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Liwa Street, located in the bustling neighbourhoods of downtown Abu Dhabi, stretches for 550 metres and offers a mix of both commercial and residential establishments. This area is known for its modern architecture and scenic landscapes, which dominate the Al Markaziya or Central Business District. The street boasts towering skyscrapers that add to its gleaming skyline while also being surrounded by lush areas such as the Lake Park.

Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi is a well-liked destination for visitors, as it is situated amongst leading shopping hubs, diverse culinary options, luxury accommodations and various other points of interest. Positioned to the north of Hamdan Street, which is an influential commercial avenue and notable part of the city, Liwa Street forms a T-shape with Corniche Road located at its opposite end.




Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi is home to both commercial and residential apartment complexes that are available for rent. These properties are highly sought-after by residents, who appreciate the convenience of short-term stays as well as long-term residencies.

Despite its small size, the Liwa Street area of Abu Dhabi is a vibrant metropolis teeming with various commercial establishments. One example would be the Airlines Tower building which houses multiple travel agencies and air-travel companies like Oman Air, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Jet Airways, Shaheen Air, and Qantas. Additionally, it serves as the primary office for Omeir Travel Agency - UAE's top travel management company.

In this vicinity, you can also find a small number of establishments that specialize in jewelry sales and property management services.


Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi offers a variety of rental accommodations, including residential apartments and serviced hotel apartments.

Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi boasts several notable skyscrapers constructed by reputable property developers.

Constructed by Al Ain Properties, a distinguished property developer in the MENA region, Sheikh Sultan Tower is a 20-story building comprising of 72 units, primarily consisting of two and three-bedroom apartments. In close proximity to it lies Lafzaeyya Tower which stands tall at 22 stories and boasts an eye-catching pink exterior with unique zigzag arches.

Additional noteworthy structures are the Golden Falcon Tower, standing at 15 floors, and the Al Safa Tower with its 20 levels.


Liwa Street has various flats available for rent. A studio flat with a 650 sq. ft. area can be rented for AED 45k per annum, while the two-bed flats cover an area ranging from 950 sq. ft. to 1,560 sq.ft., costing anywhere between AED 52k and AED 65k annually with two bathrooms included. The three-bedroom flats are priced at a range of AED 65k to AED 80k per annum, whereas the four-bedroom flats cost around AED110k yearly.

Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi has a limited number of available office spaces which vary in size from 300 sq. ft. to 1,200 sq. ft. These offices are supplied with all necessary furnishings including fast elevators, high-speed internet, receptionists and IT support staff, as well as complete meeting and conference areas. Renting prices for these offices fall between AED 42k to AED 96k per year.


The Eclipse Boutique Suites is a 4-star hotel offering a total of 89 suites, which come in three types: standard 1-bedroom units, grand 2-bedroom units and deluxe 2-bedroom rooms. Its clientele consists mainly of both business and leisure travellers.

The Uptown and Royal Regency Hotel Apartments can be found on Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street, which is only a 4-minute walk away from Abu Dhabi's Liwa Street location.


Individuals struggling to locate a spot to park their vehicle may opt for the paid parking option. A designated area with available paid parking spots along Liwa Street is identified as Mawaqif Car Park No.6.


There are many public transportation options available on Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi. Commuters tend to utilize a variety of modes to travel around the city, such as metered taxis and the Abu Dhabi City Bus. Some nearby bus routes include 041, 065, 005, 033, 040 and 063. Additionally, there are planned express and regional bus services by the Abu Dhabi Department that will run close to this area in the future.

The transportation sector encompasses a variety of methods for moving people and goods from one place to another. This can include modes such as automobiles, trains, planes, ships, bicycles, and even walking. The overall goal of transport is to provide efficient and safe movement that meets the needs of individuals and society as a whole.

Big Bus Tours, a renowned sightseeing bus tour service, offers an opportunity to explore amazing locations around the city of Abu Dhabi. Interestingly, one of its stops for the Red Tour allows passengers to hop on and off near Abu Dhabi Liwa Street. Operational hours are from 10:40 am to 7:10 pm.

Regarding taxi transportation, individuals can easily hail a cab on the street or opt to make a reservation through the call center, which may incur extra fees.

