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The sub-district of Fairmont Villas lies next to Hotel Fairmont Bab Al Bahr. This area is part of the Between Two Bridges district within Abu Dhabi. Residents here enjoy the waterfront lifestyle overlooking Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The area is situated right next to Al Maqtaa bridge and is also surrounded by several embassies and government offices such as Embassy of Mexico, Embassy of Kuwait, Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Department of Transport. The Fairmount Villas locality is ideal for those who work in nearby embassies or government offices. Also, the area is surrounded by several leading universities, schools and nurseries so parents can send their kids to educational institutes without issues. 


  • Easy access to Maqtaa Bridge via Al Khor Street
  • Designated water sports facility along Khor Al Maqta creek
  • CCTV monitored community with dedicated security staff
  • Several hospitals, mosques and community parks nearby
  • Availability of large villas with floor spaces of up to 69,000 sq. ft. 



    This is a mixed-use neighbourhood where families and single professionals reside. The demographics include Emiratis and expats. Nearby, residents will also find a high concentration of tourists, as the sub-community is right next to Hotel Fairmont Bab Al Bahr. 

    Popular points of interest are:

    Residents also have convenient access to upscale dining restaurants that are situated inside the Fairmont Hotel. 


    Properties in Fairmont Villas include apartments for rent which are available in studio and 1-bedroom configurations. Floor spaces for these flats will vary between 645 sq. ft to 1,000 sq. ft. 

    There is also the option to rent villas here, the typical villa can be found with 5-bedrooms and 6-bathrooms. 

    Villas in this community may come with parking space for 2 vehicles. Many will also have a dedicated driver’s room and maid’s room. Some houses will come with en-suite bathrooms and 2-majlis rooms.


    When it comes to parking spaces in Fairmont Villas, those residing in villas should enjoy covered parking space for at least one vehicle. Many villas also come with parking spaces that can accommodate two vehicles or more. Those living in apartments will be provided with at least one covered parking space. 

    Residents will find it easy to commute to and from the inner city. The area is well connected with major roads and lies on the fringes of Al Khor Street which quickly links with Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street, considered one of many major roads in Abu Dhabi. 

    Those relying on public transportation near Fairmont Villas can find a few bus stops nearby. At a distance of 16-minute drive, there is the 6th street bus stop. Other nearby bus stops include Musaffah Al Ain University bus stop at 13-minutes away and 47th Street bus stop which is 17-minutes away.



    There are several supermarkets near Fairmont Villas, some of these include Souq Planet - Qaryat al Beri which is the closest one at a distance of a 3-minute drive. This is not your typical supermarket as it caters to those looking to eat healthier and lose weight. However, the supermarket also carries traditional grocery items that cater to the mainstream grocery shopper. Other supermarkets located nearby include Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society at 6-minutes away and Bainal Jesrain Co-Operative Society Supermarket at 8-minutes away, this is also one of the few supermarkets that are open till 12:00 am. 


    There are a few mosques near Fairmont Villas, the closest one is 5-minutes away, this is the Al Maqtaa Mosque. At a distance of 7-minutes away, there is Shaikh Shakhboot Bin Sultan Mosque. The furthest is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center which requires a drive time of 10-minutes. Nonetheless, this mosque is worth visiting as it is one of the largest mosques in the middle-east and has a unique architectural theme, one that is based on Mamluk, Ottoman and Fatimid era architecture. 


    Residents won't have to drive very far to find churches near Fairmont Villas. Just 11-minutes away, there are a few churches located in the vicinity of Mussafah. Some of these churches include All Saints Anglican Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Abu Dhabi Apostolic Tamil Church. 

    Sikh Temples near Fairmont Villas include New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi which is 14-minutes away. For Hindu residents, the nearest mandir is 25-minutes away which is called BAPS Hindu Mandir but it is still under construction so locals may need to visit Dubai.


    Nearby nursery options include:

    Nearby primary and secondary schools include:

    There are some great options in terms of schools near Fairmont Villas. At a distance of a 14-minute drive, there is the Al Yasmina School and Al Bahya Private School. Slightly further away, at a 15-minute drive time is the GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi. This school delivers educational content following an American curriculum and offers classes starting from kindergarten all the way to secondary school. 

    Universities near Fairmont Villas include Khalifa University which is only 11-minutes away and is ranked 1st in UAE by the Times Higher Education. Other nearby universities include Abu Dhabi School of Management which is 13-minutes away. 


    Nearby medical facilities include:

    Clinics near Fairmont Villas include Dr. Fawzia Khalfan Medical Clinic which is just 7-minutes away. This clinic specializes in medical treatments in gynecology, pediatrics, General practice and Dermatology. Other nearby clinics include Archer Medical Centre at a distance of 15-minutes. 

    Hospitals near Fairmont Villas include Mediclinic Airport Road and NMC Royal Family Medical Centre which are nearby hospitals just 13-minutes away. Much closer is Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children which is at a distance of 9-minutes. One distinguishing aspect about this hospital is that it is was the first medical facility in Abu Dhabi to receive accreditation for Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgeries. 


    Nearby residential and commercial areas include:

    To the north, one will find the community of Khor Al Maqtaa. To the east, there is Sas Al Nakhl Village. This island is mostly known for its commercial activities and is also home to an archaeological site. To the west, one will find the district of Musaffah which is a mixed-use community with several commercial and residential sub-districts. It is also a major hub for automotive industries and home to several churches and mosques. To the south, there is Khalifa City, this district is home to Etihad Airways head office and several attractions including a golf course. 




