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The Meadows Dubai is a renowned area known for its tranquil surroundings. Among the nine sub-communities, one stands out as an already established villa sub-community called Meadows 5, situated in a serene location. It offers residents comfort, security, and tranquility. The community exclusively comprises standalone villas ranging from three to seven bedrooms constructed by the leading property developer Emaar Properties.

The villas in Meadows 5 exude an established vibe with its verdant surroundings, serene lakes, and peaceful suburban lanes. Conveniently situated near Al Asayel Street (D59) and Garn Al Sabkha Street (D79), which connects to the major roads of Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) and Al Khail Road (E44), this community offers easy access to popular destinations such as Dubai Marina and Internet City.




The standout features of this distinctive housing development include:

In Meadows 5, inhabitants can enjoy extensive green spaces that serve as venues for communal events, intimate picnics, and private gatherings. Moreover, this self-sufficient community boasts top-notch amenities such as educational institutions, eateries, places of worship and convenience stores for the benefit of its residents.


Enhanced by a thriving community, the homes in Meadows 5 are beautifully designed and boast between three and seven bedrooms along with all the amenities necessary for an opulent way of living.

These two-storey houses include an ensuite master bedroom, guest bedrooms, and additional rooms for the maid and driver. They also have a storage area, spacious living room, and dining area with upgraded kitchens. The bedrooms have walk-in closets and balconies. Additionally, there are private outdoor play areas for children as well as separate gardens and swimming pools connected to some of the villas.

Rental Trends in Meadows 5

The annual prices of the community's rental villas are highly cost-effective, although they fluctuate based on their dimensions. The villa with the smallest area occupies 3,089 sq. ft., while the largest one in Meadows 5 consumes 10,160 sq. ft.

Sales Trends in Meadows 5

Despite being situated in a prime location and offering all essential amenities within the community, villas in Meadows 5 are reasonably priced when compared to others.

Meadows 5 floor plans

Prospective buyers who are searching for Meadows 5 floorplans have the option to view both 2D and 3D floor plans on Bayut. Additionally, they can virtually tour the property by accessing Bayut's advanced 3D live floor plan feature.


In this residential area that caters to families and their transportation needs, the housing units come with car porches that can accommodate up to two vehicles. Additionally, visitors have access to multiple paved parking spots located in Meadows 5, conveniently situated throughout the area.

Public Transportation Near Meadows 5

Getting to public transportation in Meadows 5 is convenient whether traveling by car or foot. For those driving, the closest bus stop is The Meadows Dubai British School and can be reached within a 4-minute drive from the main road. Alternatively, residents can enjoy a leisurely stroll around their beautiful community and reach the bus stop within 15 minutes. Additionally, there are several other bus stops located on Al Asayel Street which runs adjacent to the locality. DMCC Metro station is just a quick 10-minute drive away for those preferring subway travel, while ride-hailing services can easily be accessed via numerous apps available on smartphones.



Residents of Meadows 5 have the convenience of reaching Spinneys in Meadows Town Centre within a quick 6-minute drive. The closer option would be The Meadows Village Mall, where Choithrams and Waitrose branches are available to cater to the daily needs of Meadows 5 inhabitants.

There are several supermarkets nearby Meadows 5, including KP Mart and Carrefour situated in Jumeirah Lake Towers Cluster J. Choithrams is another option, located in Jumeirah Heights. Each of these options can be reached within a 9-minute timeframe. Another choice is Al Maya Supermarket, which is located on Al Sayorah Street in Marina Promenade and can be accessed by car within 10 minutes.


In the vicinity of Meadows 5, there are several mosques situated in clusters. In close proximity to each other lies Masjid Sahool and Masjid Al Wahhab, with Samad Mosque located near Spinneys Town Center just a brief 2-3 minute distance away. Another mosque, Masjid Wahid on Asayel Street is approximately a 7-minute drive while Masood Naqvi Mosque can be reached within 9 minutes at Lailak 3rd Street.


The nearest Catholic churches to Meadows 5 are Saint Francis of Assisi Church and St. Mary’s Catholic Church, which can be reached via Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) in 15 and 26 minutes respectively. Additionally, Christ Church, an Angelic church located in Jebel Ali, is just a 15-minute drive away.

In the vicinity of Meadows 5, there are several places of worship catering to different beliefs. Shiva Temple, a Hindu place of worship that attracts both Krishna and Shiva devotees is situated on Al Fahidi Street which takes around half an hour by car to reach. However, for those who reside in Meadows 5 and prefer a more accessible option, the Hindu Temple in Jebel Ali is just a 15-minute drive away. If you happen to be Sikh, you'll find Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara only 14 minutes away from your residence.


The community's inhabitants are granted entry to a selection of premiere British schools established in Dubai, which uphold superb educational benchmarks.

Childcare facilities catering to young children encompass:

The high schools located in the vicinity of Meadows 5 include:

Dubai British School, one of the prominent institutions in UAE's community, ranks as the second largest school. It promotes participation in non-academic pursuits such as swimming and basketball among its students. Conveniently located just a short 3-minute drive from nearby residents.

Emirates International School is a privately-run institution that caters to pupils from year 1 up to year 13. Situated in the Meadows 4 neighborhood, it can be reached with ease within a mere two-minute drive. Comparatively, Regent International School sits in The Greens community and is approximately a quarter of an hour's distance from the area; its primary education program spans from kindergarten all the way through sixth grade.


In the vicinity of Meadows 5, there are various clinics and hospitals available for medical treatment.

