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Safi Townhouses, an emerging sub-community, has a prime location adjacent to Al Qudra Road (D63). True to its name, Safi Townhouses primarily consists of townhouses. It ranks among the top three sought-after communities for purchasing townhouses in Town Square.

Town Square, a self-contained urban enclave, serves as the main hub for Safi Townhouses, an esteemed residential development meticulously crafted by Nshama Groups. Situated in Dubai, this prominent project offers an array of diverse living options including apartments and villas set within a thriving community.




In Safi Townhouses, similar to other sub-communities in Town Square like Hayat, Noor, and Sama Townhouses, the residences are well-arranged. They form a circle surrounding a central courtyard that offers top-notch amenities. Noteworthy features of Safi Townhouses include:

Safi Townhouses is an enclosed residential area that prioritizes the security and well-being of its inhabitants. It presents a cohesive environment with a stunningly designed suburban setting, fostering tranquility and providing a welcoming ambiance for families.


Safi Townhouses offers residential properties that comprise clusters of townhouses. These newly constructed homes boast contemporary architectural designs and luxurious amenities, reflecting a high-end lifestyle. The available options include 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom townhouse configurations.

The area of the 3-bed houses ranges from 2,093 sq. ft. to 2,228 sq. ft., while the 4-bed ones are built on an area range of 2,381 sq. ft. to 2,428 sq. ft. These houses have a compound style and include modern amenities such as attached bathrooms, furnished kitchens, closet space, airy balconies with town centre views, and a room for house help. Residents can also enjoy a private backyard in their homes.

Sale Trends in Safi Townhouses

Safi Townhouses offer move-in ready properties for sale. These houses provide a private front garden and are conveniently located within walking distance of the pool, proving to be an excellent opportunity for investors and buyers alike. Depending on factors such as built-up space and furnishings, these houses are available at various prices.

Safi Townhouses Floor Plans

Individuals who wish to obtain a comprehensive view of the residences can peruse the Safi Townhouses floor plans and examine the various layouts offered for 3 and 4-bedroom townhomes.


There is no difficulty in locating a parking space at Safi Townhouses. All residences are equipped with spacious garages capable of accommodating a maximum of two sizable automobiles.

Public Transportation in Safi Townhouses

In terms of transportation, there are bus stops available for public use. People living in the area can easily reach the nearest one, called Nshama Townhouse bus stop, by driving down Al Qudra Road (D63) for just 5 minutes. From this location, you have the option to take bus J02. Nevertheless, the most popular means of transportation in this area is either a taxi or a private vehicle.



The closest grocery store to Safi Townhouses is Spinneys at Zahra Apartments, which is just a 7-minute walk away. Another branch of Spinneys can be found in the Mira community, which is also a 7-minute drive from here. Additional supermarkets near Safi Townhouses include Carrefour, Geant Express Mudon, and Choithrams. These options are suitable for larger grocery shopping needs.


Muslim residents have the convenience of a nearby community mosque, which can be reached on foot in approximately five minutes. Another alternative is the Town Square Mosque, located about an eight-minute drive away. The Town Square Mosque provides a separate prayer area for females and offers on-site parking to enhance visitor accessibility.

The Mira Prayer Hall is situated across from Al Qudra Road (D63), and it can be easily accessed within 10 minutes. Other nearby mosques to Safi Townhouses include the Mudon Mosque, Al Madina Al Mustadama Mosque, and Arabian Ranches Mosque.


If you seek churches close to Safi Townhouses, a 20-minute journey towards the Al Barsha community will lead you to The Winning Generation Gospel Assembly. Additional nearby churches encompass City Hill Church Dubai and Emirates Baptist Church International (EBCI), which is renowned as one of Dubai's finest places of worship.


In the vicinity, there is a selection of educational facilities such as schools and nurseries. Some examples include:

Wonder Years Nursery can be found in the Remraam neighborhood, whereas Blosson Nursery has its locations in Arabian Ranches 2 and Mudon. Among these options, the closest one is situated in Mudon.

The educational institutions in close proximity to Safi Townhouses consist of both primary and secondary schools.

At Fairgreen International School, students have access to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum in addition to a wide range of extracurricular activities. This institution nurtures artistic talents and offers exceptional programs in Fine Arts and Performing Arts. On the other hand, Jebel Ali School is an esteemed non-profit educational institution that follows the National Curriculum of England.


There are several medical facilities in close proximity to Safi Townhouses, such as clinics and hospitals.

The closest medical facility to Safi Townhouses is Medcare Medical Centre, which is situated in the parent community Town Square. It takes approximately 8 minutes by car to reach. The American Hospital Clinic can be found in Mira Town Center, which is a 10-minute drive away. In case of emergencies, residents can also visit nearby clinics like Aster Clinic and Chiron Clinic in Arabian Ranches, accessible via Al Qudra Road (D63), with a 10-minute drive. Another option is the Emirates Hospital Day Surgery & Medical Center, known for its spacious facilities.

