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Royal Marina Villas is situated within the larger community of Marina Village, which was created by National Marina Real Estate Development. This particular sub-community can be found at the western edge of Abu Dhabi on Al Kasir Island, and can be reached via Al Kasir Street.

Situated in Abu Dhabi Breakwater's prime district, Royal Marina Villas boasts an exquisite waterfront development. With Lulu Island and Al Bateen to the North and South respectively, this sophisticated and lavish property offers extensive water frontage. Residents of this sub-community can enjoy exclusive access to top-notch facilities and amenities right at their doorstep. Take advantage of owning or renting a villa here for an active lifestyle with stunning private pool and marina views.



The villas in this exclusive community are luxurious and boast stunning views of the sea. They offer complete around-the-clock security measures and feature both front and back yards with private swimming pools.

Some prominent attractions in the area comprise:

The Royal Marina Villas community offers amenities such as a playground for children, a park, and public parking. The overall design and atmosphere of the community exudes elegance and relaxation which creates a luxurious environment perfect for families. Living in one of these beautiful homes provides residents with breathtaking views of the ocean.


The rental properties at Royal Marina Villas come in different sizes and layouts, ranging from 4 to 6 bedrooms with living spaces spanning between 8,000 sq. ft. to 20,000 sq. ft. Here are the current rental trends for these units:

The fluctuations in rental patterns stem from the quantity of bathrooms and dimensions of each individual villa. In addition to these factors, the number of available amenities and facilities also play a role in determining the cost of renting each villa. Here are the trends observed in terms of sales:

The price disparity between villas can be attributed to the varying sizes and bathroom counts of each. For example, a 5-bedroom villa boasting 6 bathrooms and measuring 20,000 sq. ft. will differ in cost from one with only 9 bathrooms that measures just under 17,000 sq. ft.


In Royal Marina Villas, each property is equipped with two covered parking spaces. Additionally, there are public car parking facilities available for use. Visitors also have the option of parking their cars in front of the villas.

The choices for public transport within Royal Marina Villas are restricted. Inhabitants have the option to take buses 7, 32 or 34 to reach Khaled Bin Al Waleed Street and transfer onto bus 8 to travel towards Bainuna Street, followed by a walk to Al Bateen, which includes Marina Mall on its route. To visit various locations in Abu Dhabi using public transportation, one must first stroll over to Marina Mall. The sub-community can be accessed through Al Kasir Street.



easily reach it via Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St.

To buy groceries, locals have the option to go to the nearby Souq Planet. It's a mere nine-minute drive through 1st St/Corniche Rd and stands out as the first digital shopping destination in the Middle East. Shopping here is a breeze and more enjoyable since customers can shop online and pick up their orders at the store. Another nearby supermart is Seven Emirates Supermarket which offers great value for money with quality products on sale, especially during weekends. You can get there easily by taking Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St, which is just 15 minutes away.

You can reach it by going through 1st street. Nearby supermarkets close to Royal Marina Villas include Al Safa Supermarket, Kayan Supermarket, and Fathima Supermarket.


place of worship in the area, situated at a distance of 7 minutes from Royal Marina Villas. This mosque covers an area of 1800 square metres and includes facilities such as a library, classrooms for religious studies, and separate prayer hall areas for both men and women.

The Al Kareem Mosque near Royal Marina Villas is just three minutes away by foot. It spans across 2875 square metres and features designated spaces including women's prayer halls, men's prayer halls, recitation rooms for Quran study, a multi-purpose hall, and a two-story Imam residence. Alternatively, one can reach the Mosque of Sheikha Maryam Bint Sultan within 14-minutes via Al Kasir Street. In addition to these places of worship is the Abu Baker Al Siddique Mosque which lies only seven minutes away from Royal Marina Villas. It offers various amenities like libraries and classrooms dedicated to religious education as well as separate sections exclusively reserved for male and female worshippers; it occupies an area spanning over 1800 square metres.

There is a mosque that can be reached by taking 1st St/Corniche Road, which is 15 minutes away.


