Additionally, you may opt for a one-bedroom hotel apartment at approximately AED 2.3M if you so desire.


This section of properties showcases Swedish design and architecture, with ten 4-story palaces being the first introduction to this island. These luxurious waterfront homes boast 7 bedrooms and resort facilities that elevate beach living. Selected units have been designed by Bentley Home, but each unit includes an infinity pool and elevator. The ground floor houses a cinema, gym, and sauna while the rooftop features a glass-roofed terrace perfect for enjoying panoramic views.

In total, the worth of properties is expected to reach AED 50 billion, encompassing various assets such as office buildings, residential complexes and a nightclub.


This location is focused on living by the lagoon. The island, which has a horseshoe shape, will offer 32 villas that enable direct access to beaches. Additionally, hotels and nurseries will be located in this area. The villas are available in two sizes: 15 with five bedrooms and 17 with six bedrooms. All of them come complete with a private pool and terrace. Handovers are anticipated at a value of approximately AED 50 billion.


The remarkable Switzerland Island caters to both adventure-seekers and vacationers in search of relaxation. Among its luxurious offerings are a verdant mountain-top spa and over 100 opulent residences. In addition, the development will feature elegant chalets ranging from two to six bedrooms. Visitors can indulge in pool parties at the ice cave swimming pool with an accompanying bar. The value of properties is expected to reach AED 49 billion.


Known as Honeymoon Island for its distinctive heart-shaped layout, St. Petersburg Island is set to host 131 luxurious Floating Seahorse Villas. A number of these villas have already been finished and are ready for purchase, with a typical two-bedroom villa measuring an impressive 4,000 square feet in size. In addition to the villas, the island will feature a sprawling coral nursery spanning over 200,000 square meters. Prices for the exclusive Floating Seahorse Villas start at AED 9.45M.


This resort is unique as it serves as the world's initial underwater vessel hotel. Its objective is to boost tourism beneath the sea and comprises of four decks, one of which lies below sea level. The cabins on the island will be modeled after Venice's architecture and provide 414 lavish suites for guests.


The Heart of Europe in Dubai is an archipelago that covers 6 million square feet and can accommodate up to 16,000 visitors simultaneously. Upon completion, bridges will link all the islets together. Boats, seaplanes and helicopters will serve as means of transportation throughout The Heart of Europe. In order to attain a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly society, conventional fuel vehicles are banned from the islands. Hence, it's perfect for those seeking an unpolluted island vacation. Speedboats are used by residents to travel from the mainland.


The overarching objective of the master project is to establish a comprehensive vacation spot in Dubai. The blueprint boasts climate-controlled roads, artificial precipitation, and synthetic mountains among its many features. Additionally, numerous distinctive offerings inspired by each of the seven continents are available on-site. Beachfront accommodations such as villas, hotels and resorts can be found on all islands with an abundance of leisure activities and amenities provided for guests regardless of their choice of location or property type. Moreover, visitors will have access to endless spa treatments and salon services coupled with wellness programs that cater to their health needs.

The establishments in the holiday destinations that provide entertainment and late-night activities, commonly known as clubs.

In addition, the initiative strives to establish a lasting ecosystem in line with many of Dubai's novel and pioneering advancements. It will integrate ecological elements such as solar energy panels and the phasing out of conventional transportation methods.


The World Islands measures 9 km in width and 7 km in length, situated at a distance of 4.5 km from the Dubai shoreline. This implies that it takes a peaceful 20-minute boat journey from central Dubai to reach this development, where you'll only be able to see the Arabian Gulf surroundings.




The objective of the project is to include approximately fourteen hotels and resorts with ratings ranging from 5-star to 7-star. However, at present, only two of them have been finalized.

The Portofino Hotel, a luxurious 5-star establishment in mainland Europe, is renowned for its numerous events held throughout the year. Guests particularly enjoy the water ballet shows and movie screenings. With 489 Queen and Princess Suites available, this hotel caters exclusively to families.

In contrast, Cote d'Azur is a seaside destination boasting 7 duplex penthouses, 113 hotel suites, and 872 apartments. Visitors will have the opportunity to partake in various water activities such as snorkelling and pearl diving. Notably, each project currently being developed takes inspiration from countries or landmarks; a unique touch added to their names.


Currently, the only dining options available in The Heart of Europe are those found within the hotels. However, additional restaurants will be introduced upon project completion. In Portofino Hotel, patrons can indulge in delectable Mediterranean dishes at their European cafes and restaurants. Meanwhile, Cote d' Azur boasts a selection of six Mediterranean-style eateries and beachside cafes where visitors can relax with a glass of champagne at the Absinthe Lounge piano bar.


For those seeking a delightful summer beach getaway, consider exploring the beaches in The Heart of Europe located in Dubai. These sandy shores are the highlight of this enchanting destination. Each villa ideally grants access to its own private beach for guests to relish, while the resorts offer picturesque sea-facing terraces and windows.


The island, a notable site in Dubai, houses an array of hotels and recreational amenities along with being a popular addition to the city's attractions. It serves as the central spot for events and activities. The development boasts more than just lavish accommodations; it also includes sandy beaches, boutiques, and shopping centers. What truly sets it apart is its climate control system that generates faux snowfall on the paved streets and palaces.

Moreover, there are plans to implement a cable car system for transportation between Dubai and Main Europe Island.


Each of the six islands boasts a schedule of yearly festivities. Notably, the primary island is home to circus festivals, as well as Oktoberfest and crayfish parties. Visitors who appreciate dazzling pyrotechnic displays can attend the nightly light show.

Additionally, Sweden Island in Dubai hosts a variety of festivities including Midsummer, National Day, Saint Lucia and St. Martin's Day. The island also features Swedish film, music and art exhibitions. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy numerous traditional restaurants and shopping experiences while staying in The Heart of Europe Dubai.


For those who desire to mingle and receive information about events, The Heart of Europe Facebook page and community group is worth following.


Dubai World Islands, located at the center of Europe in the heart of Dubai, is presently situated 4.5 km away from the coastline without any transportation available. However, upon project completion and handovers commencement, a green transport system will be available to the community. Additionally, direct destination access via cable cars and boats from Dubai will also be offered.

FAQs about Heart of Europe, Dubai

Who owns Heart of Europe?

Kleindienst, the topmost property developer in Dubai across Europe.

Is Heart of Europe complete?

The first stage of Heart of Europe Dubai has been finished, with the remaining two stages slated for completion by 2023.

Where is The Heart of Europe located?

Located 4.5 km off the coast, this islet is part of The World Island project in Dubai.