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Located approximately 130 kilometers from downtown Dubai, Hatta is a mountainous town situated on the border with Oman. As an exclave nestled in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, it offers numerous attractions such as Hatta Dam and Hatta Heritage Village. Thanks to the introduction of tourism initiatives, Hatta has transformed into a popular destination for weekend getaways and mini-day trips. Furthermore, residential developments are currently taking place in this area.




Historical Background

Hatta, a mountain village in Dubai, was previously known as Al Hajerin or Al Hajeran. This vibrant small town enjoys a strategic location sharing borders with Oman and easy access to all five emirates, making it an important trade route for caravans and an access point to Oman and neighbouring areas. In addition to farms and the ancient irrigation system called falaj, Hatta is home to castles, citadels, a mosque, and two towers located on the south and north side.

Providing panoramic vistas of breathtaking oases and majestic mountains.

Hatta Master Development Plan

In 2021, the leader of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has directed the implementation of a new initiative called the Hatta Master Development Plan. The aim is to revitalize and enhance the town's appeal as a destination for tourism, investment and business. This plan will span five years and is part of a larger strategy known as the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan that focuses on four key areas: Tourism, Well-being, Sustainability and Sports & Activities.

The undertaking comprises a cascading feature of water, a cable car spanning 5.4 kilometers, routes for hiking that lead to the topmost point in Dubai - Jabal Umm Al Nusour, 200 dwellings intended for vacationing and an establishment catering to international guests. Furthermore, Meraas - the chief developer in charge- has unveiled additional ventures including places of residence for temporary stays, a colossal Hatta sign situated on the Hajar Mountains as well as an exciting venue for outdoor activities.

Tourists have the option of either observing the historical structures or embarking on a kayaking excursion in Hatta Dam, experiencing beekeeping like a professional at Hatta Honeybee Garden, or paying a visit to Bait Al Wali located in Hatta Heritage Village. To sum it up, Hatta is a favored destination for families seeking summer staycation opportunities.


Hatta boasts various types of residential properties, such as villas and apartments that were built by Dubai Municipality. These accommodations come with contemporary amenities and are predominantly leased to Emirati locals. The 2 and 5-bedroom villa layouts each consist of a fully-equipped kitchen, dining space, maid's quarters, powder room - while the more spacious ones have additional features like a majlis and guest room. You'll also find conveniences like parking areas and private gardens available in these residences.

The vicinity has 1 to 3-bedroom apartments designated for staff lodging, encompassing a total of 131 units across four residential buildings. These buildings boast elegant interior spaces and well-designed corridors with superior finishings. They are situated on a shared parking area and ground floor spanning approximately 28,450 sq. ft.

Hotels in Hatta Dubai

There's an array of lodging choices at the beloved tourist destination, all set against stunning natural scenery. These encompass:

4-star accommodation with an Arabesque-inspired design is nestled within the Hajar Mountains, making JA Hatta Fort Hotel the only mountain resort in Dubai. The spacious rooms sport a soft pastel palette and elegant decor elements. Modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, walk-in shower, tea and coffee facilities are standard in each room alongside a separate seating area. Rooms also come equipped with either balconies or terraces that offer scenic views of mountainscapes. Large families can opt for the 3-bedroom deluxe villas on offer at JA Hatta Fort Hotel.

Guests can enjoy exclusive use of a personal garden and Jacuzzi, as well as free parking during their stay. In addition to these amenities, the hotel offers various recreational activities such as archery, mini golf, kayaking and a fitness center for visitors to indulge in. It also features a spa and restaurants among its facilities.

The Sedr Trailers Resort offers a unique accommodation experience, with luxury trailers located near the Hatta Dam. These trailers come equipped with amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, a mini bar, digital safe, TV and cozy bedding. Meanwhile, Damani Lodges Resort presents purpose-built lodges that boast breathtaking views of Hatta Wadi Hub. Guests can choose from standard lodges or upgrade to the standard plus or suites options available at this one-of-a-kind resort in Hatta.

