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The Saadiyat Cultural District, situated in Saadiyat Island, is devoted to the advancement of artistic endeavors. It can be found next to Al Falah Road and boasts numerous conveniences such as retail and commercial hubs, upscale residences, hotels, and noteworthy attractions. Nudra represents a luxurious community featuring beachside villas integrated within the Saadiyat Cultural District. This picturesque location prioritizes the most meticulous attention to detail.

total of 32 villas and 5 residential plots. IMKAN Properties is the developer responsible for Nudra which comprises of The Dunes, The Shores Land Plots, and The Beach Villas. These properties offer ‘shell and core’ units that allow buyers to customize their interiors according to their preferences. Measuring from 9,171 sq.ft. to 13,585 sq.ft., Nudra Villas come in configurations ranging from four to six bedrooms. It's noteworthy that it's the sole Saadiyat Island development with these features.

Enjoy exclusive access to a secluded shoreline.




Residing in a master-planned community provides convenient access to amenities. Nudra Saadiyat's prime location grants inhabitants effortless entry to lively eateries, high-end retail destinations, and enriching cultural opportunities.

The noteworthy aspects of the sub-community consist of:

Nudra Saadiyat Island offers a range of contemporary amenities and recreational activities for its residents. The community provides 24-hour security services, ensuring a safe living environment. For those looking to maintain an active lifestyle, there are numerous parks, tracks for jogging and cycling, as well as a fitness centre on-site. Tennis enthusiasts can also indulge in their passion at the available courts. Additionally, the area features various local banks, a medical centre that is open around the clock, a community club facility and mosque. Lastly, swimming pools and resorts are conveniently located within close proximity to this neighbourhood enclave.


Nudra Saadiyat offers a combination of 32 villas and 5 residential plots. The neighbourhood comprises two types of villas, namely, The Beach and The Dunes. What sets them apart is their distinct interior design options.

The Dunes area has homes ranging from 852 to 855 sq. m. and is split into two sub-communities: Dunes 1 and Dunes 2. Meanwhile, The Beach properties cover an area of 1,262 sq. m., with both Beach 1 and Beach 2 surrounded by lovely greenery and landscaped parks. These impressive developments will be available as shell and core finished units.

Buyers have the opportunity to create their own personalized residential properties within the sub-community.

Sale Trends in Nudra Saadiyat Island

In Nudra, there are a range of properties available for purchase at affordable rates. These consist primarily of unfurnished Nudra villas and residential plots.

Nudra offers villas for sale in varying bedroom units ranging from four to seven. The pattern of sales is as follows:

These modern villas come in configurations of 3 to 7 bedrooms, all boasting contemporary designs. Positioned in a prime location with stunning views of the landscaped garden and sea, each villa is fully furnished with en-suite bedrooms, a master bedroom complete with dressing room, as well as a maid's room, laundry room and storeroom. There's ample space for entertaining guests too with formal dining areas, family living rooms and even games areas. Each unit also has access to not just one but their own private pool situated on spacious rooftops or terraces - perfect for relaxation!

When it comes to purchasing residential land in Nudra, anticipate spending AED 28M for a piece of property that spans 26,000 square feet.


Individuals residing in Nudra Abu Dhabi have access to exclusive parking areas within their homes, while outsiders or guests can make use of the public parking lots.

Public Transportation near Nudra Villas

Public transportation in Abu Dhabi is widely used, and taxis and bus stops are easily accessible near Nudra Villas.

You can avail yourself of bus services from different stops in the Cultural District, such as Jacques Chirac St / Mamsha Al Saadiyat, Laffan St / Stop 1152, Stop 1153 / Jacques Chirac St and Manarat Al Saadiyat. These locations are all just a short drive away, ranging from 2 to 5 minutes.

Booking cab services and taxis online is a breeze in this sub-community, as it's conveniently located near the top tourist spots on the island.



Residents of Nudra Saadiyat Island have a variety of choices when it comes to grocery shopping. There are numerous supermarkets in close proximity, such as:

Saadiyat To Go Supermarket can be reached by car in just 9 minutes. In Abu Dhabi, there are several well-known hypermarkets such as Waitrose and Lulu Express that offer a variety of items beyond groceries. A Waitrose branch is located on 4th Street, which can be reached in only 13 minutes by car. Additionally, Lulu Express is located on Hidd Al Saadiyat Road and it takes approximately 16 minutes to drive there from Saadiyat To Go Supermarket.


Located just a 10-minute drive away from Nudra, Masjid Saadiyat Island is one of several mosques in the vicinity. Others to note include Hidd Al Saadiyat Mosque, Zubair Bin Awam Mosque, Thani bin Mohammed Mosque, Mosque of Sheikh Ahmed and Mosque Ahmed Jaber Al-Hamli - all less than a 17-minute drive from this sub-community on Saadiyat Island.


