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The Meydan One development situated in Meydan City is a comprehensive project created by Meydan Group that seamlessly blends with the opulent and dynamic way of life in Dubai. It accommodates over 80,000 inhabitants and serves as a residential hub for a significant percentage of Muhammad Bin Rashid City's populace.

The prime feature of the project lies in its placement, as it rests at the convergence point of significant highways, affording it direct access to prominent localities such as Dubai Creek. This mixed-use zone boasts remarkable ventures and encompasses all elements necessary for a lavish way of living.




There are several key features that make this community ideal, including:

Adults and children can both take advantage of the various facilities available in this community. The gardens, with its well-maintained greenery, provides a pleasant and healthy atmosphere that is soothing to everyone. Safety is guaranteed here, allowing families to enjoy leisurely walks or organize small social gatherings and picnics. Additionally, running enthusiasts can make use of the boardwalk alongside the breathtaking Meydan One Canal which is connected by paved trails for jogging or cycling purposes.


Meydan One's residential buildings boast attractive layouts and are home to well-maintained, fully-equipped apartments available for purchase. Discerning buyers can select from a variety of studios, as well as 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units in both fitted and non-fitted options. These apartments range in size from 650 sq. ft. to 1,230 sq. ft.

Sales Trends in Meydan One

Families seeking more roomy choices have the option of purchasing villas within the community, which boast 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses with an ample living space ranging from approximately 3,233 sq. ft. to 8,805 sq. ft., in addition to two or three extra bathrooms.

In the district, there is a mansion available for purchase that spans over 17,544 sq. ft. This majestic property boasts 7 rooms, 11 bathrooms, capacious hallways, and an exclusive swimming pool alongside balconies and additional accommodations suitable for guests and staff members alike. The mansion also includes beautiful built-in wardrobes as well as a private garden to enjoy. Alternatively, other villas located in Meydan One offer various features such as built-in closets or attached bathrooms with some featuring laundry rooms or dining areas leading to semi-open kitchens.


Finding parking in Meydan One is a breeze. Private car parking spaces are provided for residents, while visitors have access to the public parking lot located within the residential building. Those who reside in the villas of this community can take advantage of private garage spaces that can hold at least 3 vehicles.

Public Transportation near Meydan One

The neighborhood is conveniently located near Al Qudra and Al Ain Rd, which provides residents with quick access to neighboring areas. Those who rely on public transportation in Meydan One can catch buses F14 or X22 from the closest bus stop at Fairview Residency 1, just a 12-minute drive away.



Al Ain Way Grocery on Al Ain Road is the nearest supermarket, which can be reached within a 6-minute drive. If you're willing to travel a bit further, Jam Jam Supermarket along Business Bay is only 15 minutes away and offers delivery services as well. For other grocery shopping options near Meydan One, there's West Zone Fresh Supermarket that can be reached in around 13 minutes by car, while Al Maya Supermarket is about 17 minutes away. Additionally, Carrefour and Spinneys located in Yansoon community are roughly a 16 to 17-minute drive from Meydan One.


Within a 10-minute drive from the Nad Al Sheba community, there are four local mosques available. For those who appreciate exquisite architecture, Burj Khalifa Mosque near Meydan One is highly favored and conveniently accessible by residents.


St. Marys Catholic Church, located about 16 minutes away from Meydan One, is an established church in the area. Additionally, City of Dreams on Sheikh Zayed Road and The Dubai City Church on Oud Metha Road are also within a similar driving distance of around 15 to 16 minutes from Meydan One.

Hindu inhabitants have the option to travel to temples in proximity through Dubai Al Ain Road, with Sitladevi temple being the nearest at a 13-minute drive. Meanwhile, the Automech Gurudwara is just a 15-minute drive away for members of the Sikh community residing here.


The educational institutions in Meydan One that cater to young children are:

There are various possibilities for obtaining further education in the vicinity, including:

At Jumeirah International Nursery, children are provided a comprehensive environment that ensures their future success from infancy to four years old. A mere 16-minute drive away is Hummingbird Nursery, which offers engaging activities and entertaining events to keep kids occupied. For those looking for the closest option, Safari Kids Nursery is only 10 minutes away and boasts two vast play areas both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, they have a swimming pool as well as a creative workspace where children can engage in imaginative role-play activities.

In close proximity to the residence lies Hartland International School Dubai, providing its students with the British curriculum and fostering their problem-solving skills and goal-oriented mindset. Meanwhile, Dubai International School is a 16-minute drive away in Al Quoz community. Additionally, North London Collegiate School is located just five minutes away from Al Ain and offers education for grades one through twelve along with extracurricular activities and IB Diploma courses.


Near Meydan One, there are a selection of clinics and hospitals available.

The Nal Al Sheba Health Center is conveniently situated on Nad Al Sheba Road, a mere 7-minute drive from the area. This location boasts top-notch medical care and highly esteemed physicians. Those who seek services at Iranian Hospital Safa Polyclinic or Medcare Hospital need only take a 15-minute drive down Al Meydan Road. BinSina Pharmacy on Bay Square near Dubai Creek can be reached in around 15 minutes by car, while LIFE Pharmacy next to Choitrams supermarket is roughly 14 minutes away.


The primary strategic feature of Meydan One is its location, which offers residents convenient transportation options such as water taxis, cars and public transport to neighboring areas. These areas include:

The district of Meydan One is flanked by Business Bay and Downtown Dubai to the west and northwest, respectively. Its eastern end is wholly occupied by the Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, with access to both sides of the community via Ras Al Khor Road. Meanwhile, Al Quoz 1 can be found at Meydan One's southwestern side and can be accessed through Al Khail Road.




