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description of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), a highly sought-after community in Dubai that offers various types of residential properties including studios, apartments, villas, and townhouses. In the southern district 13 of JVC stands Mulberry Mansions, which consists of a row of 12 Victorian-style townhouses with three floors and four bedrooms each. The developer Al Fara'a Properties introduced Mulberry Mansions in 2008 and finished construction by 2011. Situated adjacent to other projects such as Al Waleed Building and Pantheon Boulevard residential complex, this guide provides insight into the area surrounding Mulberry Mansions in JVC.

thorough examination of the characteristics, features and way of living within Mulberry Mansions.


  • A collection of 12 four-bed townhouses


  • Offers well-established freehold properties 


  • Close to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311)


  • Close to Dubai International Stadium


  • At a walking distance of four to six minutes from bus stops




Mulberry Mansions is a project that stands directly across Qmasha Street, surrounded by beautiful trees. Each of these townhouses consists of four bedrooms and offers a magnificent view of the boulevard. Moreover, these properties are not only available for local residents but also open to expatriate investors as they are freehold.

Mulberry Mansions warmly invites residents to have pets, as well as providing community amenities such as parks and stores specifically designed for furry companions. Additionally, neighboring areas house a couple of veterinary clinics.


The standout characteristic of properties in Mulberry Mansions is their triple-storey design, known as G+2. This means that besides the ground floor, there are two additional upper levels. By spreading the living space across these three floors, residents can appreciate diverse community views from different heights and perspectives.

In terms of the ground floor, there are various outdoor areas like a lawn, porch, terrace deck and parking space. Inside, you will find a hall, kitchen, powder room, dining room, living room and a maid's room with its own bathroom. Moving up to the second floor, there are two terraces and two bedrooms each with their own bathrooms. On the third floor, you can enjoy two balconies along with an additional two bedrooms also equipped with en-suite bathrooms. As for the sales trend of Mulberry Mansions homes:

Mulberry Mansions homes for sale offer five different floor plans. Unit A is a corner property on the western side and comes with additional features like a spacious garden and an outdoor pool. Likewise, the eastern corner property also has an outdoor area. These residences cover an approximate area of 4,968 sq. ft., making them the largest properties in Mulberry Mansion and consequently more sought after.


drive from Mulberry Mansions. These transportation options ensure that residents can easily travel to other districts in the neighborhood and beyond.

Depart. The closest option, however, can be found at JVC - Emirates Garden Rose 2 Apartments 1 bus station which is just a four-minute walk away.

Mulberry Mansions townhouses offer residents a private carport featuring two parking spaces. Situated at the rear of the property, this shaded area allows for convenient vehicle storage. As for guests, they can utilize the paved driveway that is brightly illuminated by street lights for parking their cars.



There are several supermarkets near Mulberry Mansions which can be reached within a two-minute walk. One of these is Cistys, also known as Cistys Supermarket in Indigo Ville, while another option is Holiday Minimart located in the Lavender project. In addition to these, there are other grocery stores nearby that are within walking distance such as Spinneys, Rubiyan Grocery, West Zone Fresh Supermarket, and Jame Jam Supermarket.


There are three community mosques in the northern region near Mulberry Mansions. It will take approximately five to seven minutes to reach these prayer areas. Specifically, there is Masjid JVC located close to Mu'allaqat Boulevard, Saleh Mohammed Bin Lahej Mosque near Bijada Boulevard (North), and a mosque currently under construction near The Circle Mall. Additionally, other mosques like Sports City Mosque, Al Adel Mosque, and Masjed Abu Bakr Al Siddiq (also known as Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Mosque) are about a 12-minute drive away from Mulberry Mansions.


The closest Christian place of worship for residents is Casa de Oración Torre Fuerte Al Khail Road (E44), which is approximately 13 minutes away. Additionally, there are other churches near Mulberry Mansions that can be reached within a 17-minute drive. These churches include Gatekeepers Weekday Warehouse, Emirates Baptist Church, Fellowship: A Christian Church in Dubai, and Dubai Central Seventh-day Adventist Church. Each of these churches is located at a five-minute interval from one another.

