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Marwa Homes 2 is an expanding sub-community within the Jumeirah Village Circle district. As the second phase of Marwa Homes, this family-oriented community is a freehold property. New World Development Company Limited is the developer behind Marwa Homes 2, with completion expected by the end of 2019.

This particular sub-community provides expansive townhouses and villas boasting distinctive architecture and ambiance. Marwa Homes 2 features a meticulously designed transportation system and pathways to enhance residents' mobility, as well as convenient access to various amenities such as schools, parks, hospitals, restaurants, among others. Situated adjacent to Dubai Sports City along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Al Khalil Road.


  • Freehold development consisting of villas and townhouses
  • Includes multiple parks, schools, hospitals and restaurants
  • Located along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Al Khail Road (E44)
  • Part of JVC and among the most sought after communities in Dubai

Marwa Homes 2 provides an array of facilities and amenities for residents to enjoy a pleasant living experience.



Marwa Homes 2 is set to become a secure sub-community within JVC, offering all the necessary amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.

Near Marwa Homes 2, there are various popular attractions.

Marwa Homes 2 additionally offers various expansive areas for walking, jogging, and cycling.


Marwa Homes 2 offers a variety of properties, including 4-bedroom villas and townhouses. These residences range in size from 1,707 sq. ft. to 4,200 sq. ft., providing ample space for all residents. Each property includes its own maid's room and attached bathrooms for added convenience.

The townhouses' architectural style combines Arabic influences with contemporary interior design.


Marwa Homes 2 is surrounded by numerous bus stops. Some of the closest available options are:

JVC, Al Wazzan Tower 1 and JVC, Sobha Daffodil Apartment 1 are conveniently located just minutes apart from each other in the vibrant community of Jumeirah Village Circle.

Dubai Internet City Metro Station, situated a 15-minute drive away, is among the metro stations in close proximity to Marwa Homes 2.

Every townhouse in Marwa Homes 2 is provided with a covered parking area that accommodates multiple vehicles. Additionally, there are designated parking spots for visitors within the community.



In Marwa Homes 2, you have convenient access to multiple supermarkets that are just a short distance away. Jame Jam Supermarket and Spinneys Supermarket are the closest options. Additionally, West Zone Fresh Supermarket is within a 3-minute walk and Blue Mart JVC1 is only a 4-minute drive from Marwa Homes 2. For those who prefer home delivery, there's also Holiday Minimart, a small grocery store that offers this service.


There are several mosques located near Marwa Homes 2. Saleh Mohammad Bin Lahej Mosque can be reached within a 6-minute drive, while Masjid JVC is just a 9-minute drive away. Additionally, Dubai Sports City offers mosques like Sports City Mosque and Masjid at Elite 1 Sports Residence that you can also visit.


In the vicinity of the sub-community, there are several churches nearby. Casa de Oración Torre Fuerte situated in Barsha South is a mere 12 minutes away. Another alternative, Fellowship: A Christian Church near Sheikh Zayed Road can be reached within 15 minutes.

Sikh residents residing in Marwa Homes 2 would need to journey to Jebel Ali, a distance that takes approximately 21 minutes by car, in order to pay a visit to the Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara.


There are numerous educational choices in close proximity to the community.

In the realm of childcare, there are various options available for nurseries.

Stepping Stones Kids Amusement is a nursery and pre-school situated just 3 minutes away. Its objective is to foster a natural thirst for knowledge among children. Through the utilization of cutting-edge educational tools, the proficient team at Stepping Stones attends to the individual requirements of each student.

Educational institutions in close proximity to Marwa Homes 2 encompass:

Sunmarke School is a British and IB curriculum educational institution that provides A-levels, BTEC, IB diploma, and IB career-related programmes. It is situated 16 minutes away from here. The school's primary aim is to deliver a challenging and enriching education to students while also fostering their character development.

Nord Anglia International School, situated just 17 minutes away, is one of 61 prestigious international schools found in 26 different countries. This educational institution offers a comprehensive curriculum from pre-school to secondary education, aiming to inspire students to have big dreams and a strong work ethic. Nord School also provides opportunities for its students to showcase their talents on an international scale.

For individuals seeking higher education, there are several universities conveniently located near Marwa Homes 2. Among them are Concordia University in Dubai Production City, Oracle University, and American University Dubai in Dubai Internet City. These institutions can be easily accessed within a short commute of 15 to 17 minutes.


The vicinity of Marwa Homes 2 is home to several hospitals such as:

Mediclinic Parkview Hospital is situated just a 15-minute drive away. In addition to general services, this facility provides specialized units for digestive diseases, as well as ICU and NICU care.

There are several clinics close to Marwa Homes 2 that cater to different medical needs. Karama Medical Centre in JVC is a mere 7-minute drive away, while Mediclinic Me’aisem in Dubai Production City is about 17 minutes away. In addition, you can also find Your Health Clinic and Star Vet Clinic conveniently located at Dubai Sports City.


Marwa Homes 2 is conveniently located near various residential neighborhoods and entertainment hubs.

Marwa Homes 2 is surrounded by various residential communities.

Elite 1 Sports Residence and Olympic Park 2 are in close proximity to Marwa Homes 2, all of which belong to the larger community of Dubai Sports City.

Near Marwa Homes 2, you can find various entertainment options in the vicinity.

