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amenities in the area create a luxurious and peaceful environment for residents. The Jumeirah Golf Estates is a highly sought-after destination due to its prestigious lifestyle, stunning golf courses, and convenient location within Dubai.

The provision of facilities like parks, playgrounds, and fitness centers is geared towards promoting a lifestyle that is ideal for families. To make an informed decision about residing in Jumeirah Golf Estates, it would be beneficial to consider the advantages and disadvantages of living in this neighborhood.





Jumeirah Golf Estates is not only known for its exceptional golf estate living but has also gained prominence as a sought-after residential address since the expansion of the Dubai Metro route on the Red Line, which includes Jumeirah Golf Estate Station. Positioned near route 2020, this exquisite development boasts stunningly landscaped grounds and offers an impressive range of luxury villas, apartments, and high-end townhouses. The residential area is primarily characterized by spacious villas that provide panoramic views of the lush green landscaping. Consequently, it is widely regarded as one of Dubai's premier residential areas.

Dubai boasts an array of exquisite villa communities, encompassing a diverse selection of residences available for both rent and sale across 16 distinct clusters.

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The Jumeirah Golf Estates feature exclusive residential areas built around two prestigious golf courses. Additionally, there are plans for two more golf courses to be developed. In addition to these renowned facilities, Jumeirah Golf Estates boasts an impressive range of natural features such as five lakes, 1,100 hectares of beautiful greenery, extensive landscaping, and a commitment to sustainability. These attributes contribute to making it one of the most desirable and environmentally friendly locations in Dubai. At the heart of this community lies The Norman Clubhouse - a central hub offering various dining options from around the world along with a rooftop area

In addition to a barbecue area, there is also a swimming pool and various other amenities available.

Properties in Jumeirah Golf Estates

Jumeirah Golf Estates, a haven for golfers, caters to those who seek opulent living in a serene environment. Those in search of homes close to Dubai's golf clubs may find solace in this destination, featuring luxurious residences situated around two exceptional 18-hole championship courses. With a magnificent view of the Earth Course and Fire Course, Jumeirah Golf Estates comprises an impressive selection of 16 distinctive communities.

The Earth Course draws its inspiration from Mediterranean architecture and offers a grand total of 606 villas distributed throughout six developments. On the other hand, the Fire Course embraces the ambiance of the desert with its vibrant colors and hosts 438 residences spread across seven developments. Within this exclusive gated community, you can find villas available in 3-6 bedroom configurations, each boasting a private garden. Additionally, Jumeirah Golf Estates presents Al Andalus enclave - an exquisite hill town featuring apartments and townhouses for discerning individuals to enjoy.


Jumeirah Golf Estates that can be rented for a minimum of AED 40k per year. The average rent for a 2-bed unit is AED 93k, while a 3-bed unit costs around AED 141k. These properties range from 1,700 sq. ft. to 1,900 sq. ft in size. If you're interested in a larger space, the average rent for a 4-bed villa is AED 255k. Additionally, there are townhouses available with either 3 or 4 bedrooms configurations. You might even find brand new units among these options

The collection of Orange Lake and Jumeirah Luxury clusters.

For those seeking smaller units, there are various apartments available for rent in Al Andalus. These units range from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom options, with sizes ranging from 800 sq. ft. to 1,400 sq. ft. The average rental price for a 1-bedroom flat in Jumeirah Golf Estates is AED 46k, while renting a 2-bedroom apartment may cost approximately AED 73k. These spacious flats feature an open-plan modern kitchen and a balcony that offers views of the community. Furthermore, opting for a 3 to4- bedroom apartment in the area could cost between AED100k and AED134k per year.


Jumeirah Golf Estates offers a diverse selection of villas and townhouses for sale to those seeking freehold properties. The price range varies, with the starting cost of a 2-bedroom townhome being AED 1.42M, while on average, a 3-bedroom house in Jumeirah Golf Estate may be priced at around AED 2.42M. Similarly, if you are looking for a more spacious option, expect to pay approximately AED 4M for a luxurious 4-bedroom townhouse available for sale in JGE Dubai.

a private garden. In addition, residents of these communities can enjoy amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, and fitness center. The cost of buying an independent villa in top areas for villas in community varies depending on the size and location. For example, luxury villas in clusters like Sanctuary Falls, Wildflower, and Lime Tree Valley range from 3 to 6 bedrooms with prices starting at AED 2M for a 3-bedroom villa. If you are interested in a 4-bedroom villa in JGE, the average cost is around AED 4.3M. These properties also offer various features including guest bathrooms, dedicated storage space, and a private garden. Along with the luxurious accommodations available within these communities, residents can also enjoy additional amenities like a clubhouse with swimming pool and fitness center

The cost of 5-bedroom villas in the laundry area starts at AED 4.3M and goes up to AED 7.5M, whereas Jumeirah Golf Estate offers 6-bedroom villas for sale at a higher price point, specifically AED 11.1M.

