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Dubai's real estate market boasts several inexpensive housing options, with International City being a prime example. The latest Bayut report on the Dubai property market reveals that investing in apartments is a popular choice due to their high rental yield. In addition to affordable living, residents of International City can avail themselves of the impressive Dragon Mart and attend some of Dubai's most renowned educational institutions.

Nakheel introduced the location in 2002, which is famous for its distinct groups of country-styled low-rise buildings. Situated in Al Warsan district, International City encompasses a vast area of 800 hectares (8 million sq. m.) and is bordered by some well-liked neighborhoods such as Silicon Oasis and Academic City.

Living in International City provides you with the advantage of experiencing a diverse community, all while maintaining affordable living expenses. It's particularly suitable for those who wish to reside within tight-knit neighborhoods. You'll discover a comprehensive overview of what this development has to offer in this area guide.



Dubai, being a cosmopolitan city, has a residential community that aligns with its global vibe. International City is an affordable option for those seeking to live in an inclusive environment. The apartments are housed in 10 distinct building clusters named after countries from around the world, hence the name 'International' City.

Regarding the housing aspect, a variety of properties are available that include studios, townhomes and villas. In addition to choosing the type and layout of unit, there are numerous other options to consider based on individual preferences. For those who wish to save money, unfurnished apartments in International City can be rented for as low as AED 14k per year. Alternatively, individuals seeking immediate residency without high expenses can purchase pre-built studios in International City.

Although there were initial sanitation concerns, the development in Dubai has now become a desirable place to live. International City offers endless entertainment options with its two Dragon Marts that are packed with unique treasures, affordable bargains, dining establishments and movie theaters.


International City boasts more than 500 apartments, distributed across its ten residential clusters. Additionally, the project's second stage is currently in progress and already features several buildings available for purchase or rental. It seems that expatriate families and individuals are particularly drawn to renting properties within International City.

In International City, the residential clusters have unique names like Persia, Greece, Spain, Morocco, England, France, Italy, Russia, China and Emirates. In the central zone of these clusters lies the Central Business District which offers larger 2 and 3-bedroom apartments for those in need of more space. The freehold properties within International City consist of a variety of villas and townhouses that are presently limited to Warsan Village located on its southwestern boundary.

In Dubai International City, inhabitants relish a diverse way of life amidst verdant shared spaces, bodies of water, and a serene atmosphere that characterizes expatriate living.

Rental Trends in International City

Al Warsan Village has become increasingly popular due to its selection of townhouses starting from AED 70k. Moreover, one can find 3-bedroom villas available for rent in International City at a yearly cost ranging between AED 68k to AED 100k. These prices are deemed reasonable as the community presents facilities that make it one of Dubai's most budget-friendly villa neighbourhoods.

to 1,300 sq. ft.

International City is a popular choice among those seeking independence due to the abundance of studios and 1-bedroom apartments available for rent. The prices vary with the average rent for studios being AED 19k while 1-bedroom flats can range between AED 20k to AED 36k annually, covering an area of approximately 480 sq. ft. to 900 sq. ft. Depending on your budget, you have a wide range of options available. Families may prefer larger rental options such as the spacious and comfortable 2-bedroom apartment which averages at AED 43k, occupying an area from 1,100 to 1,300 sq. ft..

Individuals seeking extra room can discover 3-bedroom apartments in International City being leased for an average of AED 60k, while smaller units start at around 800 sq. ft.

Sales Trends in International City

The real estate market in Dubai's neighbourhood includes freehold properties suitable for investment. If you're interested in purchasing a separate unit, there are options of villas and townhouses available in International City.

The trend of affordable housing in International City persists as the cost of purchasing a 3-bedroom residence comes to an average of AED 1.36 million.

Additionally, residences in International City are economically priced with mean rates of AED 229k for studios, AED 325k for 1-bedroom flats, and AED 659k for 2-bedroom flats.

ROI in International City

It is anticipated that an investment of about AED 1M in a standard 3-bedroom villa or townhouse will yield a return on investment of approximately 5.8%.

