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At present, in Abu Dhabi, there is an upcoming development known as Madinat Al Riyadh or 'Al Riyadh City', which will cover approximately 8,000 hectares of land. This hub will be a diverse combination of residential and commercial properties as well as clinics, hospitals, schools, mosques, malls and parks when it is eventually finished.

Madinat Al Riyadh is designed to be a self-contained urban area for Abu Dhabi inhabitants seeking reasonably priced accommodations on the outskirts of the city, near Al Wathba and Al Shamkha, in accordance with Abu Dhabi's public housing regulations. This development sits adjacent to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road, which separates it from Al Shamkha.




Madinat Al Riyadh is poised to become a bustling mixed-use center that will comprise of both apartments and villas in addition to commercial real estate, shopping malls, dining establishments, educational institutions, medical centers as well as green spaces. The locale will be equipped with luxurious amenities aimed at providing an elevated standard of living for its inhabitants.

By having Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road adjacent to the community, people can conveniently commute to different parts of Abu Dhabi. Additionally, the E311 highway can be utilized for traveling to other regions in the United Arab Emirates as it is connected on the northern side.


The large-scale housing development will feature a diverse selection of properties, encompassing both residential and commercial options, including retail spaces. Currently, prospective tenants can choose from a limited number of finished apartment buildings and villas that are available for rent.


The size of the 1-bedroom units is approximately 748 sq. ft, whereas the floor area of 2-bedroom apartments ranges from 977 sq. ft to a maximum of 2,700 sq. ft. If you desire more spacious accommodations, then the average floor space for a 3-bedroom apartment is around 3,000 sq. ft.

The one and two-bedroom units have en suite bathrooms, living and dining areas, as well as balconies in some instances. The majority of three-bedroom apartments also include a maid's quarters. A powder room is available in each unit's common space.

Various types of villas are on offer, with the majority containing five or more bedrooms. A villa that provides five sleeping quarters could span over a floor space of around 5,000 square feet. For those seeking more spacious accommodation, there is also an option to acquire a seven-bedroom villa that boasts a built-up area totaling approximately 5,995 square feet. Each villa includes plenty of outdoor space along with multiple indoor living areas such as kitchens and lounges, and even extra facilities like majestic gathering spaces in addition to the bedrooms themselves.


To obtain a rental property in Madinat Al Riyadh, one can consult the provided rental patterns. Prospective renters have the option to select either apartments or villas depending on their personal preferences.


Currently, Al Riyadh City lacks hotels; nevertheless, several accommodation options are available within a 20-minute drive. The following establishments are among them:

The Millennium Central Mafraq Hotel can be found on Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road, taking approximately 22 minutes to arrive. Alternatively, the Premier Inn is situated near Abu Dhabi International Airport, while Aerotel is located within Terminal 3 of the airport itself. For those seeking a luxurious stay, the Marriott Hotel Al Forsan Abu Dhabi offers five-star accommodations just a 28-minute drive away.


The community offers various parking options for its residents depending on the size of their villas. They can either have garages or compounds that can fit multiple cars at once. Additionally, there are open spaces available for guest parking. Buildings in the area also come with ground or basement parking facilities.


Abu Dhabi's transportation system offers various options such as taxis, buses, and ferries in certain locations for its inhabitants. Dedicated stands for taxis can be found near shopping malls or they may be booked through mobile applications by the residents.

In the nearby areas of Al Shamkha and Baniyas, there are various bus stops and stations that may be reached by driving for 10 to 20 minutes. Several buses like Bus 300, Bus 406, Bus 405, and a few others serve many of these locations.

The stops for Bus 406 include Baniyas Sport Stadium on 54th Street, Al Miqdad Al Kindy Mosque on 52nd Street, and Stop 30242. On the other hand, Bus 300 can be caught at Al Shamkha Makani Mall, Abu Dhabi Co-Op Society and Civil Defence stops.

In Baniyas, Al Aghsan Street features various bus stops for different routes. Atfal Al Emarat Kindergarten Bus Stop and Saad Bin Obada School Bus Stop are two stops along the route of Bus 405. If one needs to catch Bus 404, they can find stops on 22nd Street. Meanwhile, the buses A40, B43 and B45 make their stops on 2nd Street.



In the vicinity, there are several small shops where one can purchase day-to-day essentials. Additionally, Madinat Al Riyadh boasts a variety of bigger supermarkets such as:

Zenith Hypermarket is the ideal destination for acquiring a multitude of necessities at reasonable rates. Aside from an ample selection of edibles and newly-harvested goods, the establishment showcases a range of electronic gadgets, peculiar trinkets, playthings, electric vehicles for kids, make-up products and unspoiled seafood as well.

The LuLu Express supermarket is part of the LuLu Group International and they will soon open another branch, a LuLu Hypermarket, in Riyadh City. This supermarket is highly regarded for its extensive selection of fresh groceries, establishing it as one of Abu Dhabi's top supermarkets.

