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Garden Homes is a community of luxurious duplex villas with 4 and 5 bedrooms, located on the man-made island known as Palm Jumeirah. This island, shaped like a palm tree, represents one of Dubai's most remarkable construction endeavors to date. As a residence of Palm Jumeirah, residents can enjoy the utmost in luxury lifestyle with unparalleled standards.

Garden Homes, a project by Nakheel Properties, was built between 2003 and 2007. This residential development consists of approximately 1000 waterfront villas spread across the 17 fronds of the Palm Jumeirah. Conveniently connected to the mainland is an exclusive monorail system specifically designed for Palm Jumeirah residents.




Garden Homes boasts numerous popular attractions that draw the attention of many visitors.

Garden Homes offer a perfect blend of advantages, encompassing exquisite villas available for rent or purchase along with various opportunities to maintain an active lifestyle. The neighborhood caters to the preferences of fitness enthusiasts by featuring dedicated jogging tracks, while also accommodating sun worshippers through its multiple gorgeous beaches. Consequently, it emerges as an ideal residential area for families seeking waterfront villas accompanied by lavish amenities.


In terms of property options in the Garden Homes area, it is divided into 17 sub-communities that span across 17 fronds of Palm Jumeirah. These two-level villas consist of a dining and family space, a well-equipped kitchen, a maid's room, and a powder room on the lower level. Upstairs, there are ensuite bedrooms with integrated wardrobes and balconies. The master bedroom includes a spacious walk-in closet.

Rental Trends for Garden Homes

Garden Homes offer a variety of properties, ranging from 4 to 5 bedrooms, with average sizes between 5,000 sq. ft. and 6,700 sq. ft., respectively. When it comes to rental villas in Garden Homes, certain trends can be anticipated.

Price fluctuations occur due to the presence of extra bathrooms, private pools, and more space in certain villas. Additionally, the rental rates are influenced by the location as well.

Sales Trends for Garden Homes

In the realm of real estate, Garden Homes offers an array of alluring villas for sale, designed to captivate potential investors.

The villas available at the lowest price will offer essential amenities and limited floor space, whereas the most luxurious options will include top-notch furniture and extra room.

Garden Homes Floor Plans

Bayut offers a range of floor plans for Garden Homes, including 2D, 3D, and interactive live floor plans.


Encompassed within the villa offerings, inhabitants will be granted access to sheltered parking accommodations, predominantly due to the inclusion of an accompanying garage.

Public Transportation Near Garden Homes

The Palm Monorail serves as the main form of public transportation in Palm Jumeirah, offering convenient access to various locations including Nakheel Mall near Garden Homes. Residents who own vehicles will also find that the community has excellent connectivity with the rest of Dubai.



Dubai is home to several renowned supermarkets like Union Coop, Spinneys, Choithrams, Waitrose, and Quick Buy. Union Coop stands out as a government-operated superstore chain within the UAE, while Spinneys gains popularity for its extensive selection of imported food items.

Organic Foods and Cafe is a niche supermarket chain that specializes in providing imported organic FMCGs and food products. It is particularly favored by individuals who adhere to gluten-free diets. In close proximity to Garden Homes, there are alternative supermarket options such as VIVA and multiple branches of Allday supermarkets.


Located at the intersections of Al Mirziban and Frond H, Abdul Rehman Siddik Mosque stands as a singular place of worship on Palm Jumeirah. Revered for its stunning aesthetics, this medium-sized mosque is considered one of Dubai's most exquisite. With a capacity to host approximately 80 to 100 worshippers during Friday prayers, it serves as a spiritual sanctuary in this exclusive locale.


Several prominent churches in Dubai, including Emirates Baptists Church International (EBCI), Coza Church, and St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, are conveniently situated close to each other. Additionally, there is a gurdwara called Guru Nanak Darbar that serves the Sikh community in the area.


There are nearby choices for nurseries in the vicinity.

There are a number of schools in close proximity to Garden Homes, comprising various educational establishments.

