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Nurai Island is a constructed destination for leisure and relaxation, situated away from the urban hubbub. This retreat can be reached through ferry or boat in just a short distance from Abu Dhabi's shoreline. It features an exclusive island resort with various amenities such as an oceanside spa, vacation houses, a beach club, as well as several high-end dining options and bars that contribute to Nurai Island's buzz and continued popularity among tourists visiting Abu Dhabi.

In addition to extravagant vacation residences and an expansive 11 hectares of unspoiled, stunning white sand beaches, the island provides many options for both romantic escapes and family vacations. One such option is Zaya Nurai Island, a top-rated beach resort featuring a variety of enjoyable amenities and attractions suitable for all ages. Nestled in verdant foliage with crystal-clear waters lapping at its soft sands, this exclusive island retreat offers luxury accommodations unlike any other.




Nurai, a petite island, underwent a conversion into an exclusive residential and hotel hub. A leisurely walk around the entire area can be completed in about 60 minutes. The island has pristine air quality and provides a healthy atmosphere; hence, traffic is minimal on its streets. As it's an active community, visitors and inhabitants have access to recreational events hosted by the resort or indulge in amusing activities on the land or watersports at the beach.

The island boasts both landscaped and rustic regions, with a variety of amenities such as sandy tracks, mocktail bars, and surfboard counters situated at regular intervals. Additionally, guests may opt for a helipad arrival or book transportation via boat or ferry in advance.

Nadia Zaal, the developer behind the exclusive residential address in Dubai known as Al Barari, has also partnered for the development of the 5-star resort Zaya Nurai Island.

Properties on Nurai Island

Nurai offers a variety of properties, ranging from cozy 1 and 2-bedroom beachside villas to lavish 6-bedroom mansions. For those interested in purchasing property on Nurai Island, luxury options start at AED 12M and are often favored by buyers seeking guest houses or holiday homes that can generate profitable returns. Although there are currently no rental properties available on the island, there are options for accommodations within the 5-star resort.

For individuals who are preparing for a brief visit.

The verdant canopies encircle the autonomous properties and present scenic vistas of the sea. Every 4-bedroom villa on Nurai Island boasts opulent lifestyle features such as upscale minibars, open-air lounges and dining areas, al fresco showers and pools, as well as modish living rooms akin to lofts. The four-room water villas up for sale are in high demand.

If you're seeking a secluded escape, the Zaya Nurai Island Resort offers an array of properties to choose from. The resort boasts 1-bed Beach Villas, 2-bedroom Beach Houses, 2-bed Sea View houses, 4-bed Water Villas and 5-bedroom Estate Villas - all surrounded by lush palm gardens and terraces that overlook the sea. Each property boasts at least one private infinity swimming pool for your exclusive use.

Sales Trends in Nurai Island

Beginning at a cost of AED 12M, Nurai Island offers villas for purchase. These include 4-bedroom options valued around AED 19M on average. For those interested in larger properties, there are also 5-bed houses and 6-bedroom villas available. Luxurious mansions with private pools and outdoor decks can be acquired by individuals who have the means to invest an estimated price of AED 48M.

Most Popular Communities on Nurai Island

The island of Nurai consists of clusters of villas that come in different sizes and configurations, rather than having sub-communities.

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and spacious living areas. On the other hand, the Beachfront Residences are also highly sought-after due to their prime location and stunning ocean views. These properties boast high-end finishes and exceptional comfort for a relaxed beach lifestyle. They offer large living spaces that range in size, as well as beautiful outdoor areas perfect for entertaining guests or simply taking in the serene surroundings. Both these clusters offer unique advantages, making them ideal choices for those seeking luxury seaside living.

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Two noteworthy sets of residences at this property are the Beachfront Residences and Water Villas. The latter is particularly popular among buyers, owing to its luxurious amenities and relatively lower price point compared to other options on offer - comfortably justifying its cost tag. Its distinguishing features include expansive 10,000 sq ft living spaces with easy beach access from your own backyard along with terraces overlooking an infinity pool and fully equipped kitchens amongst others.
Similarly desirable are our Beachfront Residences offering uninterrupted ocean views alongside premium refinements throughout each unit creating a relaxing beachside environment perfect for both hosting events or unwinding peacefully surrounded by natural beauty- all while enjoying generously sized indoor-outdoor entertainment spaces tailored to one's distinct preferences.These two clusters present uniquely advantageous opportunities rendering them excellent selections for anyone keen on opulent coastal life experiences!

A rooftop space has been designated for both grilling and dining.

Nurai Island Floor Plans

Bayut has developed distinct 2D and 3D designs for every category of property. To access the floor plans for Nurai Island, you may effortlessly peruse the website to locate them based on cluster and unit-type.


Zaya Nurai Island, located in Nurai, Abu Dhabi, is a highly acclaimed resort that boasts luxurious amenities. It offers guests an exclusive experience with its 32-villa hotel and top-rated boutique private island atmosphere as a five-star retreat. Visitors from all corners of the world come here to enjoy their holidays in complete relaxation. The resort also includes several dining options, bars, leisure facilities along with a spa making it an ideal place for staycations.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Nurai Island

Typically, visitors to Nurai Island prefer walking as the means of transportation since cars are not encouraged. Nevertheless, the resort offers designated parking areas. If someone desires to travel from Abu Dhabi, they may utilize either water taxis or boats. The initial point of arrival is the Nurai Welcome Center on Saadiyat Island's periphery via taxi or vehicle. Hourly boat departures for the principal island commence from this meeting spot.

