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Located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, Mussafah is an all-inclusive complex that was initially established as a modest industrial zone in the 1970s. Nevertheless, with the introduction of Mussafah Bridge—a substantial ten-lane bridge spanning 481 meters—this particular real estate locality experienced a steady expansion and soon became home to numerous thriving enterprises.

During the 2000s, the region experienced rapid economic growth and became a prominent economic zone. An important contributor to this growth is Mussafah Port, which facilitates maritime trade. Recognized for its extensive Mussafah Channel spanning 53km, it borders the northern, western, and southern areas of the region. This deep-water channel ranks as the second longest in the region after Egypt's Suez Canal. Alongside a substantial population increase, several communities have emerged within this developing area including Shabiya and Mussafah.

Mussafah stands out among Abu Dhabi's prime locations for renting apartments, according to Bayut’s Annual Market Report for 2020. The area is renowned for its residential projects and Gardens specifically, making it a top choice in the real estate market.




The Mussafah district in Abu Dhabi comprises the Mussafah Industrial Area, Industrial City Abu Dhabi (ICAD), and Shabiya. This area is known for its numerous factories, warehouses, and offices situated within the industrial zone. Additionally, the residential neighborhood borders Mohammed Bin Zayed City and is conveniently accessible from the Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Truck Road (E30) highway.

ICAD, located to the south of Mussafah Industrial Area, sprawls across 40 square kilometers. This meticulously designed region encompasses diverse business clusters offering adaptable and affordable plot sizes to cater to a range of investors and manufacturers. With its five distinct industry zones, ICAD houses over 350 manufacturing companies and employs more than 30,000 individuals.

ICAD boasts a superior infrastructure encompassing dependable communication networks, well-established roads featuring uninterrupted intersections and numerous entrances. Additionally, it offers convenient connectivity to various seaports and airports, along with more than 200 air routes originating from both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Despite being originally planned as an industrial zone, Mussafah's character has been transformed by the abundance of various community amenities. The area boasts numerous supermarkets, dining establishments, and is conveniently located near educational institutions.


The industrial zone of Mussafah, Abu Dhabi comprises organized grids or sectors that are grouped together. These sectors are conveniently numbered from 1 to 46, beginning at the northeast corner. Featuring multi-story buildings ranging from two to five floors, this area is primarily occupied by a variety of commercial properties including factories, service workshops, industrial land, warehouses, labor camps and shops. The roads connecting each sector frequently intersect with roundabouts and are adorned with greenery.

office spaces in high-rise towers. The offices in Mussafah vary in size, ranging from 200 sq. ft. to 114,098 sq. ft., and are well-equipped with contemporary amenities and facilities. Prospective entrepreneurs have the option to select from a range of office types including fully furnished, semi-fitted, partitioned, as well as full-floor offices.

The warehouses available in Mussafah district provide tenants with a Tawtheeq contract along with the municipality's authorization for constructing mezzanine floors and office spaces within these premises. Many businesses utilize these warehouses for cold storage purposes such as storing food items and pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, there are other commercial properties like showrooms, commercial buildings, and office spaces situated within towering structures that cater to different business needs within Mussafah area.


Regarding the residential properties in Mussafah, tenants can choose from a variety of studio apartments and 1, 2, or 3-bedroom apartments. These flats are located in two areas: Shabiya and Mussafah Gardens. The apartments offer ample living space, bathroom facilities, and built-in wardrobes in the bedrooms. Additionally, they come with well-equipped kitchens. The apartment buildings in these areas also provide shared amenities such as dedicated parking spaces and round-the-clock security measures.

Rental Trends in Mussafah

Studio apartments in Mussafah are available for rent at an average cost of AED 29k, with sizes ranging from 225 sq. ft. to 1,250 sq. ft. The average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in the area is AED 39k, while two-bedroom apartments charge around AED 48k per year. Three-bedroom apartments in Mussafah offer spacious living areas between 1,000 sq. ft. and 2,200 sq. ft., along with three to four bathrooms and semi-fitted kitchens. These apartments are priced at an average of AED 73k annually.

There is a variety of rental shops in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, with prices ranging from AED 25k to AED 1.1M depending on their size and amenities. Warehouse spaces in Mussafah are also available for rent, ranging from 1,085 sq. ft. to an impressive area of 203,622 sq. ft., with prices starting at AED 15k up to AED 17.6M. Additionally, one can find labour camps for rent in Mussafah as well.

