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Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) has come a long way from being an abandoned town to becoming one of the most densely populated regions in Dubai. This gated community is located on the northern side of Dubai, close to coastal areas like Dubai Marina and JBR. The ambitious project was executed with careful consideration of demographic challenges. Strategically positioned between two major highways, Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Al Khail Road (E44), JVT offers easy connectivity across UAE.

A more convenient journey to other key areas within the emirate.

Following the successful development of Jumeirah Village Circle, Nakheel Properties has undertaken another impressive endeavor with the creation of Jumeirah Village Triangle. The community boasts a charming village-style layout, complete with greenery lining its streets to foster a healthy atmosphere. Spanning nine districts, it offers an array of over 13,000 housing options including villas, townhouses and apartments.

the perfect blend of contemporary design and luxurious living, with top-notch facilities that ensure convenience and relaxation. The residential development in Dubai's real estate market showcases modern architecture through its impressive residential buildings and villas while also providing premium lifestyle amenities for residents. It offers a secure and comfortable environment, complete with a community center featuring numerous retail outlets, supermarkets, eateries, and entertainment zones – all within easy reach for a thrilling day out without the need to travel far from the comfort of home. Overall, Jumeirah Village Triangle is an ideal choice for those seeking both sophistication and luxury in one location.

Dubai's reputation as an area in which family values are highly prioritized is widely acknowledged.




Jumeirah Village Triangle is an environmentally conscious and tranquil residential complex that ranks among the most family-oriented neighborhoods in Dubai. The villas and townhouses boast expansive living spaces, while various configurations suit different preferences, with abundant open garden areas at both front and back of each unit. Additionally, JVT benefits from district cooling tech - a unique feature among other residential communities in Dubai.

When it comes to housing, there is a combination of low and mid-rise apartment buildings, some of which have retail businesses on the ground floor. Due to the fact that the center of activity is in town, the streets are less busy and contribute to the peaceful atmosphere of the area.

JVT, providing convenient and high-quality pet care services. In addition to the picturesque landscapes and pet-friendly atmosphere, JVT offers access to community amenities such as schools, supermarkets, and recreational facilities for a well-rounded living experience that caters to all residents' needs.

In JVT's Imperial Residence, the community parks offer extensive walkways that provide plenty of room for you and your furry friend to explore.

Jumeirah Village Triangle is a society that places great importance on family values. Residents enjoy the convenience and comfort of having various amenities near their homes, including shops, restaurants, fitness centers, and beauty parlors. The area boasts eco-friendly facilities as well; nine community parks are present with some featuring water features like large ponds and fountains.

Moreover, JVT boasts an intriguing arrangement of outdoor amenities consisting of five tennis courts located in each sub-community, several district gardens with accompanying barbeque facilities. Additionally, a sports complex named The Football Academy (TFA) is situated within the neighborhood and serves as a hub for local athletes pursuing football aspirations.


JVT, a recent creation by Nakheel Properties, has become a desired location for both expats and locals in Dubai's continuously expanding real estate market. The properties are situated in a triangular pattern and are divided into nine numbered districts offering diverse residential units at different prices. While villas and townhouses remain the most popular choices among residents, the community also contains apartment complexes.

semi-detached properties, comprising over 5,000 luxurious villas and townhouses. These residences are surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. The available properties include 1 and 2-bedroom townhouses as well as 2-bedroom detached villas with plot sizes ranging from 6,500 sq. ft. to 8,000 sq. ft. As a result of the spacious plots, some owners have expanded or upgraded their villas up to six bedrooms; however, this requires prior approval from Nakheel and may incur additional charges. Additionally, the community offers a variety of duplexes and furnished detached or semi-detached units for interested buyers or renters.

JVT offers a selection of well-equipped accommodations, including various 2-bedroom standalone homes that are on the market for prices beginning at AED 2.85M.

The locality's independent villas boast ample rooms and are complemented by landscaped gardens and diverse amenities. Nevertheless, what sets them apart are their unique Mediterranean or Arabian architectural styles, with some also featuring Moorish or Spanish designs.

The dual-level estates possess opulent interiors and boast various contemporary fixtures. Among the features, residents can expect mosaic floorings, arched doorways, patterned walls, and carved columns. Some of these houses have enormous double-glass windows while others showcase full-length panes complemented with sliding doors. The capacious hallways on both floors along with entrance and balcony are designed to promote ample natural light and proper air circulation.