Currently, Al Andalus is the main area for apartments. There are various types of properties available for freehold buyers, ranging from 1-bedroom flats in Jumeirah Golf Estates to larger 4-bed units. The average sales price for 1-bed apartments is AED 776k, while 2-bedroom apartments in Jumeirah Golf Estate require around AED 1.2M. For those seeking even more space, expect to pay approximately AED 1.69M for a 3-bed apartment. Luxury units like the 4-bed flats in Jumeirah Golf Estate have an average price of AED 2.48M

ROI in Jumeirah Golf Estate

The 2-bed and 4-bed units offer a maximum return on investment (ROI) of 6.4% and 6.1%, respectively. For those interested, there is also the option of purchasing a 3-bed villa in Jumeirah Golf Estates which is expected to generate a rental yield of 5.4%. On the lower end, investing in 5-beds may yield a minimum ROI of 4.9%, while investing in 6-bedroom villas could result in a return as low as 3.7%.

The highest return on investment for 1-bedroom flats is 6.2%, while the expected ROI for 2-bedroom apartments is also high at 5.9%. Similarly, if you purchase a 3-bedroom apartment in Jumeirah Golf Estates, you can expect a close return of 5.8%. Approximate rental yield for 4-bedroom flats stands at around 5.3%.


Featuring more than 16 sub-communities, selecting the perfect home might pose a difficulty in Jumeirah Golf Estates. Explore the preferences of Bayut users to discover the most sought-after rental communities. Additionally, this locality presents promising prospects for investment as well.

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Al Andalus, the newest sub-community in Jumeirah Golf Estates, has claimed the top spot. Occupying approximately 10 acres of land, it offers a range of freehold residential properties alongside commercial and recreational amenities. This sub-community boasts an impressive total of 715 residential apartments and a diverse selection of 95 townhouses. The rental prices for 2-bedroom apartments in Al Andalus typically fall within the range of AED 59k to AED 85k.

Whispering Pines is recognized as the second most favored community, having been among the early districts to be finalized in 2013. This development offers a selection of 160 villas designed in the classic Tuscan style, showcasing exquisite wooden finishes. Prospective buyers interested in this community can acquire a minimum-priced 4-bedroom villa for AED 4.4M.

estate in Wildflower starting from AED 4M. Another sought-after community is Whispering Pines, which offers a serene and picturesque environment. These luxurious Mediterranean-style villas range from 2,500 sq. ft. to 8,000 sq. ft., with prices starting at AED 3M for a spacious family home. Finally, Hattan Villas provide residents with elegant and spacious living spaces within the exclusive Arabian Ranches community, with properties ranging from 4 to 7 bedrooms and sizes varying from 3,500 sq. ft. to over 9,000 sq. ft., available for purchase starting at AED 2M+.

Wildflower villas are usually around 6,800 sq. ft., priced at AED 7M.

Completing our list of premier communities in Jumeirah Golf Estates is Jumeirah Luxury. This exclusive neighborhood consists of 291 beautifully crafted villas, which are predominantly available for purchase. Additionally, Orange Lake, a growing sub-community within Jumeirah Luxury, comprises 70 distinctive villas. Developed by Indigo Properties and completed in 2016, these residences also embody the essence of Mediterranean architecture.

Jumeirah Golf Estates Floor Plans

To find Jumeirah Golf Estate floor plans, individuals can explore the available options for popular communities within the area of Jumeirah Golf Estates.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Jumeirah Golf Estates

In terms of parking, the area offers plenty of space at the country club for visitors. For residents, designated parking spaces are available at Jumeirah Golf Estates for each residential property. Additionally, there are a few temporary free street parking spots available within limited hours.

Public Transport in Jumeirah Golf Estates

If you're unsure about how to reach Jumeirah Golf Estates, there are several nearby stations available. It will take approximately 28 minutes to get there from Downtown using the E44 route. Before the Dubai Metro extended its routes throughout the city, transportation options in Jumeirah Golf Estates were limited with only a few bus stations in close proximity. However, today it has become one of the most desirable residential areas due to its convenient transport connections.

Jumeirah Golf Estate Station

Situated at the intersection of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road E311 and D57, Jumeirah Golf Estate Station stands as the largest subterranean metro station. Serving as a vital hub on Route 2020, this station caters to the needs of various communities such as Jumeirah Golf Estates, Green Community, Production City, and their environs. In addition to disabled parking spaces and designated taxi drop-off points, it also features bus stops and a selection of retail shops.


