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Al Jurf Gardens, situated in the greater district of Al Jurf between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is an upcoming project. Shaden, a villa complex located adjacent to the pristine Sahel Al Emarat beach, is part of this development. IMKAN Properties is responsible for overseeing the completion of this project by April 2023.




Shaden Al Jurf Gardens is a complete residential community, perfect for individuals who often commute between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The villas available for reservation come in various sizes, including 2-, 3-, and 4-bedrooms. In addition to the luxurious living quarters, residents can enjoy their own personal beach that lines the perimeter of the community. Lush greenery and natural scenery decorate public areas and streets throughout this tranquil haven.

Shaden Al Jurf Gardens Masterplan

The Shaden Al Jurf Gardens villa sub-community is nestled among other residential communities in the larger Al Jurf Gardens area. Conveniently located community amenities are nearby for residents to enjoy. This family-oriented neighborhood features semi-detached boundaries around each property.

Properties in Shaden Abu Dhabi

The villas in question are of varying sizes and layouts, spanning two levels with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. The plot areas range from a minimum of 3,300 square feet to a maximum of 5,600 square feet. In terms of built-up area, the smallest option- a two-bedroom villa- measures at approximately 1,500 square feet while the largest offering- a four-bedroom villa- spans across around 2,500 square feet.

Every residence includes a pergola-connected pool outside. The ground floor hosts a living room, dining area, kitchen, storage space, powder room and maid's quarters. The upper level houses en-suite bedrooms with the master including its own balcony. Additionally, 4-bedroom villas offer an extra bedroom on the main floor that could be used for guests.

Sales Trends in Shaden Abu Dhabi

The cost of a villa in Shaden Abu Dhabi is determined by the number of bedrooms it has, and generally ranges around AED 2.5M. If buyers are interested in a 2-bedroom villa located in Shaden Al Jurf Gardens, the cost goes up to approximately AED 3M. Interested parties can also explore other villas for sale at Al Jurf Gardens for additional options.


IMKAN Properties provides three versatile plans that require a 5% upfront payment.

The remaining balance of the total cost will be split into multiple payments, some during construction and others upon or after completion. Specifically, in the initial payment plan, 15% is due during construction while 80% is payable after handover.

For the remaining two payment options, purchasers must make a 35% payment during the building process followed by instalments making up 60% after acquisition. The four-year plan includes six semi-annual payments, while the six-year plan requires ten instalments.

*Source: IMKAN Properties


FAQs about Shaden

Where is Shaden located?

Shaden, located in Al Jurf Gardens, is an upcoming development by IMKAN Properties in Abu Dhabi. This villa sub-district is currently off-plan and under construction.

What type of properties will be available at Shaden?

Shaden offers villas with 2, 3 and 4-bedrooms that are arranged in a linear fashion.

What is the expected handover date of the Shaden?

It is anticipated that the development under construction will be finalized by April of 2023.

The source of the featured image is IMKAN Properties.