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reside in a peaceful and picturesque area, Hattan is located on the outskirts of Dubai as part of The Lakes district. It consists of three sub-areas, namely Hattan 1, Hattan 2, and Hattan 3. The developers have carefully designed this subcommunity to provide residents with a serene living experience amidst lush greenery and stunning lake views. Moreover, the surroundings are meticulously landscaped to enhance the beauty of the area. With an exclusive offering of villas for sale and rent, this is the perfect place for those who seek tranquility and natural beauty in their habitat.

Break free from the hustle and bustle of city life by choosing a location that is conveniently connected to Dubai's other areas. This spot is situated near First Al Khail Road, an important thoroughfare that provides easy access throughout the metropolis.




The neighborhood exudes a suburban atmosphere which has enticed both expatriates and locals to make it their home. As an independent suburb, inhabitants have little reason to venture into the city center by car.

There are several places of interest that attract a lot of visitors:

This community offers various sports facilities such as volleyball, squash, and tennis courts that cater to the interests of enthusiasts who frequently take part in these activities. Additionally, there are designated bike lanes, parks and recreation areas for families with young children. The presence of a mosque and round-the-clock security services ensure safety within the neighborhood.


, and a maid's room can also be found in each villa in Hattan, which is dedicated to providing luxurious living options. The town boasts an exclusive collection of villas that offer four to seven bedrooms on three floors. On the ground floor, shared amenities are readily accessible while the first-floor ensuite bedrooms feature private balconies. Meanwhile, the third level boasts a utility room, pantry and bathroom along with a generously proportioned open-air rooftop terrace. Each villa offers ample space for entertainment and relaxation with stylishly designed kitchens, separate breakfast and dining areas as well as spacious living areas complete with family rooms, studies and even maid's quarters - all aimed at offering residents unmatched luxury living experiences within Hattan's specially curated community of stand-alone villas.

At the ground level, there is a room with its own bathroom, as well as a powder room and laundry area. Additionally, there is accommodation for both a maid and driver included in this space.

rental trends in hattan

If contemplating renting a residence in this subcommunity, one can anticipate the following tendencies with respect to rental fees:

sales trends in hattan

These villas present an excellent chance for investment as well. Prospective buyers of these villas can anticipate the following sales patterns:

Variations in pricing are dependent on the supplementary features provided, including varying quantities of washrooms, overall area, and additional luxuries like an outdoor pool or renovated homes fitted with higher-quality materials.

ROI in hattan

In Hattan, the 6-bed villas have the highest ROI at approximately 5.05%. The next best option is the 5-bed villas with a return of around 4.96%. However, larger villas with seven or more bedrooms are not as profitable and come in lower on the ROI table at about 3.83%.

hattan floor plans

Individuals seeking Hattan floorplans can peruse the assorted array of 2D and 3D plan options accessible on Bayut.


Regarding parking in Hattan, villa residents have the convenience of an attached car garage. As for guests, ample parking spaces are available on nearby side streets where they should easily find a spot close to their destination.

When traveling to work in private cars, Hattan inhabitants will discover the ease in which they can access prominent business districts throughout Dubai. Within a few minutes, residents have the ability to connect onto the main artery of Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) using First Al Khail Road.

public transportation near hattan

Those living in Hattan who depend on public transportation will find two conveniently located bus stops nearby, namely The Lakes Turnoff 2 and The Lakes Turnoff 1, which are both within a reasonable distance of 6 and 8 minutes respectively.

If you're a resident in the vicinity of Hattan who wants to use the metro, your closest option is Al Khail Metro Station. This station lies a short drive north on Sheikh Zayed Road and can be reached via an RTA bus from nearby stops.



There are several options for supermarkets near Hattan. The closest one is Choithrams Lakes, located in the Lakes Club which can be reached by a 5-minute drive. This supermarket provides all necessary groceries and FMCGs within the community itself. A little further away at a distance of 7-minutes near JLT Cluster X is West Zone Supermarket. Across the street from it lies Spinneys Supermarket that stands out with its extensive collection of groceries and services not found in other cooperative markets.


