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Mirdif is a neighborhood in Dubai that provides an ideal environment for families to live in, which isn't frequently found at its price range. Unlike other planned and contemporary neighborhoods within the city, Mirdif has undergone substantial development over the last few decades. It's a far cry from modern Dubai's metallic and chrome buildings but remains well-liked by long-time residents. According to the 2020 Dubai Real Estate Market Report, it's also recognized as the most sought-after area when it comes to reasonable villa rentals.

Examining the various facilities available in Mirdif Dubai, this guide explores why it is an excellent location for families to reside and highlights some factors that should be taken into account prior to relocating.



Equally adored by Emiratis and expats alike, Mirdif holds a special place in the hearts of many families who have called it home for their entire lives. It's a genuine community that caters to the needs of its residents rather than being designed as a tourist destination. Interestingly, unlike many other areas in Dubai, Mirdif does not have any hotels! With excellent schools and plenty of amenities on offer, it's no wonder that Mirdif is considered one of Dubai's top residential areas for families.

There are currently four sub-communities of low-rise apartments in the area.


the Mirdif rental apartments you choose. Foreign nationals can only purchase freehold in the latter, while Mirdiff Hills is almost fully complete and offers affordable luxury options. Union Properties developed the rental apartments in various finishes and layouts that range from studio to 3-bedroom units. Each sub-community has unique traits, but all have amenities comparable to those found throughout the city.

You have the option to select from various apartments in Mirdif.

Typically, rents are annually charged but there are instances where landlords or real estate agents propose adaptable payment plans. If this catches your attention, conduct research on Mirdif's rental price patterns and wisely choose to rent.

Rental Trends in Mirdif

Despite the various property sizes available, Mirdif has consistently maintained one of the more economical rental rates in the city. Presently, a 1-bedroom flat in Mirdif rents for an average of AED 50k while studios go for AED 35k. More roomy options like 2-bedroom flats can be had for as little as AED 50k per annum. Additionally, brand new apartments are up for rent in Mirdif at around AED 75k per year.

Mirdif Dubai is a highly sought-after community among renters, largely due to its availability of villas for rent. These villas come in various sizes and styles, ranging from luxurious townhouses to detached or semi-detached 2-5 bedroom properties scattered throughout the area. A 2-bedroom villa can be rented starting at AED 50k while a 3-bedroom villa starts at AED 60k per annum. For those interested in Mirdif's four-bed villas, the average rental range would be around AED 106k annually. Furthermore, there are upscale options available such as Mirdif villas with private pools.

The properties available have diverse layouts, designs and facilities. It is advisable to explore multiple options to find what suits you and your loved ones since some include individual or communal pools as well as extensive gardens. A garden villa of average size measuring more than 900 square feet can be rented for approximately AED 75k per year. If you prefer a tight-knit community, Mirdif offers townhouses for rent with two to four bedrooms.

Those who are considering investing in Mirdif have the option of reviewing sales trends throughout the year. A variety of apartments and villas are available for selection.

Sale Trends in Mirdif

Those wishing to purchase apartments in Mirdif from overseas can anticipate spending approximately AED 1.7 million for move-in ready flats, AED 561,000 for studios, and no less than AED 900,000 for one-bedroom units that are currently available. Variations in prices can be attributed to the type of setup, complex location and unit floor level.

For those seeking a higher level of luxury, the cost to acquire a 4-bedroom apartment in Mirdif Hills project will be approximately AED 2.6M. This newly developed area has several units available, including duplex residences.

Purchasing villas in Mirdif is a viable option for individuals with a budget of approximately AED 3M. The available units include 3-bed, 4-bed, 5-bed, and opulent 6-bedroom residences. On average, a typical 3-bed villa costs about AED 2.57M in Mirdif. Furthermore, townhouses are also available starting from AED 2.5M.

Prospective investors may want to explore the option of purchasing studio apartments located in Mirdif, which offer a potential return on investment of 5.6%. Alternatively, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments provide a slightly lower yield of 4.6%, while opting for a 1-bed unit can generate rental returns of approximately 4.5%.

ROI in Mirdif

Potential investors may want to explore the possibility of investing in 5-bedroom villas located in Mirdif, which have a projected ROI of up to 6%. Meanwhile, the other available villa options - consisting of 4-bedrooms and 3-bedrooms - offer rental yields ranging from approximately 4% to 3.4%, respectively.

Uptown Mirdif is the top-rated apartment complex, followed by Ghuroob. Shorooq Mirdif takes third place and has a selection of villas with yearly rents starting at AED 73k. If you're looking for newer communities with apartments featuring one to three bedrooms, check out Ghoroob Mirdif or Mirdif Tulip.

