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The Haciendas is a section within the residential development of The Villa by Dubai Properties, featuring beautiful landscaping. It is situated as the third sub-community from the left in a series of four. To its west is The Aldea, and it is connected to The Centro on the east via two roads.

The Haciendas provides a variety of villas with 3, 4, 5, and 6 bedrooms that are available for both rent and purchase. These residences are positioned in linear formations, granting enchanting vistas of the beautifully designed courtyards and gardens.


  • Landscaped with fountains, waterfalls, date trees, parks and paved walkways


  • Terraces of the houses offer views of the lush greenery


  • Most properties have private swimming pools and gardens


  • Have access to UAE Sports Academy and GEMS FirstPoint School


  • Next to Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club


  • Close to Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street (D54)




Some popular attractions in The Haciendas include:

The residential properties within The Haciendas consist of various types of villas, ranging from 3-bed to 6-bed. These houses are divided into two separate sections within the sub-community. One area is situated alongside the main road and comprises six clusters of villas, each with a central courtyard surrounded by homes. The other section forms a circular village with multiple villas encircling a large roundabout.

As The Haciendas primarily focuses on residential living, the presence of commercial amenities is limited. Nevertheless, there exists a multitude of recreational facilities with more expected to be established in the future. Paved walkways are available for activities such as cycling, jogging, or leisurely walks. Date trees and impeccably maintained shrubs adorn the boulevards that traverse throughout The Haciendas.


variety of plot sizes in The Haciendas, ranging from 8,000 sq. ft. to 12,000 sq. ft., which include both indoor living space and outdoor yard space. Similarly, the villas have different built-up sizes that range approximately from 3,800 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft.

These charming Spanish-style houses feature a diverse color scheme with warm shades and cool tones. Some houses are painted white or other neutral shades that beautifully contrast against terracotta-tile roofs.

The four-bed villas in The Haciendas come in various sizes between 4,000 sq. ft. to 8,100 sq.ft., providing a wide range of options for prospective residents or buyers like yourself who seek their ideal home within this community's enchanting offerings."

A 5-bedroom villa can have a size of either 3,600 sq. ft., an average size of 6,139 sq. ft., or as large as 8,627 sq. ft. On the other hand, the largest option for six-bedroom houses ranges from 5,400 sq. ft. to 10,200 sq. ft.

Competitively priced rental villas can be found at The Haciendas. Below are the estimated prices for 4 and 5-bedroom houses.

Interested buyers can take note of the sales trends for The Haciendas villas on sale, as these properties offer excellent value for money. They encompass a comprehensive package that incorporates ample space, luxurious amenities, utmost privacy, and a beautifully designed surroundings.

The price range for 6-bedroom villas begins at AED 3.8M and can exceed AED 7.6M. Certain upscale residences in this category come equipped with a basement, an elevator, and ample outdoor area capable of accommodating up to five cars.


The closest bus stops can be found along the outskirts of Dubai Residence Complex. These include stations for Dubai Sky Courts – GEMS FirstPoint School and Dubai Sky Courts – Nilona Residence. Apart from the Dubai RTA bus service, there are two alternatives for public transportation near The Haciendas. You have the option to take a taxi, which will cost less than AED 66.12, or you can opt for an Uber ride, which ranges from AED 77 to AED 102.85. Both modes of transportation will approximately take you 27 minutes to reach destinations like

Dubai Marina and JBR, both renowned areas in Dubai.

The Haciendas houses offer private parking spaces with car porches for one or two cars. Courtyards in front of the houses are available for guests to park their vehicles.



In The Villa, there are two Spinneys supermarkets located in different areas. One is situated in the community centre of The Centro, while the other can be found in The Ponderosa. If residents want to visit additional supermarkets near The Haciendas, they will need to drive to Dubai Complex Residence. Some of these supermarkets include K P Mart, Lifco, Thomsun, Shua Al Madina and West Zone Fresh.


The Centre gate is situated near a mosque, while The Ponderosa has Masjid A’aishah Umm Al Mu’mineen. Apart from these two mosques in The Haciendas vicinity, residents have a few options along Emirates Road to attend prayers.


City Hill Global Church Dubai, situated conveniently near The Haciendas, can be easily reached within 11 minutes on the Dubai – Al Ain Road (E66). Additional choices for nearby churches are Emirates Baptist Church and City of Dreams.

Situated roughly 20 minutes away from The Haciendas, Automech Gurudwara, Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, Shree Krishna Haveli, and India Harnath Ke Jama Masjid are among the nearby temples.


In the vicinity, there are educational choices tailored to various age groups.

Daycare centers and nursery facilities consist of:

Educational institutions in the vicinity of The Haciendas consist of:

The Ponderosa's Kids Zone provides childcare services for children aged six months to four years. Skycourts Tower's Chubby Cheeks Nursery, on the other hand, welcomes children from as early as two months up to four years old. Both establishments follow a three-term academic year structure and offer transportation services to nearby areas such as The Villa.

GEMS FirstPoint School, located in The Villa, is a prestigious British institution that serves students from Foundation Stage to Year 13. On the other hand, Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou (LFIGP) holds certification from AEFE and offers education for Grade 1 to Grade 12 students, preparing them for the French Baccalaureate and Diplome National du Brevet programs.

Around eight minutes away, there are various choices for higher education in Academic City. These options encompass institutions like Dubai English Speaking College, Dubai Men’s College, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, and Zayed University.


The medical facilities that are closest to The Haciendas include:

The Centro is conveniently located just a four-minute drive away from Dubai London Clinic. Similarly, Ace Medical Centres can be found in Tower D of Skycourts Towers near The Haciendas, and it takes only eight minutes to reach by car. In Dubai Silicon Oasis, there are dental clinics as well as some paediatric clinics available. Additionally, Liwan features an out-patient clinic called Multicare Medical Centre.

