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About Jebel Ali

Formerly recognized as a satellite town and occasionally referred to as Mina Jebel Ali, this portion of Dubai is an ever-expanding area gradually gaining greater importance. It encompasses a diverse range of functions, encompassing commercial, industrial, trading, entertainment, and residential zones. Within its boundaries lie renowned features such as Jebel Ali Port (the biggest man-made harbor globally), Palm Jebel Ali, JAFZA, a specialized industrial precincts section along with the dwelling grounds of numerous churches and temples - Jebel Ali Village.

The community is of significant significance to the emirate's industrial sector as it serves primarily as a major commercial port and business hub adjacent to Dubai Marina. Boasting the largest marine port in the Middle East and ranking 9th busiest globally, Jebel Ali Free Zone plays a crucial role by contributing 23% towards Dubai's GDP. With over 7,000 companies operating within JAFZA across various industries such as trade, logistics, manufacturing, and services, it fosters diverse economic activity.

The significance of the region continues to increase, and a noteworthy aspect of this growth is evident in its thriving tourism industry featuring stunning resorts. Additionally, it boasts Palm Jebel Ali, one of Dubai's three man-made palm-shaped islands. Furthermore, there are various amenities available such as a golf resort, beach hotel, and diving centers.

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The community is experiencing constant expansion with numerous new projects being introduced to the area. Despite its industrial nature, there are residential areas within and around the community like Jabel Ali Village and Discovery Gardens. One of these developments is Veneto community by Nakheel, which offers a wide range of luxurious townhouses and villas. Downtown Jebel Ali is also eagerly awaited as it will house an impressive assortment of residences.

Hotels, apartments, offices, and retail establishments.

Properties in Jebel Ali

Being a significant industrial center, the majority of available real estate consists of warehouses and labor camps in this particular location. In fact, it is one of the leading areas in Dubai for leasing warehouse properties. On average, the annual rental cost for a warehouse in Jebel Ali might be approximately AED 255k.

Additionally, there are numerous residential apartments and villas available in Jabel Ali. Should you be contemplating relocating to this gradually developing area of Dubai, you have a variety of villa options at your disposal. Rental prices for these villas begin around AED 130k per year and can reach approximately AED 180k per year. Similarly, if you seek apartments in Jebel Ali, there is a diverse assortment suitable for both renting and purchasing, depending on your preference.

Rental Trends in Jebel Ali

Prospective tenants in Jebel Ali have a range of residential options to explore, including studios, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and three to four-bedroom villas.

The annual rent for a typical studio apartment in Jabel Ali, measuring 500 sq. ft., varies from AED 23k to AED 30k. Similarly, the yearly cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment is approximately AED 35k, while two-bedroom flats in Jebel Ali spanning across 1,350 sq. ft. start from AED 39k per year. There are numerous options available in Jebel Ali Hills and reasonable studios can be found in the Industrial Area and JAFZA as well. Those interested in relocating here should expect to spend around AED 45k annually for renting family apartments in Jebel Ali.

There are various options for villas, with a choice of 3 or 4 bedrooms. Places like Al Muntazah Complex and Garden View Villas offer a wide range of choices. On average, the rental cost for a standard 3-bedroom villa is AED 114k per year, while a 4-bedroom villa would be priced at AED 126k annually.

Commercial Properties for rent in Jebel Ali

The community's industrial and commercial sector offers a diverse selection of choices, including office spaces, retail establishments, shops, and labor camps.

In the industrial district of JAFZA, along with developments like Jewellery and Gemplex, budget-friendly retail spaces are available for lease on a yearly basis.

Similarly, the yearly cost of renting labor camps in Jebel Ali varies from AED 10k to AED 5.4M, depending on the type of project and total built-up area (BUA) obtained. On average, the BUA spans from 210 sq. ft. up to an impressive 82,000 sq. ft.

Sale Trends in Jebel Ali

Regarding the available properties in Jebel Ali, the majority are residential plots or commercial units. Nevertheless, there are a limited number of apartments available for purchase with varying configurations, ranging from studios to 2-bedroom units. The prices for these apartments begin at AED 360k for studios and go up to an average price of AED 690k for 1-bedroom flats. Consequently, acquiring a 2-bedroom apartment may exceed AED 900k in cost.

Additionally, potential purchasers can discover beneficial investment prospects in residential land parcels available for purchase within the Jebel Ali area. The price range for these plots spans from AED 850k to AED 4.1M.

