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Masdar City, an Abu Dhabi-based endeavor constructed by Masdar, a subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company, is a diverse undertaking. Created in 2006, it aims to transform into an eco-friendly urban community. While the initial six structures have already been completed, there remains ongoing development in some sections of the vicinity. The ultimate goal for this community is to house around 50,000 individuals and accommodate 1,500 environmentally conscious companies that specialize in sustainable merchandise.

The planned community is entirely dependent on solar power and prioritizes the use of renewable energy for all its operations, resulting in an environmentally friendly atmosphere. This urban development cleverly integrates both residential and business establishments, making it a sought-after investment prospect.

On the southeastern side of the emirate, approximately 17 km from central Abu Dhabi, Masdar City benefits from its close proximity to the airport. It is also conveniently located near popular tourist attractions such as Ferrari World and Yas Island, while also sharing borders with the established residential area of Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi. This location offers excellent connectivity to roads through Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, Al Rawafid Street, and Al Ishoush Street, allowing direct access to Abu Dhabi Al Shahama.

Highway (E10).

The Annual Market Report for Abu Dhabi 2019 by Bayut reveals that Masdar City Abu Dhabi is well-received by investors, being ranked fifth among the preferred locations for purchasing apartments.



Masdar City, a cutting-edge mixed-use project, has the capability to accommodate more than 50,000 individuals. This forward-thinking development comprises diverse residential units and commercial buildings while prioritizing sustainable living through the integration of solar power and renewable energy sources. As sustainability is at the core of its design, residing in this community proves to be economically feasible and efficient for residents.

In addition to its opulent villas and apartments, the community houses the International Renewable Energy Agency's headquarters and a commercial complex called the Incubator Building. This building accommodates 260 companies, positioning it as one of the largest hubs for clean-tech businesses.

Encompassing a multitude of amenities, Masdar City offers an abundance of options for individuals and families to enjoy. From dining establishments and fitness centers to grocery stores and outdoor recreational opportunities, this thriving community provides an ideal lifestyle experience. In line with its commitment to sustainability, the architectural design throughout the area further supports a sustainable way of living. The streets are spacious and immaculate, prioritizing pedestrians and cyclists, while the towering structures contribute to the allure of Abu Dhabi's lavish skyline.


In Masdar City, one can find a range of properties, including apartments and villas. The villas come in various configurations to cater to different needs. For families seeking a more spacious home, there are 5-bedroom villas available at an average yearly rent of AED 220k. Alternatively, those looking for something slightly smaller can opt for a 4-bedroom villa with an average rent of AED 200k per year.

The energy-saving technologies and efficient eco-villas in Masdar City have been carefully designed to minimize operating expenses. Numerous residences are furnished with solar panel roofs, further enhancing the sustainability of the homes. The architectural style of these villas pays homage to ancient Rome, featuring brick walls, terracotta tiles, and arabesque patterns that contribute to the overall natural ambiance of the community.

apartments offer spacious and comfortable living spaces. The buildings in Masdar City feature a contemporary aesthetic, with each one having its own unique design elements. Some have vibrant supports that add a pop of color, while others have expansive glass panels for an open and modern look. There is a variety of options to choose from, including studios as well as 1 and 2-bedroom apartments. The studios range in size from 333 sq. ft. to 550 sq. ft., providing residents with different layouts to suit their needs and preferences without compromising on luxury or convenience

The surface area of spacious 1 and 2-bedroom houses ranges from 600 sq. ft. to a maximum of 1,200 sq. ft.

In each residential building, there is a spacious community green area that stretches across the surrounding land. The buildings offer various contemporary facilities for residents to enjoy, such as a communal swimming pool, fitness centers, and sauna rooms. Moreover, every building implements comprehensive safety and security measures while also providing reserved parking spaces for each apartment. Each unit is fully furnished with modern amenities like built-in wardrobes, ample windows for proper ventilation, and updated bathrooms.

The generous accommodations additionally offer a separate room for domestic help and an exclusive parking area.


