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Jumeirah is a highly desirable residential location situated along the Dubai coast. With a diverse range of properties available, this coastal zone offers residents an exciting and convenient way of life. It's worth noting that Jumeirah is also one of the most popular places to rent luxury villas in Dubai, according to Bayut's 2020 Rental Market Report.

Nestled along the waterfront lies a lively community boasting of its seaside ambiance and convenient location near the widely-acclaimed Burj Al Arab hotel. Within Jumeirah Dubai, one can find an array of housing options including private villas, townhouses, and low-rise apartment buildings. This neighborhood offers a perfect balance between vibrancy and serenity for those in search of an ideal residence.




The coastal residential area is made up of several sub-communities including Jumeirah 1, 2, and 3, City Walk, and the recently established Jumeirah Bay Islands. Additionally, there is a commercial strip that caters to both tourists and residents with various amenities located near the residential areas.

Living in Jumeirah provides a convenient and comfortable lifestyle with several nearby amenities such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, salons, and entertainment options. Additionally, residents can easily access Jumeirah Beach for those who enjoy spending time by the ocean. The houses in this area also offer spacious front and backyard areas that are ideal for keeping pets.


a variety of property types including villas and apartments are available in various sub-communities. Jumeirah 1 is home to studios, as well as 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments suitable for both tenants and investors. The area caters to families, expatriates, and individuals with its convenient location near abundant facilities and entertainment options. Additionally, residents can easily access the Mercato Shopping Mall, Dubai Zoo, Jumeirah Mosque and more.

The magnificent seaside is only a short distance from here.

Jumeirah 2 features mostly villas that offer convenient entry to Jumeirah Bay Islands and Boxpark urban mall. On the other hand, those residing in Jumeirah 3 have proximity to public beach, Kite Beach, and Sunset Mall for their shopping needs.

City Walk, developed by Meraas in 2014, is a modern urban retail hub with the largest variety of apartments available. The high-end residences feature 1 to 4 bedroom flats, and rent prices vary depending on the number of bedrooms. For instance, AED 90k per annum is the starting rate for renting a 1-bedroom apartment while 2-bedroom flats range from AED135k yearly to AED200k yearly. On average, spacious 3-bed apartments cover an area of approximately 2,300 sq. ft. and have an annual rent price of about AED200k.

The villas are available in different configurations ranging from three to seven bedrooms. They boast of varied architectural styles and spacious layouts. Additionally, each villa comes with its own set of exclusive amenities including a swimming pool, laundry area, maid's quarters and parking facilities - making it the perfect choice for families looking for a complete living experience.


Meraas has developed a new area called Jumeirah Bay Islands, which covers 6 million sq. ft. and takes the shape of a seahorse. It can be reached by crossing a bridge that spans 300 m from Jumeirah 2. The islands are home to the first-ever Bulgari Resort and Residences in the Middle East, consisting of six residential buildings featuring 173 sea-facing apartments and fifteen private mansions, along with Bvlgari's inaugural Marina and Yacht Club. These properties are currently available only for freehold ownership.

Acquiring a property in this upscale establishment, which is associated with a prestigious hotel and resort, comes at a cost that corresponds to its luxurious nature.

Potential purchasers have the opportunity to explore one-bedroom apartments in Jumeirah Bay Islands, commencing at AED 4.5M. Additionally, the villas within this location are available in three-, four-, and five-bedroom designs. Interested parties who desire a three-bedroom villa can expect to pay no less than AED 6M. The island boasts an assortment of residential units featuring outdoor swimming pools, fitness facilities, children's play areas, and both tennis and basketball courts.

Compound Living in Jumeirah

Jumeirah boasts numerous villa compounds, renowned throughout Dubai. Opting to reside in these compounds is a common preference due to the convenience of shared amenities and the assurance of secured living within a gated community.

residential properties in Jumeirah 1, namely Wasl 51, Jumeirah 9 Villas and the 16 Villas Compound. The villas at Wasl 51 are well-appointed with amenities like a plunge pool, landscaped courtyard, and poolside dining area. Some of these units even come equipped with private lifts. In addition to that, there is a grouping of nine semi-detached four-bedroom villas which boast features such as a private pool, Jacuzzi, barbecue area, laundry room and maid's quarters. Finally, the nearby 16 Villas Compound offers several luxurious four-bedroom residential options for discerning residents looking for high-end living accommodations in the heart of Jumeirah.

En: The houses available are spacious units, with a minimum living area of 5,152 square feet.

