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In Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi lies Nareel Island - an exceptional project intended to merge as a residential and vacation hub in the emirate. The island's name is derived from its numerous coconut palms that dot the area, giving it a tropical vibe. Its location near Al Qubeira District makes it easily accessible to visitors and residents alike.

Aldar, the leading property development company, partnered with the National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels (NCTH) in 2007 to transform this island into a complete vacation destination. The plan involves constructing high-end homes and resorts that offer essential facilities. In addition to deluxe residential villas and lavish hotels, Nareel Island Abu Dhabi will also include a yacht club and spa centre. Presently, investing in Nareel Island is solely available for UAE nationals who can purchase land plots to create their luxurious abode.

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The small piece of land surrounded by water is commonly referred to as an island.




Planned as a tranquil yet lively community situated off the shore of Abu Dhabi, Nareel's advantageous location allows for easy access to the city center with just a brief 10-minute drive. As a result of its significant geographic placement, it has become one of the most promising investment opportunities on this island.

In the vast area, there are two interrelated islands, with the North Island being smaller in size compared to the South Island. The development plan includes various highlights such as outdoor swimming lagoons, open parks, a clubhouse, private beach clubs and green spaces alongside retail stores. Additionally, there will be exclusive beaches and driveways connecting residents to other areas of the emirate.

Properties on Nareel Island

In total, the residential development on Nareel Island will offer a selection of 160 plots in different sizes ranging from 1,000 sq. m. to 5,000 sq. m. These can be merged together to create even larger mansions within the lavish community developed by Aldar. To purchase a plot of land on Nareel Island, expect to pay roughly AED 8 million for your dream residence.

direct access to the marina and offer larger covered areas up to 5,000 sq. m. The plots are categorized into five groups based on their size and view, with a total of around 74 waterfront plots available for purchase. Small-sized plots ranging from 1,000 sq. m. to 1,500 sq. m are located along the main Residential Avenue while Group 2 offers partial sea views and covers an area of approximately 2,000 sq. m., while Group 3 and Group 4 provide waterfront views and cover an area between3,000-4,000 sq.m . Some select corner plots that have exclusive access to the marina offer spacious coverage of up to5 ,000sq.m but remain secluded from other areas .

The properties in question cover an area of approximately 5,000 sq. m and provide access to the waterfront.

Sales Trends in Nareel Island

Prospective buyers seeking properties may want to examine residential plots available for purchase on Nareel Island. The original value of a typical parcel was AED 8M when initially offered, but at present, it is projected that the minimum selling cost should range between AED 4M and AED 5M.

Transportation and Parking Spaces on Nareel Island

Upon its finalization, the undertaking will establish a system of streets linking both the vicinity and beyond. Inhabitants with their own means of transportation can effortlessly travel to nearby regions. Additionally, the lots possess ample room for exclusive vehicle parking. Individuals seeking to amalgamate plots and build larger dwellings will have more land at their disposal. The real estate can be fashioned by contemporary architects in accordance with Abu Dhabi's building guidelines.


Supermarkets on Nareel Island

Although there are no supermarkets available on Nareel Island, there is potential for the emergence of shops and restaurants in the future. Since the island primarily serves as a vacation destination, visitors can enjoy various recreational activities and shopping havens. Moreover, Waitrose and Seven Days Mini Hypermarket can be reached within 7 to 9 minutes from the island.

Places of Worship on Nareel Island

After the completion of residential areas, a few mosques might also be present within the community. In addition to this, prayer halls may be incorporated in the master plans of resorts and hotels that are currently being built.

Schools near Nareel Island

There are several schools located in proximity to Nareel Island, namely:

These facilities are situated close together within the nearby area and can be reached from the island in approximately 5 to 8 minutes.

Clinics and Hospitals near Nareel Island

If there is a medical emergency, Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital on Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street in Al Bateen is available. They specialize in general medicine, orthopaedics, paediatrics and gynaecology services. The hospital can be reached within 8 to 9 minutes from the island.


Nareel Island is situated in the Al Bateen area, adjacent to Emirates Palace. Its proximity to Al Ras Al Akhdar and Al Khalidiyah places residents and visitors within reach of several notable locations in Abu Dhabi such as Yas Mall, World Trade Center, and the Abu Dhabi International Airport.



Malls near Nareel Island

Located approximately 9 minutes from the island, Al Bateen Mall is just one of the many retail options that will become available on Nareel Island in the near future. In addition to these forthcoming outlets, there are currently some nearby shopping centers such as Al Khalidiyah Mall and Greenfield Mall in neighbouring areas.

Restaurants on Nareel Island

On the island, there will be beach clubs, restaurants and bars available at the resorts and hotels. Dining options in close proximity to the island consist of Chamas, The Bagel Bar, No. Fifty Seven Boutique Cafe, as well as Ozo.


The island provides free beach access, while the Marina Al Bateen Resort is a mere seven-minute journey. Additionally, Al Bateen Beach, which is a well-known tourist spot, is situated slightly further from the island.


Following the conclusion of its construction, the island will showcase residential structures that provide a view of the sea, as well as Etihad Towers and Emirates Palace. The island is situated alongside noteworthy landmarks such as WTC Mall and Abu Dhabi International Airport. In addition, it's in proximity to several significant recreational spots on Yas Island including Yas Mall.


For families seeking a comprehensive holiday experience, this destination provides numerous amenities such as exclusive lakes, communal parks, athletic centers, seaside clubs and leisure spaces. In addition to these options, guests lodging at the hotel will enjoy the benefits of on-site fitness centers, skateboard areas as well as various dining venues.


If purchasing valuable properties is something that piques your interest, Nareel Island has plots worth considering. It's predominantly a vacation spot and doesn't possess any educational institutions within its boundaries. However, there are some options nearby in surrounding areas.

FAQs about Nareel Island

What is Nareel Island?

Located in Abu Dhabi's Al Bateen District, Nareel Island consists of two interconnected islands - North and South. Solely open to Emiratis, this venture presents investment opportunities.

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