In Mussafah, rental offices are commonly furnished and come with the option of outdoor branding. The price range for these offices varies from AED 6k to AED 6.3M per year. Additionally, Mussafah is home to showrooms and service centers for renowned automobile brands including Jeep, Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Volkswagen. The annual prices for renting showrooms in Mussafah start at AED 160k and go up to AED 1.5M.

Most Popular Communities in Mussafah

In Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, there are two primary subcommunities for residential properties – Shabiya and Mussafah Garden. Additionally, in the Mussafah Industrial Area, you can find a few residential towers. It would be beneficial to explore the most sought-after community in Mussafah before considering renting or purchasing an apartment in this area.

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Based on the gathered information, Shabiya stands out as the favored neighborhood in Mussafah. Prospective tenants have a range of options to select from, including studios to 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Shabiya. For those seeking a 1-bedroom apartment, the annual rent begins at AED 30k, while larger and more spacious 2-bedroom flats can be rented within a price bracket of AED 35k to AED 72k per year.

Mussafah Gardens, situated in the coastal areas north of the industrial district, is a well-liked community for renting apartments in Mussafah. This residential complex consists of two towers housing a total of 564 units, with each tower containing 282 apartments. Al Nahda Investment is the owner of this twin-tower complex which showcases contemporary designs infused with traditional Arabian elements. The project also offers various amenities including a community centre, fitness facilities, pocket gardens, and abundant parking space. Lastly, rounding up the list is Mussafah Industrial Area.

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Mussafah Floor Plans

Prospective renters can effortlessly access the floor plan of the desired community or building by exploring Mussafah's collection of floor plans.


In the vicinity, countless parking lots and numerous bays are available for convenient car parking.

Public Transportation In Mussafah

The bus system in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi is highly efficient for those who rely on public transport. Bus 101, Bus 102, and Bus 210 offer great convenience to the residents and workers in this area. Specifically, Bus 101 operates in the Dalma Mall area, while Bus 102 serves Mohammed Bin Zayed City. Moreover, Bus 210 from Dalma Mall provides transportation to various locations including Mazyad Mall, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Al Rahba Hospital, and Shahama.

Located in sector M-17 in Abu Dhabi Mussafah, National Taxi LLC is a hired-car transport service boasting an impressive fleet of more than 1,600 vehicles. With its headquarters conveniently situated within the development, commuters in Mussafah can easily access taxis without the need for extensive search or inconvenience.



The supermarkets in the Mussafah Industrial Area are situated in various sectors, including Spinneys and Royal Emirates Supermarket in M-9, as well as Grace Land Hypermarket in M-39. Mussafah China Mall and China Market can be found near 9th street in M-45, while Shati Al-Madeenah Supermarket and Mussafah City Hypermarket are located in M-17. Additionally, the district is proud to house Al Madina Supermarket, renowned for its excellence among Abu Dhabi's supermarkets.

In Shabiya, residents have a variety of choices when it comes to grocery shopping, including Safeer Centre, Ramla Supermarket, Millennium Supermarket, and Hamidiya Roastery.


Mussafah in Abu Dhabi is known for its abundant places of worship, particularly churches. This neighborhood boasts several noteworthy churches such as All Saints Anglican Church, Mar Thoma Church, Abu Dhabi Apostolic Church, St. Paul’s Church, and The Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi among others.

In Mussafah, the Sikh community has access to the New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi, a temple situated near 15th Street. Additionally, there are several communal mosques scattered throughout this neighborhood, including Ahmed Salem Al Mahrami Mosque, Mohammed Sultan Al Yusuf Mosque, Sunni Noor Mosque and others.


educational institutions in the residential area of Shabiya cater to a variety of age groups. For preschoolers, there are options like MyBaby Nursery, Little Helpers Nursery, and Kids Fantasy Nursery. As for primary and secondary education, Elite Private School and Merryland International School offer comprehensive learning programs. Additionally, Emirates Future International Academy, Goodwill Children Private School, and Creative British School are also available in Mussafah. Furthermore, this district is known for housing esteemed Indian schools such as The

Model School and Sunrise English Private School are both educational institutions that provide education to students.

