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Covering a vast expanse of 3 million square metres, Tilal Al Ghaf is an expansive and diverse development in Dubai situated along Hessa Street (D61). Although still being constructed, this enclosed community has already experienced immense success with certain projects from the initial phase selling out within three days of their completion. Created by Majid Al Futtaim, the community will encompass a range of residential properties, retail establishments, recreational facilities, and various lifestyle conveniences. The entirety of this remarkable project is projected to be fully finished and delivered by the year 2025.

In Tilal Al Ghaf, the residential properties are encompassed by an extensive network of cycling tracks spanning 11 km and a pedestrian trail stretching for 18 km. This development aims to revolutionize the concept of waterfront living with Lagoon Al Ghaf, a vast expanse measuring 70,000 square meters. Overlooking Hive Beach, a popular beachfront destination that spans 400 meters, as well as boasting a remarkable 1.5 km waterfront area. Additionally, residents can benefit from advanced amenities including recycling facilities, water metering systems, and smart street lighting throughout the region.




In Dubai, Tilal Al Ghaf presents a lifestyle reminiscent of a luxurious waterfront resort. The residential areas, consisting of seven distinct neighborhoods, are connected through well-maintained pathways for walking or jogging and designated routes for cycling. Furthermore, the villas and townhouses are thoughtfully arranged in close proximity to both the community park and the beautiful beachside.

Tilal Al Ghaf Masterplan

The gated community's masterplan encompasses a wide array of lifestyle and essential amenities. Notable features of the project encompass:

The developer has included an extensive 18km walking trail alongside cycling tracks to encourage outdoor activities. Additionally, the community will incorporate a primary school within its premises.

Properties in Tilal Al Ghaf

In Tilal Al Ghaf, a variety of villas, townhouses, and duplexes are available for investors to select from. These properties offer 3 to 6-bedroom units, making them suitable for both couples and families.

Introduced in 2018, Dubai's Tilal Al Ghaf is undergoing development in stages. The initial stage of Elan consisted of townhouses featuring three and four bedrooms, which were finished in 2020. In addition to that, there are also beachside waterfront residences comprising forty homes with five to six bedrooms.

Elan and Elan 2 offer a selection of terraced units available in sets of 4, 6, or 8. These clusters primarily consist of duplex townhouses with private garages. Similarly, Elysian Mansions consist of units ranging from 5 to 7 bedrooms and are expected to be finished by the year 2025. Harmony was introduced in phases, each phase offering residential units with either 4 or 5 bedrooms. The first phase includes an impressive collection of bungalows totaling at a remarkable count of 243 while Harmony II boasts an equally impressive array of villas amounting to a total count of221. Additionally, Harmony III presents spacious Garden Suites as part of its offerings.

Certain villas and townhomes offer additional amenities such as a coffee bar, countertop burners, and an on-counter appliance garage. Enjoy the stunning outdoor scenery from the expansive balcony. Upon completion, there will be available rental options for residents seeking villas in Tilal Al Ghaf.

Tilal Al Ghaf Floor Plans

Bayut has developed a user-friendly layout for floor plans in both 2D and 3D on their website. By exploring the Tilal Al Ghaf floor plans, you can effortlessly discover the specific unit and bed type that piques your interest.

Sales Trends in Tilal Al Ghaf

When looking for a villa that is up for sale in the community, it's important to take into account various factors such as the overall covered area, nearby amenities, and current market trends. In Tilal Al Ghaf, there are available villas with configurations ranging from three to six bedrooms.

In Tilal Al Ghaf, there are various options for villa buyers. A 3-bed villa is available at a price range of AED 1.2M to AED 2.3M, while the sales price for 4-bedroom villas ranges from AED 2M to AED 10M. Those interested in larger units can consider investing in a 5-bed villa which may cost around AED 12M or a 6-bedroom villa priced at approximately AED 16M.

Another option to consider are the townhouses located in Aura, Alaya, and Elan.

Tilal Al Ghaf offers townhouses for sale in 3 and 5-bedroom layouts, with varying price ranges. The cost of a 3-bed townhome starts from AED 1.59M up to AED 2.3M, while the prices for 4-bedroom houses range between AED 1.65M and AED 4.5M. For those looking for larger accommodations, the options include luxurious 5-bed Tilal Al Ghaf townhouses starting from AED 3M all the way up to AED10M.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Tilal Al Ghaf

Residents who have their own means of transportation can readily discover suitable spots for parking. Each property is equipped with a personal parking area exclusively designated for the resident's use. In contrast, public parking spaces within the community are available to guests and visitors.

Public Transportation in Tilal Al Ghaf

At present, Tilal Al Ghaf lacks any form of public transportation, necessitating residents to depend on the bus stations situated in Dubai Sports City.