With over 1,000 2-bedroom villas already present, the development proves to be a smart investment for both couples and families of varying sizes. Additionally, there are 500 townhouses available with either one or two bedrooms.

The properties available for rent in Jumeirah Village Triangle are located along the outskirts of the area. While there are ongoing constructions, there is already a considerable number of complexes established. Currently, options include duplexes and fully furnished as well as newly built apartments with varying costs depending on their amenities. For brand new units alone, rental rates begin at AED 30k per year.

These dwelling places have been crafted to combine security measures with a lively sense of community, all situated within enclosed courtyards. The mid-rise buildings are designed in the traditional style of the Mediterranean region, arranged together and adorned with soft cream, pink, and brown hues. The units themselves consist mostly of studios or flats featuring one to three bedrooms- appealing primarily to those seeking residences for individuals or small families.

The units have breezy rooms, kitchens that come furnished, and generous living areas that lead to a balcony with views of the well-manicured lawn. You'll also notice sliding glass doors separating the living space from the balcony. The bedrooms feature en-suite bathrooms and built-in wardrobes. There's a variety of fully or partially furnished units available for your convenience.

Rental Trends in Jumeirah Village Triangle

Offering access to a ton of amenities including round-the-clock security, BBQ areas and jogging tracks among many others, the apartments for rent in Jumeirah Village Triangle come in studios, 1-bed and 2-bed type options. A studio in JVT can be rented for as low as AED 29.9k yearly, while the rental prices for 1-bedroom apartments in JVT range from AED 39.9k to AED 95k. Those looking for a more spacious unit, with more amenities can rent a 2-bedroom flat and expect to spend an average of AED 66k, and AED 178k per annum for 3-bed apartments in JVT.

Jumeirah Village Triangle offers a diverse selection of rental properties, which is one of its strengths. The community currently boasts over 3,000 completed villas and has another 2,000 units in the works, including townhouses.

The rental rates for both the Mediterranean Villas and Arabian Villas are comparable. In JVT, a 5-bedroom spacious villa can be rented for an average yearly cost of AED 304k, while smaller units like the 2-bedroom villas typically rent for AED 166k per annum. Townhouses are also available in JVT with varying sizes ranging from 1 to 4-bedrooms and rental prices from AED 110k to AED220k. For instance, a fully landscaped townhome with one bedroom will set you back about AED110k annually whereas a two-bedroom townhome may cost up to about AED180k each year.

Sale Trends in Jumeirah Village Triangle

In JVT, apartment prices vary based on the number of bedrooms. Studios can be purchased for AED 300k and 3-bed flats for AED 1.4M. The average price of a 1-bedroom unit is AED 711k while buyers can expect to pay between AED 690k to AED 1.9M for a 2-bedroom unit. Those interested in purchasing a larger space can buy a three-bedroom apartment at an average cost of AED 2.2M in JVT.

In JVT, the prices of available villas depend on their specific configurations, floorplans and locations. Typically, a 5-bedroom villa in JVT will cost around AED 4.4M for those considering purchasing it. Alternatively, smaller 2-bedroom villas are also up for sale at varying price points between AED 2.2M to AED 4M.

For investors interested in purchasing townhouses in Jumeirah Village Triangle, prices vary depending on the number of bedrooms. One-bedroom options start at AED 1.4M while two-bed options have an average price of AED 2.3M. Upgraded three-bedroom townhouses are also available within a range of AED 1.5M to AED 2.8M. Those seeking more privacy may prefer corner townhouses, which come with a higher demand and price point than other units in the area.

Prospective property buyers in Jumeirah Village Triangle can find solace in knowing that JVT is among the leading areas in Dubai when it comes to obtaining high rental yields for 1-bedroom apartments. Analyzing sales trends will facilitate identifying optimal investment opportunities within Jumeirah Village Triangle. The Imperial Residence building ranks highly as a top choice for apartment investments, and Mediterranean Villas has proven to be a desirable location for villa purchases within the area.

ROI in Jumeirah Village Triangle

JVT studios rank first in terms of yielding the greatest return on investment, with a percentage of 7.15%. For those interested in three-bedroom apartments, the ROI is 5.59%, while one and two-bedroom flats offer a slightly lower rental yield at 5.38%.