The RCCG Spring of Life in Abu Dhabi is the closest church to Nudra Villas, only a 14-minute drive away. If residents want to attend other nearby churches, they will need to travel to Al Mushrif which takes around 22 minutes. Al Mushrif offers a variety of popular places of worship such as St. Joseph’s Cathedral Abu Dhabi, St Andrew’s Church, George Orthodox Cathedral, Abu Dhabi Apostolic Tamil Church, King’s Church and Anazao Ministry – Abu Dhabi Tamil Church.

The BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi is located approximately a 30-minute drive from here.

To reach Gurdwara Mata Sahib in Mussafah M-11, it takes approximately 34 minutes by car.


Parents can discover nurseries suitable for toddlers.

The Redwood Montessori Nursery has a location on Saadiyat Island, where it offers top-notch education using the Montessori learning approach. This nursery is highly regarded in Abu Dhabi.

Educational institutions in the vicinity of Nudra Saadiyat encompass:

Established in 2014, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi is situated near Manarat Al Saadiyat and provides the British International Curriculum for students ranging from FS1 to Year 13. The school is regarded as exceptional by ADEK with a rating of 'Very Good' and is among the top schools in Abu Dhabi. The campus can be easily located within a mere three-minute distance from the region.

Al Shomoo Private School is situated in Al Zahiyah and can be reached by car within 10 minutes. Abu Dhabi Grammar School, on the other hand, is a K-12 private school that implements the Canadian syllabus. Their students are involved in various activities such as tech education, sports, arts, Arabic lessons and Islamic teachings. It's only a short 14-minute drive away from Al Shomoo Private School.

Located on Al Najda Street and a 16-minute drive from the Nudra community lies ICS City Centre- the inaugural branch of International Community Schools. The school implements the US curriculum for students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Established in 2013, Repton School Abu Dhabi is a distinguished British curriculum educational institution that has received a 'Very Good' rating from the Department of Education and Knowledge, Abu Dhabi (ADEK). It ranks among the top British schools in Abu Dhabi.

In terms of pursuing further education, individuals residing in the area can conveniently access New York University Abu Dhabi within a mere 11-minute car ride. Recognized and accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education, this highly esteemed international university boasts an enrollment exceeding 2,000 students and provides programs across diverse fields such as Psychology, Art and Media, and Engineering.


Medical facilities in proximity to Nudra Abu Dhabi consist of clinics and hospitals such as:

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is a medical facility specializing in various fields, located just 14 minutes away from the vicinity.

The Tourist Club Area location of Aster Clinic can be reached by car in only 15 minutes. This clinic provides a range of medical services, including general medicine and emergency care, and is widely recognized throughout Abu Dhabi.

Located just a 13-minute car ride away, Corniche Hospital is a distinguished government facility in Abu Dhabi that provides specialized medical care in urogynecology, maternal and fetal medicine, neonatology, and diagnostic breast imaging.

Situated on Khalifa Street, adjacent to the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital is a premier healthcare facility in Abu Dhabi. It boasts an extensive selection of medical offerings, such as cardiothoracic surgery and pediatric intensive care, as well as comprehensive care services for kids. In addition to its exceptional medical services, it also hosts various health seminars and related events catered towards both patients and medical professionals alike.


There are several well-liked neighborhoods in the vicinity of Nudra Saadiyat, including:

By car, Jawaher Saadiyat can be reached in 6 minutes while Saadiyat Beach is an 8-minute drive away. Accessible through Jacques Chirac Street and Shati Al Sa’diyat Street on the North-eastern end. In just 11 minutes by car, you can reach Saadiyat Promenade. As for the Saadiyat Marina District and Hidd Al Saadiyat, they are both a mere 15-minute drive by car.

The district of Al Mina can be reached by car in 12 minutes, and it takes approximately 16 minutes by car to get to Al Jubail Island which is located nearby.




There are a variety of shopping centers situated near Nudra Saadiyat Island where residents can indulge in some retail therapy.

The Collection Saadiyat is the go-to spot for immediate shopping needs and can be reached within a 9-minute drive from the sub-community. If you're on the hunt for an ideal anniversary present, Al Manara International Jewellery is conveniently located just 8 minutes away.

The shopping center in Al Zahiyah offers a variety of stores, including fashion, electronics and home goods. It's conveniently located only a 12-minute drive from the nearby sub-community.

En: Abu Dhabi Mall is a shopping center located by the water that boasts over 200 retail shops and several dining options. Considered one of the top malls in Abu Dhabi, it offers an excellent shopping experience for all customers with a wide range of stores available, including those specializing in fashion, beauty products, children's items, home decor and electronics. Notable establishments found within Abu Dhabi Mall include:

On the ground floor of Abu Dhabi Mall, there is a Coop Hypermarket available. Additionally, the mall provides various services such as pharmacies, gyms, beauty salons and an educational center.

The Galleria Al Maryah Island, situated on Al Maryah Island, is a well-known destination for shopping and dining. Boasting a variety of both local and international brands, this retail center houses more than 400 stores such as Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Zara, Cartier,Van Cleef & Arpels,and Kendall + Kylie.The mall can be reached by car in approximately 13 minutes.