In terms of pursuing higher education, individuals have the choice of attending Al Ain University of Science & Technology located close to the border between MBZ City and Mussafah. Another reputable option is Abu Dhabi University, which is approximately 10 minutes away. In addition to academic institutions, there are various schools in the area offering lessons in music, dance, and karate for children and adults seeking guidance from experienced professionals. These include Jazz Music Institute, Challenge Music School, and Amateur Karate Mussafah.


Mussafah is a neighborhood in Abu Dhabi that offers excellent medical care. Within this area, residents can find top-notch hospitals such as Lifecare Hospital, Dar Al Shifa Day Care, and LLH Hospital. Lifecare Hospital specifically caters to various medical needs with its departments for Neurosciences and Neurology, Cardiology, Dermatology, ENT and Surgery. Additionally, the hospital provides an ICU, radiology and imaging services, as well as a pharmaceutical department. Conveniently located near The Village Mall in M-4 district of Mussafah are other reputable hospitals like NMC Medical Centre and Phoenix Hospital.

Ahalia Hospital located in Mussafah.

Mediclinic Al Mussafah is a highly regarded clinic in Abu Dhabi that provides an extensive array of healthcare services encompassing general medicine, gynaecology, and physical therapy. Additionally, the clinic has convenient on-site radiology and pharmacy facilities available. Other clinics situated in the community include Aster Clinic Mussafah, Sarhad Medical Clinic, Golden Choice Medical Centre, and Emerald Medical Centre. For individuals residing in Shabiya, the nearest medical establishments are Golden Cure Medical Centre and Burjeel Medical City.


Abu Dhabi Gate City (Officers City) is positioned to the north of Abu Dhabi Mussafah, separated by a channel in the Arabian Gulf. It stands as a highly sought-after waterfront destination within Abu Dhabi, comprising renowned residential projects like Sea Shore Villas and Mangrove Village. Located northeast of Mussafah, Al Forsan Village can be reached in approximately 13 minutes by car. Established by Al Forsan in 2015, this upscale community boasts an exclusive assortment of high-end homes and an abundance of recreational and athletic amenities.

To the east lies Mohammed Bin Zayed City, also known as MBZ City, while Al Maqtaa, a residential area along the waterfront, is found to the north. Nearby areas close to Mussafah that are well-liked include Al Rawdah and Al Muntazah.




In the community, there are numerous shopping malls that offer a wide variety of dining and entertainment choices for shopaholics. Among these is Dalma Mall in Mussafah, which faces the Shabiya community and is considered one of Abu Dhabi's finest malls. Situated just off the E30 highway, this popular tourist spot boasts more than 450 retail stores and covers an expansive area of 255,000 square meters across three levels. Leading brands like Marks & Spencer can be found here.

Dalma Mall hosts renowned establishments like Debenhams, Aldo, BHS, American Eagle, and Topshop. The mall also offers a variety of popular international dining options such as Applebee's, Gloria Jean's Coffee, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and Pinkberry.

In the heart of Dalma Mall, visitors can marvel at a magnificent exhibit showcasing two iconic automobiles provided by the Emirates Motor Sports Federation: a 1953 Chevrolet and a 1929 Ford. Additionally, one will find the largest cinema complex in the capital city, boasting an impressive 14 screens at Cine Royal Cinema. With a seating capacity of 2,200, this cineplex offers special screenings for mothers and babies along with cutting-edge 3D screens and luxurious VIP halls.

Capital Mall is a shopping center in the community with a leasable area of 60,824 square feet spread across three floors. It also offers ample parking for up to 3,000 vehicles. Within its premises, Capital Mall accommodates approximately 278 retail stores specializing in fashion, jewelry, electronics, and services. Additionally, visitors can enjoy various entertainment options as well as a wide array of dining establishments including restaurants and cafes.

The Village Mall in Mussafah, located on 12th Street, is a charming shopping spot that offers Al Arab Hypermarket, various local shops, an art gallery, and a selection of traditional dining options such as Mandilicious and Bombay Sweets and Cafeteria.

Mazyad Mall, located in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, is conveniently close to Mussafah Industrial Area. It offers a wide range of top brands like Damas Jewellery, Titan Watches, Adidas, Milano, and La Senza. Additionally, the mall features stores specializing in optics, books, leather products, mobile phones, and fresh flowers. Moreover,Lulu Express and RedTag are prominent retailers within this mall.