In addition to the hotels and resorts, there are also farmhouses available for families and camping sites for those who enjoy the outdoors in the area. Happiness Farm Hatta, The Sunrise Farm Hatta, and The Palm House Hotel are some examples of farmhouses in Hatta with charming interiors and a lovely outdoor atmosphere.

To go camping in Hatta, you have the option of setting up your tents within the assigned area or bringing a caravan if you've got kids with you. The campsite offers round-the-clock security, food trucks, barbecue spots and Wi-Fi access. If you're keen on sleeping under the night sky, check out Hatta Dome Park which comprises 15 permanent dome-shaped tents equipped with a double bed, sofa bed and barbecue area.


Transportation options to Hatta are plentiful and efficient, whether you prefer private or public conveyance. For those who enjoy driving, the Dubai-Hatta Road (E44) or Sharjah-Kalba Road (E102) can be taken for a scenic one and a half hour trip to reach the city. Alternatively, those who choose to use public transportation can take the intercity bus E16 from Al Sabkha Bus Station in central Dubai straight through to Hatta Bus Station with an approximate two-hour travel time.



Hatta Dubai is abundant with supermarkets that provide fresh fruits, vegetables, daily necessities and other essentials such as Hatta Market, Al Zahra Grocery and Naseem Al Wadi Grocery. If residents need to do their monthly grocery shopping, they can visit Aswaaq Mart located near the Hatta Hospital. It is one of the leading supermarkets in Dubai that utilizes cutting-edge technology to maintain product freshness particularly for dairy and poultry products as well as fruits and vegetables.


There are several mosques located in Hatta Dubai, providing convenience for members of the Muslim community. Examples of such mosques include Khalifa Bin Saif Bin Hassan Mosque, Shaikha Maitha Bint Rashid Mosque, and Sultan Bin Haider Mosque.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has constructed a brand-new mosque within the residential community that is making headlines. It holds the distinction of being the first mosque in its region to be awarded a platinum rating from the US Green Buildings Council (USGBC). The structure is environmentally conscious, having received 83 points in accordance with USGBC's Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system, earning it recognition as an eco-friendly facility. With an area spanning 1,060 sq.m., this green mosque can accommodate up to 600 individuals for worship.

In constructing the mosque, DEWA utilized recycled materials without compromising its sustainable quality standards. The building is equipped with solar photovoltaic panels and innovative water treatment and air purification systems. Overall, the mosque saves approximately 26.5% of energy and 55% of water usage.


Being a place suitable for families, the residential area offers numerous educational institutions in its centre. Amongst these are Al Basateen Private Kindergarten catering to pupils from Kindergarten up to Grade 12 and Rashid Bin Saeed Secondary School for Boys. Additionally, other schools present in Hatta Dubai are Al Dhahra School designed for girls' Basic and Secondary Education and Hatta Primary School exclusive to boys.


The Dubai Health Authority presents Hatta Hospital, a varied healthcare facility providing superior medical services to individuals. This 69-bed establishment is manned by accomplished physicians who specialize in cardiology, dentistry, chiropractic care, dermatology and other ailments. Additionally, the hospital boasts cutting-edge equipment such as a CT unit and digital X-ray machines along with advanced amenities for physiotherapy and mammography. Furthermore, Dr Imad Dental Clinic and Golden Smile Dental Clinic are additional clinics available within the community.


Despite its distance from the main city, Hatta benefits from an efficient network of roads that offer convenient connectivity to nearby neighborhoods and important zones. The western parts are home to renowned tourist spots like Sayh Mudayrah and Ajman's Masfout region while Huwaylat and Al Qawr sit towards the north.



The region is frequented by tourists due to the presence of various historical sites, such as Hatta Heritage Village, Hattam Dam and Juma Mosque.

Hatta Heritage Village

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA) restored Hatta Heritage Village, one of the oldest villages in Dubai, back in 2001. The village is renowned for its historical significance as it provides visitors with an insight into Emirati history. It boasts a house where the ruler lived during that era, a mosque, watchtowers, outdoor areas to relax and rejuvenate and an underground irrigation system called falaj network which was used for farming.