There are numerous dining options available on Saadiyat Island, ranging from casual to upscale experiences. Among the highly favored choices are:

The eateries can be reached within a 3 to 10-minute car ride from the sub-community.

Local establishments serving alcoholic beverages in the vicinity comprise:

Abu Dhabi's bars are great places to hang out with friends on weekends, and they're all conveniently located within a 10-minute drive.


Located on Saadiyat Island within the Mamsha Al Saadiyat Community, Soul Beach is a newly established seaside destination. With its exquisite 1km stretch of well-groomed shoreline, visitors can enjoy a designated 400m swimming area and avail themselves of the convenience of 400 sun loungers with parasols. Easily accessible by car in just three minutes from the sub-community, this beach is definitely worth checking out.

Saadiyat Public Beach, located just 10 minutes from Nudra Abu Dhabi, offers a variety of amenities such as more than 300 sun loungers, changing facilities, shower rooms, and even a retail shop and café. In addition to relaxing in the sun, visitors can also participate in various activities including sailing, windsurfing, beach volleyball or football.

Tourists can also pay a visit to Saadiyat Beach Club for an array of thrilling activities such as sailing and paddling. Additionally, guests can discover beachfront bungalows, spa facilities, sauna amenities, steam rooms, and Jacuzzis that will provide them with a comfortable and unforgettable experience.


There are several renowned landmarks and recreational areas that entice both tourists and locals.

The Zayed National Museum, situated in the Saadiyat Island Cultural District, is a cultural hotspot for tourists. The museum will showcase the rich history, culture and geography of the United Arab Emirates while honoring the life and accomplishments of H.H. (Late) Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan -the Founding Father of UAE. It's worth noting that this soon-to-be-opened museum will be accessible within just 4 minutes by car from the sub-community.

A renowned cultural destination in Saadiyat Island is the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Established through a 30-year accord between France and Abu Dhabi, this artistic landmark opened its doors in 2017. A visit to this museum is a must-do activity while on Saadiyat Island, where you can engage in exciting activities such as guided kayaking tours and workshops.

With its 12 galleries, the museum showcases a multitude of captivating artwork and installations. Among them are beloved exhibitions such as The Fountain of Light, Horses of the Sun, and Tapestry of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar. Visitors who appreciate art can enjoy these picturesque displays at Louvre Abu Dhabi while also sharing them on their social media platforms. Located just a brief 4-minute car ride from Nudra, this remarkable feat of architecture is not to be missed.

The anticipated Guggenheim Abu Dhabi will function as a lively hub for modern art within the UAE. It is set to be a prominent feature of Abu Dhabi's attractions and will present art from around the world starting from the 1960s. The museum's location will be on Saadiyat Island's northwestern tip, only six minutes away from Nudra.


Nudra Villas inhabitants can locate play areas specifically designed for children within an 8 to 11-minute drive.

To engage in outdoor pursuits, individuals may venture to:

Saadiyat Golf Club, founded in 2010, is the premier destination for golfers seeking an unparalleled view of the Arabian Gulf. This breathtaking location also provides ample opportunities for wildlife spotting, including hawksbill turtles, dolphins, mountain gazelles and migrating birds.

Situated on Al Jubail Island, Jubail Mangrove Park is a comprehensive facility that combines the elements of nature, education and leisure. This sanctuary of mangroves invites a plethora of marine life and avian species that are naturally found in Abu Dhabi. The most prominent characteristic of this park is its boardwalk, which meanders through the thick vegetation of mangroves.

There are a number of well-known fitness centers located in close proximity to Nudra Villas.

All Al Zahiyah gyms offer state-of-the-art equipment and are a quick 11 to 14-minute car ride away.

Located in the vicinity of Nudra Saadiyat are numerous spas and salons.

Abu Dhabi hosts a selection of top-notch salons that provide exceptional hair and beauty services such as makeup application, hair styling, facial treatments and various other offerings.


In proximity to Manarat Al Saadiyat, locals have access to year-round events. The Art Fair exhibits an array of international artwork annually alongside various other festivities such as public speaking engagements, live music performances and cultural celebrations.


Individuals living on Saadiyat Island can stay informed by becoming members of two Facebook communities, namely Saadiyat Island and Saadiyat Island Residents.


Nudra Saadiyat Island is a conveniently located residential area with close access to necessary amenities and recreational facilities. Residents have easy access to roadways and public transportation, including bus stops. The vicinity boasts cultural hotspots that draw numerous tourists from across the globe. Potential residents should note that properties in this sub-community are not available for rent.

FAQs about Nudra Saadiyat Island

Where is Nudra located?

Saadiyat Cultural District in Abu Dhabi is where Nudra can be found.

How far is Nudra Saadiyat Island from Yas Island?

Nudra Saadiyat Island is located approximately 28.2 km away from Yas Island, with a travel time of roughly 23 minutes to arrive at its destination.

How far is Nudra from Abu Dhabi International Airport?

Nudra is situated on Abu Dhabi Island and can be reached from the mainland in approximately half an hour.

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