In the vicinity of Hattan, there are three prominent mosques. The Masood Naqvi Mosque is located on Lailak 2nd street and can be reached by car in about 10 minutes. On the other hand, Masjid Wahid is situated in The Springs 7 community and is approximately a 9-minute drive away. Finally, to the southwest of Hattan lies Masjid Al Wahab which can be found in the Springs 1 community and requires only a short drive of around 10-minutes to access.


In the vicinity of Hattan, there are approximately four churches. The nearest one is Emirates Baptist Church International (EBCI) situated to the north in Al Barsha. Another church named Fellowship: A Church in Dubai can be found 9 minutes northwest in Knowledge Park. The farthest church is St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church located 13 minutes away in Jebel Ali Village.

Residents in Hattan who observe Hinduism may place great significance on the proximity of temples. The majority of temples serving various sects within the religion can be found in Bur Dubai, approximately 25 minutes northeast of Hattan. While there are several options to choose from, the Shiva Temple is the most frequented due to its focus on both Shiva and Krishna. As for members of the Sikh community, Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara is their nearest Gurdwara at a mere 13-minute distance.


There are nearby options for nurseries available.

Educational institutions in the vicinity of Hattan are as follows:

the area, and offers a diverse community that promotes inclusivity. Another school located nearby is the Winchester School Dubai, which provides a British-style education and focuses on students' personal development. All three schools are within reasonable proximity, allowing families to choose the best fit for their child's individual needs.

Established in 2004, the student population of this educational institution spans from age 3 to 18 years. An alternative option for primary and secondary education is Dubai British School, located a mere 11-minute drive away in Emirates Hills. The school caters to students from kindergarten to grade twelve, emphasizing on instilling both local and British values which emphasize on fostering an environment based on tolerance and respect as crucial elements for achieving academic excellence.


Medical establishments in the vicinity:

Medical facilities located in close proximity to Hattan cater to a diverse spectrum of healthcare needs, including prenatal checkups and general medicine. Further east, within an 11-minute drive lies the American Hospital Clinic - Dubai Media City which provides an extensive range of OPD medical services.

If you're a resident in need of urgent medical attention or an outpatient consultation, there are multiple highly-rated hospitals located near Hattan. In just six minutes, you can reach the "Mediclinic" hospital situated in Meadows and is across from Emirate International School Meadows. Alternatively, Mediclinic Parkview Hospital is only 18-minutes away to the south and offers similar medical services as the Mediclinic Meadows branch.


in the opposite direction, to the west, is the district of Dubai Media City. This area attracts a significant number of media and advertising companies and is known for its modern architecture and state-of-the-art facilities. Together, these four districts offer a diverse range of residential options in different price ranges to cater to various lifestyles and preferences in Dubai.

To the west lies Jumeirah Islands, an area that stands out in the region for its distinctive feature of 50 artificial islands accommodating 46 residential clusters featuring lavish villas and townhouses.




There are a variety of shopping centers in close proximity to Hattan, such as:

The Dubai Marina Mall, found on the main Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), can be reached within 6 minutes. It is a sizable mall that offers various shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Smaller malls like the Meadows Souk are located about 12 minutes to the south while the Springs Souk lies just 11-minutes away in the same direction; this medium-sized mall houses a carrefour hypermarket within its premises.

Several highly sought-after establishments at this shopping center are:

Additional stores at Marina Mall that are well-liked include Good Health Nutrition, which offers a selection of herbal supplements. Hallmark is also located here, and boasts a range of greeting cards as well as gifts. Furthermore, you'll find a Lego store stocked with everything related to their building block toys.


Within Marina Mall, there are various dining choices available at the restaurants.

If you're a fan of high-quality burgers, Guy's Burger Joint is the place to be. For those in need of a caffeine boost, Starbucks has got your back with their selection of both hot and cold caffeinated beverages. Carluccio's is the perfect destination for lovers of authentic Italian cuisine as they offer fresh products straight from Italy that are packaged elegantly.

Hattan is surrounded by some of the top restaurants in the area, including:

north from Address Montgomerie Emirates Hills.

At the age of nineteen, you can relish top-quality Mediterranean cuisine within Dubai. This location is situated on the Lobby Level of Address Montgomerie Emirates Hills and just a 6-minute commute away. Alternatively, to indulge in delectable Italian food, one need not embark on a long journey as Certo Italian Restaurant lies only 6 minutes northbound inside Radisson Blu Hotel. For those who prefer an uncomplicated yet enjoyable dining experience, Cheesecake Factory serves classic American dishes and is located just 13 minutes heading north from Address Montgomerie Emirates Hills.