Residents in the community have the option to visit nearby churches to offer their prayers. The distance between the community and the churches is approximately 25 minutes. One of these nearby churches is Evangelical Community Church, which can be found in Al Mushrif community and takes about 21 minutes to reach. This particular church aims to represent God's kingdom in Abu Dhabi and holds weekly gatherings at different times on Fridays and Sundays while primarily speaking English. Other options for churches near Royal Marina Villas include Church of St., among others.

Anthony belongs to both St. Theresa's Church and Abu Dhabi Apostolic Tamil Church.

In close proximity to the Royal Marina Villas, there are only a few temple choices. The Jagannath temple is the closest at a 16-minute distance and can easily be reached by taking 1st Street.


There are numerous educational opportunities available for inhabitants.

In close proximity to the vicinity, there exist several nurseries.

En: The educational institutions in the vicinity of Royal Marina Villas consist of:

Summit International School provides an outstanding K-8 curriculum that adheres to North American standards. The quality of education it offers is acknowledged throughout the English-speaking world, and it can be conveniently accessed within a 16-minute drive from the area.

Established since 1971, the Iranian School adheres to the Iranian curriculum with a focus on providing Iranians living abroad a comprehensive education in culture, economics, science, art and social studies. Conveniently located off of Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street, the school is just a short 19-minute drive away. Alternatively, the nearby Mohammed Bin Khalid Secondary School can be accessed via Mubarak Bin Mohammed Street.

The Emirates College of Technology is the closest college, at a distance of 12-minutes. The HCT-Abu Dhabi Women's Campus can be accessed through Hazza Bin Zayed Street. Abu Dhabi University, another tertiary educational option, can be reached in 31 minutes and was established by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in 2003.


En: The health centers surrounding Royal Marina Villas include the following:

The IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, located on Al Kasir Street, is at the forefront of assisted reproduction. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques, the clinic offers personalized treatment to its patients.

The Linde Sleep and Respiratory Care Centre offers comprehensive healthcare solutions worldwide, integrating medical devices, clinical expertise, and pharmaceutical gases. It's conveniently located just a five-minute drive away. Meanwhile, the ZO Skin Centre By Zein Obagi Md is an outstanding aesthetic clinic founded by renowned dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi that aims to enhance overall body and skin health.

The ACPN, a prominent healthcare center, is situated at the crossroads of Hazza Bin Zayed (11th) Street and Mubarak Bin Mohammed (26th) Street. It prioritizes providing top-notch specialized and primary healthcare services along with high-quality medical education. Other hospitals in close proximity to Royal Marina Villas are Medeor 24x7 Hospital Abu Dhabi and Burjeel Hospital which can be found at a distance from the location.

It takes 18 minutes to drive to one place, while the other location is a 22-minute drive away.


Marina Village is a residential project located on the waterfront, with easy access to various nearby islands and communities.

The sub-community is surrounded by nearby regions and residential neighborhoods, encompassing:

community of Royal Marina Villas is situated between Al Lulu Island and Massnoua Island, off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Khalidiya, known as the cultural center of Abu Dhabi, predominantly consists of mid- to high-rise apartment buildings, though there are also a few villas. The properties in this residential community offer stunning waterfront views. To the southeast lies Al Bateen.

The community boasts a range of top-notch facilities, as well as upscale villas and apartments.




The Marina Mall can be reached through Al Kasir Street and Al Marsa Street within a five-minute distance. This shopping destination has been prominent in Abu Dhabi since its opening in 2001 and features major retail stores as its anchor tenants.

alley. Spread across five floors, the mall boasts of 122,000 square meters of retail space that offers a diverse collection of entertainment, leisure and fashion brands. With over 400 service and retail outlets at hand, including high-street fashion labels and designer brands, electronic stores as well as home furnishing options and beauty department stores - the mall has it all! To add to this impressive list is a Mercedes-Benz car showroom. The gastronomical offerings are equally impressive with upscale cafes serving mouth-watering delicacies. The amusement quotient too doesn't fall short here with its dedicated children's entertainment area, nine-screen VOX cinema as well as bowling alley for those looking for some good old-fashioned fun!

Reword the subsequent passage to prevent redundancy, utilizing a similar tone and in English:

The narrow path between two buildings that provides a shortcut from one street to another is commonly known as an alley.