Investors who are interested can also purchase apartments located in International City. These properties come with a more affordable price tag and have the potential to generate profitable returns.

The most profitable investments are found in 1-bedroom flats and studios, with expected returns of 8.4% and 8.3%, correspondingly. Meanwhile, the lowest returns can be found in 2 and 3-bedroom apartments located in International City, with anticipated returns of only 5.5% and 5.7%, respectively.

Most Popular Communities

In International City, every residential cluster has its own distinctive architectural style and selection of facilities. Those in search of the ideal living space can consult Bayut's official website for user-generated reviews on the most sought-after communities.

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In recent months, the Phase 2 area of International City has become a sought-after location for property buyers. This cluster offers an array of residential buildings with brand new apartments and off-plan properties available. The majority of properties in this sub-community are newly built, allowing those in search of new apartments for sale to choose from studios up to 2-bedroom units.

A well-liked choice among International City clusters is England Cluster, which boasts a diverse selection of studios and one-bedroom apartments for rent. The buildings in this cluster showcase the elegance of Victorian architecture commonly seen in 18th and 19th century British designs. Following close behind is Spain Cluster, another favored option for apartment seekers. This particular cluster's low-rise buildings are decorated with domed windows and bright peach Mediterranean tiling, reminiscent of traditional Spanish architecture.

In conclusion, the list is completed by France Cluster and Central Business District. The latter encompasses several structures including Royal Residence, Global Green View 2 and Al Dana 2.

International City Floor Plans

Prospective renters can examine the floor plans of well-liked communities and buildings in the vicinity by perusing International City's offerings.


While parking is complimentary in most areas of International City, certain buildings do not offer designated resident parking, necessitating that both inhabitants and guests search for an available spot on the street.

Public Transport in International City

In terms of transportation options in the vicinity of International City, it should be noted that there is no direct metro connection. However, one can make use of four distinct bus routes serving the area which will take you to important metro stations such as Centrepoint Metro Station, Etisalat Metro Station and Al Nahda Metro Station. Accessing major roads shouldn't pose any issues since the community is positioned between Interchanges 5 and 6 of Mohammed Bin Zayed Road but it's worth noting that traffic congestion during peak weekday hours can be a common occurrence.


In International City, locals have access to the impressive Dragon Mart for shopping and renowned educational institutions. Furthermore, the residential areas are self-contained with all necessary lifestyle amenities conveniently located nearby.

Supermarkets in International City

If you need to do a big monthly grocery run and get all your necessities, head to the Carrefour located in Dragon Mart 2. Additionally, there are other well-liked grocery stores found in International City such as smaller editions of Lulu and Growth Mart.

In this area, the apartment complexes offer convenient shopping options for your daily essentials. You can even have groceries delivered to you by phone. Additionally, the clusters contain specialty stores that are renowned for carrying authentic goods from various ethnicities.

Churches, Temples and Mosques in International City Dubai

In International City, the Cabin Mosque in Persia cluster, Sheikh Abdel Hameed Masjid in Spain cluster and Masjid-e-Noor in England cluster are noteworthy mosques. However, for the top churches in Dubai such as Dubai City Church and St. Mary’s Church located in Oud Metha, residents have to travel approximately 30 minutes by car. The nearest temples include Krishna Temple and the Shiva Temple situated in Bur Dubai which take about half an hour to reach.

Nurseries and Schools in International City Dubai

International City has a plethora of reputable nurseries. Kids World International and Fly High Nursery are two noteworthy options for young children. For parents seeking high school alternatives, A Warqaa has several reputable institutions nearby. Among these is the International School of Arts & Sciences, which provides the full American curriculum up through Year 12.

Additional alternatives are available such as GEMS Modern Academy, providing the Indian Curriculum up to Year 12 and implementing the IB program for Years 11 and 12. In Nad Al Sheba, Repton School presents both the UK and IB educational modules up to Year 13.

The International City neighbourhood is conveniently close to Dubai International Academic City, which houses several esteemed local and international universities. Some of the top universities within Academic City, including the University of Birmingham Dubai, Murdoch University Dubai, and Zayed University are easily accessible to residents of International City.

