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NBB Workers City Mojumaat Hameem is a housing development for workers in both the private and government sectors, comprised of labor camps and warehouses. Covering an area of 122,500 square meters, it is located next to Hameem Road, about 60 kilometers west of Abu Dhabi. The project can accommodate up to 30,000 workers and has received approval from the Abu Dhabi Municipality.




NBB Workers City, also referred to as Hameem Labour City, is a self-sustained locality that offers easy access to various amenities such as supermarkets, religious sites, malls and restaurants. The infrastructure of this neighborhood has been designed with the needs and requirements of its residents in consideration which has led to it being an established city that boasts modern infrastructure.

Properties in NBB Workers City

The NBB Workers City features a range of buildings including residences, businesses and service facilities. The housing accommodations are split into two categories: the laborers' block and the supervisors' block.

The workers have access to 16 residential buildings, each with a total of 2,304 rooms and three storeys high. The floors are divided into four wings that consist of 12 rooms per wing, with each room measuring approximately 320 sq. ft. Nevertheless, the rooms do not include individual toilets or kitchen areas; instead, there is one shared central area containing multiple showers and toilets, electric rooms as well as a garbage room where all tenants may use these facilities. Furthermore, a single room can accommodate up to ten people at once.

The buildings designated for both the supervisor and technicians have some variation. They consist of eight low-rise residential buildings that collectively house 504 suites spread across three floors. Among these suites are 63 studios, each covering an area of 570 square feet and featuring a built-in toilet and kitchen space. These studios can accommodate up to eight people each.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in NBB Workers City

In Labor City, tenants are provided with at least a single parking spot within the buildings.

Public Transportation in NBB Workers City

As the location borders Hameem Road, it is advisable to use a personal vehicle for transportation. Alternatively, one can opt for cab services. If public transit is preferred, Mussafah Shabiya Bus Stop, which is about 25 minutes away, is the nearest option.


Supermarkets in NBB Workers City

The area is served by three supermarkets, namely Parco Hypermarket, Al Madina Hypermarket and Emirates General Market in Al Dhafra Mall. These stores offer a variety of freshly baked goods, as well as regular shipments of fresh fruits and vegetables from the city. In addition to these items, they stock all necessary grocery essentials.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in NBB Workers City

In order to meet the spiritual requirements of inhabitants, multiple mosques are available across various regions within the city for easy accessibility. The Madinat Al Salam Al Ommaleyyah Masjid is situated towards the eastern side, while Mojumaat Juma Masjid can be found on the northern end and Madinat Hameem Al Sakaneyyah masjid is located towards the southern region.

Regarding the Christian community, one church is situated in the vicinity of Hameem Road. If you desire to attend a more widely recognized church, it would be feasible to journey towards Mussafah community and pay a visit to GiantSlayers4Christ Church.

Schools and Universities in NBB Workers City

Given the focus of NBB Workers city on providing housing for working laborers, schools are not typically found within its confines. Instead, those seeking educational opportunities should look to the central emirate, with GEMS Cambridge International School being the nearest option approximately 25 minutes away. This school employs a standard British curriculum for students from Foundation Stage through Year 13. Another schooling choice in the area is Global Indian International School (GIIS), which follows an Indian curriculum and offers classes beginning at...

From kindergarten through eleventh grade, these schools can be found in the neighborhood of Baniyas.

Clinics and Hospitals in NBB Workers City

NBB Workers City boasts two clinics in its vicinity - the notable choices being Right Health Expert Medical Clinic and Right Health Tabibak Medical Clinic.


NBB Workers City is situated 30km from Abu Dhabi's central district and functions as a self-sufficient, isolated region. Its proximity to the Al Bihouth community is just 19km, allowing for easy access through a quick 15-minute drive via Hameem Road. The closest residential area to NBB Workers City is Mussafah South, which can be reached in only 14 minutes.



Malls in NBB Workers City

The urban area is fully equipped with a variety of shops, ranging from malls to department stores. Prominently known are the Hameem Mall and The Great Mart, which are favored for their discounted prices. These malls house retail stores that offer garments, tech supplies and jewellery items.

Restaurants in NBB Workers City

The individuals have no issue with finding affordable food since there is a fully functioning kitchen located in the city that serves high-quality Asian, Western, and Arabic dishes. This kitchen can easily accommodate up to 30,000 residents. Alongside this option are other trendy dining establishments in the vicinity such as Star Hameem Restaurant, Lake Palace, Ishack and Castle Rock Restaurant. Additionally, cafes like Tea Break Cafe and Chat Point can be found nearby.

The cafeteria in Falcon.


If you reside in the Workers City and seek respite from work with a leisurely beach day on weekends, travel towards Abu Dhabi's gulf side to discover numerous beaches. The nearest one is Al Aryam Beach, which can be reached in just 21 minutes by car. At this location, you have the option to camp, fish or relish the serene splendor of mangroves along the sparkling shoreline all by yourself.


The city centre houses several famous tourist spots, including the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Centre, Wathba Wetland Reserve and Fossil Dunes Abu Dhabi. These attractions are all situated close to Labour City.


On the first level of the residential building, there are play areas specifically designed for a variety of sports such as soccer, handball, basketball and more. Additionally, Muhammed Bin Zayed City Park can be reached in just 24 minutes from this location. Visitors can engage in outdoor activities like running or biking while also taking advantage of green spaces to set up small picnics or even organize barbecue events.


NBB Workers City is a perfect and secure haven for laborers, but it caters exclusively to employed individuals. Additionally, the area suffers from limited access to public transportation since there are no nearby bus stops or metro stations.

FAQs about NBB Workers City

Where is NBB Workers City located?

The NBB Workers City in Abu Dhabi is situated on the outskirts of the city and serves as a self-contained community for labourers. This area can be found alongside Hameem Road, and functions as a city within a city.