To explore additional possibilities, people may choose to travel to nearby communities and locate additional grocery stores in the vicinity of Madinat Al Riyadh.

The Al Maya Group manages the Al Maya Supermarkets, while Spar International oversees the operations of Spar Express. Yas Mart Hypermarket is an extensive store that provides a wide range of products, including clothing and casual apparel, all within one location.


At the moment, Madinat Al Riyadh has only one mosque located on 1st Street. However, the remaining 17 mosques are currently being developed. Nearby neighborhoods such as Al Shamkha, Baniyas and Al Wathba have a significant number of mosques already established. Here are some examples of these neighboring mosques:

The mosques located in Al Shamkha can be accessed within a 12-minute period, whereas those situated in Baniyas and Al Wathba necessitate a drive that takes around 20 minutes.


As with the other emirates in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a diverse and multicultural city that caters to individuals of various religions. The BAPS Hindu Mandir, which will be run by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha and finished by 2022, serves as a religious site for Hindus residing in Abu Mureikha about half an hour away from the temple.

The Gurudwara Mata Sahib Kaur Ji is located a 29-minute drive away. Members of the Sikh community can locate this modest-looking place of worship in Musaffah, or opt to visit the Guru Nanak Sikh Darbar in Dubai, which takes roughly an hour to reach.

Within the Christian community, there are various churches in the city that cater to different denominations. Some of the nearby churches located around Madinat Al Riyadh include:

As part of the Evangelical Churches Council in the UAE, New Life Church can be found in Al Shahama and is a 28-minute journey away. This church conducts Friday services on a regular basis, along with various prayer groups.

In Musaffah, there are multiple churches that can be accessed by driving for 36-40 minutes. Among them, the Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi is considered one of the top churches in the area.


Residents can choose nearby communities for schooling options while the development is in progress. Several top choices are available, including:

Situated in Al Shamkha, both Al Yasat Private School and ABC Private School provide an American curriculum. While Al Yasat Private School accommodates Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and is located just 11 minutes away, it stands out as one of the top-ranking American schools in Abu Dhabi with accreditations from AdvancED and Cognia.

Located in Al Shamkha City, ABC Private School offers the British curriculum and is conveniently reachable within a 15-minute drive. The school caters to students from kindergarten through grade 12 and originally opened its doors in central Abu Dhabi before relocating to its current location in 2015.

Located in Baniyas East, just an 18-minute drive away, is Future Leaders International Private School - a K-12 American school that adheres to the American curriculum and is affiliated with the Bin Fadel Group. Abu Dhabi Indian School, Branch 1 (ADIS), on the other hand, can be found in Al Wathba and takes approximately 23 minutes to reach from Baniyas East. Established in 2014, this institution follows the CBSE curriculum and provides education for students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.


Medical facilities in proximity to Madinat Al Riyadh consist of:

The nearest medical facility is Burjeel Medical Centre, which can be reached in just 10 minutes by car. It is regarded as one of Abu Dhabi's top medical centres and offers a range of specialties, including neurology, gastroenterology, cardiology, urology and pulmonology.

Within a 15-minute drive, you can access both Sama Al Shamkha Medical Centre and Pharmacy as well as Baniyas Healthcare Centre. If you need dental services, Karama Medical Centre is located 18 minutes away but still easily accessible.


Al Shamkha, located next to Madinat Al Riyadh with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road dividing the two, is a well-known and sought-after freehold zone in Abu Dhabi. This expansive residential neighborhood is currently in the process of being developed.

Baniyas is situated towards the south and southwest. It's a mixed-use community developed by BIDC that includes various lifestyle amenities such as sports facilities, villas, and apartment buildings.

Al Nahda Abu Dhabi, located next to Baniyas and situated on Al Ain Road, is a developing residential district that provides modern villas for lease or purchase. Additionally, the district features the Al Baniyas Park.




Upon completion, the community will boast fully functional shopping centers. In the meantime, nearby residents can visit numerous malls located in other nearby communities surrounding Madinat Al Riyadh such as:

Bawabat Al Sharq Mall, situated in Baniyas City and accessible within a 25-minute drive, boasts an array of amenities that span two levels. In addition to over 150 retail outlets, the mall offers various dining options and recreational activities suitable for all ages. Notable features include a Carrefour Hypermarket, spas, fitness centers, Novo Cinemas and Wanasa Land - ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Located just 26 minutes away, My City Centre Masdar boasts over 70 stores alongside enticing al fresco dining options. This shopping hub also features a Carrefour Hypermarket and a branch of Magic Planet, as well as exchanges and a total of 18 charging stations specifically designed for electric vehicles.

Accessible by car within 33 minutes, Mazyad Mall can be found in Mohammed Bin Zayed City and offers exceptional retail stores, dining establishments, and entertainment venues. Among its attractions is Sparky's Amusement Centre which provides exciting rides while LuLu Supermarket is available for grocery shopping.


