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Meydan, which runs adjacent to both Ras Al Khor Road and Dubai – Al Ain Road, has developed into a thriving metropolis located in the heart of Nad Al Sheba. The community's name is derived from an Arabic phrase meaning "a place to meet," reflecting its blend of exclusive ventures that cater to business opportunities, leisure activities, and luxurious amenities. Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum's original vision for Meydan has been realized through various high-end projects that have transformed it into a pioneering suburb of Dubai.

Meydan City in Dubai surpasses even the most magnificent neighborhoods of the emirate, providing access to world-renowned events and entertainment facilities. While some projects are being developed rapidly, most of the town consists of off-plan schemes. The area is situated in a prime location, covering a vast land area of 40 million square feet. This guide aims to explore what Meydan City offers to those considering investing or residing in the area.




exceptional range of residential and commercial options, Meydan City was established in 2007 during the Dubai World Cup. Featuring an array of impressive developments such as hotels, a sky bubble restaurant, entertainment clubs, skyscrapers and a boat house. Over the years, it has grown to include innovative sub-communities like Meydan One, The Polo Residences and Townhouses, Millennium Estates Avenue and Heights. With its focus on providing exceptional living and business opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

With unmatched quality of life and opportunities to engage in world-renowned sports and entertainment events, Meydan Dubai stands out as a contemporary community with a singular identity on the city's landscape.


Meydan City offers diverse residential properties, including apartment complexes and hotel towers as well as villas and townhouses. As for commercial space, Meydan Avenue boasts a wide selection. The locality also features two distinct zones: Meydan One, consisting mostly of apartments; and Meydan Gated Community, featuring predominately villas. All residential areas are designed with eco-friendliness in mind, incorporating effective waste management systems.

If you opt to rent properties in Meydan instead of making a purchase, the cost per year is quite reasonable. For example, if you select a 1-bedroom apartment, the highest annual rent would be AED 85k. Likewise, for a rental home with 2-bedrooms or 3-bedrooms in Meydan City, the maximum amounts required are AED 113k and AED 140k respectively. This pricing is competitive with other regions of Dubai on the market.

Families seeking ample space can consider rental villas in Meydan City. Options include 3, 4, 5 and 6-bedroom houses ranging from 1,800 sq. ft. to 17,061 sq. ft. The average cost for a large 5-bedroom villa is approximately AED 302k per annum. For affordable alternatives with similar amenities, one can explore the possibility of renting a 4-bedroom townhouse in Meydan at a yearly rate between AED160k and AED185k.

Investors have a range of options when it comes to buying properties in Meydan City, from cozy apartments to spacious independent villas and townhouses with units built in series. The apartments for sale come in 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units making them suitable for all types of residents including singletons, couples, and families. For those interested, the selling price for a three-bedroom apartment starts at AED 1.2M while two-bedroom flats are available from AED 965k and one-bedroom apartments start from AED 520k. These apartments also offer roomy floor plans.

The recently built apartment buildings provide uninterrupted access to a range of amenities including around-the-clock security, elevators, waste management service, fitness clubs, and swimming pools. For those seeking affordable accommodation options, studio apartments in Meydan City are available for purchase at prices ranging from AED 342k to AED 600k.

unfurnished villas and townhouses for sale in Meydan, catering to different budget requirements. The available options include 3-bedroom townhouses with an approximate area of 2,000 sq. ft., boasting spacious living areas and private gardens. For those seeking more economical choices, there are also 2-bed townhomes priced between AED 1.2M to AED 1.6M. Additionally, a larger property like a 4-bedroom townhouse in Meydan can be acquired for approximately AED 3M. Despite most parts being under construction, interested buyers can explore furnished and unfurnished properties across the development's various phases at competitive prices that fit their finance plan conveniently.

Meydan City has a selection of villas available for purchase, specifically in Millennium Estates and Meydan Gated Community. These unfurnished properties consist of 5-bedroom villas and 6-bedroom houses, with prices ranging from approximately AED 5M to 6M.

ROI in Meydan City

Meydan City in Dubai offers great investment opportunities with high ROI rates. The top performers are 1-bed and 2-bed units with a return of 5.7%, as reported by Bayut. However, buyers can also explore the potential of 3-bed apartments for sale that offer around a 5.1% ROI. Prices for these units start at AED 1.2M, while annual rental ranges from AED 104k onwards.

At the top of the list, 3-bedroom units offer the highest ROI at 6.2%. Potential buyers can explore villas with this configuration in Meydan, which have an average price of around AED 2M. In addition to this option, investors might consider purchasing a 4-bedroom villa in Meydan for potential returns of up to 5%. Finally, there are also 5-bedroom units available that provide a return of 4.5%. For those seeking more modest living arrangements and independent property ownership opportunities, newly constructed 2-bedroom villas can be purchased in Meydan City starting from AED1.3M and ranging up to AED1.4M.