Commercial Properties for Sale in Jebel Ali

cost for labour camps is around AED 5.5M, making this development highly sought after in terms of commercial property investment in Dubai.

The cost of labor camps available for purchase in Jebel Ali Dubai, covering an area of 10,000 square feet, amounts to AED 3.5 million.

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Jebel Ali Hills, Rove At The Park, and Garden View Villas are the most sought-after communities in the neighborhood. Jebel Ali Hills stands out as a premier residential community offering both apartments and villas for yearly rentals. It is an innovative development with excellent potential for investment in land plots. This project by Meeras in Dubai is highly regarded due to its exceptional residential offerings and increasing demand for valuable properties. Investors can find customizable residential plots available for sale in Jebel Ali Hills that perfectly meet their preferences.

The residential development is conveniently positioned in close proximity to Dubai World Central and Dubai Parks and Resorts, meeting all necessary criteria.

Continuing with the lineup, Rove at The Park provides opulent accommodations with amenities suitable for families. Additionally, its convenient location near Dubai Parks and Resorts, The Outlet Village, and Motiongate Dubai adds to its appeal. Following that is Garden View Villas, which specifically offers a variety of 3-bedroom villas as implied by its name. Renting a Garden View villa spanning 2,550 sq. ft. would typically amount to approximately AED 123.5k per year.

The Industrial Area is predictably a sought-after location, as indicated by Bayut's year-end data. As its name implies, it consists of industrial properties like warehouses and labor camps. Rental prices for shops in the Jebel Ali Industrial range from AED 95k to AED 300k, depending on their size and amenities. Lastly, we have Jebel Ali Freezone (JAFZA), where warehouses can be purchased starting at a minimum price of AED 2M.

Hotels in Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali, an industrial district and business center in Dubai, also houses a selection of prestigious luxury hotels. Among the top accommodation options in this area are:

JA Palm Tree Court, a distinguished 5-star hotel, graces the radiant Gulf shores. Renowned as one of UAE's premier resorts, this exceptional destination boasts 208 generously sized suites, mere moments from the sea. Countless amusement options await guests, encompassing an array of offerings such as aqua sports, golf course access, pools and spas, fitness facilities and swim-up bars. Thrill-seekers can also venture to Jebel Ali Shooting Club—an establishment adhering to international safety standards—providing an exhilarating experience for both novices and seasoned marksmen.

The Manor By JA boasts a prime location in close proximity to the Expo 2020 site, making it an ideal choice for both visitors and corporate guests who desire convenience near Al Maktoum Airport and the JAFZA business district. Additionally, this hotel offers various amenities such as an all-day dining facility, generously sized beds, and a spa and pool for added comfort.

Transportation and Parking Spaces in Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali Dubai is abundant in parking options, with a wide array of dedicated spaces provided by residential buildings for their residents. Moreover, villas within the area also include private porches to accommodate parking needs efficiently.

Public Transportation in Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali stands out in Dubai as a location with excellent public transportation connections. Firstly, it boasts the highly convenient Jebel Ali Metro Station on the red line of the Dubai Metro. This station also serves as the starting point for the Route 2020 Extension that reaches all the way to Al Furjan Station. Additionally, there are other stations situated along Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) within this area, such as Ibn Battuta Metro Station, Energy Metro Station, and UAE Exchange Metro Station.

In terms of public transportation, there are several convenient bus routes available in the city including Al Karama, Lulu Village, Gold Souq Bus Station, and Al Ghubaiba Bus Station. Additionally, hailing a taxi cab is also hassle-free.

Amenities, Schools and Healthcare

Supermarkets in Jebel Ali

In Jebel Ali, there are several supermarkets available for your regular grocery shopping. To begin with, Carrefour is a popular choice for monthly grocery needs. Additionally, Meena Centre FZE, Nesto Hypermarket, and Village Hypermarket are conveniently located near the freezone. On the opposite side, you will find Sultan Hypermarket. Furthermore, the Jebel Ali Industrial Area offers a wide variety of supermarkets such as New Parco Supermarket, Malabar Supermarket, Salam Al Madeena Supermarket, Zabeel Oasis Supermarket and others to choose from.