    Nearby malls include:

  • The Souk
  • Capital Mall
  • Mazyad Mall
  • There are a few malls near Fairmont Villas, the closest one is ‘The Souk’ which is an Arabian style traditional mall where residents can find some of the finest selection of fashion brands, perfumes, arts and cultural related handicrafts and jewelry. At a distance of 12-minutes, there is another large mall called Capital Mall. Slightly further away at a distance of 14-minutes, there is Mazyad Mall, a large mall that is considered a complete shopping, dining and entertainment complex. 

    Popular stores inside Mazyad Mall:

  • Lulu Express
  • Adidas Outlet
  • Hi-Five Toys & Stationery
  • Lulu express is one of the most visited stores in this mall, it is ideal for those who find it convenient to stock up on their groceries while shopping or dining at this mall. For those looking for authentic Adidas branded apparel and footwear, this is the go-to store. Hi Five Toys & Stationery is a one-stop store for all things related to toys. 


    Restaurants and cafes inside Mazyad Mall include:

  • La Brioche Cafe
  • SFC Plus 
  • India Palace
  • La Brioche Cafe is where most coffee lovers are seen lounging around. This cafe is known for its fine french blend of coffee. SFC Plus is a UAE based fast food restaurant that serves fresh, fried chicken that offers a unique gastronomic experience thanks to its proprietary blend of spices and herbs. India Palace is worth visiting if want to enjoy authentic Indian food, what makes this restaurant special is that it is one of the few Indian restaurants that has won awards for its food and service in UAE. 

     Restaurants near Fairmont Villas:

  • CuiScene
  •  Frankie's
  • Cafe Sushi
  • There are several restaurants near Fairmont Villas, most of them are situated inside the Fairmont Hotel. At a distance of 3-minutes, there is CuiScene which offers contemporary style buffet dishes. For Italian food lovers, there is Frankie's which is an upscale restaurant mainly serving Italian food, this restaurant is just 2-minutes away.  Just 1-minute away, Japanese food lovers will flock to Cafe Sushi where they can enjoy a variety of sashimi variants and various types of sushi rolls.


    Though the shore is just a few steps away from this sub-community,residents are required to drive to reach the nearest beach. The closest is The Ritz-Carlton Beach which is 13-minutes away. At a distance of 19-minutes, one can expect to reach Al Bateen Beach. Here, visitors have the option for swimming, fishing, boating or jet skiing, there are no restrictions on the type of water sports activities one can perform here. 


    Nearby Landmarks include:

  • Ferrari World
  • Warner Brothers World
  • Murjan Splash Park
  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a one of kind Ferrari sanctioned theme parks and it has some of the fastest roller coaster rides in the world, one can reach Ferrari World in 23-minutes. Other popular landmarks include Warner Brothers World - Abu Dhabi which is 25-minutes away. The closest water-based landmark is Murjan Splash Park which is 14-minutes away. This is an ideal fun destination for children during hot summer days. 


    Residents can stay fit at:

  • Between Bridges Park
  • Bin Al Jesreen Families Garden
  • Public Park Al Khaleej Al Arabi
  • Between Bridges Park is located just 5-minutes away. Here one will find a small water fountain with benches for visitors to sit and enjoy the surroundings. There is also a small kids play area, though it’s not shaded. Also, 5-minutes away is Bin Al Jesreen Families Garden, this park has walking and biking pathways and gazebos to facilitate picnickers. The furthest park is Public Park Al Khaleej Al Arabi which will require a drive time of 14-minutes. Nonetheless, the drive will be worth it, as it is one of the largest parks in Abu Dhabi. 

    Gyms near Fairmont Villas include Tone Fitness Ladies Studio is 7-minutes away. Here ladies can take classes in aerobics and other related fitness routines. This is an ideal fitness centre for women who require a certain level of personal training to get in shape. Lion Gym is a small community gym that has basic workout equipment for strength training and cardio. Other nearby gyms include Mprove Fitness Center which has equipment for gymnastics and CrossFit training. 

    Nearby Salons and Spas include:

  • Hair Concept Salon
  • Papecha SPA Beauty Center
  • Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La
  • For ladies, there is Hair Concept Salon which is just 2-minutes away. At 4-minutes, there is an upscale salon which is Papecha SPA Beauty Center. Here, residents can get a complete beauty treatment including hairstyling, makeup and nail care. Those looking for a relaxing experience can head to a nearby spa which is Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La, it is only 3-minutes away. This spa uses ancient Chinese treatments that allow the mind and body to relax and destress.


    This sub-community doesn’t have specific events. Nonetheless, the parent community regularly hosts events that take place in Souk Qaryat Al Beri. Events could be based on cooking shows and contests, children’s workshop and team-building exercises. There are also those that take place during important holidays including National Day, Christmas, Eid and other major holidays.


    Although there is no community-specific social media group, residents can stay up to date with latest events taking place in the greater neighbourhood by visiting the Facebook page for Souk Qaryat Al Beri by using the official handle @SoukQAB.


    For those looking to move here, there is the option to choose between renting a flat or villa. Currently, there is no option to buy property, so if you are looking to invest, there are some similar properties for sale in neighbouring areas. Apart from this, the area is full of promises, given the abundance of nearby malls, supermarkets, schools and various entertainment venues. 


  • Abu Dhabi International Airport is 19-minutes east.
  • Al-Ain is 1hr 45 minutes southeast.
  • Downtown Abu Dhabi is 18-minutes north