Qasr El Bahr - Abu Dhabi

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Qasr El Bahr in Abu Dhabi is a sought-after residential area situated among popular communities. It stretches into Al Reem Island, making it an extension of the City of Lights. This area is surrounded by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street E10 on one side and water on the other. Despite limited housing options, Qasr El Bahr Abu Dhabi is becoming a desirable place to live.




Qasr Al Bahr, located in Abu Dhabi, is currently experiencing ongoing construction as it develops into a burgeoning suburb. The streets are lined with residential buildings of varying heights, and the majority of independent units have been taken up. This area boasts all the hallmarks of a typical Arabic civilization found in the United Arab Emirates.

Properties in Qasr El Bahr

The Qasr El Bahr community is undergoing renovations and construction in certain areas. Available real estate options include a limited number of apartments within properly preserved developments. There will be promising investment prospects for properties in Qasr El Bahr after the completion of construction.

There are apartments with two bedrooms that measure approximately 1,373 square feet. In addition, there are villas with five bedrooms that cover roughly 4,000 square feet and have a rent of approximately AED 360k per year.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Qasr El Bahr

Individuals who have their own mode of transportation can conveniently navigate the town due to the easy accessibility of main roads. The residential area in Qasr El Bahr is just a minute away from the primary route, and residents encounter no difficulties when searching for parking spots.

Public Transportation in Qasr El Bahr

In case you opt for utilizing public transportation, several buses depart from the nearby stations. Al Dafrah Bus Stop is the closest one and can be reached in just an 8-minute drive.


Supermarkets near Qasr El Bahr

If you're searching for supermarkets in the vicinity of Qasr El Bahr, driving is necessary because most of the choices are situated in adjacent communities. A few examples are Family Supermarket, Baqala al Sabaa, and Defence Grocery.

Churches, Temples and Mosques near Qasr El Bahr

Muslim inhabitants of Qasr El Bahr have a few options for praying at nearby community mosques. These prayer sites are situated off the road within neighboring communities and include notable locations such as Mohammed Bin Zayed Mosque, Fatima Bint Jamal Mosque, and Mosque of Juma Hasan Al Za’abi. Additionally, Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is worth noting as it's one of the largest mosques globally and only requires a short drive from Qasr El Bahr.

Schools and Universities near Qasr El Bahr

In the community, there is a lack of educational institutions. The nearby areas like Al Nahyan are the nearest alternatives for schooling.

Qasr El Bahr is conveniently located near several prestigious schools in the area. Al Nahda National School, Emirates National School and Al Rabeeh School are all within a short drive of approximately 8 to 13 minutes. It's worth noting that Emirates National School has multiple locations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, making it an easily accessible educational institution for families living in those areas.

Clinics and Hospitals near Qasr El Bahr

Burjeel Hospital is conveniently located just an 8-minute drive away and can be accessed directly via the E10 route. In addition to Burjeel, there are other medical facilities in close proximity, such as Seha Emirates Hospital and NMC Royal Women’s Hospital.


Qasr El Bahr is situated amidst some significant neighborhoods in Abu Dhabi, with a distance of 8.3 km from Najmat Abu Dhabi and approximately 13 minutes away from the City of Lights. To reach this area, one has to cross Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street, E10, which separates it from Al Nahyan.



Malls near Qasr El Bahr

The waterfront shopping destination of Abu Dhabi Mall is situated near Qasr El Bahr and offers visitors access to over 200 retail stores and F&B outlets. The mall boasts a vast range of shops, as well as a pharmacy and hypermarket. It's conveniently located within driving distance from Qasr El Bahr, only taking 12 minutes to reach by car. For those looking for another popular mall in the area, Wahda Mall can be found in Al Nahyan, also accessible by car within 12 minutes from Qasr El Bahr.

Restaurants near Qasr El Bahr

There are a variety of restaurants located in Al Nahyan that are convenient for those near Qasr El Bahr. Some examples include Tikka Town Restaurant, Harees Al Arab, Arma Restaurant and Shrimp Pot which can all be reached within a short amount of time.

BEACHES near Qasr El Bahr

At Qasr El Bahr, you can enjoy picturesque views of the waterfront. Despite being situated away from the bustling beachside, it only takes around 14 minutes to reach Corniche Beach by using the main road network. This tranquil picnic spot boasts several dining options as well as exciting recreational activities.


The Mangrove National Park, located just 7 minutes from Qasr El Bahr, is a prominent attraction of the region. Housing various wildlife species such as birds (with flamingos being particularly popular), marine mammals, turtles, fish and crabs, the park offers an enriching experience to visitors.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a significant feature of the area, standing as one of the largest mosques globally. It boasts a distinctive design and is adorned with 82 domes and an opulent 24-carat gold chandelier.


In Al Nahyan, several parks are conveniently located just a few minutes away from Qasr El Bahr. Among them are Delma Park and Mushrif Park, both of which are popular recreational spots for families. Accessible via the E10 route, these parks can be reached in 6 to 8 minutes by car.


Construction is ongoing at Qasr El Bahr, which currently remains unfinished. Upon its completion, a variety of lodgings will be available to both residents and foreigners.