Nad Al Sheba Health Centre, located near The Haciendas, is a government-owned hospital that can be reached in approximately 14 minutes. On the other hand, Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, situated on Umm Suqeim Road, offers various medical services including in and out-patient care, NICU, ICU, A&E services as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities. It takes around 18 minutes to reach there.

Residents have the option to purchase medical prescriptions at either of the Supercare Pharmacy branches located in The Centro or The Ponderosa. Other nearby medical stores include HealthFirst situated in Skycourts Tower D and Najmat Al Sham Pharmacy found within Abidos Hotel Apartment building.


Near The Haciendas, there are adjacent sub-communities.

The Aldea is a courtyard housing society with multiple villas surrounding shared courtyards. It is located between The Ponderosa and The Haciendas. The westernmost sub-community in The Villa is The Ponderosa, which offers a ranch-style lifestyle. This section comprises 14 spacious houses ranging from 4,700 sq. ft. to 9,200 sq. ft. Moving eastward, we find The Centro, which includes amenities such as a school, an organic shop, and various recreational facilities.

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Some of the shopping opportunities nearby include:

  • Spinneys at The Centro


  • Spinneys at The Ponderosa


  • Dubai Outlet Mall


  • Souq Extra


Spinneys at The Centro and Spinneys at The Ponderosa are two local shopping centers near The Haciendas that contain a variety of retail stores and supermarkets. For individuals seeking discounted products from well-known brands, they can easily make the short 10-minute drive to Dubai Outlet Mall. This mall offers a wide range of labels including Adidas, Vincci, and Tommy Hilfiger. Additionally, there is an inviting store called The Happy Place that offers a vibrant selection of toys, gifts, and even features a designated play area for children.


There are various restaurants nearby The Haciendas where residents can dine.

  • Oregano


  • The Grill Pit


  • KFC


  • 800 Pizza


  • Four Square Café and Restaurant


Oregano, located in The Villa, is a renowned Italian restaurant highly regarded for its delectable pizza, pasta, and bruschetta. Meanwhile, at the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club's Grill Pit, patrons indulge in sumptuous Argentinian-cut steaks. Not too far away on Emirates Road sits a KFC outlet close to the ENOC petrol station—a mere five-minute drive from here.

There are a few nearby cafes in the neighborhood of The Ponderosa, such as Caribou Coffee and Ijaza Express Café located near ENOC petrol station. Additionally, Starbucks can be found at the community center within The Ponderosa.


The tranquil atmosphere of the neighborhood provides a delightful living experience in The Haciendas. The serene sounds of water, like a cascading waterfall and a bubbling fountain, serve as an ideal backdrop for leisurely days spent within the community. When it comes to enjoying picnics by the sea, residents have the option to drive to Jumeirah Beach. These nearby beaches are approximately 28 – 30 minutes away from The Haciendas.


There are various nearby landmarks and leisure spots located in the vicinity.

  • Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club


  • Global Village


  • Elite Rangers Equestrian Centre


  • Hamdan Sports Complex


Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club is an exquisite equestrian destination with advanced polo fields, 520 stables, a luxurious hotel, a prestigious polo academy, a renowned riding school, and various residential choices. Additionally, there are indulgent spa facilities and multiple dining options for guests to enjoy. The academy provides top-notch training for individuals or small groups of all ages – adults or those under 18 years old – who wish to enhance their polo skills or begin learning from scratch. For those interested in horseback riding lessons, the nearby Elite Rangers Equestrian Centre is worth exploring.

The intersection of Emirates Road (E611) and Dubai – Al Ain Road (E66) is located.


The Haciendas offer a range of outdoor fitness facilities for various activities, including:

  • Tennis courts


  • Jogging tracks


  • Barbeque pitches


  • Parks


The Villa community boasts UAE Sports Academy, a sports club located in the southern area. This facility includes four tennis courts and a swimming pool. In addition to these amenities, there are also numerous barbeque spots and parks dispersed throughout the community, providing ideal settings for family gatherings and outdoor parties. Scenic jogging tracks wind through beautifully landscaped areas, offering runners and cyclists picturesque views. Individuals with fitness-focused routines can take advantage of nearby options such as Fit High-Performance Centre, Swing Yoga, and Max Gym.

The nearby salons and spas in the vicinity of The Haciendas include:

  • Refinery Beauty Lounge


  • Fabulicious Ladies Salon


  • The Iridium Spa


  • Tips and Toes


The Refinery Beauty Lounge at The Centro is conveniently located just a short drive and walk away. At Skycourts Towers, Fabulicious Ladies Salon provides a range of services for hair, body, nails, and facial treatments. The Iridium Spa at The St. Regis Dubai offers separate treatment rooms for both men and women, as well as spa suites for couples. Moreover, this luxurious spa features amenities such as a pool, gym, sauna, and steam room. Guests can also enjoy light snacks and healthy treats at the Iridium Spa.


The Haciendas prioritizes tranquility, therefore no events occur within the sub-community or neighborhood. Nevertheless, various vibrant areas in Dubailand are conveniently situated nearby.


Residents have the opportunity to remain connected with the latest updates regarding the community and its facilities by joining social groups on Facebook. Notable examples of these groups include The Villa Dubailand and The Villa Mums.


In a family-friendly suburb, known as The Haciendas, you can discover spacious villas that cater perfectly to large families. While this community does not offer apartments, neighboring areas like Dubai Residence Complex and Liwan have a wide range of options available for those seeking apartment living.