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Located by the Mussafah Bridge, Abu Dhabi Gate City (also known as Officers City) is strategically positioned near one of the gateways to the capital. Spanning across approximately 8.9 sq. km., this mixed-use community boasts several high-end districts, including Mangrove Village - a sought-after gated villa compound in the southern area of the neighbourhood that links with Khor Al Maqta channel. Developed by Al Ain Properties, Mangrove Village offers an exclusive living experience within Abu Dhabi Gate City.




Mangrove Village is a sub-community that boasts an upscale lifestyle and exclusive amenities perfect for families. It comprises over 310 family villas clustered along tree-lined streets, making it one of Abu Dhabi's popular gated communities. Unlike other metropolitan areas, Mangrove Village offers a relatively quiet living environment ideal for those seeking respite from city bustles. Notable features of this community include:

In addition to being a community that prioritizes families, Mangrove Village is pet-friendly and features expansive green areas where you can exercise your furry friends. The development boasts upscale conveniences including access to a top-notch fitness center, an exclusive beach area, and a marina. On-site parking is provided for residents along with around-the-clock security and maintenance services coordinated by the premium Labaih concierge team.


Mangrove Village offers rental properties consisting of 4 to 5 bedroom villas which come complete with balconies, private pools and generously sized backyard gardens. Let's take a look at the latest trends in terms of renting out these types of properties.

Rental Trends in Mangrove Village

The Mangrove Village houses have a minimum of four bathrooms, with the option to include up to six. The villas range in size from 3,250 square feet to 4,500 square feet, with an average size of 4,000 square feet. Additionally, these houses often feature rooms for maids and storage space as well as a separate laundry area.


Parking is not an issue in any sub-community of Abu Dhabi Gate City since the area is situated away from commercial zones. Mangrove Village provides several facilities that offer parking spaces for its residents and visitors. Villas come with shaded areas for carports and driveway space. The supermarket has an outdoor parking lot, while people visiting the marina can park their cars on bays along Mangroves Marina Road.

Public Transportation near Mangrove Village

Abu Dhabi Gate City lies along one of the highways connecting the mainland and Island city. The primary route for transportation near Mangrove Village is Mussafah Bridge, also referred to as Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street (E20). Access to this bridge can be obtained through two internal roads, namely Um Ghafrah Street and Dakhnan Street. Following this transportation route will lead you directly to central communities like Al Mushrif and Al Khalidiyah in around 15 minutes with normal traffic.



Residents who reside within close proximity to a grocery store benefit from the convenience of being able to quickly replenish their dwindling supplies. For those partial to the Abu Dhabi branch of Spinneys, they will be pleased to know that there is a conveniently located outlet near the gates. This particular establishment boasts an abundant stock of fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, poultry and meat. Additionally, patrons can browse through other sections such as canned food, frozen food and toiletries in addition to home appliances and even visit the florist section for floral arrangements. Furthermore, at Spinneys Mangrove Village location customers can indulge in freshly baked goods or take-away cooked meals along with salads and dips found at their bakery section.

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Additional choices for purchasing groceries and household necessities are Rich & Fresh Supermarket located at Seashore Villa Compound nearby, as well as Souq Planet in close proximity to the Shangrila Hotel found in Qariyat Al Beri.


Although there is no place of worship within Mangrove Village, some mosques can be found nearby. Al Shaheed Adel Seddeq Mohammed Al Asmani and Abu Dhabi Gate City Mosque are both located in the master development and can be reached by a 10-minute walk. Other options such as Amr Ibn Malik Mosque, Assem Bin Udai Mosque, and Shaikh Shakhboot Bin Sultan Mosque are also available, but require an 8-minute drive to reach.


In the nearby community of Mussafah, just a short 10-minute drive away from Mangrove Village, there are several convenient churches available for worship. These include Abu Dhabi Assembly of God Church, Mar Thoma Church, St. Elias Rome Orthodox Church and The Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi.

The recently constructed New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi is situated in Mussafah, which can be reached by car in only 12 minutes. On the other hand, Shrinath Ji Temple and Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple are located in Dubai and require a trip lasting no less than an hour and fifteen minutes.


Kidz Venture Nursery is an early education facility that caters to preschoolers within the compound. In close proximity to Mangrove Village, alternative nurseries can also be located.

The education institutions in close proximity to Mangrove Village are as follows:

The schools in close proximity to Mangrove Village are a mere 12-minute drive away. For example, Emirates National School in MBZ City adopts the Ministry of Education program and welcomes students from all nationalities. Meanwhile, Cambridge High School located in Shabiya town follows the National Curriculum for England (NCfE). ADNOC Schools near Abu Dhabi Golf Club is based on American Massachusetts State Curriculum for English subject while Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Studies fall under the purview of Ministry of Education's curriculum.

The course of study or educational program that a school or institution offers to its students is referred to as the curriculum.


The following are the nearest establishments for medical appointments:

Medical facilities in the vicinity of Mangrove Village, like Sarhad Medical Clinic and Aster, can attend to minor to moderate medical emergencies. They are conveniently located within a distance of about eight minutes. For general healthcare needs, residents could explore Al Maqtaa Healthcare Centre as an option. However, when it comes to specific cases or treatments such as care for women & children or complex medical procedures, specialty hospitals like Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children and LLH Hospital Mussafah should be considered.


