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The district of Muhaisnah can be found in the northeast region of Dubai, located near the border between Dubai and Sharjah. This area is renowned for its convenient proximity to several industrial zones including Al Qusais Industrial Area in Dubai as well as the Industrial Area in Sharjah.

The community is well-liked by both individuals who work and small families who live in apartments, while those with bigger families opt for the villa communities. Muhaisnah 2 is a distinct sub-community that serves as housing for labourers due to its proximity to industrial areas.




The region is partitioned into four sub-divisions, namely Muhaisnah 1, 2, 3 and 4. The first division predominantly comprises residential areas that harbor schools and villas. Conversely, the second subdivision accommodates labor camps and maintains a level of segregation from other communities. The third section is inclined towards villa-type properties while apartments buildings as well as commercial zones make up the real estate in the fourth segment of Muhaisnah.


The residential properties in Muhaisnah comprise of both villa communities and apartment buildings. The two main villa communities within the neighbourhood are Muhaisnah 1 and Muhaisnah 3, each featuring villas with configurations ranging from four to seven bedrooms. These villas can be single or double-storied, encompassed by high-walled boundaries and palm trees which provide privacy, security and tranquility. There is a variance in sizes for sale that range between 10,948 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq.ft.

The value of the property falls within the range of AED 3.8M to AED 6.3M.

In Muhaisnah, there is a variety of apartment buildings that cater to a range of living requirements. From modest studios to generously sized 3-bedroom apartments, these units offer adequate space and amenities for comfortable living. Moreover, they are well-maintained and thoughtfully designed with the aim of enhancing one's standard of living. A formal dining area, spacious kitchen, family room, study room, and bathroom featuring double basins and walk-in showers are some of the key features available in these apartments. Additionally, since they are situated within gated communities, residents can easily access nearby mosques and playgrounds.

number of well-known buildings can be found in Muhaisnah, including Wasl Oasis 2, Al Naboodah Building, Al Mashroom Building, Dunes Residence and Muhaisnah Residence 1. One standout is Wasl Oasis 2 - a sought-after low-rise apartment complex constructed by Wasl Properties. The development spans across 24 building blocks and boasts around 1,244 apartments. Designed as a secure suburban community, residents can enjoy various amenities such as park areas, swimming pools and parking lots within the gated premises.

A range of amenities are available including a grocery store, place of worship, small green spaces and personal parking options.

When it comes to the facilities provided, individuals interested in purchasing Muhaisnah apartments can invest anywhere from AED 900k to AED 2.10M.

In Muhaisnah, there are a limited number of office spaces, stores and labor camps that can be leased or purchased.

Rental Trends in Muhaisnah

Studio rentals in Muhaisnah begin at an annual cost of AED 16k, while one-bedroom apartment options range from AED 20k to AED 58k per year.

You can find spacious 2 BHK flats for rent in Muhaisnah ranging from AED 25k to AED 78k per annum. If you need a bigger space, you can opt for the 3-bed flats which cost between AED 59k and AED 98k per annum.

The yearly cost of leasing a home with either 4 or 5 bedrooms is AED 125k and AED 130k, respectively.

Commercial properties in Dubai have varying rental and sale prices depending on their purpose. For instance, if you're looking for a place to set up an office, the yearly rental fee would be around AED 432k whereas renting a shop in Muhaisnah could cost about AED 296k per year. Meanwhile, labour camps for rent can range from as low as AED 5k per year up to as high as AED 3.6M annually. If you prefer buying instead of renting, labour camps' sale price ranges between AED 1.28M and AED 24M in Muhaisnah.

Prospective renters or buyers in Muhaisnah can explore well-known neighborhoods beforehand.

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Based on the data collected, it has been found that Muhaisnah 4 is the most well-liked sub-community in the area. It boasts a higher quantity of residential apartments and is situated between Amman Street and Haleb Street. The rental prices for apartments in this neighborhood typically fall within the range of AED 16k to AED 76k per year.