Before departure, ensure that you arrive 15 minutes early to complete the check-in process at Saadiyat Island. This entails providing identification and personal information. The island is just a brief 15-minute boat ride away from your destination.


Nurai, a tranquil island, is isolated from the busy city life but can be reached in approximately 15 minutes via boat ride from Saadiyat Island. Additionally, travelers can access the Nurai Welcome Centre on Saadiyat Island by hiring taxis from Abu Dhabi International Airport.



Restaurants on Nurai Island

Nurai Island boasts a diverse selection of dining options. Frangipani has a welcoming atmosphere and sources organic, local produce for all meals throughout the day. For those craving Mexican cuisine, Dusk is worth checking out while Smokin' Pineapple serves up piping hot pizzas. Hooked offers an outdoor casual dining experience whereas Ginger Mermaid features Asian dishes in their poolside lounge area.


Island offer stunning views of the beach and crystal-clear waters, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking relaxation and adventure.

The Nurai Island beach offers a wide range of activities for everyone. Visitors can enjoy water sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding, fly fishing or more adrenaline-fueled options like snorkelling, jet skiing, banana rides and windsurfing. For those who prefer a different kind of experience, fishing is also available with the option to have your catch grilled at Hooked. Families often opt for boat trips to explore the island while some villas on Nurai Island boast spectacular views over the beach and pristine waters – perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing yet adventurous escape.

Islands typically feature exclusive coastlines that are designated as private beaches.


Children can enjoy their time at Petit Z, a specialized club designed for kids, amongst various options and amenities available on the island. Petit Z provides an exciting schedule throughout the day, tailored to different age groups. Some of the favored experiences include gaming and reading corners, artistry and creativity sessions, as well as learning-based recreational activities.

Additionally, the water park boasts a variety of attractions including four slides, a splash pool with a water bucket, and comfortable sun loungers for relaxation. In addition to these amenities, visitors can find refreshments at the snack and drinks corner which includes delicious home-made ice cream.

Located just half an hour away from Abu Dhabi International Airport, Zaya Nurai Welcome Center can easily be reached by hiring a taxi. Not only that, but it's also conveniently situated approximately 13 minutes from Yas Links Golf Course and just 10 minutes away from Yas Mall, a highly sought-after shopping destination for both locals and tourists alike. In addition to its diverse range of shops, Yas Mall also offers various entertaining activities such as rock climbing adventures, gaming arcades, kids' play zones, numerous dining options as well as VOX Cinemas.


Nurai offers a variety of outdoor pursuits. You have the option to bring your own bike or rent one to venture out and discover the surroundings. The beachside also hosts multiple activities, such as beach volleyball and badminton, and private lessons for tennis can be taken on an open-air court.

Furthermore, there is a yoga pavilion located on the island that caters to wellness retreats upon request. Visitors can also indulge in outdoor spa treatments at the sea-view spa. Additionally, there are facilities such as a glass gym, Jacuzzi and herbal tea corner available for use on site.


The Zaya Nurai Resort hosts a variety of events and is particularly popular for destination weddings, corporate gatherings, and birthdays. A specialized team is available at the resort to assist clients with planning their events. Additionally, guests can stay entertained with beach parties, engaging activities, and unique celebrations like the Nurai Fest music festival.


If you're heading to Nurai Island Abu Dhabi in the winter, it's wise to bring along some warm clothing as the nights can turn chilly. Additionally, this island boasts secluded private residences that require a boat for access to other parts of Abu Dhabi.

FAQs about Nurai Island

How to get to Nurai Island from central Abu Dhabi?

To get to Zaya Nurai Island, simply book a boat ride from Saadiyat Island. Boats depart every hour, so make sure to reserve your spot in advance.

How far is Nurai Island from Abu Dhabi?

Approximately 20 kilometers away from the heart of Abu Dhabi lies Nurai Island.

How far is Zaya Nurai Island from Dubai?

The distance by road from Dubai to Zaya Nurai Island Resort in Abu Dhabi is 86 km.

Who owns Nurai Island?

An Abu Dhabi-based venture called Zaya Retreats was established by Nadia Zaal, an Emirati entrepreneur. In 2014, she inaugurated the project on the island, which serves as a vacation spot in Abu Dhabi and is currently under her management.

How many islands are there in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi boasts a collection of more than 200 islands and artificially constructed groups of islands.

Which popular attractions are near Nurai Island Abu Dhabi?

In proximity to the leisure area are Saadiyat Beach Club, Hamilton's Gastropub and Fun City.

Are there parking spaces in Zaya Nurai Island Resort Abu Dhabi?

Complimentary parking facilities are available for guests at the resort.

Does Nurai Island Resort offer airport shuttle services?

EN: Guests can take advantage of the airport shuttle service to reach the resort, but it is advisable to make arrangements in advance to prevent any potential hassles.

Are there any places to exercise on Nurai Island Resort?

Visitors at Nurai Island Resort are provided with entry to a range of amenities, including but not limited to pools for swimming, wellness centers and various exercise equipment.