Mussafah, Abu Dhabi offers a variety of dining options with Indian and Pakistani flavors at popular establishments like Tasty Biryani, Punjab Star Restaurant, Nujum Khyber Restaurant, and Flaming Hot Al Mandi & Al Madbi Restaurant. Additionally, local favorites such as Layali Al-Sham and Golden Sheep Restaurant can be found in the northeastern corner of the area. For those seeking quick bites or familiar fast-food chains, there are also options like KFC, Pizza Hut, Popeyes, McDonald's, Subway and Biryani Hut available.

Shabiya, a diverse community, boasts various restaurants with a range of cuisines. Those seeking pure vegetarian Indian dishes can choose between Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant or Salam Bombay Vegetarian Restaurant. For seafood lovers, Normandy Sea Food Restaurant is an ideal choice. Jollibee Restaurant offers delicious oriental food and Saj Al Fareej serves exceptional Middle Eastern cuisine. Malabar Junction in Mussafah stands out as one of the finest Kerala restaurants for the Malalayi expat community.

In Abu Dhabi, the locals have the opportunity to relish a delectable selection of seafood and poultry delicacies, along with flavorsome options like biryani, dosa, and puttu.


development is mainly limited to those who are employed within the ports, plants, and shipyards. The only accessible recreational area for the general public is Qaryat Al Beri, situated between the Maqtaa and Mussafah bridges. This location is connected to the Shangri-La Hotel and showcases Souk Qaryat Al Beri, known as one of the finest souks in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the Grand Canal and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. For a unique experience, individuals have the option to take a water taxi tour along the artificial canal. In summary, aside from Qaryat Al Beri, there are limited options for public access to coastal areas surrounding this development on Arabian Gulf shores.

Within close proximity to Mussafah, there are a few stunning beaches. Al Bateen Beach is approximately 19 minutes away by car and is definitely worth a visit. Additionally, the renowned Corniche Beach can be reached in less than half an hour.


In Mussafah, movie enthusiasts can enjoy fantastic weekly entertainment at Cine Royal Cinema on the second floor of Dalma Mall or Grand Safeer Cinema at Safeer Mall. Abu Dhabi also offers other excellent cinemas near Mussafah, such as Star Khalifa City Cinema in Central Mall and Oscar Cinema in Al Raha Mall. Book lovers can explore Mazyad Mall Library or check out the extensive collection of old and new novels at Jarir Bookstore.

The Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, situated at the intersection of Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road and Abu Dhabi-Sweihan-Al Hayer Road, is a sports complex valued at $23 million. In 2004, it was inaugurated with a prestigious Intercontinental Cup match between Scotland and Kenya. Renowned as one of the top cricket stadiums in Abu Dhabi, it has a seating capacity for up to 20,000 spectators. Over the years, this stadium has been selected to host numerous international cricket fixtures including the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Friendship Series.

Pakistan and India have faced each other in numerous competitions, including but not limited to matches against each other and various tournaments.


Situated on Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road (E22) just a short 13-minute drive away, the Ultimate Sports Academy is a private sports complex that caters to budding cricket stars in UAE. Additional sports venues in the Mussafah area include an equestrian center, Al Forsan International Sports Resort, a water-sports park located in Al Forsan Village, and the esteemed Abu Dhabi Golf Club situated within Golf Gardens.

A well-known fitness center called Gold’s Gym is located in Mazyad Mall. It provides a variety of fitness classes, including Zumba, Bodypump, cardio, and step aerobics. In Dalma Mall, you can find the extensive Fitness First gym which has separate sections for both men and women. The facility offers free weights, cardio equipment, stretch zones, group exercise studios, and personal training areas. Mussafah also has other notable fitness centers like Body Factory Gym and Las...

Vegas Gym, World Gym, and Tiger Gym are all fitness centers.

In Mussafah, there are various establishments providing beauty and wellness treatments. Aziz Salon is a one-stop destination offering a wide range of services including haircuts, waxing, facials, massages, manicure/pedicure and Moroccan baths. Silver Palace Ladies Salon in Mohammed Bin Zayed City also provides similar services along with keratin treatments and henna application. Additionally, Kaya Skin Clinic located in Mazyad Mall specializes in aesthetic treatments and offers a diverse array of services.


Mussafah, situated on the edges of Abu Dhabi, is indeed a vast industrial zone lacking the customary residential charm. Consequently, numerous families might find living in Mussafah unattractive due to its prevalence of commercial endeavors.

FAQs About Mussafah

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