In Masdar City Abu Dhabi, individuals have the opportunity to discover three different types of apartments available for rent. A studio unit can be rented at an average price of AED 45k, while a 1-bedroom apartment is available for AED 70k. As for 2-bedroom apartments, the average rental cost hovers around AED 99k.

These fully-furnished apartments come in different sizes, leading to varying rental prices. Tenants have the option to pay their rent using four post-dated cheques.


The apartments available in Masdar City blend traditional Arabic architecture with modern technology, providing convenient amenities. Many of these furnished apartments are equipped with built-in wardrobes and kitchen appliances, as well as spacious balconies. In addition, residents can take advantage of covered car parking, communal gyms, and swimming pools for their enjoyment.


The studio and 1-bedroom unit offer the highest return on investment at 8%, while the ROI for a 2-bedroom apartment is lower at 7%.

Most Popular buildings in Masdar City

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The Oasis Residence, located in Masdar City Abu Dhabi, is a highly sought-after residential building consisting of 600 units spread across nine floors. It offers a range of luxurious apartments including studios and 1 to 3-bedroom units. The cost for studio flats starts at AED 525k, while larger family-sized 3-bedroom apartments have an average price of AED 2M.

Coming in second place in terms of popularity is Leonardo Residences. For individuals seeking to purchase smaller living spaces, there are options available such as studios or 1-bedroom apartments within the Leonardo Residences complex. The prices for these properties range from AED 500k to AED 800k. If renting a studio flat is more preferable, tenants can anticipate an average annual cost of AED 50k within the Leonardo Residences development. Completing the list are The Gate and Al Mahra Residence.


Within Masdar City, there exists a fleet of eco-powered and other clean-energy vehicles designated for mass transit. Should visitors opt to park their personal cars in the outskirts, they can rely on driverless cars to transport them within the city limits. As for residents, convenient car parking options are readily available.

Public transportation does not extend to this area, and the nearest bus stop is located in Khalifa City, which can be reached by a 10-minute drive.



Masdar City strives to offer a comprehensive range of amenities, allowing community members to conveniently visit the F-Mart supermarket located within its premises. This one-stop-shop caters to all daily grocery requirements with a diverse selection of high-quality products. Alternatively, residents can explore Souq Planet at Etihad Plaza, just beyond Masdar City's boundaries, renowned for its vegan produce and health food section.


To accommodate the religious requirements of the locals, Mosque Masdar is conveniently located within the neighborhood. Church-goers in the community have several choices in Mussafah, which can be reached by a 15 to 20-minute drive. Individuals who follow the Sikh faith may visit the New Gurdwara Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, Hindu residents will need to wait for the establishment of a new temple in Abu Dhabi since their only current option is a temple in Dubai's Bur Dubai district, approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes away.


Situated in Masdar City Abu Dhabi, Ryan International School was founded by Ryan Group of Institutions. The school offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and boasts modern facilities such as well-equipped classrooms, a swimming pool, an auditorium, and activity rooms. Additionally, residents in the area can consider excellent schooling options in nearby Khalifa City.

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, a part of Khalifa University, is situated within the community. Commonly referred to as Masdar Institute, this university provides master's programs that concentrate on environmental research, sustainability, alternative energies, and engineering sciences. Additionally, it houses multiple research centers.


The Doctors Medical Center is a clinic in Masdar City that offers various services. These include cosmetic dermatology, hair restoration, dentistry, body contouring, physical therapy, and laser hair removal. Additionally, Mediclinic Khalifa City and Provita International Medical Centre are conveniently situated within an 8 to 10-minute drive in the neighboring Khalifa City. For more extensive medical needs, the closest hospital is NMC Royal Hospital located in Khalifa City.


