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Dubai Investment Park (DIP) is a vast area covering almost 5,683 acres and is known for its popular freehold properties in Dubai. DIP offers a diverse selection of commercial and residential properties that are carefully divided into three phases: the commercial district providing offices and retail space, the industrial complex, and seven distinct residential communities. The development's strategic location close to both Dubai International Airport and Jebel Ali Free Zone has established Dubai Investments Park as an important destination within the emirate.

Royal Estates, located in Dubai Investments Park (DIP), is a prestigious gated community spanning over 2.3 million sq. ft. It offers an array of residential and commercial properties including apartments, townhouses, and office units. The development was initiated back in October 2008 by acclaimed designers such as Gauri Khan and architect Tony Ashai with the support of Bollywood's Shah Rukh Khan. Besides these high-end properties, there are various amenities available for inhabitants to enjoy.

"Encompassing a diverse array of attractions, there are myriad options for dining, retail therapy and relaxation in the form of verdant parks and an awe-inspiring lagoon."




Royal Estate by Shahrukh Khan is an integrated community that caters to urban residents who prefer the luxurious comfort of their own homes. The contemporary residences boast exceptional architecture and cutting-edge design, providing a superior lifestyle with sleek aesthetics and innovative structures. Located in the heart of New Dubai, Royal Estates Dubai offers a secure community living experience within opulent surroundings.

The main attractions of the Dubai Investments Park Royal Estates include:

The Royal Estates DIP is a unique neighborhood that boasts an impressive range of amenities. It offers a fresh take on city living.


Royal Estate DIP boasts a range of properties, such as apartments that come in various sizes including studio, 1-bedroom and 3-bedroom duplex units totaling to around 1,200. Phase 1 of the development also includes office suites. The serene environment is further enhanced by lush greenery that surrounds an array of shops, cafes and restaurants.

In addition to its luxurious homes, Royal Estates DIP offers a selection of 400 townhouses that come in various configurations of 2, 3 and 5-bedrooms. These stylish units will be built gradually over time and boast an elegant design featuring transparent glass facades.


Residents of both apartments and townhouses at Royal Estates are provided with designated parking spaces, while visitors may park on the street.

Public Transportation in Royal Estates

The Royal Estates benefits from a well-established public transportation system, which makes getting around easy. Buses F46 and F47 can be caught from four different bus stops in the vicinity: Dubai Lagoon 1 and 2, Dubai Lagoon Ewan Residence 1, and Dubai Lagoon Ewan Residence 2. These bus stops are all within a short car ride of three to eight minutes. For those looking to use the metro system, Al Furjan Metro Station is the closest station approximately thirteen minutes away.



Royal Estates has a variety of supermarkets to meet residents' daily grocery needs. Souk Extra in Ewan Residence offers both Spinneys supermarket and an Almaya Supermarket outlet, while other supermarkets closeby include AM Abdul Waheed Supermarket, Carrefour Market, Afsha Mini Mart and Choithrams DIP. These are among the top supermarkets available in Dubai.


The Royal Estate community is located just a short drive from a variety of nearby mosques, including the Zulikha Al Homidi Mosque, Qilar Juma Masjid, Masjid Abdul Razak Allana Mosque, Al Taqwa Masjid, and Masjid Tayyab Mohammed Ibrahim.


Hope Church in DIP is a mere 4-minute drive for residents, while other options can be found in Jebel Ali Village. These options include Dubai Evangelical Church Centre, United Christian Church of Dubai, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, The Filipino Christian Church of Dubai, Dubai Mar Thoma Church, Covenant Hope Church – Dubai, The African Apostolic Church and St. Gregorios Orthodox Church - all of which are located at a distance of approximately 13 minutes by car.

The community can reach Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, which is the closest temple, in just 12 minutes by car.


Families residing in the vicinity of Royal Estates Dubai have a variety of nurseries to choose from for their children.

Chubby Cheeks Nursery DIP is just one of seven Chubby Cheeks nurseries situated in Dubai, specifically at the Al Bayan Business Park building within Dubai Investments Park. It caters to children residing in nearby neighborhoods for their educational requirements. Meanwhile, Little Scholar Nursery can be found at Green Community Village and Tiny Town Nursery is located within the Ritaj Residential Complex.

There are several renowned schools nearby Royal Estates Dubai Investment Park, such as:

The International School of Choueifat DIP, which is a co-educational establishment from Kindergarten up to Grade 12, was founded in 2012 and belongs to the SABIS Group. In close proximity is another educational institution called Noah School.

Greenfield International School Dubai, founded by Taaleem in 2007, provides the IB curriculum for students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.


In the vicinity of Royal Estates Dubai, there exist medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals.

The medical centers closest to us are Right Health Karama Medical Centre and Right Health Al Azhar Clinic Branch. Dubai Investments Park 2 is where Access Clinic has a branch situated.

