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About Rabia Villas

Al Jurf Gardens, located in Al Jurf, is a sought-after housing development that features freehold plots and villas. One of its residential clusters, Rabia, was created by IMKAN Properties and is situated along the Sahel Al Emarat Coast in the heart of Al Jurf Gardens. These waterfront villas offer a unique selection of heritage-style homes with seven bedrooms each.




To ensure privacy and security, Rabia Villas features a gated entrance. These residences boast an address that provides access to the coast between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Furthermore, inhabitants have exclusive entry to a beach, which enhances the neighbourhood's charm.

Abu Dhabi boasts numerous fishing hubs and active boat yards, thanks to its extensive stretches of unspoiled coastline and plethora of islands. The private marina located just a brief drive from the verdant coast of Al Jurf is also conveniently accessible to local residents. Additionally, this area's communal setting provides an advantage over other regions as it offers access to mosques and community centers that are beneficial for inhabitants.

Rabia Villas Abu Dhabi Masterplan

Rabia Villas Abu Dhabi boasts a blend of traditional and modern architecture, harmoniously blending with the scenic surroundings. The houses feature an architectural style inspired by heritage, seamlessly integrating natural elements to form a serene atmosphere. They were designed by renowned architects and a world-class engineering consultant who have received numerous accolades for their work.

Furthermore, inhabitants of Rabia Villas Al Jurf Gardens have access to numerous outdoor areas that are filled with greenery. Additionally, there is a personal marina and beach available for use, as well as resorts, healthcare facilities specializing in wellness treatments, restaurants and stores which offer an array of food & beverage options to suit different tastes. Moreover, family-friendly entertainment such as recreational activities can be found here too.

Properties in Rabia Villas Al Jurf Gardens Abu Dhabi

The Rabia Villas at Al Jurf Gardens in Abu Dhabi offer spacious 7-bedroom layouts that cover a total area of 12,120.16 sq. ft. These villas comprise multiple levels, balconies, terraces and car parking spaces to meet your needs.

Located at ground level are an entrance, reception area, a guest room with bathroom, a maid's quarters with bathroom, storage space and laundry facilities. Moreover, the same level provides ample living and dining spaces as well as separate family dining area and generously-sized kitchen.

On the first level, there is a master suite that includes a dressing space, washroom and outdoor patio. Additionally, you will find five more bedrooms with their own dressing spaces, bathrooms and patios. There is also a living room and an exterior family terrace available for use. Moving up to the second floor, there's a sanctuary area designed for yoga and meditation.

Rabia Villas Al Jurf Gardens Floor Plans

Prospective purchasers can examine the floor plans for Rabia Villas, which are offered in both 2D and 3D iterations on Bayut. These residences have been designed to provide ample living space as well as abundant outdoor areas. Every individual unit features balconies and rooftop terraces alongside a swimming pool, verdant garden, and designated parking accommodations.

Sales Trends for Rabia Villas in Al Jurf Gardens Abu Dhabi

In Rabia Al Jurf, you can find expansive 7-bedroom Villas up for sale. For AED 10M and above, these freehold properties will serve as a profitable investment option with various payment options. An average price of AED 10.5M is asked for any 7-bed house at Al Jurf Gardens in Rabia's vicinity.

The pricing for Al Jurf Gardens' villas is in line with other off-plan properties found within the emirate. The available range of villas starts at AED 1.3M and goes up to AED 10.8M.

Payment Plan

IMKAN Properties provides three versatile payment options for its residential clusters, namely Rabia, Joud and Budoor.

Payment Till Completion

The payment schedule provided by the developer is quite flexible, allowing for 80% of the total amount to be paid once the project is completed in April 2023.

4-Year Plan

The 4-year plan includes a 5% deposit upon booking and a 35% payment during the construction period up until project completion. The remaining 60% can be paid in six semi-annual installments following handover.

6-Year Plan

The payment schedule for the 6-year plan mirrors that of the 4-year post-handover plan, with the exception being that there is an option to pay the remaining 60% in ten semi-annual instalments.

*Source:  IMKAN Properties


FAQs about Rabia Villas

Is Rabia Villas a completed project?

The expected completion date for the off-plan project Rabia Villas is in Q2 of 2023.

Where are Rabia villas located?

IMKAN Properties has developed a high-end residential project called Rabia Villas in Abu Dhabi's Al Jurf Gardens.

Are you looking to buy property in Rabia Villas?  

The source of the highlighted image is from IMKAN Properties.