Positioned next to Khalifa City A, Masdar City offers its residents convenient access to various prominent sites in the emirate such as Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ghazal Golf Club, Yas Island, and Al Raha Mall.




on sustainable development, the leisure and shopping hub known as My City Centre Masdar (also referred to as Masdar City Center) is centrally located in Abu Dhabi's Masdar City. With a total area of 18,800 square meters, this project features 77 stores. Furthermore, it offers an entertainment center called Magic Planet and a Carrefour Hypermarket spanning over 5,760 square meters. In addition to that, there is also the presence of City Centre Clinic catering to healthcare needs and offering medical services for both visitors and residents in the surrounding vicinity. Given its commitment to sustainable practices, Masdar City places significant emphasis on these aspects while providing a diverse range of facilities for individuals to enjoy their leisure time or engage in shopping activities at My City Centre Masdar.

City Centre, a unique mall in terms of waste management and energy consumption, integrates shaded car parking spaces for 430 vehicles equipped with solar panels. These overhead panels not only provide shade but also harness renewable energy.


Masdar City offers a wide range of dining options, including Caribou Coffee, Jim's Kitchen Table, Pappa Roti Café, Skinny Genie, and Sumo Sushi & Bento. In addition to these options, residents can also visit wallet-friendly food and beverage outlets in Masdar Park like Café di Roma, Frost Bite Icecream, Rock & Rolls Restaurant, Casa Latina Food Truck, and Burger Kitchen. For even more choices, residents can go to Khalifa City A where they will find an abundance of dining options.

Located in Al Ghazal Golf Club, some of the neighborhood's best-rated restaurants include Madang Korean and Ola Brasil Restaurant. Madang Korean offers a cozy and casual dining atmosphere where you can indulge in an authentic Korean culinary experience. Their must-try menu features dishes such as Ramen, Kimchi Jjigae, Bingsu, and Bulgogi. On the other hand, Ola Brasil Restaurant satisfies your cravings for traditional Brazilian cuisine. Along with a buffet service, they also offer shisha and a full bar for your enjoyment.

The restaurant offers dining options both indoors and outdoors, and one of its advantages is providing free parking for guests. Another well-liked eatery in Masdar City is Sumo Sushi and Bento, which specializes in Asian cuisine, particularly Japanese dishes. It is highly recommended to try their fried rice, sushi, and tempura. If you're looking for Middle Eastern flavors, Kababji Grill located on the ground floor of Masdar City Center is worth a visit. Additionally, Century International Restaurant in Masdar City serves delicious Indian cuisine.

In addition, there is the option to stop by Murphy Sports Bar that remains open until midnight. This establishment offers a comprehensive selection of beverages, and the skilled bartender can prepare any drink you desire following a tiring day.


In Abu Dhabi, there is a variety of beaches near the community. To enjoy a sunny day with family and have fun by the shore, residents can visit Al Raha Beach, Saadiyat Public Beach, and Corniche Beach. These beaches are just a 30-minute drive away.

One of the most popular destinations in Abu Dhabi is Yas Beach, conveniently located just 15 minutes away from Masdar City. This serene spot offers a wide gulf with beautiful white sands where you can bask in the sun and admire the surrounding natural mangroves. In addition to enjoying the tranquility, you can also partake in various beach sports such as kayaking, jet skiing, sailing, paddle boarding, and beachside volleyball. Whether you're with family, friends or by yourself, Yas Beach provides plenty of fun-filled activities for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to speed boat tours and banana rides, visitors can enjoy an outdoor gym located at the beach.


As one of the premier golf clubs in Abu Dhabi, Al Ghazal Golf Club is a sports destination situated just a 12-minute drive away. Along with offering an exceptional sand golf experience, this club also provides various options for food and beverages. Additionally, residents of Masdar City can enjoy a variety of sports activities at Al Forsan International Sports Resort. This resort offers an array of options including motorsports, equestrian sports, free-range shooting, water sports, and much more.

To relish the captivating sights of the ocean, Yas Marina Abu Dhabi can be reached within a short 15-minute drive.


For those seeking tranquility, make your way to Masdar Park. This serene park is a beloved destination for locals and families alike. Encompassing 2,500 square meters, it features charming playgrounds for children and dining establishments housed in repurposed shipping containers. Additionally, the park boasts solar-powered benches that conveniently allow visitors to charge their phones while enjoying its pleasant ambiance.

