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The Lakes, an esteemed residential development located in the heart of Dubai, is a serene and picturesque area featuring waterways, lush vegetation, and beautifully crafted parks created by Emaar Properties. Ghadeer stands as one of the six well-established communities within The Lakes.

Situated amidst Maeen and Zulal, Ghadeer presents an optimal residential community suitable for families. The presence of expansive villas encircled by the serene lake fosters a lively outdoor setting that is perfect for families to enjoy together.




Situated within a gated community, this residential area provides breathtaking vistas of the waterways and verdant scenery. Its proximity to renowned golf clubs like Emirates Golf Club and Montgomerie Golf Club adds to its appeal, ensuring a serene way of life. Notable attributes also encompass...

Ghadeer offers two residential clusters, namely Ghadeer 1 and Ghadeer 2. Within each cluster, there is a selection of villas that come equipped with their own private lawn and parking area.


Ghadeer offers newly built residential properties, particularly 3-bedroom villas for sale in Ghadeer 1 starting at AED 3M. These spacious units typically range from 2,400 sq. ft. to 4,000 sq. ft. Additionally, Ghadeer boasts a diverse selection of rental villas equipped with local amenities, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate nature and seek an ideal residential area.

Rental Trends in Ghadeer

Those who are looking to rent villas in Ghadeer can explore the ones located in the initial block. The annual rental cost for 3-bedroom villas in Ghadeer begins at AED 195k. It is worth noting that there may be a shortage of available options presently.

Sales Trends in Ghadeer

Estimated to yield valuable returns, properties available for purchase in Ghadeer offer a greater likelihood of growth within the community. The price range for a 3-bedroom villa in Ghadeer spans from AED 3M to AED 4.6M.


Ghadeer offers a wide range of parking options. The majority of houses in the area offer residents a covered parking space that accommodates two cars, while visitors have the option to utilize street parking for their vehicles.

Public Transportation near Ghadeer

In Ghadeer, locals have access to multiple bus stations situated throughout the community for their transportation needs. Due to its gated nature, public transportation choices are solely accessible beyond the confines of the residential area.

The accessibility of the Lake Turnoff and Regent International School bus stops is convenient. Additionally, the Al Khail Metro Station and Dubai Marina Metro Station are a mere 8 minutes away from this area.



In the vicinity of Ghadeer, various supermarkets offer an extensive selection of products for residents. Just an 8-minute walk away lies Aswaaq Mart Panorama, a convenient all-in-one store catering to diverse needs. Whether you seek pharmacies or beauty essentials, Aswaaq ensures there is something for everyone.

Residents of Choithrams Lakes have the convenience of easily accessing a variety of essential items such as fresh fruits, health and beauty products, bakery items, and cooking essentials. The proximity of Choithrams, which is just an 8-minute drive away, allows residents to conveniently shop in-store or online. Additionally, there are other grocery shopping options available like Carrefour Market, located at a 10-minute drive away, and Day Mart which can be reached within 8 minutes by car.


Located just a few minutes away from Ghadeer, there are various mosques that residents can easily find. Notably, within a short 10-minute drive, one can visit the magnificent Al Rahim Mosque, considered one of Dubai's most exquisite places of worship. Situated by the shores of Dubai Marina, this mosque captivates both residents and tourists with its mesmerizing interior and exterior ornamentation.

The closest mosques, Hamel Al Gaith Mosque and Maryam Mosque, are approximately a 9-minute drive away. Conversely, Mohammad Ali Bin Beyat Masjid can be reached within a 10-minute drive.


The closest place where the Hindu community comes together to pray is Guru Nanak Darbar, which is a 16-minute journey from here. Other temples in the vicinity of Ghadeer include Zodiac Temple, reachable by a 15-minute drive, while Sai Baba Temple can be accessed via Sheikh Zayed Road in just 27 minutes.

Located just a brief 10-minute journey away, Fellowship Church provides an opportunity for worshippers to engage in various activities following their prayers. In close proximity to Ghadeer, there is the Seventh Day Adventist Church which can be reached within a 12-minute drive, while the United Christian Church is situated at a distance of 17 minutes. Additionally, Casa De Oracion Torre Fuerte is conveniently accessible via Hessa Street and can be reached in only 15 minutes.


There are several well-liked nursery choices in the vicinity.

There are excellent educational institutions located in the vicinity, offering attractive choices for parents. Some of the schools near Ghadeer include:

GEMS Wellington International School and American School Dubai, both top American schools in Dubai, are conveniently situated just 10 minutes away from the community. Regent International School, which adheres to the National Curriculum of England, is also conveniently located within a short 8-minute drive.

In this locality, there are no universities present, however on the other side of the boundary, a few can be found. The University of Wollongong is an esteemed institution and one of the oldest in proximity, easily accessible by a short car ride. Located just 9 minutes away is Middlesex University, another well-known university nearby. Additionally, within an 11-minute distance lies the American University in Dubai which offers both graduate and undergraduate programs.


There are numerous healthcare clinics in the vicinity that offer high-quality medical services. Some of the hospitals near Ghadeer include:

Mediclinic Meadows, conveniently situated just a 10-minute drive away, offers top-notch medical care right at your fingertips. This facility provides exceptional healthcare services in pediatrics, obstetrics, dermatology, and dentistry. Another well-regarded medical establishment is the American Hospital which can be reached within 11 minutes. For those seeking advanced surgery options, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery is accessible via Shaikh Zayed Road in just 15 minutes.