Among the top names found in the shopping center are

The Al Bateen Mall in the Al Bateen community can be reached with a 12-minute car ride via Al Falah Street and is situated close to the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. Khalidiyah Mall and Al Wahda Mall are two other malls near Royal Marina Villas, which are 13 and 18 minutes away by car respectively.


The dining options available at Marina Mall's food court consist of a variety of restaurants and cafes.

Inhabitants have the option to pick any of the laid-back eating establishments from this list:

LalQila, found behind Marina Mall, is a Pakistani restaurant that offers a blend of Pakistani, Chinese and Indian cuisine. It can be accessed through Al Kasir Street and is just seven minutes away. Another option nearby is Rokn Al Hawamir which focuses on seafood and can also be found in Marina Village behind the mall. This establishment takes only seven minutes to reach from Royal Marina Villas. Villa Beirut prides itself on timeless recipes passed down through generations and specializes in Lebanese cuisine.

The cooking of food is a widespread practice found all over the world. It involves preparing meals through various methods such as boiling, grilling, frying, baking and more. The end result is a variety of dishes that are enjoyed by people from different cultures and countries alike. Cooking can be done at home or in professional kitchens, and it plays an important role in both personal and social occasions.

Within a 10-minute car ride from Royal Marina Villas, there are several choices for nightlife entertainment. These include Hemingway's, Ray's Bar, Jazz Bar & Dining, Cabana Beach Bar & Grill and Chamas.


The majority of the beaches in close proximity to Royal Marina Villas can be reached within 5-10 minutes by car. Notable options include Corniche Beach and Al Sahil Beach. You can arrive at Corniche Beach in just 10 minutes through Al Kasir Street and Corniche Road, while it takes only an 11-minute drive to get to Al Sahil Beach.

Corniche beach is an excellent spot for outdoor enthusiasts, with paved seaside walkways and boardwalks that feature benches. Numerous activities are available at the beach, including a children's play area and separate pedestrian and cycling paths. There are also restaurants, cafes, and various free sports facilities like volleyball courts, playing fields, and football pitches. Visitors even have the option to rent speed boats or go snorkeling. Additionally, Al Sahil Beach offers both football and volleyball courts for those who love sports.


The Emirates Heritage Club, situated close to Marina Mall, offers a glimpse into the pre-oil era of the UAE through its reconstructed village. It can be easily accessed within seven minutes by car.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, located on Yas Island near Royal Marina Villas, is a prominent landmark. The indoor theme park features the world's fastest roller coaster and various Ferrari-inspired attractions and rides along with several authentic Italian dining options and the largest Ferrari store.

Bounce Abu Dhabi Trampoline Park, situated on the ground floor of Marina Mall, is a vast playground equipped with numerous trampolines. It caters to a diverse group of visitors ranging from air-sport enthusiasts to children and mothers alike.


The Royal Marina Health Club is the closest place for outdoor activities, boasting a 5-star rating and providing top-notch services to its guests and members. You can find a variety of amenities including a Jacuzzi, steam room, gym, and swimming pool. It's conveniently located just three minutes away on foot.

Near Royal Marina Villas, there are various fitness centers that residents can utilize such as Capital Fitness, which is only 4 minutes away; Lifeline Wellness Khalidiya 1, which is a 12-minute walk; and Le Royal Meridien Health Club, located just 15-minutes from the area. These facilities provide ample opportunities for individuals to stay in shape.

There are several beauty salons and spas located in close proximity to Royal Marina Villas.

facials. The salon is conveniently located and can be reached by car in just a few minutes. Marina Spa, situated in Marina Village, offers a selection of soothing treatments for women. Their services include body tanning or bleaching, massages, milk and honey baths as well as hammam sessions. Additionally, they offer extensive hair care options alongside makeup and nail treatments. Sisters Beauty Lounge is another option to consider for all-encompassing beauty treatments from top to toe which can be accessed with a short drive by car. Located in Abu Dhabi, Caramel Beauty Lounge also provides various beauty services such as waxing, nail care and facials that are reachable within a few minutes' drive.

Hair care services.


The tranquil Royal Marina Villas is a residential area offering numerous villas for purchase or lease. Despite the relatively steep costs, individuals are willing to invest due to the stunning seaside vistas and sophisticated properties available within the community.