In the district, there are several mosques scattered across various locations. Some of these include Masjid Ruqaya, Masjid Handalath bin Abi Umar, and a few others situated in the Jebel Ali Industrial Area. In addition to these, there is the stunning Jebel Ali Beach Masjid and New East Accommodation Mosque located outside that particular area, along with numerous others.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in Jebel Ali

For individuals of different faiths, Guru Nanak Darbar serves as the first ISO-certified Sikh Gurudwara in Jebel Ali Village. The journey to this destination may require 15 to 25 minutes, depending on your starting point within the expansive district. Additionally, numerous churches are located nearby, including St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church or Jebel Ali Church. Other options include United Christian Church of Dubai, Dubai Mar Thoma Church, and St. Mina Coptic church.

The Orthodox Church can be reached within 17 to 20 minutes from the residential area of the development.

When it comes to educational facilities, residents in Jebel Ali Dubai have a wealth of choices. For young children, there are numerous nurseries and primary schools available such as Little Woods, Bubbles and Giggles Nursery, and Jebel Ali Village Nursery. Another notable option is Hamilton Primary School.

Schools in Jebel Ali

In addition to that, there exists a ballet institution in this vicinity known as Harmony Ballet & Music Centre. Furthermore, an array of alternative choices are available both within and beyond the community. Jebel Ali School provides education following the UK curriculum. The Winchester School is another esteemed option catering to those who favor the UK curriculum located nearby. Likewise, Delhi Private School is also a highly sought-after educational establishment implementing the Indian curriculum.

In the nearby community, the Greenfield Community School offers an IB system. For those who are passionate about photography, there is Nikon School Dubai which offers a range of courses designed to improve photographers' technical and creative abilities. Those in higher education can consider attending one of the universities located in Knowledge Village, situated approximately 20 minutes away from the area.

When it comes to healthcare facilities in the area, there are multiple clinics and hospitals available. The options include Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital, LiveCare Clinic, a branch of Aster Clinic, and other similar clinics located nearby.

Clinics and Hospitals in Jebel Ali

The vast neighborhood begins near Jebel Ali Village, bordering Dubai Investments Park. Additionally, it is adjacent to Al Maktoum International Airport and in proximity to the remarkable Dubai Parks & Resorts, where thrilling theme parks like Motiongate Dubai, inspired by Hollywood, can be found.

Nearby Areas

The Jebel Ali Mall serves as a one-stop destination for fulfilling the majority of your shopping needs. In addition, the recently opened Dubai Festival Plaza offers another viable option to the public. This vibrant plaza is host to numerous high-street fashion brands, retail stores, and dining establishments. Moreover, it conveniently houses LuLu Hypermarket and an IKEA outlet within its premises.



Malls in Jebel Ali Dubai

To enhance your shopping journey, Ibn Battuta Mall in Jebel Ali Village remains accessible within a 25-minute proximity from various locations in the district. Alongside an array of retail options, this mall presents several amusement facilities such as Fun City, Sky Zone, and Novo Cinemas.

The Outlet Village, developed by Meraas, is a relatively recent shopping and entertainment destination situated near Dubai Parks and Resorts. This charming locale features a Tuscan-inspired atmosphere and offers an extensive selection of luxury brands at greatly reduced prices. With a diverse range of over 500 affordable labels, including high-end Italian stores, timeless French fashion, popular American brands, and unique labels with a touch of eccentricity, The Outlet Village is truly a shopper's paradise.

When it comes to dining options in Jebel Ali, there is a wide variety of restaurants and cafes available to satisfy your culinary preferences. From Mezban Hyderabad Restaurant to Pepper House Restaurant, Qasr Al Jabal Restaurant, Aziz Afghan Restaurant, Pret to Go, and many more establishments can cater to your cravings.

Restaurants in Jebel Ali

There is a variety of cafes available, including Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Lounge Café, Artisan Café, Caribou Coffee and more. Similarly, one can find several fast-food joints such as McDonald’s Drive Through, KFC, Marrybrown and others.

For coastal enthusiasts, the Jebel Ali Open Beach in Dubai is a top choice. Situated between the private beach of Jebel Ali Resort & Spa and the Lama Beach Club, this public beach offers various activities. Accessible by car only, it is renowned for its excellent conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Moreover, it caters to different interests such as serene family BBQ gatherings or thrilling jet-ski adventures.

Beaches in Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali, a well-known industrial area and free zone, is conveniently situated near Dubai Marina and Dubai Investments Park. Notably located in the vicinity of Jebel Ali Village are the prominent attractions of Ibn Battuta Gate and Ibn Battuta Mall. The journey from the Ibn Battuta Gate to the center of Mina Jebel Ali takes approximately 20 minutes. In addition to its exclusive leisure spots, residents also enjoy convenient access to nearby popular entertainment venues.