Gems Wellington School, situated in the Al Sufouh 1 region, stands out as a highly sought-after educational institution. Its exceptional achievements in terms of academic ratings among British curriculum schools have earned it numerous accolades over the years.

Additionally, the International School of Choueifat stands as another highly reputable educational institution in en. Distinguished for its implementation of the renowned SABIS Educational System, this school is among a limited number in the UAE that offers this century-old perfected teaching approach.

Dubai American Academy, situated in close proximity, stands out as one of the rare educational institutions bestowed with an exceptional rating for its provision of the American curriculum.


The nearest medical establishments include:

When it comes to clinics in Garden Homes, Al Das Medical Clinic can be found within the community boundaries. On the other hand, Mediclinic Al Sufouh is located outside of the immediate area, requiring a southward journey for access. Nevertheless, this clinic is larger and more established, providing a broader selection of outpatient medical services.

The Mayo Clinic Network of hospitals includes the American Hospital Clinic – Dubai Media City, which is located near Garden Home. This hospital stands out because it provides a range of medical services like cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, and general surgery.


Garden Homes is situated on Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island that is linked to mainland Dubai by a land bridge. To the immediate north, east, and west of Garden Homes lies only the vast expanse of the Arabian Gulf. This neighborhood enjoys close proximity to other sub-communities within Palm Jumeirah, including Signature Villas and Canal Cove.

The residential areas in close proximity to Garden Homes include:

community is known for its luxurious villas and exclusive gated communities. It is a highly sought-after neighborhood among affluent residents. Continuin southwards, one will reach the tranquil community of Al Barari. This area boasts lush green spaces, beautifully designed gardens, and high-end residences that offer privacy and serenity. Moving towards the east lies Dubai Hills Estate, an upscale residential development featuring stunning golf courses, luxury homes, and state-of-the-art amenities.

The community in Dubai is where notable individuals and celebrities reside, making it one of the limited high-end areas in the city.

Some nearby entertainment spots around Garden Homes are:

Situated along Crescent Road in Palm Jumeirah, Sea Lion Point offers an opportunity to gain insightful knowledge about marine animals' natural habitat and skills. This venue also provides residents with the chance to partake in private encounters with these fascinating creatures.

Situated within Palm Jumeirah, Aquaventure Waterpark forms an integral part of Atlantis The Palm Hotel. As a considerably spacious aquatic haven, it features exhilarating zip lines and water slides that traverse through lagoons teeming with sharks.




Shopping centers consist of:

Individuals in search of shopping centers close to Garden Homes can visit Nakheel mall, situated directly opposite Palm Tower. Golden Mall Galleria is positioned to the south of Nakheel Mall. Dubai Marina mall, a sizable shopping center, can be found approximately six minutes to the west.

Some of the well-liked retail establishments at Golden Mile Galleria Mall consist of:

Inside this mall, there is a variety of stores catering to different needs. For pet owners, My Pets offers a range of top-notch pet food and accessories. Parents seeking educational toys for their kids can visit the Early Learning Centre (ELC) where they will find interactive toys that foster learning and intellectual growth. Book enthusiasts can explore Book Corner, a bookstore that boasts an extensive collection across various genres.


The Pointe, situated on Frond I of Palm Jumeirah, is a delightful waterfront spot. It boasts a wide range of over 70 restaurants that serve diverse cuisines. Among the favored dining options near Garden Homes are Beirut Bay, Al Safadi Restaurant, Mura, Rue Royale, and Meshico.

In addition, Marina Mall offers a variety of restaurant and café choices for residents to explore. Some highly-rated dining establishments near Garden Homes include:

One can find Hakkasan Dubai, a renowned luxurious eatery situated within Atlantis. This upscale establishment is known for its exquisite Cantonese cuisine, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic taste of Cantonese dishes.

For those in search of a laid-back eatery with a license to serve, a quick trip to West Crescent will lead you to Lounge 101. Here, patrons can enjoy an easygoing atmosphere while being treated to an array of cocktails and distinct alcoholic concoctions at the bar.