In Jumeirah 2, there are two distinct villa compounds called Garden Villas and The Terraces. Meanwhile, Jumeirah 3 boasts both Arenco Villas 32 and Al Safeena Villas. With access to a squash court, swimming pool, and gym equipment available for residents to use, the pet-friendly Arenco Villas 32 compound has plenty of amenities to offer. In contrast, Al Safeena Villas comprises eleven separate three-bedroom villas that stand alone from each other within their gated community.

Rental Trends in Jumeirah

The apartments in the locality boast German hardwood flooring, built-in kitchen cabinets, ample storage space and floor-to-ceiling windows. They are classified according to their size ranging from studios to 4-bedroom units. Rent for studio apartments ranges between AED 35k and AED 40k per annum while one-bedroom apartments can be leased for as low as AED 45k or as high as AED 350k yearly depending on the type of unit selected. This considerable price variation is due to the diverse range of unit-types available.

Individuals seeking to lease 2-bedroom residences in Jumeirah Dubai should anticipate an average yearly expense of AED 148k. Opting for a larger accommodation, such as a 3-bedroom apartment, would result in an increased price range averaging at AED 198k per year. Similarly, securing a rental contract for a 4-bedroom flat would require approximately AED 350k annually.

There are 3 and 4-bedroom Penthouses available for rent, with prices ranging from AED 130k to AED 700k per year.

Across the way, there is a variety of villas that vary in their structure - some are completely separate while others are partially connected. Those interested in renting can select from a range of 3 to 7 bedroom options. Several available rentals include privately-owned outdoor spaces and an additional living area for household staff.

Jumeirah offers a range of villa rentals to suit different budgets and preferences. For example, a 2-bedroom villa can be rented for as little as AED 90k per year. Meanwhile, those desiring more space may opt for a 3-bedroom villa which typically costs between AED 105k to AED 195k annually. The rental fee for larger villas such as the 4-,5- and even the affluent-seeming 6-bedroom options vary widely based on factors like property upgrades and new construction status; while yearly rent of a four bedroom place ranges from AED120k -AED400 k, renting out opulent five bedroomers could put you back anything between AED160K-AED350K or even reach a staggering price up to (or exceeding) AED550K if one wants an elegant six bedroom villa in Jumeirah Dubai.

Sale Trends in Jumeirah

En: Apartments come with a variety of amenities, including fitness centres, pools, gardens, saunas, and Jacuzzis. In Jumeirah, studios are available for AED 776k while 1-bedroom apartments range in price from AED 1.1M to AED 5.9M. Investing in a 2-bedroom apartment can cost as little as AED 1.5M whereas the most lavish option is a spacious 5BHK flat priced at around AED 9.5M.

There is a scarcity of properties with great investment potential in Jumeirah Dubai. The villas on offer are limited and set within an exclusive area that stretches to the sea. Prospective buyers can find 3 to 6-bedroom dwellings, with prices varying depending on the number of rooms. A 3-bedroom villa typically costs around AED 4.5M whereas a spacious 4-bedroom version has an average price tag of AED 5M. Buyers seeking larger living spaces may need to spend between AED 7.5M and AED50M for a luxurious, five bedroom villa.

ROI in Jumeirah

The ROI for apartments reaches its peak at 5.7%, with the most profitable option being 1-bed units, according to findings. Following closely behind are 2-bed flats, offering a return of 5%. Meanwhile, the returns on investments in larger apartments such as 3 and 4-beds come in at slightly lower rates of 4.6% and 4.2% respectively. Prospective buyers who are interested can purchase Jumeirah Dubai's three-bedroom units that range between AED 3M and AED18M while four-bedroom options for sale fall within the range of AED5.2M to AED22M.

Investing in a 3-bed villa can bring about the greatest rental yield at 3.9%. Opting for a larger property, such as a 4 or 5-bed villa, may result in slightly lower returns of around 3.2% and 3%, respectively. However, if you choose to invest in a spacious 6-bed villa located in Jumeirah Dubai, it will come with a higher price tag of AED 75M and an expected ROI of only 1.6%.

Most Popular Communities in Jumeirah

Based on searches conducted by users on Bayut.com over the past 12 months

As per the data, tenants and investors favor Jumeirah 1 as their top sub-community choice. While predominantly comprised of private residences, it also caters to those seeking apartments. The villas available in this district vary from one to six bedrooms, spanning up to 7,000 square feet.

In addition to that, Jumeirah 3 is also a favored location. It boasts the biggest residential sub-community featuring 4 to 6-bedroom villas. There may not be a plethora of luxurious beachfront apartments, but many properties offer designated covered parking, top-notch security through CCTV cameras and other amenities. Additionally, residents benefit from close proximity to schools, malls and various facilities, making for an unparalleled family-oriented lifestyle.