The area's second most well-liked neighborhood is Muhaisnah 3, a community focused on family living that offers convenient basic amenities. Coming in third place for popularity is Muhaisnah 1, which has roomy homes, commercial spaces and leisure areas within the sub-community.


In Muhaisnah, apartment buildings offer designated parking spots for each unit, while those living in villas can find enough space to park one or two vehicles.

Muhaisnah boasts excellent transport connections, with several key routes linking the neighborhood to other areas. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) runs through Muhaisnah and extends into Sharjah. In addition, other important routes include Beirut Street (D62), Baghdad Street (D95), and Airport Street (D89).

Public Transportation in Muhaisnah

In Muhaisnah, public transportation users can find multiple bus stops spread across the four sub-communities for convenient access. Those using the metro can reach the nearest station, Rashidiya, located on Airport Road and included in the Red Line.

The Green Line comprises of stations located on Al Nahda Street such as Etisalat Metro Station and Al Qusais Metro Station, which are situated at a distance from each other.


Supermarkets in Muhaisnah

In district 2 and 4 of Muhaisnah, the majority of supermarkets are situated. However, there exist some lesser-known blocks that house small grocery stores. To meet their everyday needs, residents can turn to a handful of options such as Mango Supermarket, Manar Al Madeena Supermarket and Golden Jubilee Supermarket.

There are several big stores in the area such as Union Coop Hypermarket, Carrefour Hypermarket located in Madina Mall, and Lulu Village that houses the sizable Lulu Hypermarket.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Muhaisnah

Regardless of your location, the Muslim call to prayer can be heard as there are mosques present in every block of the community. Some examples of mosques located in Muhaisnah are Omar Bin Abdulaziz Mosque, Okasha Bin Muhsin Mosque, Ibrahim Lootah Masjid and Taziz Camp Mosque.

The Muhaisnah House of Prayer located in Muhaisnah 2 is the closest choice for those attending church frequently. For inhabitants, there is also the option to travel around 20 minutes by car to St. Mary's Catholic Church on Oud Metha Road or attend either the International Baptist Church or Apostolic Church which are roughly 20-22 minutes away.

The closest religious site is located in Muhaisnah 2, known as the Shri Mariyamman Temple. If you're willing to drive for approximately 15 minutes, another option is the Swaminarayan Mandir Vasna Sanstha located in Al Qusais 2.

Schools and Universities in Muhaisnah

Several schools in Muhaisnah provide diverse curricula for students. Greenwood International School adheres to the American curriculum, while United International Private School follows the Philippine curriculum. St. Mary's Catholic High School offers a British curriculum for learners from FS1 to Year 9 and opened up a new branch in 2015 within the community of residents.

Educational institutions such as The Indian Academy (adhering to the Indian curriculum), Russian International School (implementing the Russian curriculum) and Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive-Dubai (adopting the French curriculum) observe their respective country's educational guidelines.

The educational institutions in the northeast area welcome students of diverse backgrounds and career paths. For females interested in pursuing medical careers, Dubai Medical College for Girls and Dubai Pharmacy College are available. The Al Rashid Quran Learning Centre and Islamic School for Education Training caters to those seeking knowledge about Islam.

The community is located a mere 15-minute drive away from University City Sharjah, which houses some of the top-notch universities such as American University of Sharjah, University of Sharjah, and Skyline University College. However, the universities in Dubai International Academic City can be reached only after a 25-minute drive.

Clinics and Hospitals in Muhaisnah

In Muhaisnah, there is just a solitary hospital - the Dubai Medical University Hospital. If you reside in Muhaisnah 3, Aster Hospital Qusais is located nearby. Moreover, various medical clinics are available in the vicinity such as Aster Clinic, Muhaisnah Health Centre, and Al Mashaher Medical Centre among others.


The surrounding regions comprise of Al Qusais, its industrial area, Mirdif, Al Twar and Al Mizhar. Additionally, City Centre Mirdif and Dubai International Airport are conveniently located just a short drive away. Furthermore, those residing in this locality can easily commute to Sharjah without any difficulty.



