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property, with a variety of options for apartments and villas to suit different budgets. JLT's location provides easy access to major highways, public transportation, and popular shopping destinations in Dubai.

Jumeirah Lake Towers or JLT is a mixed-use community that is highly desirable in Dubai. Created by the Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC), this community surrounds four man-made lakes and features an expansive parkland area. It has gained popularity as an ideal residential option for families and individuals who want to live near the bustling Dubai Marina due to its relaxed atmosphere and abundance of amenities. According to Bayut & Dubizzle's 2021 Annual Sales Report for Dubai, JLT ranks among the top areas in terms of affordable property options, offering various apartments and villas that cater to different financial capabilities. Additionally, JLT's strategic location makes it easily accessible via major highways, public transportation systems, and renowned shopping destinations in this vibrant city.

Residences of various sizes and styles are available for rent, including studios, one-bedroom units, two-bedroom units and even larger options. These living spaces offer a range of amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, on-site laundry facilities and pet-friendly policies. Explore the many options to find the perfect home for your needs.

The JLT neighborhood guide explores the advantages of residing in this area and factors to contemplate before relocating there.


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    JLT is a self-governing neighborhood comprising of 26 groups identified by the letters A to Z. Every group contains three towering edifices, accommodating apartments, offices, shops, and hotels. The road that interconnects Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) with First Al Khail Street splits JLT's tall clusters almost evenly into two halves.

    The community boasts a variety of shared amenities including grocery stores, schools, and dining establishments. Located adjacent to Sheikh Zayed Road, it also benefits from the convenience of two nearby metro stations that facilitate travel to surrounding regions.


    Residing in JLT provides a relaxed atmosphere and various facilities suitable for families and young adults alike. As the area comprises numerous tall buildings, the primary housing options are apartments. There is a wide range of apartments to choose from:

    Those who lease properties in JLT have the advantage of being able to select from various layouts due to each tower being constructed by diverse developers.


    The cost of renting a studio in Jumeirah Lake Towers begins at AED 25k, whereas one-bedroom apartments start at AED 42k. Similarly, two-bedroom flats with adequate space can be rented for an average of AED 80k in JLT, while three-bedroom options have a rental price that ranges from AED 99.9k to AED 270k. Renting a four-bedroom apartment in JLT will cost between AED 155k and AED 300k annually for those who are interested.

    Saba Tower, located in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers area, is a well-known apartment building that offers a variety of options for renters. It boasts studio apartments as well as those with one to three bedrooms. The rental prices for Saba Tower's studios range from AED 30k to AED 45k. Other highly sought-after apartment towers in the vicinity are Jumeirah Bay X1 and Armada Tower.


    Given that JLT is a freehold location, there are several properties available for purchase across all clusters. If you're eyeing a studio in JLT, it can be yours for AED 452k. Meanwhile, the going rate for one-bedroom flats is around AED 803k. As for two-bedroom apartments, expect prices to span from AED 530k up to AED 2.6M - this variance stems from the presence of some highly luxurious properties within JLT.

    In Jumeirah Lake Towers, a roomy 3-bedroom flat can typically be purchased for around AED 1.5M, while a larger 4-bedroom unit is available for AED 2.9M.

    Se7en City, located in Cluster Z of JLT, is a new development offering a variety of apartment sizes including studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units. The cost to purchase studios at Se7en City ranges from AED 385k to AED 456k while the price for a 1-bedroom apartment varies between AED 395k and AED 1M. Other well-known buildings for those interested in buying apartments in JLT include Green Lakes and Saba Tower.


    The highest return on investment, at 7.3%, can be found with the studio units. Following closely behind are the 1-bed units, offering a return of 6.65%. Meanwhile, the ROI for both the 2 and 3-bedroom flats is at 6.2% and for a 4-bedroom unit it's at 6.4%.


    Jumeirah Lake Towers boasts multiple high-rise developments that showcase some of the region's tallest buildings. Potential renters can peruse the most sought after structures in JLT to select their preferred abode.

    Based on searches conducted by users on Bayut.com over the past 12 months

    Based on the data collected, it appears that New Dubai Gate is currently the most popular building in JLT. This complex consists of two high-rise residential buildings, known as New Dubai Gate 1 and New Dubai Gate 2. The former is a towering structure with 42 floors, reaching a height of 151 metres and situated in Cluster Q. With its 592 apartment units and 30 retail shops, one can expect to find studio apartments for rent at an average price of AED 31k. In comparison, New Dubai Gate 2 stands at a height of approximately140 metres and has a total of 442 apartments available for rent; these come in various configurations ranging from one to three bedrooms. Located adjacent to the Movenpick hotel within Cluster A of JLT, this attractive property comprises another sought-after option for those seeking quality accommodation within the area.