While Jumeirah 1 may hold the top spot, City Walk is also highly sought after for its apartment options. The residential area of City Walk offers apartments ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms with various amenities such as parking and a welcoming living environment. Additionally, it boasts easy accessibility to transport links and other utilities due to its prime location near main roads. As a mixed-use project, City Walk also provides a plethora of dining options, shopping outlets and entertainment venues within reach.

Concluding our compilation are the neighborhoods of Jumeirah 2 and Jumeirah Bay Islands. Inhabitants can opt for luxurious villas or apartments in Jumeirah 2, with villa options ranging from 3 to 7 bedrooms and apartment options spanning from 1 to 3 bedrooms. Meanwhile, Jumeirah Bay Islands is an up-and-coming opulent area that houses the Bulgari Resort and select residences solely available for purchase by expatriates and Emirati citizens.

Jumeirah Floor Plans

One can peruse the floor plans for Jumeirah that are offered in various popular communities and buildings.

Hotels in Jumeirah

Jumeirah Dubai offers a diverse selection of hotels for both tourists and expats. Ranging from budget-friendly accommodations to high-end luxury options, the area boasts some of the finest hotels available. Let's examine them more closely.

Situated on Jumeirah Street, the Four Seasons Jumeirah is a high-end hotel with stylish guest rooms, suites and specialty suites. This lavish resort provides various amenities such as exclusive breakfast options, round-the-clock room service, designer toiletries in private bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, iPad minis and free Wi-Fi.

The Mandarin Oriental Jumeira in Dubai is a top-tier lodging option situated on Jumeirah Beach Road. Its expansive guest rooms and suites provide ample space for a pleasant visit, while six dining establishments, the Mandarin Ballroom, several meeting spaces, a children's club, and an indulgent spa serve as additional attractions for guests to enjoy.

The Bulgari Resort in Jumeirah Dubai is a renowned luxury hotel that offers exceptional hospitality. Situated on the Jumeirah Bay Islands, it's part of the distinguished Bvlgari Resort and Residences. The lavish resort boasts various amenities such as a 1,700 square-metre spa complete with hammam, fitness centre, indoor swimming pool and beauty salon featuring a traditional barbershop and hairdresser. Guests can take their pick from an impressive selection of rooms, suites or villas that all offer stunning vistas of either sea or garden.

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Additionally, there is an aquatic facility on the premises which includes both a swimming pool and a diving pool.

Additional well-liked accommodations in Dubai are the Madinat Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab Jumeira, Roda Beach Resort, and Park Regis Boutique Hotel.


In Jumeirah Dubai, residential properties and villas typically feature exclusive parking areas for tenants. However, paid street parking is also an option for visitors in need of a spot to park their vehicle.

Public Transportation in Jumeirah

Regarding transportation options, the Sheikh Zayed Road vicinity offers multiple metro stations such as Business Bay, Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall, Noor Bank and Financial Centre all within a 5 to 10-minute drive from the area. However, Jumeirah Dubai does not have its own metro station but is well-connected by several bus routes that link back to nearby metro stations.

The neighborhood has several bus stations, including Majlis Al Ghoreifa, Hilton Beach Club and Rashid Al Hadees Masjid. Convenient car parking spots are also available in all major areas like parks, mosques and shopping malls to make transportation more accessible.



Jumeirah Dubai boasts several supermarkets that provide convenience to both residents and visitors. Among these are Carrefour, Waitrose, and Spinneys, which have multiple branches scattered throughout the area.

In The Village Mall, there exists a selection of unique stores, including one called Organic Foods and Cafe. This particular establishment carries items that are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and hormone-free. Additionally available for purchase are vegan ingredients and fresh seasonal produce. An adjacent cafe provides healthy snacks as well. Notably present at this store are a variety of cruelty-free and organic beauty brands for interested customers to peruse.


Due to Dubai's multicultural population, the Jumeira neighborhood serves individuals from various religious backgrounds. The Jumeirah Mosque is a prominent symbol of the city and one of its earliest mosques. It stands erect in the community, drawing attention from visitors and locals alike.

The Emirates Baptist Church, located in Jumeirah 1, serves the Christian residents of Dubai and is a highly regarded institution. In addition to this church, there are various other religious centers situated throughout the area including mosques and additional churches. The Gurdwara Temple and Mahamevnawa Buddist temple can also be found nearby on the waterfront strip, just a short 10-minute journey from the community.