When it comes to villas, the 5-bedroom options offer the greatest return on investment at a rate of 6.79%, closely followed by 1-bedroom houses with an ROI of 6.34%. The 3-bedroom villa is expected to yield a rental income of 5.96%, while the returns for both the 4 and 2-bed units are lower, at rates of approximately 5.18% and 4.94%.

Jumeirah Village Triangle Floor Plans

Potential renters have the opportunity to peruse floor plans for Jumeirah Village Triangle and view various 2D, 3D, and live versions of floor plans for well-known communities or buildings in the area.

Explore the diverse selection of residential properties that JVT offers, ranging from villas and townhouses to apartments. It is recommended to check out the most sought-after community before making any decisions on renting or purchasing a home in the area.

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JVT District 5, situated in the center of Jumeirah Village Triangle, is a buoyant neighborhood housing a children's and canine park, Eagles Sports Academy and Alliance Football Club sports facilities as well as Sunmarke School. Additionally, the district boasts various dining options and leisure activities.

The Noor Apartment 1 is a five-story low-rise building that offers a variety of housing options, including Studios, as well as 1 and 2-bed flats. This vertical community is located in JVT District 2.

Imperial Residences, a mid-rise complex in the area, stands out as one of the most remarkable apartment buildings. It is overseen by Auris Hotels and consists of two meticulously kept buildings: The Imperial Residence A and The Imperial Residence B. These apartments provide a comprehensive family lifestyle, including amenities such as retail spaces, spacious pools, 24-hour security services, ample parking areas, fitness centers and an exclusive pool for children.

The rundown of sought-after zones in JVT terminates at Al Jawhara Residences and JVT District 2. Among the top picks for renting apartments in JVT, is Al Jawhara Residences - a highly favored apartment building.

upcoming developments in JVT

Prospective purchasers can browse through the forthcoming off-plan developments in the locality. Tiger Properties' Cloud Tower is a housing complex situated in JVT District 2, comprising of 29 stories and offering a total of 447 accommodations. The residential spaces are obtainable as furnished studios or one to three bedroom flats, with additional office options available for commercial use. The estimated date on which this property will be handed over by the developer is Q1, 2025.


Locating parking spots in JVT poses no problem for inhabitants as residential villas come with dedicated porches capable of accommodating two or more vehicles. Meanwhile, apartment buildings provide designated car parking spaces for each unit.

Public Transportation in Jumeirah Village Triangle

Since the community is gated, there are no metro or bus stops available on site. As a result, residents have to depend on taxis for transportation. Nonetheless, the nearest bus stop can be found in Dubai Production City, which is about 10 minutes away. The closest option for a metro station would be Dubai Internet City Metro Station, located approximately 15 minutes away from the community.



In JVT, there are three major supermarkets - F Mart, New Safestway Supermarket and Triangle Supermarket. The biggest one among them is the centrally located F Mart Supermarket, which residents can visit for bigger grocery shopping. Additionally, Danat Express and Cherry Grocery are some of the other convenience stores available in the area.

There exist additional supermarkets in the nearby vicinity of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). Within a short 10-minute car ride, you can come across various stores including Spinneys, Jyothi’s Supermarket, West Zone Fresh Supermarket and Jame Jam Supermarket.


The only community mosque for residents in District 4 JVT is Alyaziah bint Ahmad bin Mubarak Masjid. Jama Mosque, located near JVT in Dubai Production City, and Saleh Mohammed Bin Lahej Mosque in JVC or Samad Mosque in The Springs are other options for residents to visit.

Regarding the Christian community, several churches can be found in Al Muntazah of Jebel Ali vicinity including the Evangelical Christian Church of Dubai, Dubai Mar Thoma Church and Saint Mina Coptic Orthodox Church. Sikh and Hindu residents have access to Guru Nanak Darbar which is a 15-minute drive away whereas Shirdi Sai Baba Temple located in Dubai Marina can be reached within 17 minutes by car.


Jumeirah Village Triangle offers convenient access to schools, nurseries and daycare centres in the surrounding area. To ensure your children don't have to travel far, Jumeirah International Nursery is located right within the community and is highly regarded as one of the top British nurseries in the emirate. If you're looking for alternative options, Kids Kingdom Nursery School is just a short drive off Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). Additionally, there are several pre-schools and nurseries within a 10-minute driving radius such as Raffles Nursery Town.