Dubai City's highly anticipated shopping destination, Meydan One Mall, boasts cutting-edge facilities for shopping, dining and entertainment. The mall is home to approximately 180 cafes and food outlets, a hypermarket, an impressive 21-screen cinema as well as over 500 retail shops and fashion outlets. Among the popular brands found in the mall are:

There are several renowned shopping centers in the vicinity of Meydan One, including:

The Dubai Mall, regarded as one of the finest shopping centers in Dubai City, boasts extravagant size and abundance. Along with multiple shopping destinations, visitors can enjoy a grand aquarium, cinema and dancing fountains all within 19 minutes of each other. If you're looking for alternative malls to explore, Oasis Mall in Al Quoz 1 is only an 18-minute car ride away while Dubai Festival City Mall is located just 15 minutes away from The Dubai Mall.


Food lovers have a multitude of dining establishments to choose from in the vicinity of Meydan One. Some noteworthy restaurants include:

For those who love flavorful cuisine, there are several options to explore. Within a 16-minute drive lies Lakeside Spice, whose serene ambiance and picturesque lakeside view make for an enjoyable dining experience. For those interested in sampling Ten Ren's Tea, red bean cookie, or Oxtail soup, Taipei Dao on Al Asayel St. is only 17 minutes away. Fairview Residency boasts the Pak Sufi restaurant which serves up the best of Pakistani fare within just 15 minutes of driving distance. Additionally, Molecule restaurant can be reached with a short 12-minute drive while Track Restaurant is even closer at only 9 minutes away.

In addition to their accommodation, inhabitants have the option of exploring The Meydan Hotel's prize-winning eateries and drinking establishments. Within this opulent establishment lies a variety of dining options such as a sports bar, lounge, and other culinary amenities.

The Prime Steakhouse boasts elegant décor and a cigar lounge, while SHIBA offers Chinese and Japanese cuisine in a traditional Oriental setting. Farrier International Restaurant features a buffet-bar with a variety of international dishes prepared by expert chefs.


Meydan One is a destination that caters to all visitors, including aquatic enthusiasts. Those who enjoy the beach will appreciate the 300-meter synthetic shoreline that overlooks Crystal Lagoons, an interconnected series of lakes anchored by a central beach - boasting the largest man-made lagoon. This location can be reached in a quick 13 minutes and accommodates numerous swimmers while providing fun activities such as paddleboat rides and kayaking.


The community occupies a pivotal position where numerous noteworthy landmarks are situated. The primary ones comprise:

The Dubai Canal, spanning 41 km, connects the region to Dubai Creek and boasts amenities such as a yacht club and marina with a capacity for 100 berths.

Meydan One draws in visitors with its Dancing fountains – the world's biggest choreographed ones – and laser shows that are projected onto digital screens. Adjacent to a civic plaza, The Fountains includes a waterfall and central stage, creating an ideal setting for hosting gatherings like food festivals, fashion shows or any other kind of celebration. Notably, there will be a floating stage on site as well as another waterfall (likely positioned at some distance away).

The Meydan One Heritage Village is a leisure destination that displays the richness of Arabic culture, including its history and social traditions. It also features captivating art that provides visitors with both visual beauty and educational insights. In addition, the Heritage Museum exhibits the UAE's civilization throughout time. Guests can indulge in authentic Arabic cuisine at various local outlets to experience Emirati culture fully.


Meydan One has devoted thorough consideration to sports, with several key locations for engaging in outdoor activities found within the vicinity.

The Meydan One Park is a great destination for sports lovers. They can engage in various activities such as rock climbing and skateboarding. Additionally, there are designated paths for both cyclists and runners along with a BMX park.

The Meydan Arena boasts the biggest indoor ski slope in the world, which is two times bigger than the current German record holder. It also serves as a versatile venue for hosting diverse events like concerts and sports activities including tennis, lacrosse, martial arts and basketball. The vicinity of this arena is surrounded by various football pitches, walking trails and mountain biking tracks that offer ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

Individuals interested in fitness can access various gyms close to Meydan One. For example, Goldbox Fitness located on Bay Square is accessible within 16 minutes. UFC Gym situated in Business Bay is only a 14-minute drive away while the Business Bay Crossfit requires only 15 minutes of driving time. The Warehouse Gym found along Al Abraj St., on the other hand, takes just 13 minutes to reach by car.

Near the Meydan One area, there are various spas and salons available for use.

Within a 16-minute drive, you can find Armonia Spa and On The Go Spa Ladies Beauty Salon, which provide top-notch hair and beauty treatments by skilled masseuses and stylists. Additionally, Belle Femme Hair & Nail Lounge is situated at the crossroads of the primary highways, just a 15-minute ride away. These establishments offer accessible massage services to women in the surrounding area.


Meydan One residents have the opportunity to attend numerous events located at the floating stage in Grand Plaza. With a maximum capacity of 30,000 people, various occasions such as art festivals, National Day Celebrations, concerts and fashion shows can be hosted at this versatile venue for community gatherings.


There is a Facebook group called Meydan City for Meydan One locals. Additionally, Mohammed Bin Rashid City District One Residence – (MBR City, Meydan) serves as another group for the larger community's residents to remain connected.


Living in Meydan One offers both amusement and business opportunities, allowing entrepreneurs and professionals to thrive. Nevertheless, due to the extensive regulations imposed by the Emirati government, establishing a company can prove challenging.