Ghadeer enjoys a prime location in Dubai, surrounded by renowned areas that grant its residents convenient proximity to the bustling city center. A few of these neighboring regions include:

Dubai's most vibrant areas, situated near Ghadeer, encompass Palm Jumeirah (often hailed as the eighth wonder of the globe), Internet City (the information technology hub), and Dubai Marina (housing opulent residential skyscrapers). In this vicinity, residents can revel in a plethora of amenities including a monorail system, waterparks, and exclusive beaches.

There are various entertainment options available in the vicinity.

Jebel Ali Racecourse, renowned for its festive and lively ambiance resembling a "Garden party," can be found just 8 minutes from Ghadeer. The Lakes Club is conveniently within walking distance, while VOX Cinemas can be reached in only 15 minutes by car.




Within the vicinity, numerous shopping malls are scattered, conveniently reachable within a 15 to 20-minute drive. Amongst the renowned options close to Ghadeer are

Situated just a 14-minute drive away from the neighborhood, Mall of Emirates presents an extensive range of clothing labels, beauty products, as well as opportunities for indoor skiing and catching the latest movies all in one convenient location.

The Springs Souk is a bustling shopping hub, offering a wide range of amenities such as the children's entertainment area, Carrefour market, renowned shopping outlets, restaurants, medical clinics, and fitness centers. Accessible in just 9 minutes via Al Asayel Street D-72, it provides convenience for shoppers. Additionally, nearby options for shopping include Trident Grand Mall (a 12-minute drive away) and Mazaya Shopping Centre (only a 7-minute drive away).


In the Mall of the Emirates, inhabitants have a multitude of dining choices to savor.

There are also a variety of dining establishments in the area. Some well-known restaurants near Ghadeer include:

Makarem Restaurant, a popular dining spot in the area, is known for its exceptional Arabian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Situated just 10 minutes away from Ghadeer, this eatery specializes in delicious dishes such as Haneeth Meat, Mandi Meat, and Madfoon Meat.

Indulge in a unique dining adventure at Dinner in the Sky restaurant, situated just a short 18-minute distance from the area. This extraordinary establishment provides patrons with an unparalleled vantage point to admire the stunning Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Burj Khalifa as they savor their meal suspended 50 meters above ground level. With safety being paramount, guests are securely fastened into bucket seats using safety belts before being lifted skyward via a crane-operated mechanism.

UCCI Sushi, a haven for those who adore Chinese cuisine, is conveniently located just a 7-minute drive from the area. Indulge in their popular dishes such as Fried Tofu, Soft Shell Crab, and Tonkotsu Ramen.

Residents have a plethora of nightlife choices at their disposal. Located only 17 minutes away by car, Speakeasy Bar is renowned for its exquisite cocktails, pumpkin pie, and steak. If one prefers seafood paired with a selection of white and rose wines, Reforms Social and Grill is just a short 5-minute drive away.


Barasti Beach is a well-liked destination for families seeking a picnic spot, as it offers breathtaking views of skyscrapers and pristine waters. Located just 10 minutes away from the community, visitors can easily enjoy the beach's splendor without any concerns about distance. Additionally, other nearby beaches in Ghadeer include Marina Beach, JBR, and Pine Beach.

JBR Beach, situated just 16 minutes from the tranquil community, offers a range of thrilling activities including parasailing, banana boating, and camel rides.


In mere minutes, city residents can discover the city's ultimate recreational centers. Several of these hubs include...

Dubai Marina, a favored leisure spot, is conveniently just a 13-minute drive away. In close proximity lies The Lakes Club, an ideal place for sports enthusiasts to engage in various activities. With its volleyball courts and tennis and squash facilities, The Lakes Club offers an enticing experience.


In the vicinity, inhabitants have the opportunity to partake in various outdoor pursuits.

Located just 4 minutes away, the Lakes Family Club is an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts of all ages. This dynamic facility, also known as Fitness First Gym, provides a motivating environment to keep members focused on their health goals.

There are several spas in the vicinity of Ghadeer,

Gold Line Spa Club, situated just 10 minutes away, is renowned in the area for its exceptional massages and invigorating baths. Laguna Spa provides individuals with an ideal sanctuary to indulge in rejuvenating aromatherapy and stress-relieving massages following a taxing week. Additionally, this esteemed establishment offers a diverse range of bathing experiences tailored to both men and women.

In close proximity to Ghadeer, one can find various salons such as Tips and Toes, The Nails Spa, Mashael Beauty Salon, and Robert Alexander Salon.


During Ramadan, the people of Nad Al Sheba can delight in the 7th edition of the sports extravaganza known as the Nad Al Sheba Sports Tournament. This prestigious event, held at the renowned Nad Al Sheba Sports Complex, stands as one of Dubai's grandest sporting competitions when it comes to both participation and lucrative prize offerings.

Emirates Golf Club and Montgomerie Golf Club Dubai are a golfer's paradise for residents in the community. These clubs regularly host various golf events each year to provide entertainment for their members.


Residents of Dubai have the opportunity to join the 'Dubai, The Lakes' Facebook group, enabling them to connect with their fellow community members and stay updated on local news. For those residing in areas such as Meadows, Lakes, and Springs, there is also a dedicated shared Facebook group. Regrettably, no similar platform has been established specifically for Ghadeer residents at present.


The Lakes, a prestigious development by Emaar Properties, provides a tranquil and family-oriented living environment. It serves as an idyllic residential destination, offering a serene lifestyle within close proximity to city life. This community may not suit those who thrive on the fast-paced ambiance of urban areas.