    The Hotel and Lakeside Residences have gained a lot of popularity in New Dubai Gate 2, particularly the 2-bedroom apartments for rent that start at AED 37k per year. Those interested in purchasing a 2-bedroom flat can expect to pay anywhere from AED 510k to AED 1.1M.

    The Icon Tower, which is a pair of buildings numbered 1 and 2, is the second most sought-after structure in the region according to Bayut searches. The units within these towers come in multiple sizes ranging from studios to three-bedrooms. To rent a one-bedroom apartment at the Icon Tower prices vary between AED 31k and AED 45k, while buying a similar flat starts at AED 550k.

    Goldcrest Views ranks third in popularity among buildings located in JLT, with Lake View Tower coming in at fourth place. The final spot on the list is occupied by Tiger Properties' Lake City Tower.


    Individuals seeking floor plans for Jumeirah Lake Towers can peruse the available options for well-known buildings located in JLT, Dubai.


    If you are planning a brief trip to one of Dubai's popular communities, the hotels in Jumeirah Lake Towers may be worth considering for your stay.

    The luxurious Bonnington Hotel can be found in Cluster J of the community, boasting 5-star status and a range of modern facilities across its 271 service rooms. On top of fitness amenities and a business centre, guests can indulge at the on-site salon. If you're looking for alternatives, check out Movenpick Hotel - located in Cluster A within walking distance from DMCC Metro Station - with its 168 elegant rooms and offerings such as dining options, entertainment spots, well-equipped meeting halls, an outdoor pool area, and state-of-the-art spa services.

    The Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a high-end hotel with a sophisticated ballroom and a rooftop bar and restaurant that has Mediterranean influences. Visitors staying at the Pullman Hotel located in Cluster T of JLT can enjoy access to an outdoor pool and gym facilities. Meanwhile, the Armada BlueBay Hotel is situated in Cluster P within Armada Tower 2, offering guests various options for dining along with fitness amenities.


    Although the commercial and residential towers have their own allocated parking spots, they are often unavailable for visitors. The general public can make use of paid parking spaces that are restricted in number. On the other hand, hotels nearby provide valet services for patrons.


    By living in this community, you can easily access Sheikh Zayed Road and conveniently explore other areas of Dubai. If you choose to drive via First Al Khail Street, popular residential districts such as Dubai Marina and JBR are just a few minutes away from JLT.

    In case driving is not an option, accessing public transportation in JLT is easy with multiple taxis available and two nearby metro stations - the DMCC Metro Station located next to Cluster D and Sobha Realty Metro Station near Cluster S. To access other clusters within JLT, there are feeder buses (JLT1 and JLT2) conveniently placed throughout the area, making commuting hassle-free.



    In Jumeirah Lake Towers, you will come across multiple mini markets such as Spinneys, West Zone and Carrefour Market. Additionally, there are several independent marts and convenience stores located at the foot of the residential and commercial towers. The closest hypermarket is situated in Dubai Marina Mall called Waitrose and can easily be accessed by crossing Sheikh Zayed Road.


    The Muslim populace can carry out their daily prayers in exclusive prayer zones within both residential and commercial towers. Additionally, there's the option of utilizing Tiffany Mosque located in Tiffany Tower for group prayers.

    Individuals who desire to visit a place of worship can travel briefly to Jebel Ali, where there are various churches representing different denominations. Additionally, in the same vicinity is the Sikh Guru Nanak Darbar Temple. For those practicing Hinduism, temples are conveniently located in the Bur Dubai area and accessible by car.


    Families with young children can discover numerous nurseries in JLT. Most clusters within the area boast their own nursery, such as Dewdrops Nursery's two branches and Learning Ladders' two facilities, along with Paddington Nursery, Kid Kare Nursery, Oakfield Early Learning Centre, and others. This may explain why JLT is a sought-after location for many families with young kids.

    Located in The Meadows, Emirates International School is conveniently situated for easy access. In the surrounding neighborhood of Al Barsha, there are a number of reputable educational institutions such as Kings School Al Barsha and the American School of Dubai.

    In addition to its benefits for young residents, JLT offers higher education options that may appeal to older students. The Austrian affiliated Modul University is located in One Tower, opposite Cluster G, while the Dubai campus for the Russian based Synergy University can be found in Cluster I. Alternatively, Knowledge Park - situated just opposite JLT - also features several esteemed universities with various internationally recognized curricula on offer.


    In JLT, there are numerous medical clinics available such as Dr K Medical Center DMCC, Dome MedDental Clinic, and a few others like Armada Medical Centre, Optimum Diagnostic Clinic and German Dental Clinic. Moreover, the healthcare requirements of individuals are also being catered by Scandinavian Physiotherapy Centre and Dr Batra’s Homeopathy Clinic present in JLT.

    In the vicinity of JLT, Mediclinic Meadows is located in The Meadows area while Saudi German Hospital and Al Zahra Hospital can be found in Al Barsha.