Leisure Activities and Notable Landmarks

The Jebel Ali Beach Hotel is an upscale resort situated on the coast of the Gulf. This prestigious property in Dubai, which has received numerous accolades, boasts a personal marina and beautiful gardens. Offering a high-end vacation experience for families, the resort includes various amenities besides its picturesque beach. These include two pools, a luxurious spa, multiple bars and restaurants, kids' clubs for entertainment, as well as sports facilities.

Jebel Ali Beach Hotel

In addition, the remarkable Jebel Ali Golf Resort offers a magnificent 9-hole par 36 course with thrilling obstacles and breathtaking views. Apart from golfing, visitors can indulge in dining options at Vasco Da Gama, Phoenicia, and other eateries found within the resort.

Jebel Ali Resort

Palm Jebel Ali, the second spectacular man-made island created by Nakheel, stands out among other notable landmarks. However, its construction has been temporarily halted. To enjoy a delightful evening with family, you can also visit Bollywood Parks Dubai located just across from Palm Jebel Ali.

Jebel Ali Dubai does not have any conventional parks, but nearby at the Dubai Parks & Resorts, there are spectacular theme parks like Bollywood Parks, Motiongate, and Legoland Dubai. If you seek other outdoor activities, the SandBox is a highly favored destination.

Outdoor activities, fitness and beauty

In order to stay fit, you can explore various fitness centers located in the nearby Dubai Investment Parks like Fitness First and Fit4Life. When it comes to beauty salons, options are available such as Mi Amor, Lengths & Lashes Ladies Beauty Salon, and Adel Al Mazrooei gent's salon. Additionally, there are several others situated in the neighboring Dubai Investments Park and Jebel Ali Village. The travel time by car may vary between 10 to 30 minutes depending on your specific location within the expansive district.

Located a short distance away from the golf resort, Jebel Ali Recreational Club can be found, housing an authorized sports bar and pubs. Additionally, this area offers various recreational amenities such as a fitness club, pools, dine-in cinema, tennis courts, and squash courts.

Jebel Ali Recreational Club

The JA Recreational Club organizes numerous events throughout the year, both on a seasonal and weekly basis. At the clubhouse, residents have the opportunity to participate in various activities including cocktail parties, live screenings, and quiz nights. Additionally, family-oriented events are also held at this venue such as Meet the Neighbour day, which offers residents an occasion to socialize with their loved ones alongside friends and even pets.

Community Events

Jebel Ali mainly serves as an expansive commercial district, with the development of residential areas being a relatively recent occurrence. Consequently, it is common to come across rather unembellished regions that are also situated far away from the livelier sections of the city.

Things to Consider

Jebel Ali, located in Dubai within the UAE, is renowned for housing the Jebel Ali Port, which holds the distinction of being the largest man-made harbor.

FAQs about Jebel Ali

Is Jebel Ali a country?

The locality functions as a free trade area, playing a crucial role in the worldwide commerce network. Additionally, it stands out as DP World's primary seaport.

What is the importance of Jebel Ali Dubai?

Located near Mina Jebel Ali, the Port of Jebel Ali stands as the world's largest and 9th busiest port. Remarkably, it holds the title for being the most bustling port in all of the United Arab Emirates.

Where is Jebel Ali Port?

Abu Dhabi is approximately 99 km away from Jebel Ali Dubai, and it typically takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to travel the road distance of around 108 km between the two cities.

How far is Jebel Ali from Abu Dhabi?

Jebel Ali is located approximately 44 km from Dubai International Airport, and the journey by car usually takes between 30 to 40 minutes.

How far is Jebel Ali from Dubai Airport?

Jebel Ali Dubai is located approximately 68.4 km from the emirate of Sharjah, which can be reached by car in about 49 minutes.

How far is Jebel Ali from Sharjah?

If you plan to go to the port or free zone, you can request gate passes through the official Tasreeh website. However, current JAFZA customers have the option to obtain their gate passes directly from the Dubai Trade Portal.

How to apply for Jebel Ali gate pass?

The construction activities are currently in progress, while the floating sea horse villas located in Palm Jebel Ali have already been finished.

Is Palm Jebel Ali completed?

Located at the border of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this community holds significant geographical importance among the diverse communities in Dubai.

Is Jebel Ali in Dubai?

The community's name, "Mountain of Ali," is a literal representation.

What does Jebel Ali mean?

The name of the community literally means the “Mountain of Ali.”