The area has a variety of educational opportunities available for children and young adults, which attracts numerous parents. Among these choices are some noteworthy options:

Jumeira Baccalaureate School, located in Jumeirah 1, is highly regarded as one of the top schools in Dubai. It follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and has received a "very good" certification from KHDA. Al Shurooq Private School is another school in this area that offers the Ministry of Education's curriculum.

In terms of Jumeirah 3 inhabitants, GEMS Jumeirah Primary School provides a more accessible option. It ranks as one of the preferred choices within the community for its UK educational program. Other highly regarded institutions that follow this curriculum include Horizon English School and Raffles International School.

Residents looking for higher education options will need to travel approximately 20 to 25 minutes to access the various universities located in Knowledge Park. Some of the well-regarded institutions available at Knowledge Village include American University of Dubai, Middlesex University, and University of Wollongong Dubai among others.


The community has several health institutions nearby. Medcare Hospital is a short drive away from the central area, although it's even closer to those in phase 3. Additionally, Jumeirah boasts other hospitals like Emirates Hospital, Medcare Paediatric Specialty Centre, and Neuro Spinal Hospital that are conveniently situated. These facilities boast skilled medical practitioners who can assist residents in finding the right specialist for their needs.

In the surrounding regions, there are several cosmetic clinics situated in different locations. The British Lasik and Cosmetic Surgery Center can be found on Jumeirah Road, while commercial areas such as Dermaline Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center and Aesthetica Clinic host many more options.



The neighborhood offers a plethora of conveniences, and neighboring areas also provide additional benefits for residents. Downtown Dubai, which boasts the renowned shopping and entertainment spot Dubai Mall, is just ten minutes away by car. If you prefer to stay within the community limits, Jumeirah Dubai has several smaller malls like The Village Mall, Palm Strip Mall, Sunset Mall and others. Access to Sheikh Zayed Road takes 10-15 minutes depending on your location in the community.

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In the vicinity of the community, there are multiple shopping options available such as Mercato Shopping Mall, Sunset Mall, and Jumeirah Plaza. Therefore, residents can easily fulfill their shopping requirements without having to leave their neighborhood.

Mercato Shopping Mall, located in Jumeirah Dubai, boasts 140 shops and service outlets. It was designed by renowned Italian architect Danielle Morelli with Tuscan and Venetian elements, earning it a spot among the top 10 malls in Dubai.

Situated in Jumeirah 3, Sunset Mall Dubai serves as another shopping spot. Featuring an array of dining choices, top-of-the-line boutiques and a contemporary atmosphere, the mall offers a complete experience for locals seeking an enjoyable day out.

Jumeirah Shopping Plaza is an ideal destination for those seeking a mall experience without the crowds. Unlike larger malls in Dubai, it attracts fewer visitors due to its smaller size. Nonetheless, it boasts a diverse selection of stores and dining establishments that are popular among locals.

The Dubai Mall, which can be reached in just 12 minutes, is a powerful combination of a shopping centre and entertainment hub. It boasts various dining and entertainment options such as the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Sega Republic Theme Park, the Dubai Ice Rink, and the mesmerizing Dubai Fountain. Additionally, shoppers can also find numerous high-end retail and designer brands within the mall.

In addition to various independent shops and convenience stores, Jumeirah Dubai offers a range of specialty stores for specific purchases. For example, book lovers can explore popular options such as WHSmith, Bookworm, Geek Nation, and Magrudys located within the community. Creature Oasis pet store is situated behind the Plaza Centre while vintage fashion enthusiasts can check out Bamba boutique in Jumeirah 1 for unique accessories and clothing items.


In Dubai, dining is a multicultural experience that visitors can enjoy. The city boasts of being the ultimate food destination around the world with Jumeirah Dubai offering an abundance of delicious cuisines to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you prefer traditional Arab dishes at Reem Al Bawadi or want to indulge in Nusret's famous steakhouse as seen on social media, there are plenty of options available to satisfy any craving.

In addition to a plethora of dining options, fine-dining restaurants abound in the area. The renowned Four Seasons Resort features COYA, a Peruvian establishment as well as Scalini, an Italian restaurant. Noteworthy Arabic inspired eateries include Omnia Gourmet and 3fils located at Jumeirah Fishing Harbour. Moreover, there are additional upscale establishments available such as those found within the Madinat Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab just a stone's throw away.

Numerous eateries for casual dining can be found in Jumeirah Dubai such as One Café, Itadaki Japanese Restaurant, TGI Fridays and Turkish Village. Additionally, there are a plethora of top-notch seafood restaurants including Sardina Seafood Restaurant, Sea Fu, Shop One Seafood Restaurant, Shop 2 Seafood and Sammach restaurant.