    JLT's tall buildings can be spotted on Sheikh Zayed Road, situated opposite the lively Dubai Marina district. Locals frequently use the DMCC Metro Station bridge to reach Dubai Marina.

    Additionally, it is situated adjacent to the luxurious Emirates Hills area and in proximity to Meadows Dubai, The Springs, and Jumeirah Park – all highly sought-after communities in Dubai.



    The calm atmosphere of the neighborhood belies the multitude of resources offered to inhabitants. The waterfront promenade boasts a range of establishments, including healthcare facilities, pet clinics, retail stores, beauty parlors, supermarkets and grocery shops. Such a lively environment is undoubtedly one of JLT's greatest assets for potential residents.


    Dubai Marina Mall is the nearest shopping center to JLT, situated on the opposite side of Sheikh Zayed Road. It offers a vast array of global brands that cater to the diverse population residing in the area. Additionally, there are other shopping destinations available nearby such as Mall of Emirates in Barsha which is only 15 minutes away and Ibn Battuta Mall just ten minutes away from JLT.


    offers cooking classes and workshops for those who want to improve their skills in the kitchen. JLT is a food lover's paradise, with an abundance of dining options that cater to every taste and budget. From Vietnamese to Greek cuisine, New Orleans soul food or Sri Lankan dishes, there's something for everyone. Mythos, Wokyo Noodle Bar, Bait Maryam and Cafe Isan are just a few popular restaurants in the area. In Cluster I lies SCAFA - a culinary institute that provides cooking classes and workshops for aspiring chefs.

    Additionally, there is a restaurant available for meals.

    In addition to some licensed establishments in the vicinity, there are several popular options for entertainment. For instance, Cluster A hosts Jazz at Pizza Express while Cluster P offers both Nola's Eatery and Social House serving up American cuisine. Moreover, you can find lounges and bars at the Bonnington Hotel situated in Cluster J.


    Being situated on the eastern side of Sheikh Zayed Road, the vicinity does not have a beach of its own. Nevertheless, JBR Beach can be found just across the road, accessible via a quick taxi ride or by walking over the metro station bridge. It boasts unique facilities and amenities that are well-suited for spending an enjoyable day out.


    Escape rooms have become a popular trend in Dubai lately, where you voluntarily confine yourself to a room and solve puzzles in order to obtain the key for the exit. These rooms come with varying themes and two such options located within JLT are Phobia Dubai at Cluster X and Escape Quest at Cluster N. Conveniently enough, there is no need to venture too far out from your location as both Dubai Marina and JBR can be found just across the road.

    Situated within a mere 10-minute car ride, the Swiss Art Gate attracts numerous tourists. Those with an appreciation for art can relish in the diverse collection of creations from both local and international artists, as well as partake in a variety of art-related activities.


    In contrast to the bustling atmosphere of Dubai Marina, JLT residents can relish in a community that is predominantly accommodating for pedestrians. The well-received JLT Park is also pet-friendly and popular among families due to its playgrounds and running paths, making it one of the primary advantages of residing in JLT.

    In addition to the fitness centers located in residential buildings, there are also dance and yoga studios available as well as boxing clubs for those who enjoy staying active.

    When it comes to beauty-related pursuits, there are an abundance of spas and salons located throughout the vicinity that cater to both genders.


    In October, the community hosts a Breast Cancer Awareness 'Pink Walkathon'. Throughout the rest of the year, there are various sporting events, a football tournament for kids, and an outdoor art gallery.

    JLT is a community suitable for families, and thus hosts various events all-year round. These include carnivals, flea markets and outdoor film screenings that capture the interest of many individuals.


    While JLT in Dubai is an excellent residential area, there are a few factors to keep in mind before relocating. In the past, traffic has been problematic in this locality; however, recent road improvements have mitigated this issue considerably. Nonetheless, if you do plan on driving around here, it's worth noting that JLT strictly follows a one-way system - missing your turn may require you to travel back around.

    It is advisable to confirm with your agent or landlord whether a parking space comes together with your JLT apartment, as it may not always be provided. This can save you from inconvenience upon moving in.

    FAQs About JLT

    Is JLT freehold?

    JLT is a freehold region where both UAE Nationals and foreign investors can purchase apartments and penthouses. This area caters to the needs of expats as well.

    How many towers are in JLT?

    In JLT, there are currently 68 towers with more buildings under construction. Once all the construction is finished, a total of 80 buildings will make up the area. The structures in Clusters K and Z are still being designed and have not yet been completed.

    Is Jumeirah Lake Towers a free zone?

    Established in JLT under the name of Jumeirah Lake Towers Free Zone back in 2002, DMCC Free Zone now houses over 17,000 businesses and operates as a Dubai government authority.

    What does DMCC stand for?

    Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is abbreviated as DMCC.