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Concentrated in the Meydan Gated Community, rental townhouses in Meydan City can be found in a cluster that includes a mix of villas and townhouses located in Polo Townhouses, Millennium Estates, and Grand Views development. With approximately 198 luxury housing villas, Millennium Estates is highly sought after for its furnished and unfurnished units available for sale or rent. As this development is new, investing in villas here is relatively more straightforward.

a diverse selection of housing options, including one to three-bedroom units and retail spaces on the ground floor. Meydan Avenue boasts a grandstand area and will also house 1,811 residential properties across 37 different buildings. If you're interested in renting an apartment in this exciting development, consider exploring Polo Residences, Manazel Meydan, or The Galleries. These projects offer a range of opportunities to purchase apartments within Meydan Avenue as well.

Commencing at AED 750k, the prices are quite reasonable.

Next up is Meydan One, an undertaking that offers commercial areas on one side and high-end residential properties on the other. Those looking for apartments for sale in Meydan One can explore the AZIZI Riviera development which offers a variety of options.

Moreover, Meydan is witnessing the growth of sub-communities such as Racecourse Villas and Meydan Business Park. Horizons is an additional residential development that features renowned towers like Meydan Gateway, Horseshoe Plaza, Bathhouse Residences, and Meydan Tower.

To find floor plans for Meydan City, peruse Bayut's website to view 2D and 3D layouts for each building or community within the Dubai area.

Meydan City Floor Plans

If you're looking for a brief stay in Meydan, consider The Meydan Hotel as your choice. It's a luxurious 5-star hotel located near the racetrack and is highly favored by visitors attending or observing the races. Additionally, various amenities such as high-class restaurants, relaxing spa services, an outdoor pool and workout center are available on-site.

Hotels in Meydan City

Dubai's transportation system is meticulously planned, featuring a comprehensive web of roads and bridges that link various sub-communities. In addition to the recent unveiling of three sprawling bridges by RTA Dubai, there's also a new private bridge exclusively designed for VIPs to access Meydan Grandstand directly.


The proposal for a tramline from Meydan City to Meydan Racecourse, with a capacity of 10,000 people, is being considered. Currently, public buses travel through multiple metro stations for transportation in and out of the city while taxis are the preferred method of travel within the community. Taxis can be called using the RTA app or booked through Uber or Careem. The nearest metro station is located 15 minutes away in Business Bay.

Public Transportation in Meydan City

Parking is not a major concern for Meydan City inhabitants, unlike other parts of Dubai. Residential complexes for apartments, villas, and townhouses offer designated parking areas. The majority of homes can accommodate up to three vehicles.

Individuals who favor Carrefour Supermarkets for purchasing groceries and other essentials while in Dubai may visit the Burj View Towers outlet, which is only a brief 14-minute drive from residential areas such as Millennium Estates and Meydan Gated Community. Additionally, there is an effort in place to operate a mobile grocery bus (Mobimart), which will make stops at Emirates Pilot Village. Furthermore, Spinneys in Dubai also offers a well-liked supermarket chain with an outlet situated on Meydan Road in Nad Al Sheba 1.



A popular choice for fresh fruits and vegetables is West Zone Fresh Supermarket, while most grocery items are preferred at the nearby LuLu Express in Al Quoz, located just 10 minutes away.

Dubai's diverse neighborhoods are filled with varied cultures, prompting careful consideration in housing development. Meydan City, like other areas in Dubai, has multiple mosques within close proximity to residential areas. Although there are community mosques available, the Nad Al Sheba Great Mosque and Masjid E Ibad Ur Rehman are preferred for larger gatherings.


If you're searching for religious institutions, The Gatekeepers in Al Quoz and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Al Safa are nearby, only a 12-minute drive away. Currently, there aren't any temples located in Meydan City. However, one can reach the renowned Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh temple within 25 minutes by taking Sheikh Zayed Road.

Those looking for churches can visit The Gatekeepers in Al Quoz and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Al Safa, a 12-minute drive away. There aren’t any temples in Meydan City currently, but the famous Guru Nanak Darbar, a Sikh temple is reachable within 25 minutes via Sheikh Zayed Road.


There aren’t many schools within the communities as of now, but there are plenty of choices nearby. Jumeirah International Nursery on Al Abraj Street and Safa British School are some of the choices based on international standards. GEMS Jumeirah Primary School is a high-reputed option, it offers the British curriculum until Year 6.