The Springs boasts two great preschools, namely Centre and Amity Pre-School. Additionally, JVC's neighbouring area has Kids World Nursery and Stepping Stones Play School as excellent alternatives.

-building programs. Another school in the area that follows the British curriculum is Jumeirah English Speaking School, situated in District 9. It caters to students from FS1 to Year 6. The school has a diverse student body and provides a safe learning environment where students can thrive academically and socially. Additionally, it emphasizes extracurricular activities such as sports, music, and drama to promote well-rounded development. With these reputable schools available in JVT, parents with school-going children have access to quality education for their children without having to travel far from home.

Development initiatives.

Situated on Orchid Street in District 9, Arcadia School provides British education to the local community. This educational institution offers high-quality instruction for students from primary through secondary years and is open to children of all backgrounds as a private school. There are numerous other reputable schooling options available in neighbouring areas as well. Dubai British School located in Emirates Hills is widely regarded as one of the premier schools offering the British Curriculum in Dubai.

While JVC itself doesn't have any universities, there are some noteworthy options in the surrounding area. Residents can look into Keystrokes University, located just a 9-minute drive away in Jumeirah Park, or Concordia, which is about a 12-minute drive from JVC and situated in Dubai Production City. For those willing to travel slightly further, Knowledge Park (located around 15-18 minutes away) boasts several popular institutions such as American University in Dubai and Middlesex University Dubai.


Residents have several reliable medical clinics nearby that they can visit in case of emergencies. The closest one is Mediclinic Springs, which offers specialized paediatric services and is located 11 minutes away in Emirates Hills. Alcon Dubai, an eye care center, is conveniently situated right in JVT. Another option is Medcare Medical Center, a multi-speciality clinic situated in Umm Suqeim 1 with experienced doctors and top-notch radiology and laboratory services available.

The area's proximity to some of the top hospitals in the city allows its inhabitants to access them within a few minutes. These include NMC Royal Hospital located in Dubai Investments Park, Saudi German Hospital situated in Al Barsha and Al Zahra Hospital stationed on Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), all renowned for delivering excellent medical care across various specialties - reachable within 15-20 minutes from Jumeirah Village Triangle.


Triangle (JVT) are easily reachable due to its excellent location at the intersection of two significant highways, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Al Khail Road (E44). JVT's proximity to Dubai International Airport means residents can get there in just 30 minutes. Other nearby areas can be reached even more quickly. For instance, it takes only 20 minutes by car to reach Dubai Mall or around 17-20 minutes to get to popular entertainment destinations like Dubai Marina, JBR, and Palm Jumeirah. The neighboring areas of Jumeirah Village Triangle share borders with some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Dubai - all within easy reach thanks to this prime location.

Dubai Production City, Jumeirah Village Circle, The Springs and Dubai Sports City are all triangles in the city of Dubai.




The upcoming community mall in Jumeirah Village Triangle, Al Khail Avenue, will cover an extensive area of 2 million sq. ft. The shopping centre will be a hub for both retail and entertainment units which include multiple cafes and restaurants, a Waitrose supermarket, and a multi-screen cinema. This project is expected to feature as many as 350 retail stores alongside an impressive 4,400 car parking spaces. In addition to this, Nakheel Properties has announced the inclusion of a hotel connected to the mall.

While the Jumeirah Village Triangle project is ongoing, those who reside there can head over to City Centre Me'aisem in Dubai Production City for a plethora of shopping options and dining as well as various forms of entertainment. For an even more impressive shopping trip, Mall of the Emirates can be reached within about 20 minutes from JVT. This vast mall boasts luxury retailers and laid-back eating spots, with additional fun activities like Magic Planet's arcade and an IMAX cinema on offer for visitors.

Also present is Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort.


In JVT, there are several cafes and restaurants available for residents to enjoy, including Forni Pizza & Manakeesh, Safestway Cafe, and Dine Inn Restaurant. Nevertheless, those who desire more dining options can venture outside the community with a quick commute. City Centre Me'aisem is only 10 minutes away from Jumeirah Village Triangle and boasts numerous eateries to select from. Additionally, neighboring JVC has a plethora of restaurants on offer such as Socialicious, PINZA, and Desert Wok Restaurant that are quite popular among visitors.