Most Popular Communities in Mirdif

Based on searches conducted by users on Bayut.com over the past 12 months

In the suburban neighborhood of Mirdif in Dubai, expats have a limited number of options to buy property. On average, a 2-bedroom apartment at Mirdif Hills is priced at AED 1.5M. For non-citizens who are interested in investing, they may consider Mirdif Tulip where freehold 1-bedroom flats can be acquired for as low as AED 1.M.

Individuals seeking Mirdif Floor Plans have access to 2D and 3D designs for all residential buildings and neighborhoods in the area.

Mirdif Floor Plans

Regarding parking in Mirdif, there are few reasons to be displeased. People who reside in apartment buildings typically receive one designated spot for their vehicle, therefore it may be wise to only possess one car so as to evade the inconvenience of searching for a parking space. Whereas, villas commonly contain exterior areas or garages specifically designated for parking.


While Mirdif lacks operating metro systems, buses are plentiful for individuals who depend on public transportation in the region. The Rashidiya station located on the red line serves as the closest metro station.

Public Transportation in Mirdif

Besides the Spinneys market located in Uptown Mirdif and the Carrefour supermarket found in Mirdif City Centre, there are numerous smaller grocery stores and mini-marts situated conveniently throughout the area.


Supermarkets in Mirdif

Like many neighborhoods in the city, Mirdif has a number of mosques that serve the spiritual needs of its residents. Some noteworthy examples include Mirdif Grand Mosque, Mirdif Masjid, Mohamed Khamis Saeed Albadi Masjid, Imam Abu Hanifa Masjid and Bilal Masjid.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Mirdif

The St Mary's Church in Oud Metha is the closest place of worship, just 16 minutes away, while the Shiva and Krishna temples in Bur Dubai are the nearest temples at a distance of 25 minutes.

find the Mirdif area to be convenient, as there are a number of international nurseries and schools available. Notable institutions include GEMS Royal Dubai School, which has been rated outstanding by KHDA for the past three years and follows the UK curriculum until Year 6. Star International also follows the British curriculum until Year 6 only. There are also options for those seeking the full International Baccalaureate (IB) system in this area.

Schools in Mirdif

Upon exploration, it has been discovered that Mirdif houses a pair of distinguished educational institutions namely Uptown School and Dar Al Marefa School.

For any medical concerns, residents of Mirdif have the choice between Medcare Medical Centres or a Mediclinic hospital. The facilities are conveniently located and easily accessible from various areas within the neighborhood. Additionally, there are numerous clinics and pharmacies throughout Mirdif for further health-related needs.

Clinics and Hospitals in Mirdif

Located within a 15-minute distance from Dubai Festival City are two renowned hotels, namely the Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza. These hotels house some of Dubai's iconic spots such as the Belgian Beer Café and Trader Vic’s. Additionally, the Hard Rock Café - a globally recognized live music venue - can also be found in Festival City mall.

Nearby Areas

In terms of residential areas, Rashidiya is located just a short distance from Mirdif, as well as other established neighborhoods in the city like Al Warqa and Al Mizhar.

Located on the outskirts of the neighborhood is MCC, or City Centre Mirdif, a sprawling complex boasting global fashion retailers, home and lifestyle brands, dining establishments and a plethora of activities to amuse children like indoor soccer. Along with numerous stores within its premises, MCC features top-notch entertainment options suitable for all ages including renowned performers. The VOX Cinemas branch also enjoys widespread popularity among visitors.



Malls in Mirdif

In addition to the community, there are neighboring shopping destinations such as the Arabian Centre and Etihad Mall. Another well-known mall in Mirdif is Park Centre Mirdif.

In addition to the large malls, there are numerous other retail stores in Mirdif for shopping. One such store is the Abaya Mall which offers a unique collection of women's abayas and also features a branch of the well-known clothing brand Promod.

Mirdif boasts of various shopping centers, including the Golden Gate Shopping Centre and Khansaheb Lifestyle Park. These centers offer high-end restaurants, florists, custom tailors, and organic supermarkets. In addition to these options, residents residing in Shorooq Apartments can fulfill their shopping needs at the nearby Shorooq Community Centre. Pet owners will also find suitable pet shops like Paws & Claws Pets that provides dog grooming services alongside other amenities in Mirdif.

In order to prevent redundancy, the following passage will be rephrased while maintaining the same tone and focus on retail establishments.

To avoid saying "shops" repeatedly, alternative words can be used such as stores, boutiques, retailers, vendors or merchants. These places of commerce offer a variety of products and services for customers to purchase. Whether it be clothes, food items or electronics, these establishments cater to a wide range of needs and desires. From large chain stores to small family-owned businesses, there are countless options available for consumers to choose from when looking for somewhere to shop.

