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Al Mushrif, located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, is a highly sought-after residential community. This locality is characterized by its abundance of villas and buildings spanning four or five storeys, making it an ideal choice for families and young couples. Thanks to its expansive living space, Al Mushrif provides residents with the chance to reside in a serene and rejuvenating environment.

Situated in a rapidly expanding real estate, Mushrif Gardens is surrounded by numerous government buildings, medical facilities, and schools. Ideally located between Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street and 28th Khalifa Bin Shakbout Street, this area presents a variety of affordable housing choices.




Mushrif Gardens has become the preferred option for families due to its range of standard villas and townhouses. The houses' design draws inspiration from the Mediterranean, while also providing convenient access to exclusive amenities and accommodations. Consequently, this area has become a sought-after destination for individuals looking to rent residential villas in Abu Dhabi.

There are several well-liked attractions in the area.

The community of Mushrif Gardens is made even more family-friendly by the fact that rental villas are located in close proximity to communal parks.


In the realm of residential properties in Mushrif Gardens, there exists a plethora of choices for affordable rental homes. These villas cater to a wide range of occupants, encompassing not only large families but also couples and individuals alike.

Rental Trends in Mushrif Gardens

Below is a detailed analysis of available villas for rental in Mushrif Gardens.

In the elegant neighborhood of Mushrif Gardens, individuals can discover a range of rented townhomes beginning at an annual rate of AED 175k. These properties typically consist of three bedrooms and cover an area of 3,600 square feet.


Residents of Mushrif Gardens have the added benefit of dedicated parking spots, allowing them to conveniently use their personal vehicles. On the other hand, visitors can make use of the street area to securely park their own cars.

Public Transportation near Mushrif Gardens

Residents of Mushrif Gardens do not face any transportation problems. Located in the heart of the capital, this community enjoys proximity to key areas within the city.

13 minutes away from Al Qureum, you will find Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station. This convenient location allows residents to easily access popular areas such as Khalidiyah Mall, Al Qurm, The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri, and Zayed Airport using the public bus service.



Even though Mushrif Gardens does not have a supermarket, there are several grocery stores within a 10 to 15-minute drive from the area. Lulu Hypermarket offers a variety of items such as fresh produce, beauty products, home appliances, and pet food just 13 minutes away by car. Additionally, Alam Supermarket is only a 7-minute drive away, while Al-Mushrif Supermarket can be reached in 12 minutes from the neighborhood.


There are multiple mosques both within and outside the neighborhood where tenants can pray. Al Mansoori Mosque, located near 13th street, is one option. Another nearby mosque is Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which can be reached in a 13-minute drive through Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street. Additionally, Alfranzh Mosque is just a 9-minute drive away, and Ahmed bin Hadhir al-Muraykhi Mosque is located at a distance of 6 minutes by car from the area.

In addition to neighboring mosques near Mushrif Garden, there is also the renowned Mary the Mother of Jesus Mosque situated in close proximity to the residential area. In order to foster religious harmony among communities, this mosque underwent a name change from Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Mosque due to the presence of several churches in the locality.


In the surrounding area, there are several churches available for worship. St. Joseph's Cathedral can be reached by driving for about 8 minutes via Shakbout Bin Sultan Street, while St. Andrews Church is approximately a 9-minute drive from the community. The Evangelical Community Church is conveniently accessible within a 7 to 8-minute drive.

Presently, there is an absence of a Hindu temple in the vicinity. However, inhabitants have the option to travel approximately 1.5 hours by car to Dubai and visit the temples dedicated to Shiva and Krishna.


Near the community, there are various nursery options available.

Al Dana Nursery offers various programs for children that are rooted in Islamic principles. Conveniently located just 9 minutes away from the local area, the nursery places a strong emphasis on Islamic faith by encouraging the memorization of the Holy Quran and hadiths. In Abu Dhabi, Les Fanfans Nursery stands out with its one-of-a-kind trilingual services and is easily reachable within a short 10-minute drive. Similarly, Jigsaw Nursery, well-known in the community, can be accessed via Khalifa Bin Shakhbout Street in a mere 6 minutes.

Several distinguished and well-established schools in close proximity to Mushrif Gardens cater to the community, aligning with the area's sense of familial atmosphere. Some notable examples include:

Over the course of 35 years in Abu Dhabi, The International School of Choueifat has witnessed the graduation of numerous students. Conveniently located near Mushrif Park, this prestigious educational institution is only a short 7-minute drive from the area. Al Nahda Nationals School, founded in 1983, is another esteemed establishment in the neighborhood. Additionally, there is also the option of Mushrif School which can be reached within a 12-minute drive.

While there are no universities within the immediate vicinity, several can be found in the surrounding area. Khalifa University provides graduate and undergraduate programs in fields such as engineering, arts, and science. The campus is conveniently reachable within a 10-minute drive. Additionally, options for universities include the University of Strathclyde Business School, which is also a short 10-minute drive away, as well as European International College accessible by car in approximately 8 to 10 minutes.


There are several clinics in the vicinity.

The unique Al Mushrif Children’s Speciality Centre, located just a 9-minute drive from Mushrif Gardens, is dedicated to providing excellent medical care for families, with a particular focus on children. If you have any dental or oral health issues, Dental Design is conveniently situated only 10 minutes away. Corpofino Dermatology Clinic is also easily accessible within a 9-minute drive. For those interested in British Lasik services, it's just a short walk via Al Khaleej Al Arabi 30th Street.

