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Drawing inspiration from the captivating Spanish architecture, The Villa community boasts a diverse range of property styles that showcase architectural grandeur inspired by six distinct regions of Spain. Among these types, one is named after a vast Mediterranean island and goes by the moniker Mallorca. This guide delves into every facet of life in villas situated in this region.




Mallorca villas can be found in all four sub-communities of The Villa - Aldea, Centro, Haciendas and Ponderosa. Regardless of the sub-community they are located in, these villas all share a set of main features.

Mallorca houses are characterized by a stunning courtyard located in the heart of the property. These courtyards provide ample outdoor space, with expansive lawns surrounding both the front and back of each villa. Additionally, an automatic irrigation system is present for added convenience.


Well-off families in Mallorca are drawn to 6-bedroom properties due to the spacious interiors and abundance of amenities they offer. The sales prices for these desirable homes can fluctuate.

The living area is spread over two floors, covering more than 8,400 sq. ft. The lower level includes a formal lounge, dining room, family area, study room, guest room, powder room, laundry area, storage space and an extensive kitchen with a separate pantry.

The upper level boasts a spacious terrace, extra family space and five en-suite bedrooms. These areas are centered around a charming courtyard featuring decorative wooden flooring and a striking fountain at its heart. It's common to see large ornaments like pots, vases, urns and planters adorning this area. In Mallorca properties available for purchase, warm hues are often favored for wall color while terracotta tiles grace the floors and roofs.


There are several ways to get around Mallorca via public transportation, including buses and taxis. For those who prefer ride-hailing services, Uber and Careem are available options as well. If you're staying at The Centro, the closest bus stops can be found within a 10 to 15-minute walk. These stops go by the names of Dubai Sky Courts - Nilona Residence bus station and Dubai Sky Courts - GEMS First Point School bus station.

In Mallorca villas with electric gate systems, there are usually three car spots available in the garage. If residents require additional parking spaces, they have the option to upgrade as there is plenty of outdoor area. Additionally, a driver's room is located adjacent to the garage.



Spinneys has two branches situated at the community centres of The Villa near Mallorca. However, if you're residing in Dubai Residence Complex, you can easily access other supermarkets like K P Mart Supermarket, Thomsun Supermarket and Shua Al Madina Supermarket by taking a short drive.


Those who reside in Centro have access to a nearby mosque located at the community's gate, while those living in The Ponderosa can attend Masjid A'aishah Umm Al Mu'mineen, a community mosque. Additional mosques are scattered along Emirates Road, close to Mallorca.


Due to the cultural and religious diversity of UAE, Dubai has a range of churches and temples. To reach the temples near Mallorca, one must travel northbound via Dubai – Al Ain Road (E66). Among these places of worship are Derasar for the Jain community, as well as Shiva and Krishna Mandir Hindu temples.

In terms of places of worship close to Mallorca, locals have two options. They can either take a drive up north or head towards the southern Dubai area. By choosing the former route, they will be able to reach St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral and Dubai Central Seventh-day Adventist Church in approximately 23 minutes. On the other hand, driving towards the south may take over thirty minutes to arrive at Fellowship: A Christian Church in Dubai or Seventh Day Adventist Church.


There are several educational institutions in the vicinity that provide both primary and secondary education, such as:

Parents seeking nurseries in close proximity have a variety of choices available to them.

The Villa hosts GEMS FirstPoint School, the closest school for children in the area. This private institution is highly regarded and follows the British curriculum, granting an international education to students up to Year 13. Other international schools nearby include The Aquila School, GEMS Heritage Indian School, and German International School Dubai.

from AED 7k to AED 10k. Emirates British Nursery Silicon Oasis charges fees from AED 12k to AED 20k per year.

Although Kids Zone is the closest nursery, located in The Ponderosa, Chubby Cheeks Nursery is also nearby within a five- to ten-minute drive. Additionally, there are top nurseries in Dubai Silicon Oasis that parents may consider for their children since they're only a ten-minute car ride away. These options include British Orchard Nursery, Toddlers International Nursery and Emirates British Nursery Silicon Oasis. Each of these centres has different fees with British Orchard ranging from AED 8k – AED 12k while Toddlers International requires payments of anywhere between AED 7K and AED10K. Furthermore, Emirates British Nursery Silicon Oasis charges fees ranging fromA ED12K -A ED20K annually.

The fees of Emirates British Nursery Silicon Oasis range from approximately AED 20k to AED 40k, and vary depending on the day and timing options chosen.


En: The health-care facilities in the vicinity are comprised of the following options:

Located in close proximity to Mallorca is the renowned Dubai London Clinic, a private medical facility that holds double international accreditation. Its services encompass general practice, out-patient consultation, dental care, and even home-visit facilities. Additionally, Supercare Pharmacy located in The Villa and Health First situated within the Dubai Residence Complex are nearby medical stores available for convenience.

Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, situated near Mallorca, is one of the largest and renowned hospitals that residents can turn to for medical attention. Taking less than 20 minutes to reach via Umm Suqeim Street (D63), this medical facility offers an extensive range of services, including level-3 ICU, paediatrics, dermatology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, maternity care as well as sports medicine.