Magic Planet, just a short 17-minute drive from Marwa Homes 2, is a delightful amusement park designed specifically for children. Al Barsha South is home to Dubai Miracle Garden, an awe-inspiring natural flower garden of unparalleled size and beauty. Additionally, Dubai Autodrome awaits speed enthusiasts with its exhilarating car and motorbike races, conveniently situated only 17 minutes away from our location.




There exist several malls in close proximity to Marwa Homes 2. The nearest alternative is The Circle Mall in JVC, which although currently undergoing construction, will be finished shortly.

Additional shopping centers in close proximity to Marwa Homes 2 comprise:

  • The Springs Souk in The Springs
  • City Centre Me'aisem in Dubai Production City
  • The Pavilion in Discovery Gardens 

The Springs Souk, located just 12 minutes away, offers a variety of outlets from major international brands and an array of exquisite dining choices. Moreover, within the Souk lies Dig It, a captivating children's play area inspired by authentic construction sites.

City Centre Me'aisem, situated just 13 minutes away, offers a diverse selection of shopping choices encompassing fashion, home appliances, health products, and stationary. In addition to that, this mall houses the renowned Magic Planet alongside various beloved dining establishments and cafes. Furthermore, City Centre Me'aisem boasts complimentary Wi-Fi access for visitors as well as a meticulously designed parking facility.

The Pavilion in Discovery Gardens is a compact shopping center situated just 21 minutes away. It houses Carrefour Supermarket as well as several health-focused stores.


Near Marwa Homes 2, there are various local and international dining establishments to choose from.

  • Burger Live JVC
  • Jeita Restaurant
  • Pide Keyfi Turkish Restaurant 
  • Desert Wok Restaurant JVC

Pide Keyfi Turkish Restaurant is conveniently located just a 2-minute walk away. Known for its fusion Turkish cuisine and one-of-a-kind Turkish pizzas, it serves as an exceptional dining option.

Near Marwa Homes 2, there are casual dining establishments like Dessert Corner that specialize in Pakistani and Indian cuisine. They also provide home delivery services. Lokmat Baladna is a well-known Lebanese restaurant acclaimed for its excellent service and punctuality. Another option is Chamina Restaurant, where one can enjoy both traditional Arabic and Italian dishes. These eateries are conveniently located and easily accessible within a short distance.


Well-liked seaside destinations close to Marwa Homes 2 encompass Jumeirah Public Beach, JBR Beach, and Marina Beach. Jumeirah Public Beach boasts sandy shores adorned with palm trees and scenic vistas. At JBR Beach, visitors can indulge in a diverse range of eateries and shops. Likewise, one can venture to Marina Beach for crystal-clear waters accompanied by breathtaking views of the Arabian ocean. Accessible within an estimated timeframe of 18 to 20 minutes are these remarkable shorelines.


The nearest points of interest are:

  • Dubai International Stadium
  • Panda Boo
  • Splash n Party

Marwa Homes 2 is conveniently located near Dubai International Stadium, situated just 14 minutes away. This multi-purpose stadium primarily hosts cricket matches and has a seating capacity of 25,000 spectators, with the potential to expand to accommodate up to 30,000 attendees.

Panda Boo, located just 14 minutes away, is a compact amusement park with a strong emphasis on children's education. This entertainment venue offers various attractions such as an adventure maze, a variety of toys scattered around the area, hop and jump games, panda boo town for interactive play, arts and crafts activities, challenge areas to keep kids engaged, and even a ball pit exclusive to Panda Boo.

An alternative option for entertainment is a trip to Splash n Party, a water park specifically designed for children. Situated just 14 minutes away from our location in Dubai, this park offers an array of attractions such as inflatable bouncy castles, dedicated kids play areas, pools exclusively for the little ones, and numerous other exciting features.


There are several amenities in the vicinity:

  • JVC - Halfa Park 
  • Alliance Football Club in JVT
  • New Life Fitness Gym

The sub-community of Marwa Homes 2 offers numerous parks for residents to enjoy their preferred outdoor activities. The nearest option is JVC - Halfa Park, which can be accessed in just 4 minutes.

JVT's Alliance Football Club offers accomplished trainers to provide effective football instruction.

New Life Fitness Gym is a nearby small fitness center that offers both free weights and cardio machines.

Additional gyms in the vicinity consist of Little Heroes located in JVT, Victory Heights Gym, and Fit Republic Fitness Centre situated within Dubai Sports City.

Nearby establishments that offer salon and spa services include:

  • Craig/Silvy’s Place Dubai
  • Beauty Queen Salon
  • The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge

Within a 4 to 6 minute reach from Marwa Homes 2, there are various salons and spas available. For beauty treatments, Craig/Silvy’s Place Dubai offers a spa experience while Beauty Queen Salon specializes in hair care and nail treatment. If you prefer organic and vegan products, The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge is worth considering.


The Marwa Homes 2 sub-community, which is currently being built, benefits from the vibrant community events organized in its parent community, JVC. Various significant holidays like Chinese New Year, Halloween, Earth Hour, Christmas and many others are joyously celebrated in this area.


Individuals interested in staying connected with their social community organizations have the option to become a member of the Jumeirah Village Circle parent Facebook group.


Marwa Homes 2 in JVC is a serene and enjoyable sub-community. The only drawback of residing here is the ongoing construction, which occasionally results in some noise disturbances. Nonetheless, the majority of projects will be finalized shortly.


  • Located close to Dubai Sports City
  • Dubai Miracle Garden is a short 15-minute drive away 
  • Palm Jumeirah is located at a 20-minute drive 
  • Dubai International Airport is 26 minutes away