Hatta Dam

The Hajar Mountains encircle the beautiful waters of Hatta Dam, providing an exceptional kayaking experience for guests. It's a must-see destination in the summer months, with numerous children's activities to enjoy.

Hatta Fort and Juma Mosque

The Hatta Fort, a significant architectural site, boasts an 11-meter-tall watchtower that once functioned as the city's defense structure. Additionally, the Ivory Juma Mosque is among the oldest constructions in the vicinity and was established in 1780.

Additional places worth visiting in the vicinity include the Hatta Honey Bee Discovery Centre, a record-breaking inclined mural depicting the UAE's founding fathers Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, and an iconic 60-metre-tall Hatta sign.


Hatta offers an array of exciting experiences for tourists to indulge in. With the establishment of Hatta Wadi Hub in 2018 by Meraas, adventure enthusiasts flock to this activity centre that offers cycling, horse riding, hiking, axe-throwing and archery. For a unique experience, try Zorbing - rolling down a hill inside a huge plastic ball. If you want to beat the heat, visit Hatta Drop-In where you can slide down 12-metre-high water slides and plunge into the water after soaring 15 metres high up in the air.

In addition to swimming, the facility offers various other activities such as Gel Ball, Twin Zipline, E-Bikes and Big Plunge.

A popular destination in the vicinity is Hatta Hill Park, established in 2004. It offers an elevated sanctuary featuring a kids' playground, athletic field, and running paths. Make sure to check out Swan Lake Hatta for a chance to hire a pedal boat and witness indigenous birds swimming in the water. You might also feed ducks or admire the waterfall within the lake.

Other activities that can be relished in The Hatta Mountain Conservation Area include encountering the at-risk Arabian Tahr, coming across unique flora and fauna, exploring the Hatta 360 Observatory, and going kayaking in Hatta Dam.


ingredients. In Hatta, there are numerous options for residents to dine at various restaurants and cafes located near Dubai – Hatta Road, such as Bab Al Sham Restaurant, Fakehat Al Shaam Juices, Alberi Café, Hatta Oasis Restaurant Cafeteria and Afghan Bukhari Restaurant. Those who are interested in barbecue can explore the extensive menu available at The BBQ Department or Tanoor Restaurant. Bottom Bracket is situated in the center of Hatta Wadi Hub and offers a diverse range of nourishing juices and salads made with locally sourced ingredients that are both delicious and fresh.

Local eateries, such as Al Hajarain, Al Yamm Café, and Janam Restaurant, also offer a variety of produce including vegetables and herbs.


In accordance with the Hatta Comprehensive Development Plan spanning 5 years, Meeras is tasked with creating eco-friendly and hospitality projects within the region. These endeavors consist of a boutique hotel known as Riad Hatta, which provides guests with an authentic cultural experience reflecting the local heritage. Additionally, there are proposals for a Senior Emiratis majlis and safeguarding waterbodies in Hatta's vicinity.

The unique Smart Sustainability Oasis Hatta Centre in the region demonstrates responsibility by recycling 18 varying materials, such as paper, leather, fabric waste and batteries.

Hatta has two exciting projects in the works, one being a 5.4-km cable car system set to transport visitors to the summit of Um Al Nesoor, which stands at 1,300 metres above sea level. The cable car will have three main stations and offer tourists a panoramic viewing platform from its top station. Another upcoming project in Hatta is the development of waterfalls using the slope of the upper dam. The water collected will be recycled and pumped back into the dam for circulation. Both initiatives are slated for completion by year-end.


Hatta is poised to gain popularity as a tourist destination with various initiatives in progress. Positioned at the base of Hajar Mountain, those opting for a brief excursion should anticipate driving for roughly an hour and a half before arriving at their intended spot.

FAQs about Hatta


Hatta, situated near the Dubai-Oman border, is an exclave of Dubai that lies approximately 134 kilometers away from the city center.


Hatta is a well-known spot for travelers, situated amidst the Hajar Mountains and featuring notable sites such as 360 Observatory, Hatta Dam, and Hatta Fort. Visitors can conveniently access this location within an hour and a half by driving via either Dubai – Hatta (E44) or Sharjah – Kalba Road (E102).