Masdar City promotes a healthy lifestyle, thus it incorporates sports facilities and gymnasiums within its community. Right next to Masdar Park, you can find a football pitch and an outdoor basketball court. Additionally, there is a 5.6-kilometer trail that runs through the community, offering both cycling and running tracks.

Individuals seeking private gyms in the vicinity will discover several options within nearby communities, all accessible within an 8-minute drive. The nearest and most favored fitness club is Arbaya Compound Fitness Club. Cobra Fitness, a well-liked gym, can be found on Al Raha Boulevard, just across the highway. Additionally, Rush Ladies Fitness Centre offers exclusive services for women and is conveniently located in MBZ City, only an 8-minute drive away.

Residents have a variety of options for personal grooming in close proximity. Within the community, Nails Modern Manicure Studio and La Nuo Beaute Salon are highly regarded salons and nail care parlours. Additionally, Kensington Beauty Bar and Tara Rose and Hair Salon, situated just outside the community in Khalifa City, are top-rated beauty parlours which can be reached within approximately 7 minutes. For gentlemen in the area, Heads Up Gents Salon is conveniently located near Al Shahama Road.

For a relaxing escape from the day's stress or simply to indulge in a spa getaway, pay a visit to the acclaimed Golden Desert Spa for Ladies. Here, you can experience exceptional massage services that are sure to rejuvenate your senses.


Masdar in Masdar City organizes various community events to raise awareness about sustainability and its significance. These events feature music, engaging activities, entertainment, food stands, and educational workshops for kids. One such event is The Festival during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week that offers an enjoyable and insightful experience through interactive workshops. Additionally, Masdar Park holds several recreational events catering to both children and adults.


Before making the decision to relocate to Masdar City, it is important to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of living in this city in Abu Dhabi. Like any other area, there are unique aspects and benefits that should be taken into account when finalizing this choice.

You are already aware that this development is among the most environmentally conscious in the emirate, providing you with an opportunity to adopt a healthier way of life in comparison to other areas in the UAE. Furthermore, this multifunctional project combines opulent living with a sustainable environment for its residents. In addition, the community also features numerous entertainment destinations exclusively for its inhabitants.

Nonetheless, an aspect that may present difficulty lies in the fact that a portion of this region remains under construction. Numerous residential units and leisure developments are set to be finalized within the upcoming years. Consequently, individuals residing near these areas might experience dissatisfaction due to a scarcity of tranquility, as the surroundings could prove somewhat noisy. Moreover, inhabitants dwelling in certain central sections of Masdar City will face obstacles when attempting to conveniently access public transportation.

FAQs about Masdar City

What is Masdar City?

In Abu Dhabi, there is a sustainable development initiative on the island that prioritizes the utilization of renewable energy and minimizing waste, especially in construction activities.

Where is Masdar City located?

Situated near the Abu Dhabi International Airport, it rests along the coastline.

How does Masdar City help the environment?

In this bustling metropolis, renewable energy drives its sustainability goals by minimizing waste and preserving the environment. The residences and businesses are seamlessly linked to eco-friendly data centers that operate on energy-efficient servers.

What is the mission and vision of Masdar City?

The primary objective of the project was to establish an interconnected neighborhood that is self-sufficient, sustainable, and vibrant. It aimed to create a community where all essential amenities are easily accessible within pedestrian-friendly surroundings. Furthermore, the project intended to foster public spaces that encourage a healthy family life.

What is the importance of Masdar City?

In Abu Dhabi, Masdar City serves as a dynamic center for advancement in energy-efficient practices and artificial intelligence. This visionary hub has revolutionized sustainable living standards within the UAE, setting new benchmarks for innovation, development, and research.

Is Masdar City sustainable?

Certainly, the development places a strong emphasis on upholding a sustainable environment through measures such as decreasing energy and water consumption as well as repurposing and recycling waste materials.