GMCClinics, located in Green Community, is a member of GMC Healthcare LLC which was founded back in 1976. It provides an extensive range of medical services such as ENT, General Practice, Pathology, Aviation Medicine, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Dermatology and so on. Additionally, it also offers Dietetics service along with Obstetrics care to cater to your family's healthcare needs. Furthermore, this clinic facilitates Orthopaedics treatment plans along with emergency dental services for patients who require immediate attention.

The esteemed healthcare facility, NMC Royal Hospital, DIP, can be found in Dubai UAE. It is situated at the back of Falcon house within Dubai Investments Park 1.


Royal Estates is encompassed by a number of established sub-communities, among which are the closest ones:

Jumeirah Golf Estates can be reached by car in 19 minutes. Dubai Production City, formerly called The International Media Production Zone, is a mixed-use development that is only an 11-minute drive away. In addition, Jebel Ali Industrial Area is just a 10-minute drive from the community.




There are several noteworthy shopping centers in close proximity to Royal Estates, including:

At Souq Extra, there are numerous stores that offer everyday necessities. In Dubai Investment Park 2, you can find DIP Mall near Exchange while OSR Mall is another shopping option nearby. Additionally, Mina Jebel Ali houses Crystal Mall and residents can head to Ramla Mall for their shopping requirements.

The Green Community Village's Market offers a range of amenities including a grocery store, drugstore, dining establishments, financial institutions, and hairdressing services for both genders. The shopping center is typically uncrowded and provides an easygoing alternative for those who prefer a stress-free shopping experience.


There are numerous dining options in close proximity to Royal Estates, which can be easily spotted by the residents. Among these options, some of the most popular choices include:

The community has convenient access to these dining establishments.


The Dubai Investments Park is located within a 20 to 30-minute distance from the coastline of Dubai. The closest beaches include Marina Beach, Barasti Beach, and Pine Beach.


There are several prominent landmarks in the vicinity.

Residents of the area enjoy a significant advantage as they can reach Expo 2020 Dubai in just 13 minutes by car. They have access to various thematic pavilions, such as Terra - The Sustainability Pavilion, Alif - The Mobility Pavilion, and Mission Possible - The Opportunity Pavilion.

The Sustainability Pavilion presents interactive walkthroughs and educational experiences to prompt visitors to contemplate their daily decisions and their effect on the environment. At the Opportunity Pavilion, you can contribute to a worldwide initiative aimed at achieving sustainability objectives. Meanwhile, the Mobility Pavilion displays cutting-edge technology that can connect the physical and digital realms.

Remraam Lake is accessible for residents by taking the route D57, which only takes an 11-minute car ride. It serves as a perfect location for a leisurely evening walk.

The Jumeirah Golf Estates Club House is a popular leisure destination among Dubai's golf communities. It boasts of a comprehensive golf complex consisting of two separate courses, as well as a sports bar and ballroom.


There are several parks located in close proximity to Royal Estates Dubai Investment Park, such as:

Royal Estates boasts not only community parks but also nearby gyms for those who value fitness. These options are ideal for families seeking quality time together and individuals seeking to maintain an active lifestyle.

Within close proximity of Royal Estates DIP, there are numerous spas and salons. A few notable ones include:

Heydi Ladies Salon can be found in Souq Extra of Green Community Village, while Caractere Ladies Salon is located at Carrefour Market within the same village. For gentlemen's grooming needs, Spring Dale Gents Salon is situated in Dubai Investment Park 1. There are also nearby salons such as Angelique Ladies Salon and Barber Comb And Scissors Gents Salon.


The Ritaj Community Centre arranges a range of social gatherings for locals to partake in. Additionally, residents can join in on family-oriented occasions organized by the Premier Inn Hotel located at Dubai Investments Park.


To remain informed about activities taking place within the community, individuals may become members of the Facebook groups for Shah Rukh Khan's Royal Estate and Green Community-DIP.


Residing in Dubai Investments Park is perfect for individuals who desire a self-reliant society. The Royal Estates Dubai Investments Park encompasses verdant gardens and offers residential apartments and townhouses. Despite having nearby facilities like educational institutions, supermarkets, religious centers, eateries, fitness studios and beauty parlors, the area lacks amusement or recreational venues.

FAQs about Royal Estates

Where is the Royal Estates community located?

The Royal Estates residential area can be found within Dubai Investments Park (DIP).

What are the property types offered in Royal Estates?

Residential properties such as apartments and townhouses can be located within Royal Estates DIP.

How is Shah Rukh Khan associated with Royal Estates?

Shah Rukh Khan, a renowned Bollywood actor, has given his approval to the project.

What schools are near Royal Estates?

There are several well-known schools in close proximity to the sub-community, such as Dove Green Private School, British Columbia Canadian School, Bright Riders School Dubai, and Nibras International School Dubai.