Dubai's stunning beaches, such as Jumeirah Beach or JBR, offer excellent incentives for living in the city. Located just 20 to 22 minutes away from JVT, this beach is not only picturesque but also dotted with a variety of cafes and eateries. For instance, The Walk at JBR features an extensive range of fine-dining options as well as budget-friendly ones where visitors can indulge in their favourite cuisines while soaking up the magnificent views of the coastline.


also a great place for JVT residents to explore, with its picturesque parks and lakeside views.

In order to cater to families, Jumeirah Village Triangle has numerous areas that enable its inhabitants to unwind alongside their loved ones and fellow members of the community. A prime example is the JVT Community Park nestled between District 8 and District 9, where people can take leisurely strolls or enjoy quality time with their children during pleasant evenings. Additionally, City Centre Me'aisem in Dubai Production City offers premium dining, retail outlets and entertainment facilities just a short distance away from the neighbourhood's borders. Another nearby area worth exploring is The Springs community which boasts charming parks adorned by scenic lakeside vistas only a 15-minute drive from JVT.

The luxurious recreational facility known as Address Montgomerie is situated within this locale. It boasts an expansive 18-hole golf course, which offers residents a range of exciting options for evening entertainment. This high-end resort also offers alfresco dining, allowing visitors to indulge in their meals while enjoying the stunning views of the verdant surroundings.

If you're looking for some excitement, take a trip to the south-east side of the neighborhood by taking Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). There are plenty of amazing attractions waiting for you there. One must-see spot is Dubai Sports City - a sports paradise that offers various outdoor games and activities. They even provide training sessions for beginners! A short drive away from there is Dubai Autodrome in Motor City, which is an extremely popular venue among race-car lovers.

In a mere 12 minutes' drive across the highway, lies Dubai Miracle Garden - the biggest floral garden globally. It boasts millions of flower sculptures and an exquisite butterfly garden. Also neighbouring JVT's northeast side are various coastal attractions, such as beaches and the magnificent Aquaventure Waterpark.


the community's wide range of fitness and outdoor amenities. The parks in JVT offer plenty of opportunities for sports enthusiasts, with tennis courts, cricket pitches, and football fields available for use. Additionally, there are paved walkways and cycling tracks that run alongside lush green lawns. Parents can also enjoy some quality time in these parks while their children play in the designated play areas.

Experience the outdoors by either immersing yourself in nature or taking a refreshing run surrounded by lush vegetation.

In JVT, there is an array of options available for sports and fitness enthusiasts. For instance, the community boasts a spacious ground that caters to football players who can hone their skills and enjoy the sport without any hindrance. Moreover, individuals seeking indoor workout facilities have numerous gyms to choose from in the vicinity. Amongst them, Gymnastex JVT stands out as a top-tier gymnasium in district 9 of JVT due to its modern equipment and professional gymnastics trainers. Another popular option is Noor Fitness situated inside Al Manara Tower in Jumeirah Village Triangle.

Jumeirah Village Triangle offers a variety of salons and spas for personal grooming needs. Recommended options include The Dollie Sisters, Chi Nail Spa, and Gladys Beauty Salon which provide hair, nail treatments, facials, party makeups and henna services for women. For men looking to groom themselves can visit The One Gents Salon. Additionally, neighbouring communities such as Dubai Production City and Jumeirah Village Circle also have beauty centres available for community members to visit.

There are two spa centres in the nearby area of Jumeirah Village Circle, namely Sunshine Spa and Massage Center as well as ReFive Spa.

In order to maintain a sense of community among residents, Jumeirah Village Triangle organizes various events each year. The JVT Community Park is the designated location for several commemorative occasions.


Locals have the option to become members of a duo of Facebook groups that provide updates on happenings within their area. These online communities, titled "Jumeirah Village Triangle" and "Jumeirah Village Triangle Residents," offer a platform for inhabitants and nearby individuals to connect with one another while expanding their knowledge about the neighborhood.

JVT is an ideal residential area for individuals, families and couples with lavish facilities and contemporary housing. Nonetheless, it's crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of living in JVT prior to purchasing or renting a residence. Several low-rise and mid-rise projects are currently being developed which will be completed in the next few years. Dust and noise pollution may pose problems for some residents, but most construction work takes place on the outer boundaries of the apartment complexes planned there.


The community is the sole focus.

the community only.