Mediclinic Meadows is a privately-owned medical center situated in the area. With three advanced operating platforms and highly experienced doctors from diverse medical backgrounds, patients can seek treatment at any time of the day. In case of an emergency, Mediclinic is conveniently located just a 4-minute drive away.

Al Zahra Hospital and American Hospital Clinics, situated on Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), are easily accessible within a 13-minute drive for residents seeking medical assistance. Additionally, Armada Surgical Clinic is located nearby and can be reached in just 9 minutes. This surgical facility provides another option for patients in need of specialized care.


In Meadows 5, residents have easy access to established nearby areas since it is situated along 1st Road, which intersects with Al Asayel Street (D72).

Locals can easily reach Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), which also provides convenient access to downtown, Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Beach Road. Community members enjoy easy connectivity to neighboring communities and their shared amenities. In the North-Eastern end of Meadows 5 lies Emirates Hills, while Jumeirah Islands occupies the western side. Toward the far north-western direction sits Jumeirah Lake Towers with most of the Springs sub-communities surrounding the southern side of Meadows 5.




Situated in close proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), the local residents have a myriad of choices when it comes to renowned shopping centers near Meadows 5. Several options are available, including:

The journey to Dubai Marina Mall takes just 8 minutes, and it's the perfect spot for locals looking to shop or dine out. You'll find a wide range of popular brands here, as well as some exceptional high-end boutiques that are definitely worth checking out. Here are just a few examples:

Aside from that, visitors can indulge in four levels of urban fashion. The levels are illuminated with desirable designer apparel, trendy street wear, and a variety of culinary choices that captivate both tourists and local fashion enthusiasts.

The nearest shopping option to the community is The Meadows Souk, which can be reached in just four minutes. Those who are willing to travel a bit further may opt for Ibn Battuta Mall in The Gardens community, a 14-minute drive away. This mall boasts numerous options for dining and shopping, as well as a Chuck E. Cheese where kids can have some fun.


There is a diverse range of international cuisine available at restaurants in the vicinity of Meadows 5. There are numerous options for dining in close proximity, including:

In just a short 11-minute car ride, you can reach Pier 7 - an absolute paradise for those who love good food. Situated in Marina Promenade, this circular building is where you'll find seven highly sought-after restaurants that serve up cuisine from the Mediterranean, Europe and Asia. Wendy's and The Monk are conveniently located together and only three minutes away. Over on the other side of 1st Road, Shakespeare and Co. can be found at around four-minutes distance - offering similar proximity to Meadows 5.


Residing in the community offers individuals a variety of beach options, as it is situated near Jumeirah Beach where numerous beaches can be found along the way. The distance to travel by car through Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) does not exceed 12 to 15 minutes. Admirers of beaches have the opportunity to relish visiting several other beaches adjacent to meadows 5, including Marina Beach, JBR Beach, Kite Beach, Al Sufouh Beach and many others.


Meadows 2 is surrounded by popular landmarks and recreational facilities such as:

These nearby attractions can create lasting memories with loved ones. They are popular among both tourists and locals alike. Ski Dubai, which is easily accessible in 16 minutes via Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), is a highly regarded theme park offering mountain-inspired activities such as skiing, chair lift rides, and snowboarding on artificial snow.

The Ark, situated in Al Furjan and just a 13-minute drive away, offers an array of enjoyable activities for children. Adventure Zone is another option, located approximately 11 minutes away by car via First Al Khail Street, which features an indoor activity park specifically designed for kids.


Residents living in Meadows 5 have convenient accessibility to numerous outdoor recreational facilities, including but not limited to tennis/basketball courts, swimming pools, and football grounds. These amenities are located within the neighboring sub-communities of The Meadows such as Meadows 9 and Meadows 6.

There are various other outdoor pursuits in the vicinity of Meadows 5, such as:

Enthusiasts of golf can experience the course at Address Montgomerie, situated in Emirates Hills. Dubai Autodrome, an area meant for car and bike racing enthusiasts, is reachable within 17 minutes via Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Road (E311).

The Emirates Golf Club and Montgomerie Golf Club are among the most renowned golf courses in Dubai. They provide more than just golfing opportunities, with the Emirates Golf Club serving as a magnificent leisure center that features high-end amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness programs, and exceptional dining options for its members.

The sub-community, surrounded by verdant scenery and flora, is a perfect spot for those who enjoy socializing and keeping fit. Meadows 5 offers multiple fitness options and gyms in close proximity. "Du Gym," located within the community, is reachable within a short 6-minute drive. Additionally, "Round 10 Boxing Club" provides boxing classes at Jumeirah Island pavilion just an 8-minute drive away. Similarly, "BASE-3" can also be reached with only an 8-minute car ride.

There are many beauty options to choose from in the vicinity of Meadows 5, including various spas and salons.

by car from The Nail Spa, NStyle Beauty Lounge, and Bare Gents. It is a popular choice for women seeking beauty treatments in the JLT area.

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Over the years, Emirates Estate has organized numerous food festivals and concerts for the community. They intend to continue hosting such events in the future. Additionally, activities like New Year's celebrations and garden competitions provide residents with year-round opportunities for engagement.


If you're interested in staying connected via social media, check out The Meadows Community group on Facebook. By becoming a member, you'll be able to keep up with the latest news and events.


Residing in this well-established community offers numerous family-oriented pastimes and a welcoming atmosphere, particularly for expatriates who partake in multicultural festivities such as Eid and Diwali. Nevertheless, residents should not anticipate lively nightlife within the neighborhood since it caters to families. Individuals seeking nighttime entertainment can explore neighboring communities.