Jumeirah Golf Estates offers a serene and family-friendly environment, appealing to those seeking tranquility. However, residents may need to explore outside the community for their day-to-day needs and essential services.

Supermarkets in Jumeirah Golf Estates

In the vicinity, residents of Jumeirah Golf Estates have convenient access to Spinneys for their grocery needs. This establishment also provides doorstep delivery services. Additionally, a comprehensive community center is available to cater to the needs of Jumeirah Golf Estates residents.

Fairway The Marketplace

Fairway The Marketplace, operated by Choitrams, is a town center retailer. This medium-sized supermarket serves as a convenient choice for local residents. Recognized as a well-liked supermarket chain in Dubai, Choithrams has numerous stores across the city. It offers an extensive selection of grocery products that can also be delivered through its online platform.

If you're looking to do a big grocery shopping, you can head over to City Centre Me'siam located in the nearby Dubai Production City. This place has a huge Carrefour Hypermarket where you can find everything you need. Additionally, there are also smaller supermarket chains and grocery stores spread across Production City and Sports City neighboring areas.


Located within Jumeirah Golf Estate, the newly built Al Andalus development incorporates a mosque. This religious facility offers ample parking and during Ramadan, they arrange an iftar tent catering to 300 individuals. Although there is another mosque situated on the outskirts of Jumeirah Golf Estate near Production City, it lies beyond the immediate neighborhood and requires more travel.

The Christian community in the area has two nearby options for worship. The International Nepalese Community Church, located in Jebel Ali, is a 25-minute drive away. Alternatively, St Mary's Catholic Church in Oud Mehta is a slightly longer 30-minute drive.

In addition, travelers wishing to explore a temple can locate Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara on Sheikh Zayed Road, E11, situated in Jebel Ali Village just 19 minutes away by car. If you plan to visit other temples in Bur Dubai, be prepared for a commute of approximately 25 to 30 minutes depending on traffic conditions.


Close by, you will find The Wonder Years Nursery and one of the top nurseries in Jumeirah, Jumeirah International Nursery. These establishments are conveniently located within a 20-minute distance and adhere to the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. Chubby Cheeks Nurseries in Dubai are also highly regarded and worth mentioning. A nearby branch can be found in Green Community.

When considering schools for older children, Victory Heights Primary School in Sports City is an option to explore. This institution provides a UK curriculum for students up to Year 6 and is conveniently located near Jumeirah Golf Estates. Additionally, GEMS United School in Sports City offers notable high school education following the American module up to Year 12.

When it comes to pursuing higher education, students who are interested can go to the University of Balamand located in Dubai Investment Park, which is a 20-minute car ride away. This university follows the American educational system and has built a strong reputation and legacy from its main campus in Lebanon. Additionally, there are several educational institutions in Knowledge Village that are just 30 minutes away. Some highly recommended options there include The American University of Dubai, University of Bradford, University of Wollongong, and many others.


The nearest hospital, NMC Royal Hospital in Dubai Investment Park, is nearby. In the neighboring Greens Community, there is also GMC Clinic available. Other options include Medicentres located nearby in Motor City and next door in Sports City you'll find Your Health Clinic.

Nearby Areas

Jumeirah Golf Estates is situated next to Dubai Sports City and Dubai Production City. The Sports City community provides various recreational facilities for residents' enjoyment. To the north lies Nakheel's Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT), a prominent development. Additional nearby neighborhoods include Green Community Village and Dubai Investment Park (DIP).



Malls in Jumeirah Golf Estates

With the exception of The Clubhouse, which incorporates a retail component, Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai does not feature any shopping complex.

City Centre Me’aisem, located in Production City and only a 15-minute drive away, stands as the closest alternative. This shopping center by Majid Al Futtaim is designed to cater to the needs of the local community, serving as a vibrant lifestyle hub. Alongside a variety of well-known stores and dining establishments, it also provides essential services like pharmacies and banking facilities for added convenience.

Restaurants in Jumeirah Golf Estates

as a casual dining spot offering a variety of comfort foods. For those seeking an elegant and intimate setting, The Veranda is the perfect choice, with its refined menu and stunning views of the surrounding greenery. Lastly, if you're looking for a quick bite or refreshing drink by the poolside, The Pool Bar is your go-to spot. With its laid-back atmosphere and convenient location near the water, it's ideal for relaxation and unwinding after a day of golfing or other activities.

Fresca Delicatessen & Cafe provides a laidback and relaxed atmosphere for your dining experience, specializing in nutritious options like juices, salads, and delightful desserts. It is the ideal destination for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Jumeirah Golf Estates can enjoy a diverse range of restaurants at varying price ranges in nearby areas like Production City and Sports City, all providing delivery services. Additionally, as the community centre for Al Andalus district is finished, an influx of new dining options will become available.

