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Palm Jebel Ali, an eagerly awaited man-made island in Dubai, is part of the larger Palm Islands project along with Palm Jumeirah and Deira Islands. While Palm Jumeirah already boasts a thriving community with high-end dining, beaches, luxury properties, and leisure activities, Deira Islands is currently undergoing development. When finished, Palm Jebel Ali will surpass Palm Jumeirah by 50% in size. Construction for these artificial islands commenced

In October 2002, the project commenced and is anticipated to conclude by 2021.




Palm Jebel Ali, developed by Nakheel, is a high-end establishment designed to house over 250,000 individuals. The island's blueprint entails a water park, 17 marina berths on six separate palms, an opulent residential zone featuring luxury villas, and various other recreational pursuits. An exceptional feature of this endeavor is the boardwalk adorned with pillars meticulously arranged to create an Arabic poem penned by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Properties in Palm Jebel Ali

Residential properties in Palm Jebel Ali will consist of spacious and luxurious villas. Upon completion, the island will provide not only accommodation options but also valuable investment opportunities. Nakheel intends to construct a range of high-end waterfront villas available in different layouts. Currently, one can anticipate finding 6-bedroom duplex houses spanning across an impressive 13,000 sq. ft. These residences will feature private backyards, lawns, swimming pools, and beach access. The expected rental prices for these units begin at AED 1M. Additionally, the villas

Signature Villas and Garden Villas are categorized according to their construction styles and sizes.


Similar to Atlantis, The Palm, Palm Jebel Ali will include a prestigious 5-star seaside resort and hotel offering lavish facilities. Furthermore, the nearby JA Beach Hotel in Mina Al Arab is conveniently located within approximately a quarter of an hour from Palm Jebel Ali.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in PALM JEBEL ALI

The island aims to create a more environmentally friendly and pristine setting, offering numerous cycling and walking paths for residents. Additionally, individuals with their own transportation can conveniently travel through bridges and a well-developed road system. As the project concludes, bridges will connect the island to Jebel Ali mainland.


Supermarkets in Palm Jebel Ali

Similar to Nakheel's previous projects, Palm Jebel Ali will also function as a self-sustaining community. It will feature a retail center that includes various shops and hypermarkets, enabling residents to conveniently access all their essential needs. Additionally, the nearby Mina Jebel Ali region has several supermarkets in close proximity.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Palm Jebel Ali

The masterplan encompasses the building of mosques for Muslim residents, while the island's location offers convenient access to Guru Nanak Darbar, a Hindu Temple in Jebel Ali, unlike other prominent areas in Dubai. As a result, individuals wishing to visit the temple can effortlessly travel using private cars or taxis.

Schools and Universities in Palm Jebel Ali

Located in the heart of Palm Jebel Ali, a new branch of the esteemed educational institution, GEMS World Academy Dubai, will be conveniently situated. With its close proximity to the residential area, children can effortlessly commute to and from school with utmost safety and ease.


Palm Jebel Ali is positioned apart from the bustling city, serving as a secluded island intended to evolve into an independent and self-sustaining residential community. Nevertheless, it will maintain convenient connectivity to the heart of Jebel Ali through bridges, facilitating effortless commuting for its residents.



Restaurants in Palm Jebel Ali

The plan entails having local eateries and international restaurants along the edges. Once the infrastructure is completed, it will open up opportunities for food enthusiasts at Mina Jebel Ali. Additionally, elite fine-dining restaurants will be featured in hotels, resorts, and parks on the island.


Additionally, certain properties in Palm Jebel Ali will provide convenient entry points to the beach. Not only will these areas boast sandy coastlines, but they will also feature dedicated recreational facilities tailored for family enjoyment.


The island will also include a large waterpark called Sea Village, which is one of the standout attractions in this area. It offers recreational opportunities for both children and adults. Similar to Aquaventure in Palm Jumeirah, the developer has not yet revealed specific details about the park.


Palm Jebel Ali is centered on a vibrant and seaside way of life. The development will offer extensive pathways for strolling, cycling, and jogging along the coastline. In addition to the expansive themed waterpark, there will also be dedicated areas with playgrounds for children within the community. Individuals living here can enjoy leisurely walks by the beach or unwind in the evening at designated barbecue spots.


Construction of Palm Jebel Ali is currently in progress and the residential area is still in the process of being fully developed. However, based on the master plan and previous successful Palm Islands projects, it is expected that once completed, Palm Jebel Ali will flourish as a thriving destination offering an array of opulent properties available for both rent and sale.

FAQs about Palm Jebel Ali

How many palm projects are there in Dubai?

Dubai is home to three distinct palm island projects, namely:

Is Palm Jebel Ali completed?

Commencement of Palm Jebel Ali's construction in Dubai took place in 2002. As of now, there have been no updates regarding the progress from the developer; however, it is projected that the project will conclude by 2021.

Where is Palm Jebel Ali located?

Palm Jebel Ali can be found in close proximity to Jebel Ali Port, a mere 50 kilometers away from Downtown Dubai.

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