Besides the eateries within their locality, inhabitants have the option to venture out to nearby urban beach spot La Mer. This seafront area boasts a diverse selection of dining establishments featuring renowned brands such as Masti, Bareburger, Salt Dubai and PF Chang’s.

Besides high-end dining establishments, there are several fast food choices for satisfying your hunger. On a busy afternoon, you can easily grab and go from the nearby McDonald's drive-thru, Tim Hortons, Costa Coffee or Starbucks Coffee.


There are many beaches available for the residents to enjoy, situated near the water. They can visit Jumeirah Beach, which is located in an urban area and offers a refreshing experience on both sunny afternoons and cool evenings. Another option is Sunset Beach (also known as Umm Suqeim Beach), which offers a picturesque view of the Burj Al Arab and creates a perfect ambiance.

Meraas' beachfront project, La Mer, presents an excellent location to unwind by the shore with a range of dining options and shops available. Conveniently situated within a 5 to 15-minute distance from most residences in the area. Alternatively, Kite Beach is located approximately 10-20 minutes away and can be an ideal destination for a fun-filled day out. This destination boasts numerous food stalls as well as activities that make for an unforgettable experience by the seaside.


Jumeirah Dubai boasts a diverse selection of attractions, including two of Dubai's most notable landmarks - the Jumeirah Mosque and City Walk - as previously mentioned.

Meraas' project, City Walk, is a stylish locale featuring elaborate designs and an open-air vibe. It serves as a hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment with its diverse selection of multi-cultural cuisine options. Visitors can indulge in Farzi Café's modern-Indian fare or savor the flavors of Italian cooking at Buca di Beppo. Additionally, Aubaine provides classic French cuisine and patisserie to satisfy any craving.

Renowned as a top global shopping haven, The Dubai Mall is conveniently located just a 10-minute drive away. Situated alongside the Burj Khalifa, this mall boasts numerous leisure options for residents beyond just shopping. Additionally, popular landmarks in Dubai such as Burj Al Arab, Madinat Jumeirah, JBR Walk and Bluewaters Island are situated nearby.


services. There are numerous spas scattered throughout the Jumeirah Dubai neighborhood, offering residents a range of options to choose from. Some of these include The Spa at One&Only Royal Mirage, The Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah, and The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Dubai. Whether it's hitting the gym or indulging in some self-care at a spa, living in Jumeirah Dubai provides ample opportunities for residents to maintain their desired lifestyle.

Various forms of therapy.


Over time, Jumeirah in Dubai has become the favored location for numerous individuals who seek an ideal weekend getaway. Additionally, Green Planet, the region's inaugural bio-dome designed by Canadian architects, is situated here. Moreover, Etihad Museum serves as a venue for several events such as UAE's National Day celebrations and other festivities like Eid and Ramadan that feature 3D lighting displays.

Dubai is renowned for its breathtaking festivities, whether it's for UAE's National Day, New Year's Eve or any other special occasion. Annually, Burj Khalifa hosts grand celebrations to welcome the new year while approximately 10-15 minutes away, Dubai Opera is also famous for hosting magnificent parties to ring in the New Year. These events are noticeable from every neighborhood within the city.

shopping options, with a range of malls and shops located nearby. These offer excellent deals during popular events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival, Christmas, and Eid holidays. In addition to discounted shopping, visitors can also participate in exciting activities like concerts and fireworks displays that are organized as part of these festivals. The Jumeirah Dubai landmarks are also frequently host to commemorative events that draw crowds from all over the city. Regardless of the occasion, residents have plenty of choices when it comes to shopping and entertainment within their community.

The number of stylish venues makes for a lively celebration scene.


Although the majority of Jumeirah Dubai's properties are not high-rise, you can still experience an ultra-modern lifestyle in the city as compensation for this limitation. Consequently, you may not have access to Dubai's impressive skylines.

FAQs about Jumeirah

Where is Jumeirah in Dubai?

Jumeirah, located on the Dubai coastline, is a thriving community that boasts renowned beaches, shopping centers and hospitality establishments.

How to get to Jumeirah Beach?

Drive down Sheikh Zayed Road E11 towards Jebel Ali and continue onto King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street D 94, which will lead you to Jumeirah Beach Road. The beach is conveniently within walking distance for residents in the area. Alternatively, those who prefer using the Dubai Metro can disembark at either Dubai Marina or JLT stations.

Where is Madinat Jumeirah?

Located 2km away from Jumeirah beachfront, adjacent to both the Jumeirah Beach Hotel as well as Wild Wadi Waterpark.