There are several trustworthy hospitals in close proximity to Mushrif Gardens, including:

Universal Hospital, located in the heart of the city, is committed to providing exceptional medical care to individuals from 187 different nationalities. With its impressive 37 clinical floors and 18 specialized departments, Universal Hospital strives to offer top-notch services. Conveniently accessible within a mere 7-minute drive, this remarkable facility stands out among other healthcare options in the area. Gulf Diagnostic Centre is another nearby choice for medical needs, situated just a short 6-minute drive away. Additionally, NMC Royal Hospital can be reached within only 10 minutes by car from Mushrif Gardens.


The nearby residential areas to Mushrif Gardens encompass:

Al Bateen greets the community on its western edge, adorned with beautiful gardens. On the opposite side lie Al Etihad and Habdat Al Za'faranah, neighboring areas situated along the eastern border.

For those seeking amusement and tourists alike, there are picnic locations adjacent to the residential vicinity that can be enjoyed.

The community is conveniently situated with easy road access to the neighboring Emirates, making it an attractive destination for families. It is surrounded by a plethora of family-friendly parks, creating a pleasant environment. For those who enjoy beach parties, Al Bateen Beach is just an 8-minute drive away. This popular spot attracts expats and families alike due to its wide range of water sports activities. Additionally, residents can reach the exquisite waterfront beach resorts of Al Gurm Resort within a mere 13 minutes via Arabian Gulf Street, attracting numerous tourists.




When considering the various emirates in UAE, Dubai is often acknowledged for its extravagant and high-end shopping centers. However, upon closer inspection, one will discover that Abu Dhabi and its surrounding communities also boast an impressive array of fashion labels from top designers, affordable price ranges, and exclusive promotional deals available at their shopping malls.

There are several well-liked choices for shopping centers in close proximity to Mushrif Garden.

drive away, are also easily accessible from the area. Additionally, there are various other amenities and services available in close proximity to cater to the residents' needs.

Residents have alternative choices for leaving their homes, such as using other means of transportation or opting for secondary methods.


There are renowned dining establishments in close proximity to Mushrif Gardens.

There are several options for dining nearby, ranging from casual to more upscale establishments. If you have a hankering for Thai food, Lemongrass Restaurant is the place to go to please your taste buds. For those in search of Italian cuisine, II Forno Restaurant is worth a visit. And if you're after authentic Iraqi dishes in Abu Dhabi, Al Maskoof Al-Iraqi is highly recommended.

India Palace is located on the right side of Shakhbout Bin Sultan Street, just a 15-minute drive away. Additionally, within a 10-minute drive from this area, you can access other dining options like Healthway and Isfahan Nights Restaurant.

Having pubs in close proximity to Mushrif Gardens creates an ideal location for hosting parties. Some of the neighboring establishments include:

Situated within close proximity, 19th Street Bar and Restaurant boasts an extensive selection of wines sourced from various corners of the globe. Particularly beloved by patrons are the white and red wines hailing from France, Australia, and Spain. Meanwhile, Porters English Club offers a renowned brunch experience accompanied by live music that attracts a loyal following. This pub can be conveniently reached within an 11-minute drive, while Harvesters Pub is just a short 15-minute journey from the community.


There are numerous beaches in close proximity to Mushrif Gardens, but Al Bateen stands out as a highly favored option. Situated at a distance of 3.3 km from the area, Al Bateen presents an awe-inspiring view of the coastline.

As per the Abu Dhabi government, Al Bateen Beach is ideal for fishing, swimming and enjoying a family picnic. This beach is also renowned globally for its ecological preservation efforts and exceptional quality. Moreover, Al Sahil and Corniche Beach can be easily reached within 12 and 11 minutes respectively by car.


There are several prominent landmarks in the vicinity of Mushrif Malls,

The famous Al Mushrif Palace stands as a remarkable landmark in close proximity to Mushrif. Covering an extensive area of 60,000 square meters, this palace is open for public access. It serves as a distinguished venue for grand celebrations and events during significant occasions in the UAE. By car, Marina Eye and Qasr Al-Hosn can be reached within approximately 15 to 18 minutes each from this location.


Horse riding is a highly favored sport in the UAE, evident by the abundance of top-notch racing facilities and clubs. The Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, overseen by the Emirates Racing Authority (ERA), hosts regular horse riding events to showcase this traditional game on a global scale. With its state-of-the-art amenities catering to equestrians, residents of Mushrif Gardens can rest assured knowing their needs are fulfilled.

For those who enjoy staying fit, there are several nearby fitness centers available.

Umm Al Emarat Park, another family-friendly spot in the vicinity, offers diverse sections such as the Botanic Garden, Shade House, Children's Garden, Great Lawn, Wisdom Garden, and Amphitheatre. This renowned park has achieved recognition through its Green Flag Certification.

In order to enhance the aesthetic appeal and alleviate anxiety, the local vicinity possesses premium spas that provide exceptional body treatments. Some of the renowned spa establishments in close proximity include:

In the neighborhood, you can find Vidal Centre for Men and Inspire Sports Centre – Ladies Sports and Spa. However, if you desire an opulent and indulgent experience, a mere 3 km away lies Club Spa. Nestled within Abu Dhabi Country Club, this spa provides exceptional skincare services for both genders.


In an effort to foster community harmony and promote cultural understanding, Mushrif Mall hosts inclusive public events tailored for families and children from diverse backgrounds. These holiday-themed cultural gatherings not only bring people together but also offer a valuable opportunity to expand one's knowledge about other cultures.


To stay connected with their community, individuals can opt for joining the Al Mushrif Gardens Compound Facebook group to obtain the most recent information.


Residing in the heart of Abu Dhabi is a coveted aspiration for numerous individuals. However, prior to investing in or leasing a dwelling within this area, it is crucial to anticipate potential challenges such as congested roads and bustling city surroundings.