Individuals who enjoy having complete control over their journey but do not possess a car can opt to rent one for a specified period. Conveniently located car rental services, including Motorway at Khalifa Bin Zayed the First Street, are readily accessible.


Liwa Street is home to various vendors selling tours and travel packages, as well as many places for exchanging currency. There are also numerous jewelry stores lining the street. Additionally, any necessary amenities are easily accessible, even if they are not physically located in the vicinity.


Within walking distance, Baniyas Spike Hypermarket is conveniently located for residents to purchase groceries and household items. In the vicinity, Three One Three Baqala and Garashi Trading Stores can also be found on the same street. Alternatively, shoppers can take a short stroll to Khalifa Street where Spar Express is situated.

If you're looking for a wider range of shopping options, there are supermarkets close to Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi, like Lulu Hypermarket and Spinneys located at The Mall, both just a 5-minute drive away.


The sole mosque on Liwa Street Abu Dhabi is the Butti Bin Khadim Mosque, which can be easily spotted from the northern end despite being concealed by towering buildings. Several other mosques are located in nearby communities, and they are approximately a 5-minute journey away.

Regarding alternative religious establishments, an array of churches can be found in the vicinity of Liwa Street Abu Dhabi situated in Al Mushrif. Accessing them takes less than 13 minutes. Among the choices are St. Joseph’s Cathedral, St Andrew’s Church, Evangelical Community Church and Abu Dhabi Apostolic Tamil Church.

At present, there is no temple in close proximity to Liwa Street Abu Dhabi. However, a new one is being built and should be finished by 2021. For those living in the area who wish to attend religious services, they can venture out to visit the Shiva and Krishna temples located in Dubai. Alternatively, Sikh residents can make the journey to Mussafah where they will find the New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi which takes approximately 24 minutes by car.


Well-regarded educational institutions in the vicinity consist of Al Muna Academy, Abu Dhabi Grammar School, International Community School Al Najda, and one other notable establishment known as Al Mashael National Private School.

For those who have a keen interest in the performing arts, there are several dance and music schools available around Liwa Street Abu Dhabi. Examples include the Amadeus Music Institute, Jazz Music Institute, and Ginger Dance and Arts.

Abu Dhabi boasts a range of educational institutions specializing in IT and business training, with some of the most esteemed colleges also present. Among these prestigious establishments are Syscoms College Abu Dhabi, Global Excel University, Lincoln University, Business Professionals Education Centre and Emirates College of Technology.


Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi is home to various medical facilities such as the Al Falah Physiotherapy Centre, Al Falah Natural Treatment Centre, and Quality Care Medical Centre. Additionally, within a five-minute drive lies the Al Ahalia Hospital and its pharmacy.


Hamdan Street, which runs southwards to intersect Abu Dhabi Liwa Street, is known for its excellent dining options and as a sought-after location for hosting prestigious events.

Muroor Road lies one block to the east, while this locale boasts a tranquil ambiance and a handful of villa properties.




The Mall at World Trade Centre is located beside Abu Dhabi's Liwa Street and serves as the city's retail hub. Just a short 3 or 4-minute walk away, residents have easy access to an array of both international outlets and locally-owned brands. Among its diverse selection of fashion labels are popular names such as Gant, MAX Fashion, Karen Millen, Louis Feraud, and Pierre Balmain. In addition to fashionable apparel for adults, the mall also offers various options for children including clothing and toys.

For those with parenting needs, Babyshop is a great shopping destination for mothers. When searching for fashionable footwear and handbags, women can explore Milano and Braccialini.

Located adjacent to The Mall, the finely crafted box-shaped building of The Souk reflects the classic style of Middle Eastern architecture. It is a highly sought-after souk in Abu Dhabi that presents a contemporary take on the UAE's customary souks.


Located in the midst of Abu Dhabi's busiest areas, Liwa Street offers its residents easy access to a variety of dining options. Among these are renowned establishments such as Student Biryani, Boti Street, Seashell Café and Mayfair Café located on Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi.

Food enthusiasts can find a variety of options at The Mall. Surf Café caters to those who are health-conscious, while Taqado Mexican Kitchen is the go-to place for fans of burritos, tacos and nachos. Bu! takes inspiration from Latin American cuisine and offers not only delicious food but also a chic atmosphere with live entertainment. Seafood lovers will appreciate Sushina's Middle Eastern-Japanese fusion menu.