Living in Garden Homes has the advantage of having easy access to nearby beaches. Being on an island, residents can enjoy the privilege of world-class beaches close to their homes. One popular beach in Dubai is Aquaventure beach, conveniently located next to Aquaventure Waterpark. A favorite among tourists, this beach offers a wide range of amenities including beach chairs and umbrellas. Moreover, it provides additional safety measures such as an underwater boundary net that minimizes the risk of drowning, ensuring a secure environment for enjoying the water, sun, and sand.


There exist several noteworthy landmarks that are also regarded as centers of entertainment.

In order to reach Bollywood Parks Dubai, a 28-minute drive westward is necessary. This expansive park, spanning an impressive 1.7 million square feet, serves as a captivating haven for enthusiasts of Bollywood films who seek to immerse themselves in the wonder of being part of such productions.

Well-known for its popular learning toy Legos, Legoland is conveniently located near Bollywood Parks. This park offers a variety of entertainment activities centered around the Lego theme, including roller coasters and shows. For those seeking aquatic adventures, Wild Wadi Waterpark is an exciting option with numerous water slides and rides. Visitors who enjoy waterparks are encouraged to experience the thrilling rides offered at Wild Wadi Waterpark, a mere 14-minute drive away. As one of UAE's oldest and most renowned waterparks, it features attractions suitable for young children as well.

Similarly to grown-ups, as parents or guardians we also have the responsibility.


Inhabitants have the opportunity to maintain their physical well-being at the following fitness facilities:

When it comes to outdoor pursuits, Al Ittihad Park stands out as the nearby option for Garden Homes residents. This park caters to running enthusiasts with its well-designed 3.2km jogging trail. The lush surroundings showcase abundant greenery, featuring an impressive array of 60 native trees and plants.

Al Barsha 3 park 1, situated about an 11-minute drive southeast, serves as another neighboring public park. Though smaller in size compared to Al Ittihad Park, it offers a more serene atmosphere with fewer crowds. This delightful park features various outdoor play areas for children including swings, slides, and playhouses.

Residents who are interested in yoga can find a yoga studio just four minutes to the south. This facility offers expert instruction for those looking to learn and practice yoga.

In Palm Jumeirah, there is an exclusive fitness center for kids called Little Gladiators. It stands out as the only facility of its kind in the UAE. Located just a short 4-minute walk away, this gym offers easy accessibility to residents and visitors alike.

Nearby establishments for beauty treatments and relaxation:

Jelena's Chocolate is a female-oriented beauty salon situated on Palm Jumeirah. Providing an array of services including hairstyling, makeup application, pedicures, manicures, and suntanning treatments.

The ShuiQi Spa and Fitness Centre is conveniently located just a 7-minute walk away. This exceptional facility provides exclusive services that are seldom found elsewhere, such as rejuvenating treatments from renowned brands like Shiseido and ESPA. Additionally, you can indulge in specialized Aromatherapy sessions and enjoy unique therapies crafted by the esteemed Bastien Gonzalez.


The Cigna Park Run, an annual event held in May, is organized by the American healthcare services provider operating in the UAE, Cigna. Taking place at Al Ittihad Park, this event welcomes participation from the general public regardless of their preferred activity: walking, jogging or running. Its primary aim is to encourage a healthy lifestyle by promoting the benefits of jogging and regular medical checkups.


In the vibrant community of Palm Jumeirah, there are numerous Facebook groups available for residents to connect and exchange their experiences. Among these groups, the most prominent one is the Palm Jumeirah Community Dubai Facebook group. This particular platform serves as a hub where residents can stay up-to-date with all things related to the Garden Homes Community.


The island is accessible solely via a bridge from Dubai City, potentially posing challenges for residents in navigating the city. Nonetheless, Palm Jumeirah boasts its own vibrant community, minimizing the need for external resources. Additionally, residents enjoy convenient proximity to top-notch hotels such as Atlantis and can reach Dubai City within minutes. In summary, Garden Homes presents an exceptional waterfront lifestyle that is rarely found elsewhere in Dubai.