Supermarkets near Tilal Al Ghaf

Within close proximity to Tilal Al Ghaf, neighboring communities such as Mudon, Motor City, and Jumeirah Village Circle house various supermarkets. Among the well-liked options are Geant Express Supermarket in Mudon, Blue Mart Supermarket situated in Motor City, and Greens Supermarket. These convenient shopping destinations can be easily reached within a short 9 to 18-minute drive by car.

Churches, Temples and Mosques near Tilal Al Ghaf

About 16 minutes away from the vicinity, residents can come across the Sports City Mosque in close proximity to Tilal Al Ghaf.

Located in Tilal Al Ghaf, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church is alternatively referred to as the Jebel Ali Church. In comparison to other churches in Dubai, it is relatively modern. Encompassing a total area of 50,000 square feet, this singular structure consists of three distinct sections: the primary church, the Jebel Ali Parish office and priest residences, and the Padua Centre.

The closest Hindu place of worship is the Shiva temple located in Za'abeel 2, approximately a 28-minute drive from here.

Schools near Tilal Al Ghaf

RGS Guilford Dubai is being set up in the Tilal Al Ghaf community, providing a British curriculum education from Nursery to Grade 6.

In the vicinity of Tilal Al Ghaf, there are several alternative schools such as GEMS Metropole School, Kings' School Al Barsha, Jumeirah English Speaking School, Arabian Ranches, and Safa Community School. These educational institutions can be conveniently reached within an 11 to 14-minute drive from the residential area.

Clinics and Hospitals near Tilal Al Ghaf

If residents require medical services, they can depend on Apex Medical and Dental Clinics or Mediclinic Me'aisem, which are both situated 14 to 20 minutes away. In search of larger healthcare facilities that offer various specialties, NMC Royal Hospital in DIP is the UAE's largest provider and can be reached within a 14-minute drive.


Tilal Al Ghaf is encompassed by various residential communities like DAMAC Hills (Akoya by DAMAC), Dubai Studio City, Dubai Sports City, and Jumeirah Golf Estates.



Malls near Tilal Al Ghaf

In addition to the shopping mall located in Tilal Al Ghaf, every residential cluster will incorporate a community retail center.

The Village Community Mall can be easily reached within an 11-minute drive from Tilal Al Ghaf. If residents are looking for more options, they can visit Cityland Mall in Wadi Al Safa 4, which offers 350 stores, 75 cafes, and a cinema. It is just a 15-minute car ride away. Additionally, there are other nearby malls such as City Centre Me’aisem and Dubai Outlet Mall among others.

Restaurants near Tilal Al Ghaf

The residents of Tilal Al Ghaf can easily discover a variety of nearby restaurants in the surrounding communities. For example, Freedom Pizza in Dubai Studio City is just a 10-minute drive away. Those who love Mexican cuisine will find Taqado Mexican Kitchen, one of Dubai's top Mexican restaurants, only 12 minutes away by car. Additionally, popular eateries like Reddy Roasts and Wooden Cellar are conveniently located within a short driving distance in Dubai Sports City. Furthermore, The Els Club Golf Course offers a selection of licensed bars including Kickers.

"The Big Easy," a nickname often used to refer to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Lagoon Al Ghaf

Tilal Al Ghaf features beautiful sandy beaches that provide the perfect setting for residents to unwind and enjoy quality time with loved ones. Aside from lounging under the sun, there is a variety of beach activities available, as well as an outdoor gym and specially designed barbecue spots. Adjacent to a 400-meter open beach, there is also a massive 70,000 square meter swimmable lagoon.

Hive Park

The neighborhood features a network of parks and picnic areas that are all connected. The main attraction within the community, known as Hive Park, offers various activities throughout the year including events, music festivals, outdoor movie screenings, and fitness classes. This park also includes walking paths, bike trails, a playground for children to enjoy, and designated spots for barbecuing where families can have picnics together.


Tilal Al Ghaf in Dubai provides residents with a lavish resort-style living. The community offers an array of amenities including beautiful sandy beaches, a picturesque lagoon, fitness and wellness facilities, as well as outdoor spaces. It's important to note that the project is still being developed, so individuals considering moving here should be aware that nearby communities provide access to restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping malls.

FAQs about Tilal Al Ghaf

Where is Tilal Al Ghaf located?

Tilal al Ghaf is situated close to the junction of Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street and Hessa Street.

When will this project be completed?

The initial stage of this endeavor is scheduled for delivery in 2020, while the full project is projected to reach completion by 2025.

How do I get to Tilal Al Ghaf?

Viewing Tilal Al Ghaf as a developing project, the sole means of public transportation accessible are bus terminals located in Dubai Sports City.


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