A hospital with various specialized departments is conveniently located within a 12-minute drive.


Situated in the charming suburban community of Town Square, Safi Townhouses benefit from their convenient location near major roadways including Al Qudra Road (D63) and Emirates Road (E611). Encircled by residential neighborhoods, this advantageous proximity to main roads facilitates effortless access to neighboring established areas.

Safi Townhouses is situated adjacent to the Arabian Ranches community, conveniently located on the north side of the area across Emirates Road (E611). Renowned for hosting events, this aspect proves advantageous for Town Square residents who appreciate the tranquil surroundings. Motor City is another sought-after neighboring locale, just an 11-minute drive away. In comparison, Mudon and Remraam are even closer in proximity, a mere 5 to 7-minute car journey from Safi Townhouses.




To indulge in an exhilarating shopping escapade, locals have the option to explore renowned malls located in nearby towns. These encompass:

Situated in Arabian Ranches, the Ranches Souk can be easily reached by taking a straight drive on Al Qudra Road (D63) which will only take around 9 minutes. At this shopping destination, you will find an array of renowned brands to choose from.

Situated near Al Ain – Dubai Road (E66), the Dubai Outlet Mall is amongst the finest shopping centers in Dubai. To reach Safi Townhouses, a 25-minute drive via Emirates Road (E611) would be needed.

Cityland Mall is a magnificent shopping and entertainment destination that draws inspiration from nature. Conveniently located just 14 minutes away by car, this versatile venue boasts numerous attractions. Among these are an expansive central park spanning over 200,000 square feet, a multiplex cinema featuring more than 10 screens, as well as over 350 shopping and retail outlets. Additionally, visitors can indulge in the delightful offerings of over 750 restaurants and cafes.


Safi Townhouses inhabitants will discover a plethora of well-known global food franchises within the vicinity, such as:

Within a short stroll from the town, locals have convenient access to food delivery services offered by various eateries. Renowned for their diverse offerings, Hardees and KFC are well-loved establishments known for their delicious burgers. Meanwhile, Pizza Hut offers an extensive selection of pizza flavors to savor. Additionally, there are also dine-in restaurants located nearby in this vicinity.

Little Neighbourhood is a relaxed eatery that provides nutritious food choices. Located in the Arabian Ranches, Tuk Tuk serves authentic Thai cuisine while WOFL is renowned for its mouth-watering selection of waffles topped with Hazelnut Praline and Mascarpone. Oregano Restaurant, situated in Town Square, offers an exquisite dining experience with their Italian-inspired dishes. Additionally, Zaatar w Zeit in Mira Town Center specializes in delectable Lebanese and Middle-Eastern cuisines.


In order to enjoy a beach day or have a picnic by the sea, Safi Townhouses residents need to head towards the Jumeirah area. It will require approximately 25 to 30 minutes of driving time, but they will have a choice between renowned beaches such as Jumeirah Public Beach and JBR Beach in Dubai.


There are several recreational facilities and prominent attractions in close proximity to the vicinity, such as:

The Trump International Golf Course, situated just 18 minutes away from the vicinity, stands out as a lavish golfing destination in Dubai. Renowned for its excellence, this top-tier course not only offers exceptional greens but also hosts an array of upscale dining establishments and athletic lounges.

Residents have the opportunity to enjoy an exciting day with their family at IMG Worlds of Adventure, a vast indoor amusement park that provides a plethora of exhilarating rides and activities. The journey from Safi Townhouses to this destination takes approximately 20 minutes by car.


There is a range of outdoor activities available in the vicinity, which encompass:

An expansive community pool and fitness center are provided for those who enjoy staying active outdoors. Additionally, a sprawling playground is conveniently located in the heart of the community, allowing parents to easily supervise their children from their balconies overlooking the area.

There are several nearby establishments that offer salon and spa services.

Two highly regarded beauty salons in the vicinity are Gladys and KARZ Beauty Salons. Situated in nearby communities, both can be reached within a 15-minute drive. In Arabian Ranches and Motor City, there is an abundance of spa and massage centers that are conveniently located within a maximum 5-minute driving distance. Eternal Lotus Ladies Salon and Spa is particularly favored in Motor City, despite being 15 minutes away.


Given the tightly-knit nature of the community and its focus on familial atmosphere, it is improbable to anticipate any extravagant occasions taking place in the vicinity. However, inhabitants can currently explore the nearby Arabian Ranches community for numerous cultural gatherings frequently organized by its residents.


To stay informed about the latest happenings in the community, residents can keep tabs on the Facebook group called "Safi Townhouses Residents" and another one specifically for the parent community named "Town Square Dubai."


Residing in this urban residential area crafted by NShama Groups, strategically situated near essential facilities, is a cherished aspiration of numerous individuals. Nevertheless, the tranquil ambiance of this neighborhood might fall short in terms of offering an abundance of social gatherings and nighttime entertainment to satisfy the desires of single residents and working professionals. To experience a diverse array of nightlife choices, one would need to journey towards the northern part of the emirate, specifically JBR.