Beaches near Jumeirah Golf Estates

Regrettably, Jumeirah Golf Estates does not possess a beach. The optimal choice would be to visit the beaches situated in JBR or Dubai Marina, which are both accessible within a 30-minute drive. These esteemed beaches feature well-kept surroundings and provide various amenities for the whole family's pleasure. Alongside engaging in water surfing activities, The Beach JBR offers an abundance of other entertainment options.


Living in Jumeirah Golf Estates is a delight for sports enthusiasts. This top ecotourism destination in Dubai offers the JGE Golf Academy, which provides a range of enjoyable activities. Additionally, it is home to the Middle East's sole European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI), an advanced facility dedicated to enhancing the performance of golfers at all skill levels. The country club also includes a tennis center that strives to create a vibrant tennis community for both residents and non-residents.

Throughout the year, numerous tennis and golf tournaments, as well as a variety of events and social activities, are hosted on a regular basis.

Although golf is a vital component of the community, there are various other activities to relish in the vicinity. Adjacent to us lies Sports City, an all-in-one destination catering to most sports enthusiasts, offering opportunities for learning, spectating, and participating. Additionally, within its premises stands the Dubai International Cricket Stadium which primarily serves as a venue for international cricket tournaments but also holds training sessions. For those keen on experiencing cricket firsthand, heading towards the International Cricket Council Academy would be ideal.

Global Village is a fantastic nearby destination where one can immerse themselves in various cultural pavilions. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to purchase touristy souvenirs from around the world and indulge in diverse cuisines while enjoying their mini theme park rides. Notably, Global Village operates seasonally during the cooler months.

In addition, you can visit IMG Worlds of Adventure, which holds the distinction of being the biggest enclosed amusement park globally. This remarkable attraction boasts thrilling rides that showcase beloved characters from Cartoon Network and Marvel Studios. Conveniently located just a 20-minute drive away from Jumeirah Golf Estates, it is easily accessible via Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street – D54.


Living in Jumeirah Golf Estates does not require being a golfer. Instead, residents can unwind, enjoy the lush surroundings, and explore various attractions. The community offers interconnected paths for jogging, walking, and cycling that connect parks, lakes, and nature areas. Additionally, the Country Club presents remarkable amenities including an outdoor pool, a children's play area, billiards table, as well as an exceptional fitness studio and tennis academy.

Golf Courses in Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai

While it cannot be denied, it should be noted that Jumeirah Golf Estates houses some of the most exceptional golf courses in Dubai. Currently, two of them are already functioning while the remaining two are currently being developed.

Fire Course

Fire Course boasts a pristine desert environment, conceived by Greg Norman to be an expansive golf course of 18 holes and par-72. It is perfectly suited for hosting grand-scale tournaments.

Earth Course

The Earth Course takes inspiration from parklands found in Northern America and Europe, serving as the splendid setting for the DP World Tour Tournaments. Featuring 18 holes of championship play, this course showcases exquisite design.

To unwind, individuals can visit nearby salons and spas. There are several options available such as Tips and Toes spa located in City Centre Me’aisem, Reflections Spa in Dubai Sports City, and Caractere by Dani which offers separate facilities for both men and women. Alternatively, one can explore the various choices in Jumeirah Village Circle, just a 15-minute drive away.


When discussing Jumeirah Golf Estates, it is impossible to overlook the significance of the DP World Tour Championship. Serving as the final stretch of the European Tour Race to Dubai, this eagerly awaited event unfolds on the Earth course. The residents of Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai eagerly await this highly anticipated occasion.

The golf club, which is also home to the country club, serves as the focal point of the community. Its numerous luxurious facilities are highly regarded by residents. Additionally, it hosts a variety of seasonal activities primarily designed for children including Halloween gatherings, Christmas markets, and entertaining movie and quiz nights.

A new community center is set to open soon in the northern part of Jumeirah Golf Estates, catering exclusively to the Al Andalus community. This upcoming facility will offer an expanded range of retail outlets, hospitality services, and dining choices.

There exists a Facebook group called "Jumeirah Golf Estates Residents" for those living in the area. This group serves as a platform to discuss community facilities and concerns. Additionally, they organize periodic gatherings to foster a stronger sense of community within the neighborhood.


Despite its central location in "New Dubai," Jumeirah Golf Estates is situated at a slight distance from the city, requiring residents to explore nearby communities for any additional necessities not provided by the local amenities.

FAQs about Jumeirah Golf Estates

Who is the developer of Jumeirah Golf Estates?

Istithmar owns Jumeirah Golf Estate, a high-end golf community in Dubai.

How long is Jumeirah Golf Estates?

Jumeirah Golf Estates spans 7,480 yards in length.