In terms of temples near Mulberry Mansions, it will take around 18 minutes to reach the nearest one, India Harnath Ke Jama Masjid. Towards the northern side, there are additional temples such as Automech Gurudwara, Jain Temple Dubai, Shiridi Sai Baba Mandir, and Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple.


There are various choices available for both primary and secondary students in the vicinity of Mulberry Mansions. Some of these educational institutions include:

Preschoolers have a variety of choices available to them.

JSS International School offers classes from Pre-KG to Year 12, starting with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum for Pre-KG to KG-2 and ultimately preparing students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) curriculum. Meanwhile, Nord Anglia International School Dubai in Al Barsha community follows the British curriculum and welcomes students from over 76 nationalities. This school stands out by offering lessons in multiple languages alongside English as its primary language option.

In Arabic, German, French, Mandarin and Spanish.

Mulberry Mansions provide convenient access to nearby driving institutes. Drive Dubai Motorcity and Drive Dubai JVC are both within a three-minute walk, offering individuals the opportunity to learn how to drive. For those seeking higher education, there are several options available at the Dubai Knowledge Village such as University of Bradford Dubai, Middlesex University Dubai, and University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD).


In JVC and its surrounding areas, there is an abundance of pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. Among the healthcare facilities in this area are:

Mansions in Jumeirah Village Circle. KMC, situated near Mulberry Mansions, is the sole hospital in the area. Their expert team of doctors consists of dentists, paediatricians, gynaecologists, family doctors and general surgeons. To access advanced medical treatments, patients can conveniently reach Emirates Hospital Day Surgery & Medical Centre within 12 minutes. For primary healthcare needs, nearby clinics serve the patients residing near Mulberry Mansions in Jumeirah Village Circle.

Other prominent medical facilities, including MedCare Medical Centre, Your Health Clinic, and Apex Medical and Dental Clinics.


The nearby areas of Mulberry Mansions consist of:

Dubai Sports City, situated in the southern region, houses numerous sports venues. The prominent feature of this area is the Dubai International Stadium. Adjacent to it lies Al Barsha South, which serves as the southern sub-community of Al Barsha. Similar to JVC, Jumeirah Village Circle is well-known for its apartments, villas, and townhouses. Positioned strategically to the west along Al Khail Road (E44), it is conveniently located next to the neighborhood.




There are various retail destinations in the vicinity, with some under construction, offering a multitude of options for shopaholics. Among them are conveniently located malls near Mulberry Mansions.

  • Al Khail Avenue


  • The Circle Mall


  • My City Centre Al Barsha


Al Khail Avenue, an upcoming mall in Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT), is being developed by Nakheel, a renowned real estate builder. Upon completion, it will boast 350 retail outlets offering a wide range of dining, shopping, entertainment, and service options.

The Circle Mall, an upcoming shopping destination, will soon become the go-to retail hub for JVC residents. Situated just a short five-minute drive from Mulberry Mansions, this nearby mall offers a comprehensive shopping experience. While not as expansive as the renowned Dubai malls, My City Centre Al Barsha showcases a variety of prestigious brands including:

  • Skechers


  • Inglot


  • Aldo


Skechers offers a diverse selection of athletic shoes, spanning various categories including sportswear, workwear, performance-wear, casual shoes, and relaxed-fit footwear. Inglot is a well-known brand recognized for its top-notch skincare and cosmetic items.


There are numerous eateries available in the master community, and some of them near Mulberry Mansions are conveniently within walking distance. Among the standout restaurants in JVC are Pide Keyfi, known for its Turkish dishes; Socialicious, where you can enjoy ramen, calamari or baked yogurt; and Pinza, which offers healthy pizza options. Easily accessible dining establishments include:

  • Lokmat Baladna


  • Coop


  • Desert Wok Restaurant JVC


If you head east for five minutes, you'll find Coop and Lokmat Baladna, both serving Middle Eastern dishes. Coop Restaurant is known for its shawarmas and broasted chicken, while Lokmat Baladna offers delicious grilled chicken and other Lebanese options. While there are a few cafes in JVC, if you're looking for coffee and refreshments in a more urban setting, the following places are recommended:

  • The Kana Café


  • Filli Café


  • Circle Café


The Kana Café in Motor City is renowned for its shisha choice, stylish atmosphere, and extensive food selection. In addition to the beautifully designed interior, they also offer outdoor seating where patrons can enjoy dining outdoors. For those craving a "lazy cake," visit the Circle Café instead. Their menu includes a vegan section as well as a "small plates" section featuring finger foods such as halloumi fries, falafel bites, and vegetarian rice rolls.