Residents of Mallorca have convenient proximity to the subsequent neighboring communities.

residents of Dubai Residence Complex, both Dubai Silicon Oasis and Academic City are conveniently located nearby. The complex offers a variety of apartments for rent and purchase, blending modern aesthetics with functionality. Designed to be self-sufficient, the community will feature an array of amenities catering to residents' needs. Situated adjacent to The Villa community, this upcoming development promises a comfortable lifestyle in one of Dubai's most sought-after locations.

For those residing in Mallorca, the epicenter of academia can be conveniently reached within a mere 10-minute commute.




Spinneys, a well-known supermarket chain, has branches located in the community centers of The Ponderosa and The Centro. Residences within these sub-communities, such as Mallorca Villas, provide convenient proximity to these shopping complexes that function as town malls. Additionally, larger malls nearby Mallorca include:


Comicave is a sanctuary for those who adore comics or are fanatical about procuring toys, figurines or other popular merchandise. Furthermore, it holds licensed rights to distribute multiple pop-culture brands including Marvel, Warner Bros., DC Comics, Star Wars, Disney, Terminator and Naruto. If individuals desire casual clothing such as khakis, denim, t-shirts or polo shirts they can head over to U.S. Polo Assn. located in Dubai Outlet Mall. However if one is looking for trendy garments along with fragrance, shoes and accessories then the thriving lifestyle outlet known as Juicy Couture would be an ideal choice to peruse through.


Those who enjoy eating out have numerous options to explore, such as the eateries located in close proximity to Mallorca.


For those seeking an open-air dining experience and traditional Italian cuisine, Oregano restaurant in The Villa is a great option. The chef's specialties include lamb shank with mashed potatoes, breaded chicken with smoked cheese, and wild rice risotto with salmon. Meanwhile, those craving South Asian flavors can head to Pudumadam Restaurant located in Dubai Residence Complex.

For enthusiasts of coffee and tea, there are several destinations to choose from:


If locals desire a cappuccino from Costa Coffee, a British establishment, or an espresso from Starbucks, an American coffee shop, both options are conveniently located in Mallorca. The Centro is where Starbucks can be found, and Ponderosa hosts Costa Coffee.


Seyahi Beach Resort. Whilst there aren't any beaches in close proximity to Mallorca, travelers can explore the stunning beaches and beach clubs in Dubai like JBR Beach, Kite Beach, Blue Marlin beach club and Mina Seyahi beach resort. These locations are definitely worth a weekend trip as they offer an array of beach activities as well as trendy parties at Blue Marlin or a relaxing environment at the winding pool bar of Mina Seyahi Beach Resort.

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If you're interested in exploring recreational areas and nearby attractions, consider visiting the following locations:


Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club offers more than just four polo fields; it also boasts a riding school, polo academy, five-star hotel, over 500 stables, a spa, restaurants and various accommodations. Located in the southern extension of The Villa, residents can easily access the club within five to eight minutes by car depending on their sub-community. Additionally, sandy regions across Emirates Road (E611) offer multiple shooting and archery ranges as well.


Enthusiasts of physical fitness or those seeking leisure activities can find a plethora of options within the community. Some examples include:

In Mallorca, inhabitants can enjoy various outdoor activities within their own premises. They have the option to swim in their personal pools, relax on sunbeds or practice yoga amidst nature in their gardens. Additionally, there are several parks and barbeque areas available within the community along with designated jogging tracks for fitness enthusiasts.

In addition to a sports complex, The Villa offers fitness facilities such as Alfa Gravity HQ and Hytec Fitness located 12 and 14 minutes away respectively. For women seeking beauty or spa services, there are several options available.


Refinery Beauty Lounge, located in the neighbourhood, provides a wide range of beauty services for the face, body, hair and nails. Dubai Silicon Oasis boasts numerous salons catering to men, women and children that are easily accessible within 10-15 minutes. Stella Beauty Salon is exclusively for ladies while Super Trim Gents Salon offers grooming services for men. Brown Sugar Hair Salon or Al Areesh Star Gents & Kids Salon can be visited when bringing kids along. Additionally, Dubai Silicon Oasis houses some of the best spas as well.

En: Oasis like Sakura Nail Spa and Sheba Beauty Lounge.


The whole area endeavors to create a calm atmosphere. While those living in Mallorca may not witness any communal gathering occurring at The Villa, it is certain that they possess ample leisure areas on their own premises to host a personal function.


To stay informed about their neighbourhood, residents can track The Villa Dubailand on Facebook. To engage in discussions related to their interests, mothers can participate in The Villa Mums group.


Individuals seeking cost-effective alternatives may discover that the prices of Mallorca homes are slightly more expensive than some other developments in The Villa. This is due to their extravagant design and incorporation of supplementary features. They represent ideal investments for those desiring a modern Mediterranean way of life. If one desires to purchase a less costly Spanish-style home within The Villa, they can explore ventures such as Mazaya, Grenada, Valencia, Cordoba and Marbella.



  • Dubai Silicon Oasis is on a 14-minute drive away