Clinics and Hospitals in International City

On days when you're not feeling your best, the hospitals in International City are conveniently located with a minimum of two clinics in each cluster. Branches of some of Dubai's top clinics such as Apple Clinic, Aster Clinic, and Amber Clinic are available for quick consultations. Most building clusters contain pharmacies, and both Dragon Marts have sizable branches of Life Pharmacy.

Nearby Areas

Located in proximity to Dubai Silicon Oasis, Al Warqaa and Academic City, International City boasts a prime position. A must-visit attraction is the recently opened Dubai Safari Park which houses an impressive collection of more than 2,500 animals including reptiles and birds.



Malls in International City

Living in Dubai without easy access to a mall can prove to be quite challenging.


The Dragon Mart, located in International City, is the perfect destination for all your mall needs. Comprised of two sections, Dragon Mart 1 and Dragon Mart 2, this shopping hub caters to those interested in Chinese products and offers an unparalleled retail experience with its extensive selection of over 4,000 stores. Shopping at the Dragon Mart provides a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of brands that cannot be found anywhere else. As a resident of International City, you have the distinct advantage of enjoying leisurely strolls through the vast malls while also finding great deals on quality items.

Restaurants in International City

Renowned for its culinary scene, the dining establishments in International City boast genuine cuisine. Iconic franchises such as Chilis, Le Pain Quotidien and Starbucks are situated only in malls, while smaller indigenous coffee shops and hookah bars can be found throughout the various clusters of International City.

Dubai's International City boasts a plethora of secret culinary delights, with authentic eateries being the norm in each cluster. Unfortunately, one will not find any licensed bars or restaurants on site; those craving a cold pint will need to journey into the city center.

Beaches near International City

If you are interested in having a picnic during the day, Jumeirah Beach is the nearest option to International City and can be reached by driving for around 30 minutes.


Dubai has become famous for its beautiful golf courses and even International City features the Meydan golf course in Nad Al Sheba, only a short 15-minute distance away.


If you're looking to try out different sports and activities in International City, consider checking out equestrian centers such as the Desert Palm Polo Club or Emirates Desert Equestrian Club. These establishments are excellent options for exploring new avenues of recreation.

En: Those who appreciate nature can enjoy observing migrating birds at the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, which is conveniently located 15 minutes away from the neighborhood. Living in International City offers one major advantage - the opportunity to easily witness pink-legged flamingos during winter months that are plentiful and within close proximity.


A notable addition to International City's expansion was the introduction of the Al Warsan-based Lake District. While construction is underway for residential buildings, many people visit Al Warsan Lake in the evening for recreational activities such as walking and jogging. Additionally, the France cluster within this neighbourhood features Paris Children's Park.

Those who are passionate about fitness will be pleased to discover that there exist multiple gyms in the vicinity, besides the limited workout facilities within the edifices. Prominent among these establishments include V Fitness, Fitness 360 and Target Gym.


International City in Dubai is a well-known option for those seeking affordable living arrangements. It has drawn in many residents and investors alike. However, it's important to note that public transportation options are limited when making the decision to relocate there. Nevertheless, various buses and taxis are available nearby for easy access to the metro station at Rashidiya, which is located in the neighboring locality.

Another issue that needs addressing is the parking situation in the locality. With further development of infrastructure, it is anticipated that this problem will also be resolved.

FAQs About International City

Is International City freehold?

International City is an area where properties are owned outright and it primarily features apartments available for purchase.

Which is the best cluster in International City?

In International City 1, the Spain Cluster stands out as the most favored among its 10 clusters. This particular cluster boasts buildings that exhibit Mediterranean characteristics such as stucco exteriors, low pitched roofs, domed windows and peach tiling. Across all of International City, Phase 2 development is regarded as the most in-demand community.

Which metro station is close to International City?

The Centrepoint Metro Station and the Etisalat Metro Station are the nearest metro stations. To reach International City, it is advisable to take the Dubai Metro to Centrepoint Metro Station followed by Bus 365.