The surrounding regions of Mangrove Village include:

significant residential area. Located south of the development is Mussafah, a major industrial district in the emirate which includes some residential communities such as Shabiya and Mussafah Gardens. Furthermore, this district also comprises multiple places of worship and numerous large shopping complexes. On the opposite side of Abu Dhabi Gate City and separated by Al Maqta Channel lies Al Maqtaa. As a significant area on the outskirts of the capital, it houses popular tourist attractions and notable landmarks. Similarly, Mohammed Bin Zayed (MBZ) City is home to a substantial residential community where both Capital Mall and Mazyad Mall can be found.

There are a multitude of excellent educational institutions.




The convenience of Mangrove Village's location is further enhanced by its proximity to various shopping centers. Retail destinations throughout mainland areas and Abu Dhabi Island city are easily accessible. The nearby malls in Mangrove Village include:

The sub-community's nearest mall is The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri, situated just an eight-minute drive away and offering stunning canal views. Despite being designed in the Arabian-style, this mall boasts a range of international dining and retail options along with the fun activity of gondola rides across the water. For more shopping options close by, head to The Village Mall in Mussafah or make your way further down Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Truck Road where you'll find Dalma Mall - home to over 450 local and international brands including well-known labels such as...

Dalma Mall features a range of popular brands including GAP, Aeropostale, Cotton On, Caterpillar and Steve Madden.


The vicinity provides easy access to a range of dining options, be it cafes or restaurants. You can savor coffee and grab a bite at the neighboring establishments.

There are dining establishments in close proximity to Mangrove village such as:

The suburb has a scarcity of dining options, but Circle Café addresses this issue by providing a picturesque waterfront view and diverse menu choices that include breakfast options and vegan dishes. Other eating establishments along Umm Gharfrah Street are Al Sayyad Restaurant & Grills, Baith Al Baraka Restaurant, Fileh Inn Restaurant, Dunkin Donuts, and Gulf Pastry.

Qaryat Al Beri presents a wide range of culinary choices, including an Indian restaurant known as Ushna Restaurant with a chic terrace and Vietnamese food at Hoi An Restaurant. Additionally, visitors can explore Chinese cuisine at Shang Palace.


plenty of leisure options nearby. Living in Mangrove Village offers multiple advantages, such as a continuous canal view from the terraces and access to a private beach situated next to a marina. Additionally, residents can enjoy being in close proximity to numerous other luxury waterfront resorts and tourist destinations. The five-star Shangri-La Hotel at Qaryat Al Beri boasts its own private beach, while just across the canal lies The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi resort which also provides ample water-based recreational activities to explore.

Mangrove Village has its own exclusive beach, but there are additional nearby options for those who wish to explore. Two viable choices within a 14-minute drive from Mangrove Village are Al Qurm Beach and Al Bateen Beach.


Mangrove Village boasts a plethora of amenities to cater to tourists. The neighboring Sheikh Hizza Palace stands out as a distinguished destination. Additionally, there are several other noteworthy landmarks nearby the sub-community.

The Al Maqtaa Tower, an ancient structure, looms over the Khor Al Maqtaa channel and can be seen when crossing the Maqta Bridge. Adjacent to this bridge is the well-preserved Al Maqtaa Fort - a significant historical landmark. It only takes 11 minutes by car to visit both of these tourist attractions. The iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, located on an island, boasts impressive Islamic architecture and massive size. You can reach it in just nine minutes via Abu Dhabi - Sweihan - Al Hayer Road (E20).


Outdoor recreational options in or around Mangrove Village encompass:

At the end of the central road lies a community centre that offers various recreational amenities. Along with a seafront café, this establishment features outdoor and indoor pools, as well as tennis and basketball courts. Additionally, there is a fully equipped gym and playground available for use. For water enthusiasts, there is a well-maintained marina in this residential suburb. Football fans can also visit the Sports Support Academy located in the northern area of Abu Dhabi Gate City to book its football field.

There are various nearby establishments that provide beauty and spa services, such as:

Located just a three-minute drive or within walking distance, Nano Spa & Beauty Centre is conveniently accessible. If you're interested in keratin treatments and haircuts, Hair Concept Salon in Al Maqtaa is worth considering. Nadreen Beauty Salon boasts top ratings in the region. Capelli Centre provides appealing deals on spa services, massage therapy, and haircuts; however, for a more Abu Dhabi experience...


Mangrove Village, also known as Abu Dhabi Gate City, does not hold any community events due to their dedication to maintaining a serene and uninterrupted environment. Conversely, the neighboring Al Maqtaa community is widely recognized for hosting festivities such as National Day observances that feature magnificent firework displays above the canal. Additionally, in close proximity are Shangri-La Hotel and Traders Hotel which annually host the exhilarating Abu Dhabi Dragon Boat Festival featuring competitive boat racing competitions.


Inhabitants of Abu Dhabi's Mangrove Village can stay connected with their community and receive updates by following local Facebook groups. This allows for easy communication amongst members.


Mangrove Village features luxurious homes with steep price points. Those seeking budget-friendly residential choices should explore surrounding neighborhoods like Al Maqtaa, Mussafah and Between Two Bridges. Are you interested in renting a property within Mangrove Village?