The sole dining establishment in Madinat Al Riyadh is Arabian Hut, situated within Zenith Supermarket. However, a short 10-minute drive away lies Makani Al Shamkha Shopping Mall in the nearby community. This mall features numerous food options including popular chains such as Gazebo, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Subway among others.

There are additional dining choices available for residents in the vicinity of Madinat Al Riyadh. These include various restaurants located nearby.

Moving 13 minutes by car will take you to Broccoli Pizza & Pasta and Al Mandi & Al Madhbi House. The former offers a variety of Italian dishes while the latter specializes in tasty Arabian cuisine such as Mandi items. In contrast, Midan Baniyas is a 20-minute drive away and is an Indian cafeteria where you can enjoy authentic Indian meals.

The nearby area offers a variety of cafes that serve tea, coffee, and snacks.

You can easily reach all of these tea shops and cafes within a 10 to 13-minute drive.

For those seeking extravagant dining experiences alongside fully stocked bars, the fine dining establishments located near Madinat Al Riyadh require a commute exceeding 30 minutes. Some noteworthy options are:

The Indian eatery, Ushna, specializes in North Indian cuisine like Mughlai, biryani and kebabs. Meanwhile, Barfly by Buddha Bar is a unique Pan Asian spot that doubles as the city's sole lounge with a neo-baroque theme. Visitors can also catch live background music from a resident DJ.

The city offers two great dining options for those seeking quality cuisine. BOA Steakhouse is known for its high-quality steak, while Royal Biryani serves traditional biryani with a homely taste.


In order to experience the ocean's waters, individuals residing in Madinat Al Riyadh must travel for over 30 minutes to reach any nearby beaches. A few of the nearest beach options include:

In just half an hour by car, one can arrive at Yas Beach. This beach is located on the coast of Yas Island and is renowned for its mangrove views and white sand. Not only does it offer a popular beach club with amenities such as an open-air DJ booth, outdoor gym, water sports facilities and dining options, but there are also various activities available. With all these attractions combined, it's no wonder that Yas Beach is considered one of Abu Dhabi's finest beaches.

Situated just a 30-minute drive away, Al Bateen Beach is a great option for families seeking a pleasant seaside experience. In addition to this, the beach also boasts its very own designated area for women. Covering a length of around 800 meters, it remains quite popular with visitors due to its well-maintained appearance and spotless condition.


Although the neighborhood is located quite a distance from several recreational destinations within the city, one can easily access numerous well-known landmarks in Abu Dhabi by driving approximately 25 to 35 minutes.

There are several significant landmarks in close proximity to Madinat Al Riyadh, including:

Within a 28-minute drive lies Emirates Park and Zoo Resort, an ideal weekend getaway that caters to both budget-conscious individuals and families. Along with admiring the diverse range of animals at the zoo, visitors can also indulge in exhilarating indoor games at the gaming arcade. The resort offers a variety of dining options such as restaurants and cafes to cater to your hunger needs.

A 33-minute drive from one another, both Al Wathba Camel Race Track and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi can be easily accessed. The former, situated in Al Wathba, showcases camel races with robotic jockeys on a customized track. Spectating the event is complimentary and qualifies as one of the top cost-free attractions in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, located near the Yas Marina Circuit, is among UAE's top theme parks. Covering an area of 86,000 square meters, it offers a variety of thrilling rides suitable for all ages. Moreover, visitors can also relish dining in its restaurants and shopping from its stores apart from enjoying the rides.


The neighborhood offers plenty of open areas and a variety of parks and gyms for those who enjoy staying fit. Additionally, Al Shamkha has numerous parks just a short 10 to 15-minute drive away. Among these options is Baniyas Park, which lies approximately 21 minutes away from the community. This park boasts play spaces for kids as well as an extensive track catering to joggers, cyclists and even scooter riders alike.

An additional well-liked park, Al Wathba Park, can be reached within 28 minutes. It boasts extensive stretches of lush lawns, numerous BBQ areas and even houses the Al Wathba Library. This park is considered one of Abu Dhabi's top parks.

If you're looking for more intense exercise routines, Al Shamkha and Baniyas have a handful of gyms available.

Fit Pro Gym and Body Classic Gym located in Al Shamkha can be reached by car in just 13 minutes, whereas Miami Gym and Metrofitt are situated at a distance of 21 minutes.

If you're looking for beauty treatments or personal grooming services, there are several salons in the vicinity that may be of interest.

The male-oriented Dar Al Fakhama and Wahda Taj Al Jazeera can be accessed within a 13-minute drive, while the female-specific Nujood and Sisters necessitate at least a 20-minute journey.


Madinat Al Riyadh is located quite a distance from the central district of Abu Dhabi, which may not appeal to those who seek the conveniences and attractions of an urban setting.

After construction, Madinat Al Riyadh will provide its inhabitants with everything they need. Alongside a variety of homes and businesses, there will also be educational institutions, shopping centers, medical facilities, and green spaces available within the community.

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