Due to its close proximity of just 10 kilometers to the western coast, the master community allows residents of Mulberry Mansions to enjoy beaches within a comfortable travel time of 14 to 20 minutes. The nearby JBR Beach offers various amenities accessible to the public including open-air cinemas and outdoor exercise equipment. Additionally, locker rooms are available for storing belongings securely, along with water taps and showers for beach-goers to rinse off sand from their feet, shoes, and clothes after a refreshing swim.


Mulberry Mansions benefit from being close to various landmarks and leisure destinations situated on both sides of the development. Here are a couple of notable examples:

  • Address Montgomerie


  • Dubai Autodrome


  • The Els Club 


Dubai Marina Walk, Al Sufouh Palace, Address Montgomerie, and the Faldo and Majlis golf clubs can be found in the western part of Dubai. On the other hand, towards the eastern region you will find attractions such as Dubai Autodrome, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai International Stadium and The Els Club. In addition to these popular spots, there are also various nighttime activities available in Dubai that provide a great way to enjoy leisure time during cooler hours. For instance, you can try the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride in Downtown Dubai which is approximately 22 minutes away or visit The Ripe Night Market held weekly.

The event occurs during the winter season at Al Barsha Pond Park, which is conveniently located 18 minutes away by car.


Residents have access to a variety of recreational amenities.

  • Community parks


  • Cycling tracks 


Mulberry Mansions offers the advantage of being close to numerous landscaped green spaces in JVC. The village circle features a network of community parks and cycling tracks that connect the different districts. Although there are no swimming pools within the community, JVC residents can find many gyms and fitness studios easily accessible from Mulberry Mansions. Planyoga is a suitable option for yoga practitioners, while those looking for a more comprehensive workout session can visit New Life.

The fitness gym is situated in the same district and project as the other fitness center, known as Prime Business Centre.

Some of the salons and spas near Mulberry Mansions in JVC include:

  • Nail Atelier Salon


  • Better Beauty Salon


  • Vinca Rosea Ladies Spa


There are numerous highly regarded salons conveniently situated close to residential areas. Nail Atelier Salon focuses on offering a variety of nail care services, including manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, and intricate nail art designs. Moreover, they also offer additional treatments for lashes and brows such as eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, and brow tinting.


Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is a tranquil residential neighborhood that never lacks excitement. Embracing the entire community, various activities and events are organized harmoniously. These include engaging children with face painting, treasure hunts, and musical shows. Furry Friends Adoption Day enables residents to adopt shelter animals, while local craft activities unite mothers in their creative pursuits.

It is worth noting that JVC was renowned as a prime location to witness the longest lunar eclipse of 2018. To commemorate this occasion, Nakheel, the developer, hosted a complimentary event for astronomy enthusiasts. This gathering included outdoor camping, refreshments, movie screenings, and giveaways from 9:30 pm until 1:30 am.


If you own pets, you have the option to join a Facebook page called Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) Pet Owners. There are also other groups such as Jumeirah Village Circle, Jumeirah Village Circle Community, and Jumeirah Village Circle - Residents that allow residents to stay connected with their neighbors on Facebook.


Mulberry Mansions feature homes that have one or two adjacent walls with neighboring properties in the development, resulting in a decreased level of privacy. As a result, individuals seeking complete privacy might be interested in exploring villa projects such as Nakheel Villas, Marwa Homes, Mirabella, and more in JVC.


  • Downtown Dubai is 24 minutes away 


  • Dubai International Airport is accessible in 28 minutes


  • Motor City lies to the east across the D61 and E311 intersection