Abu Dhabi's shorelines provide a welcome respite from the towering cityscape. Corniche Beach, boasting an 8-kilometer stretch of sandy shoreline, is separated into three distinct public areas. This beach situated near Liwa Street Abu Dhabi offers a private haven for families, individuals and couples to relish in.


Over the weekends, Abu Dhabi residents enjoy engaging in nighttime fun. The urban areas situated to the north of the city's beaches are typically bustling with energy and excitement. Liwa Street is no exception to this vibrant atmosphere. Illusions Night Club, which is among the most popular nightclubs in Abu Dhabi, can be found on this street and lures many party-goers. If you're looking for a more sophisticated setting for upscale get-togethers, consider visiting Up and Below, an elegant rooftop lounge located at Courtyard by Marriott.

Liwa Street is home to a plethora of popular tourist destinations, including the renowned World Trade Centre complex. This particular site boasts two notable structures: an 88-story skyscraper named Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid, which holds the title of tallest building in Abu Dhabi, and Trust Tower - towering high at 60 stories in height.

Located on the western extension of Hamdan Street, just a brief 5-minute drive from Liwa Street, Qasr Al Hosn is an iconic architectural landmark in Abu Dhabi. Constructed over two centuries ago in 1761 as a watchtower, this historical site has been transformed into a museum and serves as the venue for the annual Qasr Al Hosn Festival.

Additional notable points of interest in the area are the main offices for several state-owned enterprises, namely, the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company, and Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC).


Throughout the day, locals can relish in an energetic urban ambiance. The vast boulevards lining Corniche Road offer perfect paths for biking, running in the morning or walking during sunset.

Liwa Street is situated opposite Lake Park, which happens to be a highly popular outdoor destination for people of all age brackets. The main highlight of this park is undoubtedly its lake, featuring a stunning 15-meter high fountain and a picturesque wooden bridge extending over it. Along Corniche Road lie several other parks, each with their own distinct attributes that make them attractive to visitors.

Oriental Karate provides various martial arts classes for an enjoyable indoor after-school activity. These include lessons in Kobudo, nunchaku, and karate tailored specifically for kids. Additionally, there are specialized karate classes as well as adult yoga training sessions available.

In the vicinity of Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi, there are several high-end salons such as Zahwa Lebanon Salon, The Glam House Beauty Salon, and NStyle Beauty Salon. For comprehensive beauty services including hair treatments, facial treatments, body treatments, nail care, and bridal makeup services under one roof, Bedashing Beauty Lounge located in The Souk World Trade Centre is a salon that adopts a 360-degree concept.

Abu Dhabi's Liwa Street offers numerous spa facilities, including Le Voyage Spa and the spa located in The Eclipse Boutique Suites hotel, where one can indulge in an exclusive session of pampering and relaxation.


Abu Dhabi boasts a plethora of locations that cater to cultural happenings and intimate social gatherings for expat groups. Liwa Street is conveniently located close by several of these venues. About an 11-minute drive towards the east, The Club stands as the capital's premier members-only social club with a lineage dating back to its exclusive British roots. Today, this establishment caters to patrons from approximately 84 countries and presents a wide array of festivities including themed nights, food and drink promotions, junior activities, charity events along with various celebratory occasions.

The Cultural Foundation, located in Qasr Al Hosn, hosts cultural events and workshops on a weekly basis.


Liwa Street in Abu Dhabi is a common route used by people heading towards the Corniche Area. Along with being situated in the lively locality of Al Markaziya, it features numerous business centres and commercial properties which make it a preferred destination for professionals and visitors alike. Therefore, those working nearby would find living on Liwa Street quite convenient. However, individuals seeking a peaceful residential area may need to look elsewhere.


Where is Liwa Street located?

In the heart of Abu Dhabi lies Liwa Street, a diverse neighborhood that accommodates a range of residential and commercial activities.

How to get around Liwa Street by bus?

Liwa Street is conveniently accessible via several bus routes, namely 101, 120, 32, 40, 54 and 63. Opting for any of these buses promises a hassle-free journey.