Located in the northwest region, this eatery serves until 2 am which makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a late-night meal.

Within close proximity, there are licensed establishments such as a gastro pub called "Reform Social and Grill" that can be reached within two minutes. Additionally, seven minutes away is the "Nola Eatery & Social House," located inside the Armada Blue Bay Hotel.


In Hattan, inhabitants are within easy reach of a pair of beaches: JBR Beach and Al Sufouh Beach. A jaunt 14 minutes northwest brings them to JBR Beach, where they can partake in water sports, parasailing, wakeboarding and oceanfront dining. This beach is ideal for families as it boasts an array of amenities.

The beach located 12 minutes northwest, known as Al Sufouh Beach, is an ideal spot for those who prefer a less crowded atmosphere. It has been bestowed with the nickname of "secret beach" due to its reputation of being less frequented by people.


Distinguished points of interest comprising recreational amenities:

the experience of visiting Dubai Miracle Garden, which is a prominent attraction in the region that can be reached within 19 minutes. Its distinctiveness stems from its vast expanse of 72,000 sq. m., making it the largest natural flower garden worldwide and home to roughly 50 million diverse flowers as well as over 250 million plants. Adjacent to this botanical wonderland lies Dubai Autodrome, a hub for motorsports enthusiasts boasting an FIA-approved race car circuit spanning approximately 5.40 km in length. Local residents have the opportunity to purchase tickets and indulge in these exciting attractions firsthand.

Learning to drive in high-performance cars like Ferraris, Porsches, and Audis.


Inhabitants have the opportunity to maintain their physical well-being at:

the perfect place for dog lovers.

If you're seeking nearby parks in Hattan, the Lakes Community Court is a mere 5-minute walk away. This outdoor area boasts a spacious basketball court ideal for playing tournaments or freestyle games. For football enthusiasts, the Lakes Football pitch is just 3 minutes' walk away and features a vast grassy field fit for football matches. Additionally, there's also a dog park located approximately 9 minutes away where dogs can run around off-leash while their owners play fetch or frisbee with them - the ultimate destination for canine aficionados!

An optimal location for both pet owners and their canine companions to exercise and improve their physical condition.

In the vicinity, Fitness First Emirates Living Community Lakes is available for residents and boasts a spacious pool. It takes only six minutes on foot to access this shared amenity. Those interested in maintaining an active lifestyle through Crossfit, cardio or strength training may consider joining Elevation Fitness JLT gym situated northwest, which can be reached within seven minutes by car. This gym offers extensive fitness equipment including all-in-one machines, bench presses, monkey bars and a diverse range of dumbbells.

Some of the salons and spas in the vicinity are:

There are a couple of salons located nearby Hattan, such as The Nail Spa (TNS) and Marquee Hair Salon – The Lakes Club, that can be reached within 3 minutes. These establishments offer various services that cater to haircare, skincare, and nail care needs. As for spas in the area, Retreat Health Club & Spa situated inside Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa is one option. They provide a range of treatments like Pro-Collagen Anti-Aging Facial, Skin Energiser For Men Facial, Swedish Massage and Immune Recovery Treatment among others.


Hattan is a member of The Lakes community, which hosts numerous events throughout the year. One such event during the Christmas season involves residents setting up booths and children engaging in reindeer-themed games, along with face painting and photo opportunities. The Chinese New Year is another holiday celebrated with enthusiasm. Occasionally, a movie night may be arranged for families to enjoy together.


While there isn't a dedicated social media group for Hattan, the parent community of Dubai's Lakes area can be found on Facebook. To locate the page, residents simply need to search for "Dubai - The Lakes" on this widely used platform.


Living in Hattan has its allure due to its convenient proximity to major business centres in Dubai. Additionally, it is a well-designed community that boasts luxury villas. However, it caters primarily to families and may not be the best fit for single individuals seeking similar levels of comfort and exclusivity. Nearby neighbourhoods cater more towards single individuals and provide equally luxurious accommodations.