Malls in Muhaisnah

Living in Muhaisnah presents the benefit of having a range of shopping options within the community. Etihad Mall, located in Muhaisnah 1 and facing the neighbouring community of Mirdif, is a local shopping complex that can be easily accessed via Al Khawaneej Street (D89). It boasts an extensive collection of international and local Arab brands, as well as indoor amusement attractions for children like Kids Menia, Kiddieville and Cheeky Monkeys. Visitors can also enjoy a coffee break at popular outlets such as Starbucks or Gloria Jeans.

Located on Beirut Street (D62), Madina Mall is a shopping haven with an extensive range of fashion brands including Giordano, Max, Octave, Mulberries Splash and Peter England. Amongst the many stores in this mall is The Body Shop - a globally recognized brand renowned for its ethical practices and animal-friendly beauty and skincare products. Lulu Village, another prominent shopping center, presents excellent bargains on everyday essentials as well as lifestyle items.

Restaurants in Muhaisnah

Serving the expat laborers residing in the vicinity, dining establishments situated in Muhaisnah 2 feature an array of options such as Sonapur Restaurant, Punjabi Restaurant, Medina Restaurant and Chennai Darbar Restaurant.

Districts 3 and 4 boast several trendy dining options, thanks to the presence of notable shopping centers like Etihad Mall and Madina Mall. You can indulge in delicious fare at chic establishments such as Le Café Gateau, La Creperie, Shakespeare and Co., Ari O'Rotti, and Pampangenos Restaurant.

There are numerous fuel stations in the vicinity, often accompanied by popular fast-food establishments like McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King.


Covering an expansive area of 106 hectares, Al Mamzar Beach can be accessed with a quick 15-minute drive. This public beach boasts top-notch amenities, including rental beach cabins, barbeque areas and sun loungers with umbrellas available for rent. Private chalets, dressing rooms, prayer rooms and shower areas also provide added convenience to visitors in the nearby Muhaisnah area. Hungry beachgoers will appreciate the food kiosks and snack houses conveniently located at regular intervals along the coastline.

If you enjoy musical performances and happen to be at Al Mamzar Beach, check out the amphitheatre for possible shows or events to enhance your beach experience.


perfect for picnics, and a jogging track. Dubai Festival City Mall is more than just a shopping destination; it offers a top-tier retail experience with internationally renowned stores like IKEA, Zara and Robinsons. Alongside these impressive retailers are entertainment options like IMAGINE Dubai, Fabyland and BOUNCE-X that provide visitors with an all-encompassing experience. For those who want to enjoy some outdoor relaxation or fitness activities, Muhaisnah Park is the perfect spot, featuring a grassy area ideal for picnics as well as a jogging track suitable for energetic runs.

Running paths and areas for playing tennis.


Dubai Sports Hall is a great spot for badminton enthusiasts as it offers a dedicated court. If you're keen to spend some time outdoors with your family, M 1 has three parks to choose from. For adults interested in getting some exercise, there's also a jogging track that circles the lake - perfect for an evening stroll or energetic run. Additionally, the well-maintained grass fields make for ideal picnic spots and there are even grounds and courts available for football and tennis lovers alike.

In the vicinity, there are several hair and beauty establishments to pick from including Roots Salons, Riviera Beauty Centre, Bin Faisal Salon, Skyline Salon, and Noor Al Nahda Gents Salon. Similarly, for those who enjoy working out regularly, there is a diverse range of fitness centers available such as Al Arif Body Building, Gold's Gym Etihad Mall, International Fitness Centre, Body and Soul Health Club as well as Fitness Junction and Super Gym.


The Muhaisnah Facebook group is available for residents to communicate and stay connected with each other.


The locality offers affordable and tranquil housing options, but it is important to note that its proximity to industrial zones and the airport may result in noise pollution, air pollution, and a less desirable environment.

FAQs about Muhaisnah

Where is Muhaisnah located?

Situated in the eastern region of Dubai, specifically Deira.

How to get around Muhaisnah by public transport?

The buses that pass near Muhaisnah 1 include bus 31 and F05, while those passing by Muhaisnah 4 are buses 13, 17, 32C, X13 and X28.