Mirdif has a variety of gastronomic options available. In addition to the City Centre's restaurants, Uptown Mirdif offers several popular eateries for residents. Alongside global chains like Starbucks, there are also unique small cafes in Mirdif where residents can choose their desired cuisine for the day.

Restaurants in Mirdif

Mirdif has multiple dining options to suit everyone's taste buds. You have Aljood Mandy Restaurant 2, Al Arrab Restaurant, Chin Chin eatery offering Chinese cuisine and Arz Lebanon serving Lebanese delicacies among others. Additionally, there are several cafes like Filli Cafe, Macchiato Cafe, Costa Coffee, Kana Cafe, Kuttab Cafe and many more. Not to mention the numerous restaurants and cafes situated inside City Centre Mirdif as well.

Although the area is situated far from the coast, you can easily reach Jumeirah beach within 25 minutes by car if you desire a day at the beach. For swimming, there is a neighborhood gym that boasts its own pool, and communal pools are also available to residents of apartments in the vicinity. Whether your villa includes access to a shared or private pool depends on which property you choose, so it would be beneficial to explore your options.

Beaches near Mirdif

Mirdif boasts Dubai's top-notch park, namely Mushrif Park. This area is most notable for its miscellaneous activities such as exhibiting miniature traditional houses from various global regions across the park area. Additionally, it deserves mention that among many parks in the city, Mushrif Park holds two exceptional titles: it is both the biggest and oldest in Dubai.

Leisure Activities and Notable Landmarks

and offers a wide range of recreational activities, making it a prime destination in the Mirdif community. With cycling routes, play areas, picnic spots, BBQ spots, an aerial adventure course and jogging tracks for people of all ages to enjoy; Mushrif Park is easily accessible from anywhere in Mirdif and provides an exciting day out. Not only that but it's also the perfect spot to develop your horse riding skills with its very own equestrian center. The lush park is generally cooler than other outdoor spaces in the area and boasts plenty of opportunities for leisure pursuits.

In contrast with the remainder of town, it is a desirable destination for recreation in warmer seasons.

Mushrif Park, situated adjacent to Mirdif, is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts and fitness buffs alike. It offers an array of cycling routes, jogging tracks, children's play areas, picnic spots, and even an aerial adventure course! In addition to Mushrif Park, residents can also enjoy two parks within the Mirdif community itself - namely Mirdif Park and Uptown Mirdif Park. With their convenient locations throughout the neighborhood, both parks make for ideal leisure spots for families with children.


Inhabitants can frequently be observed exercising with their four-legged companions by walking, jogging or running in the vicinity of their community.

In Mirdif, there are numerous fitness centers scattered throughout the area. One option is Fitness First Mirdif City Centre which provides a complete range of equipment and amenities such as a swimming pool and a separate ladies-only gym. Additionally, residents can opt for Fitness Boot Camp (FBC) Dubai located in Uptown Mirdif Park or the Techno Fitness Gym also situated in Mirdif. A mixed gym alternative is offered by Fitness First Mirdif found in Uptown Mirdif.

When it comes to beauty salons in Mirdif, there are plenty of choices available for the community. There's the Hairy Berry Beauty Salon, Nail Lounge Salon LLC - which specializes in nail care - Modern Women Salon, Sisters Beauty Lounge and many others to choose from. Additionally, Style Image is a salon exclusively for men. The City Centre also has some beauty salons within its premises.

Uptown Mirdif is a residential area that hosts various events suitable for families throughout the year. The friendly ambiance of the community encourages residents to organize their own spontaneous celebrations, rather than relying solely on developers to arrange events, which is a unique aspect compared to other areas in the city.


A prevalent fallacy about the region is that airplane noise is too loud because of its nearness to the airport. Nevertheless, most inhabitants acknowledge that the sound doesn't bother them indoors due to double glazed windows. It's important to keep in mind that owning a car would be beneficial if you plan on relocating to Mirdif since it's quite a distance from the community's metro station.


Mirdif is known for its peaceful atmosphere, which is one of its greatest advantages. The main goal of this community is to provide a pleasant living space for residents. Additionally, Mirdif has a welcoming ambiance that caters to families and offers necessary facilities such as malls, reputable educational institutions, medical centers and entertainment options all within close proximity.

FAQs about Mirdif

Is Mirdif a good place to live?

Mirdif, an area in Dubai, is comprised of a diverse group of people from various nations, as is common throughout the city.

Is Mirdif a city?

Mirdif residents rely on Mirdif City Centre as their primary shopping destination since its opening in 2010.

When did Mirdif City Centre open?

Mirdif City Centre operates from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Sunday through Wednesday, and extends its working hours until 12:00 am from Thursday to Saturday.

When is City Centre Mirdif open?


Mirdif City Centre is opened Sunday to Wednesday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and from 10:00 am to 12:00 am from Thursday to Saturday.